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Boyah shop haul review korean buying serviceAfter having to post negativity on my blog yesterday, let’s wash it away with so positivity shall we? A month or two ago, I noticed a buying service called “boyahshop” pop up here and there on Instagram.  Then couple big bloggers like Fiddy and Snow white and the korean pear both used the service and had raving reviews with Amy from Boyahshop.  I was convinced, so I decided to try it for “science”!  I wanted to believe not all buying services out there are evil money hungry people.  After my experiences with Boyah, I think it is safe to say I’m not going to be going anywhere anymore and have found the “one”.  Let’s get more indepth with how the service works, the rates, and an unboxing of what I boughs shall we? ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

shopboyahFirst, you have to go to the website to get started.  Once you are on the page, it looks something like this.  On the top navigation bar, you can check out things like how it works, where to shop for ideas (it shows korean websites), shipping info, FAQ, contact us and even a K-pop mass order if you need as well!

boyahIf you click on “how it works”, this page pops up.  If you aren’t familiar with buying services, these are the usual steps of purchasing:
1) Apply for shopping service by submitting your order form.
This means you provide the links and details on your item in the “order here” section.  After submitting it, Amy from Boyah will receive it and look over your order to make sure nothing is out of stock.  She even goes to the extent of ACTUALLY making sure you are getting the best and lowest deal too!  A lot of buying service say they will do this for you, but they don’t and just want to get the order over and done with.  I was ordering a second time just recently and there was an item that was out of stock online.  She took the time and effort to actually call around the local store to see if they had the item in store.  WHAT A SWEETIE RIGHT? Someone that actually cares about us and just doesn’t see us as a number :’).

2 -3) We will send you an invoice. Pay for your products, domestic shipping fee and service fee.
Once all your items have been approved, she will send you an invoice with the sum of all the itms including any shipping fees if applicable.  At this time, you will be paying the first invoice.  This is solely for the price of the items and not for anything else just yet.  I would definitely use Paypal just in case.  If anything goes wrong, like the company is running away with your money, you can always open a case with paypal to get your money back.  I don’t think Boyah does any other method of payment other then Paypal.  I wouldn’t turn away from using her service because there is an extra 3.90% + $0.30 per international payment.  Think about it, if you are ordering $100 worth of stuff, $3.90 is really going to make you second think using an amazing service that will actually take care of you?  Please…

4) We will purchase your products.

5) When your items are ready, we will inspect and package everything carefully.
My products arrived in 2 days.  When they arrived, Amy asked how I would like everything to be shipped.  Sadly there was an aerosol canned facial mist that couldn’t be shipped because it could pretty much explode on the plane while shipping.  She already mentioned this to me before I paid for my stuff but I just told her she could keep it for herself. 

6) We will weigh your package and send you a shipping charge invoice.
What I don’t like about some other buying services is that they don’t tell you when you get some freebies. Amy made sure to tell me everything that came, including what type of samples and if I’d want to keep them or not if it was making the parcel too heavy.  No other company does that.  She also made sure to make my parcel as light as possible, as tiny as possible.

7)  After receiving your payment, your package will be shipped out within 1-2 business days.
After she packed up all my stuff, she asked me how much I would like to claim the parcel to be.  I said $30 so I wouldn’t get custom charged kekeke.  I also asked her if she could mark it as a gift.  I think marking it as a gift is standard for her but I’d just double check when you do order from her.  For myself, the total weight for all my items was 1.5 kg and I wanted it to be shipped by Korea post.  For 1.5 kg, it was $19 to ship to Canada which is very reasonable considering the shit I had to go through with shopandbox. UGH

After it was shipped, my parcel arrived in 5 days and I did not get charged any customs.  YEY!  Home run!

boyahThis is what the form looks like when you want to place an order.  In the product section, you’ll have to organize it yourself nicely with the product name, quantity, option and the link.  Once you think you have everything in check, all you have to do is submit form and wait.  She got back to be within an hour, but of course I wouldn’t expect that fast of communication all the time. She does reply within the day or the next day, so if you are in a hurry to buy through a promotion, which is me most of the time, and only have 4 days or less to get your stuff, Boyah is definitely the place to be.

