Hello!! These are approved to be awesome Volume 2

K-beauty Holy grail vol 2It is finally that time of the year again!  I don’t do this series often since I like to organically find holy grails instead of feeling force to stamp my seal on something just because.  So I have finally rounded up enough products to do a round up for you guys, so let’s get on with the “hello this is approved to be awesome” volume 2!  Let’s go~ σ(≧ε≦o)

P.S.  If you guys don’t know, I have my own rating system where I show you the criteria of how I rate products and what makes it a “sealed” product. I’m that one teacher, even if you get the whole test completely correct, I’d still give you 98%.  If I don’t feel like the product is completely product with a sprinkle of “je ne sais quoi” or if I feel like I won’t be able to live the rest of my life without this product, then it truly becomes an “awesome stamped” product.  Even if products are sent to me for free, that does not sway my opinion at all.

Also I do update my “rating system directory“, which I list all the products I have reviewed by ranking and in alphabetical order. And if you haven’t checked out volume 1, click here!

holy grail 21) Cosrx oil free ultra moisturizing lotion with birch sap
After trying a lot of Cosrx products, it has solidified my thoughts about the company and the products that they produce.  I frinkin’ love the brand and their products!  This is the brand I always direct my friends and family to when they are looking to get more into skincare since their ingredients list is simple but effective and their price point is very affordable.  You can get yourself a good 5 step skincare routine for around $60 which is unheard of in the Western cosmetic world.  When they came out with their birch sap lotion, I didn’t really know what to expect but was still intrigued.  Bisoubeautybar saw my desire to want to try the product out in Instagram and offered to send it to me to try.  I couldn’t resist the offer and I’m sure glad I didn’t!  This lotion, not only is it light weight, it was surprisingly super moisturizing even during the harsh winter weather here in Canada.  My first impression of the product was “Psh, this gel like lotion won’t be able to handle my dry skin”.  Boy was I wrong because this product turned out to be a holy grail!

2) Wish formula C200 bubble peeling pad
I remember getting a product by Wish Formula back in the OG Memebox days.  In fact, I still have it in my washroom waiting for me to use.  I actually won this product on Instagram in a contest to find 4 testers to do a review for them.  I mindlessly entered and completely forgot about it, until they tagged me in the winner announcement post.  I was so excited to be picked since, well you know, I love me my peeling products!  Although I am still a die hard fan for my Secret Key lemon peeling gel, I wanted to try more peeling products the K-beauty world had to offer.  Little did I know, this amazing peeling pad, not only was it going to give me squeaky clean and glowy looking skin, the pad itself would also become a staple in my everyday skincare routine!  Say what?!?

3) I’m from I’m honey mask
This was a product I have been wanting to try for the longest time, but the $37 price tag always pushed me away from the uncertainly of if it will work out for my skin.  So I completely forgot about it until the time I was at the Hong Kong airport, getting ready to board my flight and using the WiFi there to check my email.  I got an email from Wishtrend asking if I’d like to try their I’m from Honey mask.  It was the fastest HELL YEA email ever LOL.  I’m not much of a mask girl, but this product completely changed my thoughts on masks.  This product completely changes my skin’s condition with just one use.  You have to check out my full review on it to see what I’m talking about.  Honey is awesome!

holy grail 31) Iope Air cushion XP
Not sure if this version of BB cushion by Iope is being discontinued or not since it isn’t on the website anymore, but this is THE BB cushion that started it all.  Not only is it the BB cushion that pioneered the cushion craze all over Asia, but this was actually my first BB cushion ever.  Like, the absolute first out of the 40 cushions I have. Three years ago, I only just heard of what BB cushions were even though it had been around for almost a decade I believe?  I got this one from a online trade I did with a lady in the states and boy oh boy, was I the happiness girl alive when I finally got my hands on it.  I finally found a base make up that didn’t look disgustingly cakey, not too heavy and not a foundation!  I absolutely detest foundations nor does my skin like it.  BB cushions is something I swear by now and am collecting them all like Pokemon.

