Vanav time machine review I Affordable $75 face lifting at home

Vanav time machine reviewEver since I jumped the gun and discovered the Makeon light therapy, my life was turned upside down.  Okay, that might be a bit overdramatic, but I’m now on the hunt for the next best thing.  Since the Makeon is so hard to get overseas, I was on the hunt for something we can easily get shipped overseas.  While scrolling on Instagram one day, I came across Shia’s post on an undereye galvanic spa device under a company called Vanav.  After I did some digging, I found out they hade a lot of skincare devices and is actually a company that also makes machines for the medical field.  So I reached out to see if they would let me test out their Vanav time machine since it a two in one device with both light therapy and galvanic treatment in one.  Four months later and constant use, I’m finally ready to give my opinion on this!  Let’s get into it because this will be a long one.

Vanav face lift device reviewFull name of product:
Vanav time machine

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:“Gua sha massage at home
Give yourself a relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Triple galvanic care
Three ion modes soften skin and help absorb active ingredients to make the skin healthy and beautiful.

3D fine vibration care
Manage the skin gently with low irritation.”

The time machine uses galvanic ions to apply a micro-current into the skin.  With the micro-current and vibration about 10,000 times per minute, this device helps maximize the absorption of treatments and rejuvenates your skin for a fresher, younger appearance.

73,000 won

Colors available:
Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

How it is powered:
2 x AAA batteries (comes with device)

Basic instructions
-Before using for the first time, open the battery cover and remove the ant-drainage slip.
-Press the raised section between “+” and “-” on the power/mode button.
-Press the button once to enable the standby mode, indicated by the blinking red and blue LEDs.
-Use the power/mode button to cycle between modes.  Red LED for (+) ion mode, Blue LED for (-) ion mode.  When (+) ion mode is on, the LED indicator turns in both red and blue.
-Should contact both Ion head and Ion port to operate the device.
-When using it on another person, make sure to make contact with the perfect with your other hand so the current can flow.
-Each mode lasts for 3 minutes and then goes into standby mode after each session (the mode will pause when the device is not in contact with the skin).  Press the button once to switch to the next mode.
-The device will turn off automatically when the Power/mode button is held for 1 second or there is no activity for 5 minutes.
-After using the device, wipe away any remaining skincare product on the Ion head using a soft cloth or tissue.

Important information:
The user using the following medical appliances are not allowed to use this device:
-user with an electronic medical device implanted in their bodies (ex: cardiac pacemakers)
-user using a heart-lung machine
-user using an electronic medical device attached to their bodies (ex: electrocardiogram device)

-metal allergy
-external injuries
-cognitive and perceptive disabilities
-serious heart conditions
-children 12 years of age or under
-serious blood pressure problems
-hemorrhagic areas
-fractured areas
-sunburned or irritated areas
-acne inflammation
-capillary vasodilation
-long-term use of steroid hormones
-other dermatological diseases
-areas with dermatitis
-ears, oral cavity (uvala) and genital areas

*Do not store device in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere that is humid and dusty.
Do not clean device using ignitable liquids such as alcohol, benzene and thinner.*

What is galvanic current anyways?
“Medical galvanism, or the use of galvanic stimulation, uses direct current modalities that deliver a unidirectional, uninterrupted current flow within the tolerance of the patient and without the destruction of tissue. This type of modality can be used to directly stimulate muscle following a nerve injury, to produce ionic changes within the tissues and decrease edema, or to introduce topically applied medications into the skin (iontophoresis).   The purpose of this electrical stimulation is primarily for the vasomotor effects, i.e. increased circulation. Under the electrodes, ions accumulate in the skin. The sensation experienced acts as a physiological stimulus to the sensory nerve endings, producing reflex vasodilatation.  These vasomotor effects can assist in the resolution of inflammation, relief of pain, and reduction of interstitial edema through electro-osmosis and the shifting of water toward the electrical cathode.” -Joel M. Press, Deborah A. Bergfeld, in Clinical Sports Medicine, 2007

Vanav korea time machine reviewProduct packaging:
When I first got the device, it came in a special edition packaging with a pouch for storage but I’m guessing it normally just comes in this hard plastic case if you were to buy one.  The back of the box has all the descriptions of each setting but of course, all in Korean.  Luckily there is a manual inside that is in Korean, English and Chinese.  Thank god!  I actually only found this as I’m typing but they did send me an English package with all the information, which of course I misplaced somewhere.