-Online store 9% of product price or minimum of $5 service fee (I’d alway suggest to buy at least $50 to get your money’s worth LOL)
-offline store (near our area) 9% of product price or minimum of $5
-offline store (distant from our area) 15% of product price of minimum of $10
-Paypal fees 3.90% + $0.30 per international payment

Another reason why I love Boyah is because they have one of the lowest service fee % and minimum charge.  I’ve dealt with Avecko where their service fee was 10% an minimum charge of $5 back when I ordered but they don’t seem to have it posted on their website nowadays.  That is a turn off.  Shopandbox.. iunno LOL.  Let’s not talk about that shit show.  If you want to see what I went through and more details, click here for my post on my experience with them.  Even though Avecko and Boyah’s fee may be similar, I still would choose Boyah over them because they 2 times as fast, get things done faster without me trying to go back and forth and waiting for their reply for 3 days.  One time I wanted to get a product while it was on sale, and I wanted to make sure the deal was what I thought it was since I didn’t read any Korean, and it took them 3 days to get back to me and I just gave up and didn’t want to go through with the order. I don’t think I’ll ever have that problem with Boyah :).  Oh you can also direct message her through her instagram page (@boyahshopkr) if you have any questions.  She usually messages back within an hour or so.  No other service has that option!  I told her she better get a Facebook page because the asian beauty community is going to swarm her with tons of business HAHA.

K beauty haul Okay onto the actual haul.  I bought two glossydays boxes and couple of items from A’pieu I’ve been wanting for a while.

Glossydays haul korean beauty haulOpening up the parcel, everything came nicely tucked in.  The smaller and more fragile things were bubble wrapped nicely as well.


IMG_1919Don’t mistaken Glossydays for glossybox.  They might sound the same and also around the same price range, but Glossydays is a box full of FULL SIZED products for 16,000 won.  They sometimes have deluxe boxes for around $30 as well!  I got lucky and was able to pick up one of them.  This first one was actually ordered through shopandbox but I don’t like them, so I’ll just include it here with the two glossydays boxes I ordered keke.

It seems to me that Glossydays is a Korean beauty box subscription which you pay 16,500 won each month to receive at least 4-6 products.


IMG_1921This is what it looks like.  This order came with a clear Ssinim poach which will come in handy for my upcoming vacation!  Glossydays was actually introduced to me by Ssinim in one of her videos, showcasing what the products were inside and applying it to create her make up look with it.  The whole set was only 16,900 won too! DAMNNN.  Your jaws will drop when you see what you get for $16.  These boxes reminds me of back in the day when Memebox still shipped internationally.  The boxes were just like this, filled with full sized items at a price range of $24-$35.
IMG_1922The pouch is actually quite a good size and not a pouch I will just toss away.  Thank goodness!  I don’t need anymore garbage build up in my house.

IMG_1923 The little pamphlet that came with the set.


IMG_1926This is what came inside the box.  For $16, I got a full sized Tony Moly BCDation foundation, clio kill cover concealer, Fairy drop eyeliner and Heroin mascara.  If I were to have bought these all separately, it would have been in the $60 price range.  Steal of a deal am I right?

IMG_1931Here is the actual haul I bought through Boyah.  Two more Glossydays boxes and yes, it also came with banana chips and nuts because I’m a snack monster like that.

