Amorepacific My 12 days of Timeless Beauty Advent Calendar Unboxing

Amoreapcific advent calender Holidays is literally right around the corner.  If you haven’t gotten any of your holiday shopping done, here is an amazing idea for that special someone in your life that you know is a skincare addict.  Or if you have always wanted to try Amorepacific as a brand out but aren’t dripping gold out of your eyes, here’s a great opportunity for a relatively affordable price. I first laid my eyes on this beauty when Jude from Fifty shades of snail featured it on her Instagram. My jaw dropped and my heart skipped a couple of beats.  I knew I had to get my hands on it.  And so here we are, a drive down to the states and a week and a half later.. let’s unbox this baby shall we?

Amorepacific advent calenderAt the moment, you can get this advent calendar at either Amorepacific’s US website or Nordstrom

You honestly don’t really have to wrap this since it already is kind of a present in itself.  The pretty bow on the side seals the deal :P.

Amorepacific my 12 days of botanical beauty
Amorepacific treatment cleansing oil 7g
Amorepacific Treatment cleansing foam 30 mL
Amorepacific treatment enzyme peel 15 mL
Amorepacific treatment toner 30 mL
Amorepacific the essential creme fluid 5 mL
Amorepacific moisture bound skin energy hydration delivery system 30 mL
Amorepacific moisture bound rejuvenating creme 3mL
Amorepacific moisture bound sleeping recovery masque 5 mL
Amorepacific moisture bound rejuvenating serum 3 mL
Amorepacific future response age defence creme 3 mL
Amorepacific vintage single extract essence 5 mL
Amorepacific natural protector broad spectrum 35 sunscreen 5 mL

Amore pacific My 12 Days of timeless beauty $75
Amorepacific Treatment enzyme peel 7 g
Amorepacific Treatment cleansing oil 30 mL
Amorepacific Treatment Cleansing foam 15 mL
Amorepacific Treatment toner 30 mL
Amorepacific Future Response Creme 3 mL
Amorepacific Time skin renewal creme 3 mL
 Amorepacific Time Response eye creme 3 mL
Amorepacific Time Response vintage wash off Masque 3 mL
Amorepacific Moisture Bound rejuvenating Serum 3 mL
Amorepacific Time Response sleeping Masque 3 mL
Amorepacific Vintage Essence 5 mL
Amorepacific Moisture skin energy hydrating delivery system (mist) 30 mL

K beauty advent calenderThe one I have here is the timeless beauty one for $75.  I think both advent calendars have the same format in terms of the box and numbering system.  The windows might be slightly different in size.  I contemplated on if I should open these or not, but in the end, I did.  Mostly because I’m a curious cat, but I also wanted to show you this product for those of you who are interested in it and might want to get it for yourself or a loved one.
Amorepacific advent calenderThe content inside, and yes it is a beautiful sight.

Seriously, this is so exciting to me. I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to test the brand out!  And I also don’t have to commit to a giant jar.  Although you guys might think its so amazing that us bloggers get free stuff, we get swarmed with mountains of products to the point where we feel like it is super wasteful.  So sometimes getting smaller sized items is a blessing.

Now I know a lot of people are going to say, “Well for $75, the content inside should be bigger!  They are so small!”  Amorepacific is a really high end brand and some of their stuff goes for hundreds of dollars.  I actually think these deluxe sizes are quite generous considering the price.  But let’s brand it down to the grams and see if this set is really worth it or not.

All these prices are in USD.

As you can see, breaking all the prices down to grams and seeing the real value with the deluxe sample sizes, this set really is an amazing deal.  When I first got this set, I expected the retail price to be at least $100 starting, but I was shocked to see they were only $55 and $75.  I feel like you guys are going to think that I was paid to say this LOL.  I promise you, I’m wasn’t.  I just really think this set is super worth it.  Anyways, hope you guys find this little unboxing helpful and gave you an idea for the holiday gift-giving season :).  There are always special offers that they run where you can get deluxe samples or little gifts so definitely check that out as well!  Happy Holidays everyone.

Sent to me by Amorepacific US.

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