Etude House magic any cushion in magic lavender Review + Demo

Etude House magic any cushion reviewIf you have been up to date with Korean beauty, you would know BB cushions have been all the rave for the past couple of years now and is only now hitting the Western market with brands like MAC and Lancome.  Naturally with the success of the BB cushions, there are expansions for not just BB cream cushions, there are also BB cushion blushes, contours and correctors.  Etude House has a range of correctors and highlighting BB cushions that comes in a pale pink, pale peach, green and the latest edition of a lavender shade.  So far, there are many (or any for that matter) online Korea beauty stores that are carrying this shade and seems to be quite exclusive to Asian countries for some reason.  So let’s get started with my review on this product and show you if this is any good or not. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

So if this shade of Etude House’s magic any cushions seem to be so “exclusive”, how on earth did I get my hands on it you say?  Well my boyfriend actually went back to Taiwan last year and being the loving boyfriend that he is, he asked me if I wanted anything in Taiwan.  At first I told him I don’t really need anything, but then this lavender BB cushions came to mind.  So along with this, he surprised me with a ton of other Korean goodies.  Yea, I know… he’s a keeper ٩(♡ε♡ )۶.  Thanks hunny bun!  Okay, let’s really get started now hehe.  Its okay if you are puking on the other end of the screen, I understand.Etude house color corrector cushionFull name of product:
Etude House Precious mineral any cushion in Magic lavender

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Maybe?  This shade is not even on the Korean Etude House website

A multi color cushion soaked in foundation, it can be bb or cc cream too, housed in a chunky compact with second lid/compartment for the puff and also to keep the foundation from drying.
6-in-1 almighty cream foundation cushion: Moisturizing + Whitening + Anti Aging + Sunscreen (SPF 50+ / PA+++) + Foundation + Cooling

SPF 34 PA++

18,000 won (compact + 1 refill) or 10,000 won (refill)

Amount of product:
0.52 oz/ 15 g

Duration before expiration:
12 months (1 year)

Where to buy:

Shades available:1392965674475

Other then this really weirdly rare beast of a shade, Etude House also has three other shades called magic pink, magic peach and magic mint.  All of them have a slightly different use to it so you would choose accordingly. As for the lavender shade, it is suppose to be able to neutralize yellow under toned skin, which is what most Asians have.  For those what don’t have yellow undertone, this might not compliment your skin as much and might even come off a little too stark to be natural looking.


Product packaging:Etude house cushion reviewThis BB cushions packaging comes in a very standard BB cushion packaging. Depending on what shade of the Magic any cushion you picked, the compact color will come accordingly.  Mine comes in the same lavender shade as the actual formula and flips out as a compact with a nice sized mirror.  

Inside it comes with an air puff, but the puff is actually pink and not this starry one.  I actually couldn’t find mine so I just grabbed one closest to me hehe.

Etude House BB cushion Flip the lid and there is your lavender soaked BB cushion in all it’s glory.  Oh la la!

IMG_8522What it looks like on the air puff.  Excuse the foundation underneath, I had to use this air puff for my other blog post that will be coming up soon.  Hint hint, it may or may not be Bobbi Brown’s newest concealer.  What a tease I am (^~^).

Etude House magic any cushion Color/ pigmentation:
Color wise, this BB cushion base/ highlight/ corrector (whatever you want to call it) is surprisingly opaque even though the formula is quite thin and easily blendable. On the skin, if you were to only apply this (which I would not recommend) and had no foundation or BB cream over it, you would definitely get weird looks if you were to step out like that.  You will see down below when I do the demo that the lavender shade is very noticeable but it does a very good job of neutralizing my yellow undertone and even brightens my complex.

Texture/ finish:
Texture wise, this BB base is lightweight and very easy to blend as I have stated above.  Finish wise, it has a slight dewy texture when first applied but does set after about 30 minutes.

Lasting power:
With my dry to normal skin type in Vancouver weather, this lasts just fine on my skin without fading very might.  I’d say I get a good 7.5 hours of wear before I see any fading.

Demo time~IMG_8578

IMG_8579Flip the lid and release the beast!


IMG_8581Take your air puff and gently press against the cushion.

IMG_8584Here is my before.  I have my eyebrows done, eye make up done and under eye circles conealed.  No face make up and some lip balm on my lips.  For my face make up, I’m usually just concerned about the redness around my nose, cheeks and around the lips.

