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Best Korean brands and what to buy

Within the last 6 years of this blog, I had the opportunity to test out a lot of brands but there are only a handful of brands I look forward to new releases or just trying out more of their products in their line.  Today is the day I reveal the brands I follow closely.  Some are a little bit newer, but the majority of brands, like Cosrx, I have followed since the beginning of their brand launch.  Let’s get into it and I will also show you all the holy grail products I will always have to have in my cabinet!

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107 oneoseven brand review best products107 oneoseven is one of the first few brands that was generous enough to send me some of their products including my forever holy grail product, the coreflex cream!  The brand was first birthed through a pharmacist named Okran Chung, who ran a fermented vinegar brewery in Korea called Hanega. Using 100% naturally fermented vinegar, they produced a line of skincare products to highlight the use of the fermented vinegar, which contains specially aged vinegar with 20 oriental herbs and using the knowledge of Hanega’s 107 secret formulas.

I actually had the privilege of meeting up with Chloe from the team, whom I’m still very close with to this day and is my unnie, who told me about her health battle and evidently had to remove part of her stomach.  From that point on, she started to ingest Hanega’s fermented vinegar mixed with water every day and not only did she feel better but her frinkin SKIN GUYS!  Her skin can rival a 20-year-old easily when she is now in her 40’s.  MY GOD.  Skincare goals much.  If you want to see the vlog I did for the time I went to their 107 Oneoseven office, click down below!

At the moment, they are rebranding their entire line so I’m not sure if all these products mentioned will still be in the line. I’m sure they would be, but who knows!  They were actually supposed to launch a while back, but because of the virus, everything got delayed. 107 oneoseven will be launching this September so watch out for them!!

107 oneoseven skincare fermented vinegar skincare prouducts107 oneoseven oil-in-gel cleanser
This is one of my most favorite go-to cleansing oils out there.  It comes in a unique gel formula that isn’t heavy and doesn’t sting my eyes or make it blurry.  So many other cleansers sting my eyes or make my vision blurry for a good 30 minutes which is never a good thing.  The oil in gel cleanser is also very easy to travel with since it isn’t liquid!

107 oneoseven coreflex cream
When I first opened my first jar of the coreflex cream, I was thinking to myself “oh geez, this isn’t going to work.  It is so lightweight and almost gel-like.”  NOPE, not only did this cream blow me away with its ability to hydrate my dry skin in the middle of the winter, but it was also not heavy which I normally gravitate towards.  It also has a pH 5 which would work for even the most sensitive skin type out there.

107 oneoseven low pH Chaga cleanser
This is easily a favorite for a lot of people in the skincare community.  I bet this is their best selling product at this point, and for good reason!  It infuses the use of Chaga mushrooms and 10 Complex (Chamomile Flower Extract, Paper Mulberry Root extract, Lotus Extract, Morus Laba Bark Extract, Apple Extract, Camellia Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, Gotu Kola Extract, Lingonberry Leaf Extract, Pine Mushroom Leaf Extract) which all helps with moisturizing and improving the skin’s elasticity.  It has a jelly-like texture with bits of Chaga mushrooms in it and foams up slightly, leaving my skin soft and supple.

107 oneoseven rose vinegar water
My skin is deathly allergic to rose products.  Like no joke, I would try to use something with rose in it and BAM, my skin is itchy, red, and bumpy within two days.  It is horrible!!  So why am I recommended this rose vinegar water mist?  This is the only rose product that hasn’t broken me out and is ridiculously hydrating.  I normally skip out on mists because I really don’t see the point in it, but I have recently started replacing my toner with a face mist instead to start my routine and it is divine!  This smells like an expensive lady, and my face feels so much more hydrated after.  I love <3.

best Purito skincare productsCan you imagine, I almost skipped out of testing out Purito because their packaging was so blah.  When you have been a blogger for so long, testing out so many products for so long, I’m slightly ashamed to say that the packaging and the cover of the book do matter.  If something doesn’t attract the eyes, I will lose interest in using it and it just falls off my radar.  Purito, who now are doing great for themselves, approached me 2-3 years back and asked if I wanted to test their products out, and at first, I thought their packaging was oddly similar to Benton.  However, I was really intrigued by their commitment to producing products with 100% EWG green level ingredients, using recycled materials for the packaging, not spending money on fancy marketing but rather using that budget to offer consumers products that are accessible as well as animal testing/cruelty-free and vegan!  They use no parabens, ethanol, PEG, mineral oils, silicon, Triclosan, Petrolatum, Sulfate, Phthalate, Oxybenzone, synthetic fragrance, or colorant.