Vanav time machine reviewThe device has a really nice sleek design but it does feel very lightweight and almost cheap. For the price of $75, if it works, I don’t mind if it does feel cheap since Nuskin (a multi-level marketing company *scam cough cough*) sells a galvanic spa device for $500 and looks very similar but much much uglier.  They also try to tell you that you can only use that device with their serum which runs $50 for 7 days.

Vanav does have their own line of skincare, including sheet masks, vitamin C cream, toners, and lifting cream but they don’t shove it down your throat and tell you that the device won’t work if you don’t have those products.  Makeon has its own conducting cream but I don’t find myself using it since it leaves a weird film on my face that never seems to absorb.

Vanav time machine review microcurrent machineThis device actually already comes with two AAA batteries, so you don’t have to scramble around to find them.  I hate it when I’m so excited to try a product out but I don’t have batteries on hand and have to go to the store and grab them.  Argh!!  Do remember to take the batteries out if you don’t use it for a long period of time to avoid battery acid from spilling out.  I am kind of bummed that this device isn’t rechargeable, but at the same time, it is a pro since it can be shipped without having issues and it is more travel-friendly.

Vanav microcurrent facial device koreaThe massaging head is a titanium head which is great for those with sensitive skin since it is less prone to causing irritation.  You can also rest assured that it will not rust since it is in contact with liquids in your skincare.

Feature functions:
To turn on the device, press onto the (+-) button for 3 seconds and it should vibrant and start flashing for standby mode.  Press 2 times and the red + mode shows up, press 3 times and – blue will show and 4 times, +- red and blue (or purple) mode will show up.  To turn off the device, hold down for 1 second.Microcurrent therapy vanav time machine review

(+) Help to penetrate nourishing cosmetic ingredients
For basic skincare treatment, massage your skin using Timemaching for 5 minutes every day.
Apply serums, essence, ampoules, moisturizers and select this setting by pressing once for the red (+) setting to appear.  Massage the jawline.

(-) Help to penetrate Vitamin C cosmetic ingredients
For vitamin C skincare treatment, massage your skin using Timemachine for 5 minutes 2 times a week.
Apply vitamin C products, select the blue (-) setting by pressing twice.  Vitamin C products are recommended to use before oily skincare products.  Massage the jawline.

(+-) Helps lift the skin
For listing skincare treatment, massage your skin using time machine for 15 minutes 3 times a week.
Ion improves skin elasticity and increase penetration of lifting or antiaging cosmetic ingredients.
Apply lifting, anti-aging products and select (+-) mode by pressing button 3 times.  Massage the jawline and neck for a lifting effect.

Each mode lasts for 3 minutes but can be adjusted depending on the absorption rate of your skin.  The device may not operate if your skin is too dry.  if it stops vibrating, apply more product to your skin to maintain proper moisture and oil balance. 

Microcurrent device VanavOnce the device touches your skin, you will know when the device is working when the LED light flashes.  Red mode (+) buzzes like a SOS call (buzz, pause, buzz buzz), blue mode (-) buzzes like the beginning of jingle bells (buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzzz) and purple (+-) buzzes the slowest to help contract your muscles for that lifting effect.

Vanav microcurrent device review time machineHow to use:
Now how do you use it properly?  Click on the Youtube video to see Vanav’s demonstration.