IMG_8592With your air puff, gently press onto the skin to your concerned areas of the face.  As for me, I am just using this lavender corrector as a highlight.  So I will be applying it on the tops of my cheek bones, center of the forehead and on my chin.  I don’t want to apply it all over my face because I will make me look a little too ghostly and fake which is one aspect of Asian beauty culture I don’t fully agree with.  I like the brightening effects Koreans do their make up, however it just looks really weird when their face is so pale that it just looks like their face is floating and the rest of the body is just kind of connected, kind of like No face from Spited away.340794I know Halloween is just around the corner but this is not the look I’m going for for an everyday make up look. ( ̄ー ̄)

IMG_8598Before on the right side and after on the left.  You can clearly see a huge difference with the lavender shade on the left of my face.   My face looks a lot more brightened, however it is very clearly shown where you applied it on your face.  This is also the reason I will not only wear just this on my face and would have to use a BB cream to follow up so I don’t look crazy.

IMG_8601Applied all over my face!

48cbd6771bd75f10122354c5298deef2What?  This is my no make up make up look.  Believe me!  I’m telling the truth.  That’s what I feel like i look like HAHA.

IMG_8608With the lavender base applied, I finished it off with my regular BB cushion (A’pieu Air fit BB cushion) over it along with the finishing touches, blush, highlight and a little bit of contour.



-does its job which was to neutralize/ brighten yellow undertones
-lightweight formula= comfortable
-easy to use; application is quick

-shade is very hard to find online (not sure about those that are living in Asia)
-difference is not big enough for my to add to my routine


Stars given out of 5:

Do I feel like the lavender base did anything?  I think it did a good job with neutralizing the redness while also brightening my complexion.  Would I do the extra step everyday?  Probably not since I don’t feel like it had a dramatic enough of a difference for me to add to my already long make up process.  I don’t hate this product but I don’t fully love it enough to go head over heels for it.  For those that want a lavender shade BB cushion base, I’d recommend getting any type of lavender base, mix it with some moisturizer or what not and make your own BB cushion.  I will do a “how to make your own BB cushion” down the road since I know there are those that want to try BB cushions but so far, all the BB cushions coming out in the market are aimed towards very light skinned (I’m talking about the Korean cosmetic ones).  Overall I wouldn’t really say go bananas on trying to find this product since it isn’t that special in my opinion and you can live without it.

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  1. HeavenZanny

    It’s even US $ 39 now 🙂 I think I will stick to my regular cushions… I am trying out new ones though. I just ordered the pink A’Pieu one – I have only used the blue one so far 🙂

    1. Christina

      What…. LOL Not happening at all. The A’pieu ones are pretty awesome and it is so affordable, its kind of mind blowing.

  2. Midori

    Wow! This looks like it’ll work so well but paying $30+ is just ridiculous.
    P.S. The Spirited Away reference made me crack up in the middle of a packed bus. Got a lot of stares but oh well. xD

    1. Christina

      Haha yea that price point right now is ridiculous. I could demo the other three colors if you would like. They retail for about $10-18. I have only tried the Lavender since I want to use it up before opening up another one, but i think it is time to crack them open haha.

  3. 정시은

    I don’t have much issue with my skin color and undertone so I don’t use this type of product but I think that this shade is a limited edition… Maybe they will do it as permanent if people like it and buy it enough ~ Loved your review !

    1. Christina

      Hmmm that would be nice if it was on the permanent line but I don’t think they would since it is limited to yellow undertones. Thanks for reading 🙂 <3

  4. Fiona

    I remember reading this one now ^_^;; Thanks for pointing me back to it! I was extra-intrigued by this…10% because I have some redness on my cheeks and 90% because purple is my favourite colour, LOL. I remember laughing at the Spirited Away and Mulan pics you put in here! I don’t want to look like a crazy white, pasty ghost, but at the same time, I want a purple cushion ;_; I’ll stalk your cushion posts to see if there’s another purple one that isn’t crazy expensive like the Hera collab is!

    1. Christina

      Haha you can always just spray paint one :P.

      I’m pretty sure these are meant to be used as a base and not by itself -_-. I sometimes use it to do a natural looking highlight which is nice but still a little too spark white-ish.

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