I can confidently stand by Purito for years to come with all those ideals in mind and their amazing ability to listen to their consumers and actually taking action on requests!  With that in mind, they even started to revise existing products to exclude any types of essential oils uses and kept that in mind for new product launches.

purito sunscreen purito brand reviewPurito centella green level sunscreen (scented or unscented) 18,000 won
Scented: Amazon,  
Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle ,Beautynetkorea
Unscented: Amazon,  Jolse, Stylevana ,Yesstyle, Beautynetkorea
This sunscreen is all the rage for a while now and for good reason.  It is moisturizing, doesn’t have a white cast and keeps my skin hydrated all day.  Some sunscreens dry me out throughout the day, but this one has a nice natural moisturized look to it and absorbs into the skin easily and quickly.

Purito fermented complex 94 boosting essence 18,900 won
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, Beautynetkorea
Easily one of the best essences I have tried ever.  It contains rice ferment and bean ferment to help whiten and tighten the skin, while niacinamide helps with brightening, controlling sebum and supports the skin’s barrier by increasing the resilience and improving skin’s texture.  The mixture of all these amazing ingredients hydrates my dry skin like no other through its lightweight, watery like texture.  It is LIFE CHANGING.  If you want to get one product from Purito, THIS IS IT!

Purito centella green level all in one mild pad 18,900 won
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, Beautynetkorea
After finally going through jars and jars of my beloved Cosrx moisture up pads, I moved onto the Purito Centella green level all in one mild pad.  They don’t leave your skin as glowy as Cosrx’s moisture up pads which contain propolis, but these are great for when I’m in a rush going to work and still want to slap on a fresh layer of moisturizer.  I pretty much skip “cleansing” my face, which is really just splashing water on my face, and use one of these pads to prep my skin for moisturizer and skin screen.  It is lightweight but effective and has built-in chemical enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin as well.

Purito green level recovery cream (scented or unscented) 19,600 won
Scented: Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, Beautynetkorea

Unscented: Amazon, Stylevana, YesstyleThere is definitely a running trend here with a Centella obsession. Out of the three lightweight gel/ cream moisturizers Purito offers, the Centella one is my go-to.  It is relatively lightweight with a formulation of 50% Centella Asiatica and many built-in seed oils including macadamia Ternifola Seed oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel oil as well as Ceramides.2ndesign has actually been around the block for a couple of years but I have introduced to them not too long ago.  I think I actually won one of their giveaways before when they were giving away the first toner essence and the first toner clear.  Since then, I got to try more of their products and although their line is relatively small, all of the products are very well thought out and well formulated.  The whole brand has a contemporary approach, simplistic design, and a no-bullshit formulation.  They don’t follow a trend but rather focus on creating bomb basic products!

2ndesign clean korean skincare products 2ndesign Springy peeling gel tone up boost 10,000 won
Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle
For the longest time, I only used the Secret Key lemon peeling gel and that was my holy grail for years.  Nothing has compared but now 2ndesign has blown me out the water with this baby.  You use this on dry skin and you can watch your dead skin roll up like eraser bits.  Some people say it is just the peeling gel itself that is balling up (aka. gommage), but my skin always looks more glowy and the flakey skin on the tip of my nose is gone.  This one compared to the Secret Key one is slightly more gentle and doesn’t have that artificial lemon scent.

2ndesign first lip balm 9,000 won
 Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle
I’m pretty picky with my lip balms and this one is another good one.  It is lightweight, non-sticky, long-lasting hydration, and even won first place on Glowpick (Korean consumer review website).  Don’t be fooled with the different lids for this balm.  Even though it comes with pink, white and black lids, there is only one “flavour”.

