Etude House Real Art Cleansing oil (deep moisture) review

Etude House real art cleansing oil reviewI haven’t done a skincare blog post yet, so this one will be my first one.  Don’t know if everyone knows what cleansing oil is but I believe that everyone should have one in their cleansing routine, even those with oily skin type.  In this post, I’ll explain what cleansing oils are for, my thoughts on this particular one from Etude House and demo it for you as well.  I’ll cut it short, so let’s start! ヾ(。・ω・)シ

What is a cleansing oil?
Our skin naturally produces oils (aka. sebum), while there are also oils left behind from make up and other products. Sometimes when you use make up wipes or drying cleansers to remove everything off your face, it removes the good and the bad oils leaving your skin stripped and dry.  Using cleansing oils gentle and efficiently breaks down even the toughest waterproof mascara and the “24 hour” foundation, leaving the skin clean, soft but still hydrated.  Cleansing oils do not sink into your pores since you do usually wash it away, so don’t worry about getting pimples or what not.


Etude House cleansing oilFull name of product:
Etude House Real art cleansing oil- deep moisture

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Permanent but I believe they discontinued this version since there was a updated one called “Real Art cleansing oil moisturizer” that is suppose to be new and improved.

Moist textured Cleansing Oil formulated with Argan and Babassu Oils gently removes tough waterproof makeup while protecting and moisturizing skin.Effectively removes the following makeup : Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick, BB Cream, Eye Brow.”

13,800 Won ($12 USD)

Amount of product:
6.76 fl oz./ 200 mL

Where to buy:

Versions available:
cleansing oil collage

Moisture, Deep moisture, Mild, Perfect (advanced)

Etude House cleansing oil reviewProduct packaging:
This product’s packaging is straight forward and sleek, with a nice pump which you can control.  When you first get it out of the box, the pump is actually not screwed on the bottle, but comes separately and the bottle has a lid which you have to screw off and screw on the pump yourself.  I don’t know why they did that since the box is clearly big enough for the pump to also be screwed on.  Maybe it is easier on the labour that way?  Who ones.
Texture wise, this cleansing oil reminds me a lot of cooking oil bit slightly thicker.  I have Shu Uemera’s cleansing oils as well (the classic version and the pink version) but they are both not as thick in texture as this Etude House moisture version.  This slightly feels my “the body shop serum in oil” which I adore to bits and use every night to top off as a seal for my moisturizer.

There is a noticeable faint citrus scent, however nothing strong enough to make me gag.  Smell-o-scale: 4/10

How efficient is it removing my make up?  Let me show you!Etude house cleansing oilHere I am with a full face of make up.  If you would like to see my first impression on the new Etude House cover and bright fit BB cream, click here. I have on right now eyebrow powder, long lasting liquid eyeliner, waterproof mascara, BB cream, contour, blush, lip pencil and highlight.  Tons of make up to experiment with ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯.

Etude House cleansing oil reviewThis is a ton of make up for my liking.  More like the BB cream finish is not dewy enough for my taste, but you can read more about that on my first impression.

Etude house cleansing oilFor those that have not tried cleansing oils, yes you do apply the oil straight onto your face with no water.  This will help break everything down and later you will wash it away.  This is done before your cleanser.  So pump some onto the palms of your hand and gently rub onto your face.

Rub rub rub…

Etude House cleansing oil reviewThis cleansing oil, you can also rub onto your eyes and it won’t sting.  I wouldn’t go too too close or put to much or else the oil will get into your eyes and make your vision blurry for a bit.  I usually like to go back into my eye area with a Q tip and some make up remover.  You can get rid of 95% off your make up with the cleansing oil though.

Etude house cleansing oilKeep going!  Make sure not to poke yourself in the eye HAHA.

Etude House Cleansing oil reviewYes you will look like a zombified panda for a little bit so I suggest you keep your bae away when doing this!  They might not look at you the same way if you do show them such a horrendous view *sarcasm*.

