Clio kill cover conceal-dation Review + demo

Clio kill cover conceal-dation reviewI haven’t ventured much into the foundation world in the Korean side, so I thought I’d start with Clio’s latest edition to their base make up.  Clio as a brand seems to focus a lot on their base make up products a lot more then any other product in their line.  They come out with a new foundation/cushion/ concealer like every month it seems like. So to start off the Korean foundation routine, I picked out this new one from Clio called “conceal-dation” which I did actually cover on my first “what’s new in K-beauty vol. 1” a while back.  Let’s get started with the review!

clio conceal-dationFull name of product:
Clio kill cover conceal-dation

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Inspired by liquid concealer, kill cover conceal-dation provides extremely high coverage and nourishes with Belgium spa water.”

Other then that description, I can’t find much in English so I’ll leave this here :P.  If any of you kind people can translate this, please comment down below.  We much appreciate the help haha.
SPF 45 PA++

32,000 won (usually can get it for around $22)

Amount of product:
30 mL/1 fl. oz

Duration before expiration:
12 months (1 year)

Country of Manufacture:
 Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:clio-kill-cover-conceal-dation

Ingredients:clio kill cover conceal-dationI won’t be typing the ingredients list out to avoid spelling errors.  If you want to zoom, just press on the image and you’ll be able to zoom.

How to use:
Use the applicator to directly apply onto the skin.  Evenly spread by patting sponge onto the face.  You can use the sponge either wet or dry, depending on how much coverage you want and what skin type you are.  I will elaborate down below.

Clio kill cover conceal-dation reviewProduct packaging:
With all of Clio’s base foundations, they come in a pro looking box with the product waiting for you to take it’s virginity.  Well that went R rated real fast LOL.  Honestly they can do without all this cardboard.  We throw it away afterwards anyways.

clio foundation reviewFlip it open and you’ll see the foundation itself inside and also a sponge with a case.  I really like that it comes with a case since most sponges don’t and they just attract bacteria.  I’d urge you guys to let the sponge dry before putting it back since there isn’t any holes for air to go in and out.

clio kill cover conceal-dation reviewThe foundation itself comes in this sleek tube with the English name on the front and the usual information on the back.Clio foundation reviewTwisting off the cap reveals the product dispenser which looks like a giant lip gloss tip LOL. Just make sure not to set this down with the cap off since mine started to vomit product out.

clio conceal dation spongeAs for the sponge, I honestly don’t like it.  It is way too stiff and even when moisten with water, it does not expand or become any softer.  I did try it dry and it didn’t help with blending out product, it was only making me punch myself in the face.  Soaked with water and ringed out, still the same.  I’d suggest you just use the air puffs that come in BB cushions since that works a whole lot better then this thing.

Clio kill cover conceal-dation swatchColor/ Pigmentation:
Clio’s color system is a little messed up to be honest.  I got their #4 concealer and it was hella dark.  I’m always make sure to check the Korean blogs for swatches and I thought it would be an okay match.  Luckily this time, i got #3 and the color is just perfect for my Mac NC25 skin colour. It isn’t pale, doesn’t have that grey undertone and blends into the skin just perfectly.

Texture/ Finish:
Just blending it into the back of my hand, you can already tell it has good adherence without being extremely drying.  You will see down below where I tested it out on just bare skin and another day with a moisturizing primer.  On my bare skin using the sponge dry, it gives my skin a matte finish which unfortunately doesn’t work that well for my dry skin.  It clings and accentuated everything I didn’t want to be accentuated while using it on my freshly cleansed, moisturized and prepped with the jelly pack, it gave my skin a nice dewy look.  So this foundation is very versatile and would work with all skin types.

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With a thin layer, you can achieve a decent medium coverage and if you use two layers, you can build it up to almost full coverage.  This foundation is great at hiding redness while keeping my skin still looking like skin.

Lasting power:
When I wore this foundation out for more the 8+ hours, on both occasions I did notice after the 4-6 hour mark it started getting a bit dry.  It was worst when I used it on my bare skin with no hydrating primer but that’s a given.  When I used it over the jelly pack, it did fade a little bit around the nose area and around the cheeks it dried down a bit but it still looked good overall.

There is a very light floral, slightly soapy scent to it but nothing overpowering.  The fragrance does fade away after the application.  Smell-o-scale: 5/10 in terms of how strong the scent is.

Yey!  Demo time, my favorite time.
clio foundation reviewThis demo, I will be showing you guys using this two ways, one on my bare skin to see if it is drying and another with the jelly pack to see if it is versatile and if it will adhere to the skin just as well.

clio conceal dationWhen I’m applying base make up, I like to dab it all over my face before going in with a sponge to blend.  This will help avoid the sponge soaking up all the product and help the product go on the skin evenly.  I’ll also be using the rock hard sponge to see if it is any good.

img_7093With one layer, it has covered my minimal redness but if you guys have more redness then me, feel free to go in with another layer.

img_7097Here is both sides done.  Overall with two thin layers, it did a great job at evening out my complexion.


img_7094Unfortunately for me and my darn dry skin, using this product without any hydration beforehand doesn’t work that great since it looks quite drying for my taste. It also doesn’t sit that great on my nose as well.  Blah my dry skin :'(.

img_7121Here is my full face of make up.  If you look at the right cheek, you can see that it is kind of red.  That’s from using the sponge which is just like punching yourself in the face because it is so darn stiff!  It does a decent job in pressing the product in but it’s not worth the pain LOL.

img_7125My nose looking like that is my absolute pet peeve :S.


img_7147Okay day two!  This time around, this is doing my face after a freshly cleansed, moisturized and primed with the jelly pack.  I didn’t want to just give up on this product because I do remember it looking great!  I needed to achieve it again.  This time around, it definitely looks a whole lot better.  The foundation didn’t cling onto my nose area, my cheeks weren’t drying and it also looked slightly dewy.  This is the look that I loveeeee!



-fits for all skin types
-great adherence
-looks flawless on the skin
-long lasting

-only comes in three shades

Most likely

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
This being my first Korean foundation, we have started off on a good foot!  Because the adherence is so amazing, if used properly according to your skin needs, this foundation will make you look like a 2.0 version of yourself while still looking natural.  If you guys can fit either one of the three shades they offer, I’d highly recommend this foundation.  This could have been holy grail status but because it does get slightly drying for my personal taste after a while, it lost one star.  Overall I absolutely love this product and highly recommend you guys check it out or just buy it if you have been eyeing it for a while already.

So what do you think about this foundation?  Is it something you’d get for yourself?  Have you tried it for yourself and what are your experiences? Let me know in the comments down below! ヾ(。・ω・)シ

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