2ndesign first cleansing oil pure & fresh 23,000 won
Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle
This is another product that won first place on Glowpick as well! The first cleansing oil is one if the thinnest but most effective cleansing oil I’ve tried that does not sting my eyes, make my eyes blurry, or make it dry in any way.  It contains sunflower oil, Jojoba seed Oil, Macadamia seed oil, Rosehip oil and Bergamot oil along with all ingredients that are certified EWG All gree grade ingredients.

2ndesign first toner essence 15,000 won
Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle
Broadening my love for essences and toners, this one is on POINT!  It contains hyaluronic acid (OligoHA, Sodium Hyaluronate), Butaneduil, Panthenol, Multi Ex BSASM Plus, Red Snow which all helps with moisture, brightening, strengthening the skin’s barrier and help with skin’s firmness. I’m always looking for layering products to maximize the hydration level for my dry skin and this does it for me!  If you want to read my full review, click here!

Cosrx is definitely a brand you have heard of if you’ve been around the skincare community.  Even if you haven’t, I’m sure you have seen them somewhere now that they have gone global.  I feel so proud when I walk into my local Wal Mart and see Cosrx products being stocked and ready to buy in stores.  I have had the privilege to follow their journey from the beginning and have tried almost 75% of the products they have produced.  In the last year and a half, they have started to pump out a ton of new products and it is getting a little hard to keep up.  Here are the products I recommend from the classic to some of the newer products.

which cosrx to buy, best cosrx products

Cosrx oil-free ultra-moisturizing lotion with birch sap $22
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
Yet another lightweight moisturizer that packs a punch.  This product was the product which made me a believer that birch sap is one of the best ingredients if you are looking for hydration.  This is an oil free moisturizer and I believe this is one of the few products which are truly all skin type friendly.

Cosrx low pH Good morning gel cleanser $9
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
This cleanser has been with me for yearsssss.  I got to try it way before all the new products got released and even though a couple of newer cleansers have came out, but another has compared.  The formula does have tea tree oil in it and some people who I’ve recommended it to, did find it a bit too drying for them.  However, with some miracle, this cleanse has never dried me out and has maintained my skin well, keeping any irritation bumps or pimples at bay.

Cosrx Balacium comfort ceramide cream $26
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea
There was a lot of products that got discontinued in the last year, but this one got repackaged and was not a Amazon exclusive anymore.  This is a thick, balmy moisturizer that is great for those with very dry skin like me and can shield you from the harsh winter cold winds.  My beloved low pH BHA overnight mask from Cosrx did get discontinued, so this is the closest thing to it.

Cosrx centella water alcohol-free toner $17
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
I actually didn’t pay much attention to this toner because for the longest time, I thought centella was only for those with oily skin types.  This was only until I went to Korea to meet up with Cosrx and we did a mini photoshoot in my hotel room, was I introduced to this product.  I had to sprintz it on my face more than 30 times, which yes is excessive, but it left my skin so hydrated and moisturized, I was turned into a believer.  Of course, not one on a regular would use it that much, but even on a regular scale, this toner is so reliable, gentle and soothing.


best of cosrx ampoule, propolis toner, moisture up pad, overnight rice mask

Cosrx full fit propolis light ampoule $28
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
Cosrx’s ampoule is never going to leave my vanity!!  This is THE most hydrating and glowy honey ampoule I have tried and I have since got to try many others from different brands but nothing compares.  Instantly, your skin would glow and I do find the redness around my cheeks fade a bit as well.  The ampoule did get repackaged into this cute honey dipper inspired lid.

Cosrx full fit propolis synergy toner $22
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
With Cosrx’s expansion of the propolis line, they added a propolis toner which I was screaming from the top of the mountain.  This definitely did not disappoint and I knew it was easily a holy grail with the first use.  It is similar to the ampoule, just a little bit more lightweight but it is practically the same thing.

Cosrx one step moisture up pad $22
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
In the first two years of collaborating with Cosrx, they actually sent me 10 jars of the moisture up pads along with 10 jars of their rice mask.  I honestly thought it was a mistake but my contact confirmed it was all for me!!  I did end up giving some away to my girlfriends but I did use more than 4 jars religiously. There is build in propolis and hyaluronic acidin the formula, which is another reason why my skin was drinking it up like crazy.

Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask $18
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
This is another flagship product which they started out within their small selection of products before they blew up worldwide.  I remember wanting to try the propolis version as well, but I was advised that the rice mask would work much better for my skin type.  And they were not wrong.  With 68% rice extract, it nourishes, brightens, and moisturizes my dry skin like no other and I wake up to my skin feeling so soft!!  This is definitely the best sleeping mask I have ever tried and to this day, nothing else compares.

I’m from is another brand that follows the same honest, no harmful ingredient, right from the earth concept.  They also don’t release a ton of products, so when they do, it is something special.  They recently added a fig line and a spin-off of the honey line which I am so down for!

I'm from honey face mask, fig boosting essence, honey serum reviewI’m from fig boosting essence $35
Amazon, Stylevana, Yesstyle, Wishtrend
Figs is actually not a fruit I like to eat because of its weird alien insides.  But who knew it could be an amazing skincare product!  Not only is this essence vegan, it also contains 62.7% fig extract as well as NMP peptides and Amino Acids, all to moisturize deeply into the skin.  My skin looked way plumper and felt more hydrated when I did use this essence in my routine.

I’m from honey mask $38
Amazon, Stylevana, Yesstyle, Wishtrend
Those of you with very dry skin, this honey mask is sent from heaven!!  It smells like the caramel sauce I used to have to make at work and goes on the skin like caramel sauce too!  I would not recommend this to you if you have combo or oily skin type because it is super moisturizing and you for sure will break out.  This is a little hard to remove, but my skin immediately after washing it off, the redness on my cheeks is instantly gone and my skin would GLOWWWW.

I’m from honey serum $28
Amazon, Stylevana, Yesstyle, Wishtrend
Another spinoff from their successful honey line, they came out with their honey serum and again, did not disappoint!  It contains 30.63% honey glow queen (honey complex) and a mixture of 7 active ingredients (honey, black bee propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, tumeric, bee pollen, cinnamon) which nourishes the skin, brightens and has anti-bacterial properties.  This serum leaves your skin looking so glowy all day and I definitely saw my redness diminish overtime.
Thank you farmer was one of the “clean” brands that had that green concept way before the whole clean beauty trend picked up in the last three years.  Their philosophy was building a brand through 3 philosophies, honesty in value, being earnest/ sincere and gratitude for nature.  Those translations are a bit off but I think they are trying to say that they provide honest products made with nature in mind.  I was first introduced to the brand through Beautibi, who does not operate anymore, but she sent me their miracle age repair emulsion and I was BLOWN away.  Although it was a brand in the mid-range price, a lot of their products I tried were amazing, especially their sunscreens.
Thank you farmer korean skincare productsThank you farmer miracle age repair emulsion 38,000 won
Amazon, Jolse, Yesstyle
This emulsion is so moisturizing, I actually had to repurchase it for my friends and family because it was that good.  It is a relatively think consistency, but I can use this product and not use any other moisturizers and serums afterward.  So many times I used this emulsion and actually forgot to continue on with the rest of my routine but still feel moisturized!  It is truly amazing and if you want something crazy hydrating, this emulsion is for you.  The bottle lasts forever too!!

Thank you farmer rice pure essential toner 28,000 won
Amazon, Stylevana, Yesstyle
Now there are so many people raving about the I’m from rice toner at the moment and I actually got to try it out but was disappointed.  The I’m from rice toner was so watery and thin that it did nothing for my skin.  When Thank you Farmer came out with their rice toner and I got to test it out, I was easily impressed with its thicker texture and it made my skin so much more softened. Those of you who were disappointed by the I’m from rice toner, get this one instead.  So much better!

Thank you farmer back to pure daily cleanser 26,000 won
Amazon, Jolse, Yesstyle
This is another good cleanser that didn’t strip my skin and didn’t break me out.  It is hard for me to review cleansers sometimes because they’re usually good but nothing to write home about.  I did like that this one came in a pump and foamed up a bit, but this would be a good choice if you were looking for a cleanser.

Thank you farmer true water vita mist 22,000 won
Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle
Mists are usually not my thing since, well it really is just spraying water on your face.  BUT, when mists have built-in oil which you shake to emulsify beforehand, now that is a different story!  This one from Thank you farmer contains 13 types of vitamins (Vitamin A, B1-5, B7(H), B9, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Inositol), as well as 2 types of oils (Sea Buckthorn oil, Avocado Oil) to give you a double moisture barrier either on the go or after you, come out of the shower to start your skincare routine.