How to use cleansing oilMake sure to also rub it onto your lips to get rid of any lip color.

Cleansing oil for dry skinIn the end, you will look like this, a sad panda.  Kind of looks like I got socked in the eye eh?

Etude house cleansing oilOnce you are done rubbing, wet your hands slightly and go over your face once more.  By doing this, the oil was slightly turn milky.  Then it is time to rinse off the cleansing oil and you should look something like this!  Excuse the nice zit looking thing on my forehead, going au naturel here.

Etude House real art cleansing oil reviewPros:
-easy to use
-saves time and money on cotton pads and make up removers
-lefts skin moisturized and not stripped feeling
-many formulas for different skin concerns

-have to be purchased online (unless if you live in Asia, then lucky you!)
-can blur vision slightly if gotten into eye


Stars give out of 5:

One main reason why I like cleansing oils over cleansing wipes is that it is faster, more efficient, less irritating to the skin, and leaves my skin moisturized and not sticky.  You use fewer cotton pads, fewer wipes and save time.  I didn’t go back into my eye area with a Q tip just yet in this picture so you can still see a bit of leftover eyeliner but as you can see, my skin is clean even before my cleanser.  To double make sure there is no makeup after my cleanser, I like to use a micellar water to pick up anything left over.  That way, my skin is squeaky clean and prevents any irritation from residue buildup.

I didn’t give this product a full five stars even though I swear by it is because I haven’t tried enough cleansing oils out in the market to give this product a solid five out of five.  When I do try out more and still prefer this cleansing oil, I will let you guys know if this will be the holy grail.  Until then, this product is a solid four stars.

Also, I do have two Shu Uemera cleansing oils which is significantly more expensive ($44) and have less product and I find myself reaching for the Etude House one rather than Shu Uemera?  Why?  Because Etude House one is more moisturizing after I rinse it off, and it is more affordable so it doesn’t kick me in the guts knowing I spent $13 on this amazing product.

Overall I’m highly impressed with this cleansing oil and really recommend anyone that is in the market to either by sample packets to try this out for yourself or even get the full size.  I drinking loveeeee!  Always remember skincare is just as important as your technique to doing your make up, maybe even more important since you need a good base for your canvas.  So get your skincare routine down and figure out what your skin likes, and your make up will thank you.

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  1. 정시은

    Hello there ~ I founded your blog thanks to Instagram ~ I might become a little bit addict since I’m a huge K Beauty fan!

    I loved this post ! I wasn’t quite sure about using oil cleanser when I first came to Korea ainec I have very oily skin 🙁 But , as soon as I started to use them ; I couldn’t help but fall in love with this amazing product !

    I recommend you the Brown Sugar Cleansing Oil from Skinfood who smells incredibly good and is very good !

    See you soon ~


      Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad we found each other :).

      Your so lucky to be in Korea! I aspire to go there one day, whether it is to visit or live there :).

      I’m hearing a lot about the Skinfood one and I think your about the 7th person to recommend it, so I’ll make sure to buy that one next and review for you guys.

      Hope to see you soon too

  2. Midori

    I love cleansing oils! I’m currently using the Green Tea one from Innisfree. It’s good, but it’s not exactly something I would recommend right off the bat.
    I’d love to see more skincare posts from you! Your skin is beautiful! What’s your secret? ^^

  3. Belle

    I love cleansing oils too! I actually put mine on a makeup removing wipe and use that to remove everything (I use an additional eye makeup remover though). I find that putting it on the wipe helps keep the oil from getting everywhere and really breaks everything down. I also follow up with micellar water.

    I’ve used the DHC version before, have you tried it?

    I’ll have to add the Etude House version to my list for my next TesterKorea haul 🙂

    1. Christina

      Ohh!! I must try that one time, that is a great tip :D. I have seen the DHC version but have never tried it. I think it was actually the first cleansing oils I have looked into but never ended up buying it for some reason. Is it good?

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