IMG_1934Inside was a cute handwritten note :).  I love hand written notes! She also included the samples that were sent along with my items and some extra samples too!  I’ve always wanted to try Blithe products but never had the change.  This might be the one foil package I will actually use for once haha.  If you don’t know me, I do not like foil packages one bit and find them really annoyingly small and useless.
IMG_1936 I picked up three A’pieu products because I have been loving A’pieu as a brand.  They offer products for a very low price range of $5 for a BB cushion (my favourite BB cushion of all time might I add), to max $20 for skincare products.  I got here an Air fit nude foundation from the Doraemon collection which retailed for $7.  These light weight, watery foundations have been all the rage lately after big brands like YSL and Dior came out with some.  They also had a more matte formula from the first Doraemon collection, but of course I had to get the moisture version from the second collection.  Surprisingly, the bottle is actually glass and not plastic.  From the picture, I thought the bottle was going to be clear but turns it, it is tinted a nude shade.

I also had to pick up some sun protection products because the Crayon Shinchan packaging just sucked me in.  That and I am going to Hong kong in a few weeks, so I need to get my SPF game in check or else I’ll come back looking like a burnt lobster.  I had my eyes on the BB cushion sunscreen, but I guess everyone else had the same mindset and it was sold out everywhere, online and in-store.  I ended up just settling for the “Pure block natural daily sun stick (the chubbier stick)” for $7 and “pure block mild eye stick (one on the far right)” for $4.50.  I hate using the thick, white, smelly sunscreens they have here in the American drugstore, so I’m still on the look out for lightweight and non-greasy sunscreens to use for my face.
IMG_1938This is the first Glossydays box that I ordered and the reason why I even placed the whole order.  Glossydays was having some type of University campus life special box or something with only 100 being sold.  There ere couple products inside that I have been itching to try.  The whole box was $30, and the Dear packer mask I’ve been meaning to try was already $30, along with another brand called Make remake I’ve also been wanting to try.  Those two products already sold me.

IMG_1941What it looks like inside.  This is missing the Vichy facial mist that I told Boyah to just keep for herself since it couldn’t be shipped due to shipping restrictions.  This set also includes a huge bag of banana chips and nuts KEKE.

IMG_1942Ze pamphlet that it came with.

IMG_1943HAHA the emojis is so darn cute!!

IMG_1945Here is what I got:
-big ol’ bag of nuts and banana chips
-full size of CNP invisible peeling booster
-Make remake moist cleansing oil gel
-Lagom cellus white moisture cream
-Primea natural berry lip balm
-Dear Packer Royal black tea & black rose mask

If I were to buy all these products separately, it would most definitely been more then $120. $30 deal babyyyy~~

IMG_1946The second box I bought from Glossydays.  This was more of an impluse buy keke.  That and I wanted to hit the $50 mark to get my minimum service charge worth it.  This box I paid $17.  I think the price shown on the site was 16,900 won IF you had a subscription to it. If you didn’t, it was $2 more.


IMG_1948With this set, you get to choose if you wanted option  A which was with some cleanser and a full size Argan brush cleanser, or option B for Earth’s recipe Moisture bound cream and Argan brush cleanser wipes.  I chose the second one because I didn’t want my package too be too heavy and plus, I usually just use dish soap to clean my brushes and they come out super clean anyways.

IMG_1949What it looks like inside.

IMG_1950For $16, this is seriously not a bad deal.  I got:
-Kicho Argan brush cleanser wipes
-Earth’s Recipe moisture bound cream
-Bepanthol lip balm
-Codilus Magma cream Crocodile oil & onsen-sui
-Sampar addict brightening white velvet sheet mask

If you guys want to see any reviews on anything I bought here, definitely let me know in the comments down below so I can get started on testing it out for you :).

I think it is safe to say that I will be sticking to Boyah from now on with all my buying service shopping needs.  With her affordable service charges to the attention to details on shipping, she is the girl you have to go to if you’ve been itching to get those goodies you can’t buy outside of Korea.  Please join me and congratulating her for being the first ever buying service that will be awarded my seal of awesomeness.
boyah seal
If you guys do end up shopping at Boyahshop, please tell her I sent you :).  And no I don’t earn anything from this, think if it as saying hi to a friend for me mmkay?

Let me know if you guys do end up ordering from her and how was your experiences?  Let me know in the comments down below if you have had good luck with any other buying services, your happy or horror stories, let me know!

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