Daiso Haul, oh yea baby ;P

Daiso haulEveryone loves the $1 store, but what about a $2 store.  Is it worth it?  If the store is called Daiso and the products are from Japan (some products are made in China and Korea too), then it is so worth it.  Where on earth are you going to find these amazingly good quality products for only $2.  Seriously, Daiso has everything you need which the dollar store doesn’t carry.  Daiso is one of those stores that if it ever closes, I’d actually cry.  This store is the number one store which I turn to for everything in my life, especially for kitchen tools and beauty products.  I should really do more Daiso hauls since I go there so often, but this is the one time I remembered to document with photos.  I know they have Daiso in Japan (of course! but everything is only $1) and in USA.  Not sure if they have it anywhere else but you can buy some stuff online but only in bulk.  Here is the link!

Daiso products

Here is my very random haul :D. Let’s jump into it~


I bought this whiteboard for the door in my room so I could keep track of things, especially posting on my blog because I get so discouraged sometimes from pure laziness and being so tired coming from work.  But I think if I try to keep to a schedule, it can help!  I’m still working on how to keep to a blogging schedule, but I will figure it out eventually.  The whiteboard is actually pretty good quality, decently sturdy, and has two strips of magnets so you can stick it on your fridge, wall, or any type of whiteboard or chalkboard.  I also picked up a mini whiteboard eraser and it is actually magnetic too! The magnet is built inside of the brush, I was so surprised when I went to go clean the whiteboard haha.  I might have been slightly too impressed for my own good.  Also picked up a pack of whiteboard marker which comes in a pack of 5.  It all $2, so cheap and worth it hehe.

Daiso sleep mask

Daiso is one of those places where you go in only wanting to buy one thing, but you end up with way too many things in your chart and get too emotionally attached to them too quickly to even want to put them back.  And then you justify it in your head and tell yourself that it is only $2, it won’t break the bank.  That’s how they get you! I swear~  Same with Target, but they shut down all Targets in Canada because they weren’t making money. There go my Sonia Kashuk products :'(.  I’m still bitter about Target leaving me but what can you do?  I guess it is a good thing since it would save me from myself and spending too much money on useless things.

Anyways, this sleeping mask came at a good time because I have been meaning to get one for myself.  Daiso only had these weird national geographic-looking animals on them and they weren’t cute at all, however, these are AWESOME!  I love the funny-looking ones, and these are perfect for me. I picked up the blue one for my dad because my parents moved the TV into their room, leaving me with no TV to watch upstairs (““”).  My dad sleeps earlier than my mom, and my mom loves to watch her dramas before she sleeps but every time she turns on the TV in their room, my dad is all like…. “AIYA TOO BRIGHT AH~ *English translation from Cantonese* WHY YOU WATCH DA TV WHEN I SLEEPING AH~~~”.  So this eye mask is to shut him up and keep my mom happy HAHA. Yes…

11414450_10155707258145574_621025483_nNot sure if these are the only styles they have but there wasn’t many left as is.  Excuse the crappy photo, it was taken on my iPhone :D.

The eye mask is made of cotton with the eyes printed on it, while the other side is made of a towel-like material and the elastic is adjustable.  This is actually my first sleeping mask since I thought it wasn’t those things which I thought wouldn’t be necessary but I have been having trouble falling asleep lately since I am always itching to use my phone, staying on Facebook, and looking through Instagram.  I know the brightness of mobile devices tricks the brain into thinking it is still daytime, therefore your body not being able to slowly get ready to fall asleep. I have worn this for three nights now and it has really helped I must say.  I go to bed at around 3 am, I know I know it’s so bad, and the sun slowly starts to peak and some things in my room like my radio and my air conditioner have the little green lights making it impossible for me to fully fall asleep.  Your body detoxes from 10 pm to 2 am, but that really is impossible for me to achieve since I work late and blog late.  What can a girl do :S.  I permanently look like a panda bear haha.  Wearing the sleeping mask makes it pitch dark for me, and kind of a reminder to myself that “Hey you already put the mask on, just relax and don’t think about anything else and sleep.”  Self-discipline….  I’m also disciplining myself to drink more water, might have to go back to Daiso to see if they have a mini water bottle I can carry around in my bag :P.  Another excuse to go to Daiso HAHA.

Ze demo of what the eye mask looks like.  I’d wear it on my big ass head but I wouldn’t be able to take the picture haha.

Daiso contact

I don’t know why Daiso doesn’t carry contact lens cases but they only had these ones which is fine by me because I love Disney.  Mickey and Minnie is my life, my childhood, and my everything <3.  I realized I didn’t have any contact lenses case after my sudden interest in trying on color contacts to change the color of my eyes just for photo taking sake.  Naturally, I turned to Daiso for small things like this, and sure enough, they had these cute ones in the Disney section of our Daiso in Aberdeen mall.

Pretty standard case, nice quality and good price for what it’s worth.


I picked this up before I saw the Minnie contact lense case since they didn’t have any in the section where it should be.  But I decided to pick it up since it is a pretty good little storage case for anything else I need.  Not that interesting, but you could actually even melt any cream product, pour it into this case and use it as a portable palette which you can actually snap in half as well, or buy a couple more of these and snap them together.  Or even smash your favourite lipstick, concealer for quick touch up on the go.  I’d stay away from putting loose shadows into these little containers since it could easily pop open and bomb your purse with powder, now no one wants that!

This was pretty much the one thing that sparked this whole haul.  In my last post, two posts ago to be exact, I showed you how to clean your BB cushion air puff and someone in the comments on Facebook said they tried the one from Daiso and it worked fabulous.  This is why I urge you guys to comment down below!  I love to hear your thoughts and what you guys do and then try it for myself. If this product works, a lot of you guys can save a lot of money and not get the beauty blender cleansers which costs $20.  I swear they used to be only $10!! What a price jack-up.  I’ll let you guys know later on after trying this if it works, and if it does it will be a miracle!! AHHHH <3.

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