I personally haven’t been using the blue mode (-) specifically for vitamin C because I can’t find a vitamin C product that doesn’t burn or skin.  That and the vitamin C conduction cream I have on hand do not massage well at all.  So I’ve just been using this device for its penetrating function and the lifting function, however, I do use all three modes.

Microcurrent before and afterHolding the device, make sure to have your fingers on the back of the machine where the metal strip is.  This will ensure a better ion flow.  I personally do not like holding the tip upwards like this since I find it to tug on my skin a lot more.

Face lift before and after vanav time machine Instead, I like to hold the device upwards and also slightly perk my lips out like a duck to avoid more tugging.  If you do find your skin to tug a lot, you can apply more skincare. I usually start off with the jawline and move my way up to the cheeks.  

Microcurent facial before and after review VanavAs for the eye area, do not put it right on the under eyes.  I’ve been just holding the device for a couple of seconds on the crow’s feet area. And then go down the neck and massage your chest and décolleté.

Here is a little road map on which directions to go when you are massaging your face, neck and chest area.

At home face lift before and after Vanav time machineLeft side (before), right side (after)

I’m not sure if you can tell but I can definitely tell in person.  After I’m done with the treatment, my jawline is even more defined and lifted.  My muscles also feel like it had a work out, tightened up and lifted.  I used this on my boyfriend who has much more jiggly, puffy cheeks that will sag when he ages if he doesn’t do anything and it definitely lifts his skin.  But his results are not as dramatic as the beautool galvanic spa (Japanese company but their website is a little broken right now) since the frequency is stronger on the Beautool one.

Does a microcurrent facial work Vanav time machineTrying to show you how my skin is more jiggly and puffy here but it doesn’t work so well in pictures LOL.  This is the before…

Vanav time machine reviewAnd this is the after.  I don’t think this is helpful LOL but I mean you can kind of tell how my finger doesn’t sink in as much as the first picture.

As for if I think this device helps with product absorption, my feelings on that is neutral.  I haven’t found a drastic difference when it came to my skin feeling more hydrated or not since where I live, I have little to no humidity in the air with the heater always blasting.  With my other review on the Makeon light therapy, a lot of you guys wrote back to me and told me the Makeon changed the game for you and how your skincare absorbed so much better and such.  So I have no doubt this function will work for someone else, but I just didn’t notice a difference because my skin is so damn resilient.

Although the manual tells you to do the lifting function 3 times I week, I do it about 4-5 times a week since I find the lifting effect to lessen if you skip a day.

-affordable and easy to access overseas
-instant results
-intuitive design

-not rechargeable

Worth it?:

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I am truly ecstatic to find such an affordable skincare gadget that actually delivers its claims.  The biggest pro for me is the instant facelift, especially with everyone using their smartphones and unconsciously creating more wrinkles on our necks, this kind of serves as a reminder to take care of not only your face but your neck and chest as well.  We can inject as many fillers and whatnot on your face but nothing will reverse the damage we do on our necks and hand.

Someone also asked me what is the difference between the Makeon light therapy and the Vanav time machine.  If you are looking for something that can help with your overall complexion such as irritation bumps, redness, absorption of skincare products and do more things like help collagen product (allegedly), the Makeon is the one for you.  The new version has also had a price hike from $150 USD to $200 USD and you can only find it at high-end department stores in Korea.  For the Vanav, I use it solely for the gua sha massaging which helps drain your lymph nodes, which in turn helps get rid of toxins in your body and also for its lifting abilities.  I honestly can’t choose either or since they both do very different things.  Overall I really do like the Vanav device and highly recommend it for my skincare gadget lovers!

I will have to give you guys an update on where else you can get Vanav products, online and offline.  So please stay tuned until I get that update :).  Happy skincare guys~

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    Do you still use this device? Have you thought of trying the VANAV up6 device? Thanks for sharing! I am so tempted to get one myself but not sure which one if I’m going to get one only.

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