Thank you farmer pure make up base in purple 32,000 won
Amazon, Yesstyle
I remember when color correcting was all the rage, and I really hated that era.  The only one that has wowed me was this Thank you farmer pure makeup base in the purple shade.  Purple against yellow undertones brightens your skin and this one melts into the skin and doesn’t leave me looking like an offensive pastel purple face.  I can use this by itself if used sparingly or even mix very little into my moisturizer to give an illuminating effect.

Best korean sunscreens thank you farmerThank you farmer sun project water sun cream 21,000 won
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle
If you want to try anything from Thank you farmer, their sunscreens are the way to go.  All of the sunscreens I have tried are amazing and this sun project water sun cream is the best thing that I have stumbled upon.  It is similar to the famous Biore one but this one has better hydration and doesn’t make me itch after a couple of hours.  You can also find this at Costco US for I believe $32 for two, don’t quote me.

Thank you farmer sun project light sun essence (discontinued??)
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle
I think this version might be discontinued since I don’t see it on the site.  This is very similar to the sun project water sun cream but is slightly thicker in texture but still melts into your skin effortlessly with no white cast or greasy finish.

Thank you farmer safe sun fluid 22,000 won
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana
Yes, yet another sunscreen.  If you have dry skin and need a little bit more long-lasting hydration compared to the sun project water sun cream, this one is the way to go.  This one also contains more product!  Check out my full review if you are interested, which includes a comparison of the two.

Moonshot has been around for a couple of years and if you didn’t know, it is the cosmetic brand that YG entertainment created.  Odd that an entertainment company, who are responsible for big names like Big Bang and Blackpink, would have come out with a cosmetic line but all the products I have tried are magnificent.  Who would have thought!  This is another brand that takes their time creating new products and they definitely have their base makeup products pat down (well, except for their glassy skin cushion which was a flop).

Moonshot cosmetic review best korean lip tints, best korean foundationMoonshot tintfit shine $14
Jolse, Yesstyle, StyleKorean
I’ve been complaining about how lip tints in K-beauty have that gross highlighter undertone, which is a huge turn off for me.  Moonshot’s tintfit shine is one of the few tints that has got the shades and undertones right.  They currently only have 5 shade available, but all of them have a beautiful watercolor undertone and the shades are on point!  Nothing that is too red, too orange or too dark.  They have just the right amount of nude shades and bright shades.

Moonshot micro correctfit cushion $32
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean
I can not stop raving about this cushion!  Although I usually prefer my base products to be a dewy finish, this Moonshot cushion has the most beautiful semi-matte finish that adheres to the skin so well, making my skin look absolutely flawless.  It doesn’t leave my skin looking drier then before and my flakey skin on my nose does not show!  Shame that they only have 3 shades at the moment, but if they fit your skintone, get it!  You won’t regret it!

Moonshot correctfit Foundation $30
Amazon, Jolse, Yesstyle, StyleKorean
After their release of the cushion, they also came out with a foundation with the same name.  I do think the formulation is exactly the same thing.  If you want a better bang for your buck, I would get the foundation since it comes with almost double the amount of product compared to the same 15 g you get in the cushion.

Moonshot product reviewMoonshot  multi protection tinted moisture $25
Amazon, Jolse, Yesstyle, StyleKorean
I usually don’t bother with primers, but this one is so versatile.  It has a natural brightening ability which still looks natural in person, built in SPF 50+ PA+++ and also is moisturizing all in one!

Moonshot perfect cleansing oil cotton $13.50
Jolse, Yesstyle, StyleKorean

Another product I got on a whim but ended up instantly falling in love.  If you are used to using a makeup wipe but are trying to find something less harsh, this product is for you.  With just one cotton pad, you can remove your waterproof mascara, waterproof liner, foundation, and lipstick all with this one thin cotton pad.  The best part yet, the cotton itself is the softest thing I have ever used!!

