Chosungah 22 brow maker review

Chosungah 22 brow maker reviewSephora is now starting to carry Korean cosmetics and in a way it is a good thing, in a way it isn’t.  It’s good for everyone else that does not live in Asia, but they mark the price up naturally.  Those that don’t shop online for their korean beauty know how much the price difference. However Chosungah 22 products at Sephora was pretty much the same retail price, so I just bit the bullet and bought this highlighter looking thing to try at home since it is such a unique product and brows are definitely in.  That’s a good thing for me since I have dark, slightly bushy brows and all I need is a slight fill in. I got my first brow wax experience recently so it is not “man eyebrow” status anymore.  This will be a review for the Chosungah 22 brow maker (dong gong minn brow maker) in the shade grey brown.

Full name of product:
Chosongah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow maker

“Developed by Chosungah to meticulously groom and tame your brows, this unique brow tinted gel lets you a achieve doe-eyed, dramatic eyes. This brow gel is formulated to match all hair colors without fading. Simply swipe brows with this gel to tame and lock hairs into place. With an ergonomically-designed, two-in-one applicator that includes a brush and a sponge tip, it’ll help you to shape up and define brows with ease and without the mess. Once you sweep it onto arches, this waterproof formula will set, lasting all day without smudging. Formulated with phyto keratin and henna, it nourishes and protects the brows against the elements.”

How to use:Chosungah 22 browPrice:
$22 USD
27,000 Won

Amount of product:
0.33 oz.

Where to buy:

Shades available:
p395676-av-01-hero3004 shade:
Yellow: Light Blonde
Pink: Grey Brown
Orange: Medium Brown
Purple: Black Brown

Chosungah 22
s1706324-main-LheroProduct Packaging:
The packaging of this product is very interesting and unique, like most Korean cosmetics.  The tube is eye catching with their vibrant neon colours such as hot pink, yellow, orange and purple.  Plastic is very sturdy, and there is the little clip, so if you wanted to clip it onto your blouse pocket to do brow touch ups, be my guest.  Although the tube is slightly chubby, it is thin enough for not to hate it.  The brush is very unique as you can see from the picture above. The nub on top is this stiff, pointy doe foot applicator which you can use it to tick in “hair” looking strokes, while the traditional spooly is used to brush out your brow hairs and and apply the brow tint evenly.

Chosungah 22 brow review

Chosungah 22 brow

Keeping it real, leave a brow hair on the spooly.Chosungah 22 brow

Colour/ pigmentation:
Since I have dark brow hairs, black pretty much, I picked up the grey-brown since I don’t want cartoon brows as an end product.  Color works for my black brows as it just slightly fills it in.  Pigmentation is great with this product, I only have to go over my brows once and it gets the job done.  The tint is just pigmented enough that it will show, but not too dark that with one wrong stroke, you’d have to do your brows all over again.  Whether or not you have a heavy hand, this product would work great for you.

Texture/ Finish:
The texture of this brow tint is just like a cream, but more on the gel type cream.  The finish on the brows is very natural and does not make my brow hairs crispy.  My brows still feel natural, does not feel like it was gelled down in any way and I can run my fingers through my brows without any flaking or transfer.

My smell-o-scale tells me this product, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 4 out of ten.  It smells kind of like Elmer’s glue I used to use back in elementary school.  The scent is not strong and it does not last after application.

Lasting powder:
I’ve been trying this product for a month and a half now.  Each time I have used it, it has lasted from the time I first applied it, to the time I got home, which was more than ten hours.  No feathering, no smudges, no flaking.
IMG_7315Brows before…IMG_7317

IMG_7320Brows after (on the right)IMG_7321I would say this product isn’t for precise application.  If you wanted very crisp, made brows, this is not the product for you.  If you wanted to have very tailored brows you’d have to use a brow pencil in advance before using this to fill in the rest of your brows and slightly tint them.  This would work as a one-stop shop for those that already have pretty full brows but want to slightly tint them in.

-packaging is unique

-applicator great for filling and tinting brows
-no flaking, crispiness, or smudging
-easily accessible for those that have Sephora or live in Asia

-packaging on the slightly bulky side
-not for precise application

Repurchase again?

Stars given out of 5:

In conclusion, I do like this product but I don’t think it is a holy grail product just yet purely since I have only tried two other brow tints in my life.  I want to venture out a bit more but I really do like the finish of this product.  I have tried the Anastasia brow gel but it made my brows crispy, like I just applied gel on them which I do not like.  Color-wise, the grey-brown was definitely the right choice for my black eyebrows as it does not give me those overpowering, cartoon villain brows as an end result.  For $27 (the price in Canadian), I’d maybe repurchase it again if I really can’t find anything else I like.

Tell me what you think in the comments down below!  Have you tried this product? What do you think of the results and do you like it?

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