2) Pony effect strobing luminizer
I don’t normally like shimmer products since I find glitter to be annoying.  I mean how do you feel when you catch yet another speck of glitter stuck to your face for four days straight. UGH!  Luckily for Pony effect, they created a product that had super fine shimmers, so fine to the point of looking like liquid metal.  Rarely do I prep and prime my skin with any primers or brighteners underneath my skin since I don’t want the end result to be a heavy mess that I can feel.  This product is super light weight and still somehow peeks out through base make up and look super natural.  I can’t live without this product no more!

3) Pony effect pebble blender
If you guys have been following my blog for a while, you’d know I completely ditched the Beauty blender and have gone full force for the air puffs that comes with BB cushions.  I love the memory foam like texture, it’s ability to absorb water without being too damp and the flawless finish it gives to my skin.  Pony, yet again, has come up with pretty much the air puff but in a beauty blender-esque style.  Check out the review if you want to see a more in depth comparasion.  I just like this one better, texture and price wise.

4) J.one jelly cushion
Never did I think I’d fall in love with a satin finished BB cushion.  Satin to me, is like saying my dry skin would like a matte finish.  HELLLLL NO!  I wouldn’t have bought this by choice.  If it wasn’t for Memebox being nice enough to send me this, I wouldn’t have bought it.  There honestly was little to no information about this BB cushion so I wouldn’t have been able to know anyways that this was a satin finish.  Sometimes, there is glory in buying/getting things blindly since you’d really be in for the experience.  I actually brought this BB cushion with me to Hong Kong, which was a great choice since it was super humid there and I was sweating like no tomorrow.  This BB cushion handled it well while giving me the best flawless finish I have ever gotten from a base make up product.  

holy grail 41) Pony effect favourite fluid lip tint
Tints, something Koreans and the rest of Asia has fallen in love with.  Why I get along so well with K-beauty is it’s philosophy.  Skincare first, make up second.  Make up has to look natural 90% of the time and then you can whore it up! LOL just kidding. As for me and my aesthetic, I like really natural make up and I usually shy away from bold looking lips.  Although I have tried my fair share of lip tints in my lifetime, I couldn’t find one I truly liked until I tried this one from Pony effect.  This product reminded me of YSL’s glossy lip stains but less glossy, more comfortable on the lips and also gave my lips the water coloured flush of colour that I prefer.

2) Makeon princess gel pencil sets
Back in the OG Memebox days, there was this one box that had the set of Makeon princess gel pencil set which I unfortunately couldn’t score.  So I turned to ebay and bought one for $13.  I believe this set was maybe the second or third time I had tried out K-beauty gel liners and it solidify that Korea has the best pencil eyeliners in the world for sure.  I still have not yet found pencil liners from Korea that I don’t like.  On top of that, the affordable price point and unique colours, you can’t go wrong!

3) Pony effect stay put eye stick
Another product the K-beauty realm has to offer that seems to always be on point is their cream eyeshadows, specifically ones in a twist up stick form.  These ones from Pony effect is super long lasting on the lid and doesn’t crease!  They come in a variety of neutral to gemstone colours and can fit any skintone out there.  If you in a hurry, you can just mindlessly slap it on your lids and you’d be good to go!

4) Sonia kashuk eye couture eyeshadow palette
When Target came to Canada, I knew I had to stop by and pick up a few Sonia Kashuk products.  The one product I was gunning for was their matte eye shadow palette which is well loved by the beauty community.  I wanted to see if it was really worth the hype, and boy oh boy is it really worth the hype.  For $20, you get all the neutral shades you’d ever need in a super pigmented and buttery formula.  Forget the naked palettes, this palette is where it is at!

5) I’m Meme I’m gel tint
What?  Another tint?  Yes!  I’m obsessed with tints at the moment and am lucky to find another tint I’m in love with.  This one from Memebox is in their “gel tint” formula, which is different from the regular, liquidy formula you’d usually get with tints.  With it’s gel formula, it coats your lips better, gives you more time to work with before it dries down and is super moisturizing so you don’t have to prep your lips with lip balm before hand.  After trying just one of their shade, I knew I liked it but I wanted to see if the other colours were just as good so I can solidify my thoughts on them.  They sent me all five of the shades and the rest is history.

So that is it for my second “this is awesome” round up.  What products have you guys tried that is on the list?  Which products haven’t you tried but want to after my recommendation?  Let me know in the comments down below what think and let’s start a conversation :).

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