In my opinion, Clio is like the MAC of K-beauty.  Their price point is a bit higher then the regular roadshop brands, but most of the products I have tried from them have blown me out of the water.  Their lippies are the best and of course, their liquid eyeliner are a must-buy!

best korean cosmetic productsClio rouge heel 18,000 won
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean
I’m not too sure if this product is discontinued or being discontinued, but they do have two new versions of the lipsticks.  Clio is known for its large shade ranges when it comes to their lip products and their rouge heel line is no exception.  It is super pigmented, has all the unique shades bright purple and vampy plums that you wouldn’t find with other brands.

Clio waterproof pen liner 15,000 won
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean
Of course, you can not go with Clio’s waterproof pen liner.  A lot of K-beauty brands produce amazing liquid liners, including Clio’s which is very pigmented and smudge-proof.  They have only 4 shades in the line and I kind of wish they made more unique shades like white and blue.

Clio pro tinted veil blusher 12,000 won
Amazon, Jolse, Stylevana, Yesstyle, StyleKorean
This cream blush has been living in my lazy girl staples make up bag for a year now and nothing really compares.  I love how it is easy to blend and starts off more subtle but buildable.  The formula doesn’t make my foundation budge and is super lightweight.  It doesn’t dry down to cream finishes like most cream blushes and leaves my skin moist throughout the day.
Of course, I can’t finish this post without mentioning my go-to color contact company.  Olens is one of, if not the biggest, color contact company in Korea and they used to be so hard to get.  Last year, they ended up opening a global website and people outside of Korea could get these amazing babies.  I used to have to buy them through my friend in Korea and get her to ship it over but not anymore!!

What makes Olens special is the material they use to make the contacts called Puscon. Puscon (Phosphorylcholine) is a biomaterial used to create artificial hearts or blood vessels and is the safest contact lens material to wear.  It is has a hydrophilic molecular structure to reduce dryness in the eyes by forming a hydration shell on the surface and minimizes friction on the cornea.

I have tried many contact lense in my life, color contacts, and regular contacts, and Olen’s are definitely the most comfortable.  I have severely dry eyes due to my fat in my eyes when I blink, it does not distribute like normal people’s.  So it is really important for me to always get the “moist” version of contacts, but I’ve never had any problems with Olens.  In fact, I sometimes forget I’m even wearing contacts!

If you are interested in getting some color contacts on their global website, make sure to use my 10% off code CHRISTINAHELLO.  If you want to see in-depth try on reviews, click here.

Color contacts for dark eyes korean color contactsOlens Spanish line $24
Olens, Stylevana
I didn’t think anything could trump the Russian velvet which I wore for more than 2 years before the Spanish line got released.  The Spanish line is a bit more comfortable than the Russian velvet since there are fewer graphics and is built more to enhance your natural eye color rather than completely changing it.  There are currently 5 shades and even a Spanish circle lense spinoff if you want something a bit more enlarging.

Olens Russian velvet $24
Olens, Stylevana
Russian velvet is the line to go to if you want a complete color transformation.  Even if you have light eyes and want to go to sliver/ light grey color, these will still work on you!  Those with dark eyes like me, the graphics somehow are able to blend into my eyes nicely and I have had strangers ask if my eyes are really that light brown shade.  There is only light brown, silver, blue, and olive at the moment but I hope they branch into shades like purple and pink in the future.

Olens scandi $29
Olens, Stylevana
If the Spanish line was not dramatic enough for you and you want something just a little more bright, the latest Scandi line is the best in-between of the Russian velvet and Spanish line.  I actually think Scandi has replaced my love for the Russian velet with its better graphics and trio color blend.  My favorite is the grey from the line which is just the right amount of gray without making it look fake.

Olens Vivi ring line $29
If all the other three options aren’t for you and you want something to wear every day, but not get that color change, then the Vivi ring line is for you.  It helps define your eyes and make them slightly enlarged with a hint of a color change, but it is more of enhancement than a color change.  There are 4 shades at the moment and I will be doing a try on review for them very soon, so stay tuned!


Wow this was a long post to write.  I hope you guys find some amazing products from this list and if I quit as a blogger tomorrow but had all these products with me, I’d be set for life.  Make sure to check out my coupon codes if you are interested in getting anything!

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