Holiday gift guide- Tech edition

tech-giftsYes, you didn’t come to the wrong blog. ย I am actually posting about something other then beauty for once. ย I thought since not all of you guys are going to need to buy skincare and cosmetics, a technology guide would be a great choice for a no brainer gift. ย From $18-$299, I got all the cool gadgets everyone can use even if you don’t know the person too well. ๐Ÿ˜› ย So let’s jump into this haul because my site finally is back up and running after being broken for like one and a half days. ย Most of the items I choose revolves around your cell phones since, well I think all of us have some sort of smart phones by now right? LOL if not, well shit HAHA. ย Geez… Lets goooo~

anker-batteryAnker powercore 13,000 mAh portable battery
This is so not an Anker sponsored post, I swear LOL. ย I just really like their products and am really satisfied with their affordable prices but very tough built back up batteries. ย Before I went on my trip to Hong Kong, I actually meant to buy it myself but surprisngly, my sister actually got one for me for my birthday. ย Before the prices were a lot higher, around $50 for the 13,000 mAh one I believe but somehow their prices dropped down. ย I’m not mad about that haha. ย You can charge two devices at the same time and although it is on the chunky and heavy side, you can charge your iPhone 5 full charges and Samsung phones about 3.5 full charges. ย Not only that, you can also charge your iPads. ย It only comes with a micro USB which you use to charge the actual battery but you can switch it around to charge your android phones. ย It doesn’t come with a lightening cable for iPhones so you’ll have to supply one yourself. ย I have both on hand so you can say I’m the on the go life saver for those with dying phones :P.

Anker Powercore 20,000 mAh
So this is pretty much the same thing as the one I have but a lot bigger and charges a whole lot more. I got this exact one for my boyfriend and he loves it since he’s always fiddling around with his phone and always run out of battery. ย I got sick of his phone running out of battery so I ended up buying one for him too. ย The prices used to be more then $75 but it also got a price drop. ย For some reason, the white one ($46.99) is more expensive then the black one ($39.99) but then again, I’d pick the black one anyways so I don’t have to see all the dirt spots. This one isn’t for the faint of heart since it is pretty damn big and quite heavy so you have been warned. ย Oh this also has a flashlight on the other side which comes in handy.

anker-solar-batteryAnker powerport solar
I’ve actually been eyeing this one but can’t justify getting it since it’s been a while since I have went camping. ย The only time I’d ever think of using it is when the power goes off HAHA but that is quite rare. ย Unfortunately this solar powered charger doesn’t store battery but I’m thinking you can use this to charge your back up battery if you are planning to camp or hike. ย It is foldable and comes with a micro USB and also 2 USB ports which you can charge two devices at the same time.

anker-charging-productsAnker Powercore Jump starter 600
I only recently saw this but again, Anker’s star products are batteries in my opinion. ย I think everyone needs this in their car since there are times where your stuck and need to jump start your car. ย There was this one time when I was about to go my on my jolly way to Lindt to buy some chocolate but my car didn’t start. ย I was parked inside my garage and my dad freaking out didn’t help either. ย We had to wait an hour and a half for the car guy to come and help us out since we didn’t know what was going on. ย All he had to do was bring in a jump starter and viola. ย Well I could have did that LOL. ย This one from Anker is compact, has a flashlight and you can also charge other devices as well since there are two USB ports. ย It isn’t on Anker’s official Amazon account but there is another seller selling it for $75 which I think is a reasonable price for a life saver. ย It’s snowing at the moment where I live so this thing is definitely a life saver. ย I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the road, freezing my butt off waiting for the car guy to save me.

Anker Powerport QI 10
I actually wasn’t aware you Android users have a cool wireless charging thingy going on. ย But then again, my iPhone doesn’t explode :P. HAHA watch you guys come at me with the hate comments. ย Anyways if you guys know your loved one uses an Android phone that is compatible for wireless charging, this is a great gift and is also affordable too retailing for only $20.39. ย I’d be happy as heck if I got this (if I had an Android phone that is).

Those of you who uses iPhones and always break your USB but don’t want to spend yet another $25 for a lightening cable, Anker actually haves Apple certified lightening cables retailing at $5.99ย or a two pack for $12.99.ย  Your welcome haha.

holiday-tech-guide-2Rode Videomic me
Rode microphones is very well known, especially in the Youtube world since a lot of Youtubers uses the Rode videomic pro for that crisp and professional sounding audio. ย Just this year, they came out with a compact directional mic which you plug into your phones and it gives you crisp audio. ย You might be wondering why the heck would you need this. ย Well those of you who go on vacation but don’t have or don’t want to bring your chunky camera and want to just survive using your cellphones, this would be a great alternative and lighten your carrying load. ย All you have to do is plug it in and point the camera towards you. ย So if you want to vlog, you would have the mic and your front facing camera on you and just talk. ย If you don’t want to selfie, still just have your mic pointing towards you and there ya go. ย Unfortunately I don’t think this would work that great with iPhone 7 because they TOOK THE MIC JACK OUT DIDN’T THEY. ย You can use the attachment to use this but that’s just annoying.

DJI osmo mobile
Okay those of you who don’t know what a gimbal stabilizer is, it is an device which helps stabilize aย camera/ device. ย Movie makers have been using them for a long time but only recent are there light weight, handheld ones for cellphones. ย There are ones for DSLR cameras but they are way too heavy, something I wouldn’t want out lug around if I am out and about on a vacation. ย Dji last year I believe came out with the Dji osmo which has a 4K camera and you’d use your cellphone as a screen to see what you are filming. ย Cool and all but it’s around $600. ย I already have a nice camera so no point for me to buy something for that price. ย I’d totally get this gimbal though since I already have a cell phone and it also uses a specially made app which you are able to track your face if you are doing selfie mode. ย With this device, it gives you buttery smooth footage to capture those special moments you want to remember. ย This one is definitely the most high quality built gimbal I have seen so far. ย If you want to read more into it, click here to go to Dji’s website.

Also here is an awesome review showing you guys how to use the Dji osmo mobile.

holiday-tech-gift-guide-3Mpow Mlens 3-in-1 clip on lense
You definitely have seen one of these before. ย I don’t have this exact one but I got one from some rewards redemption. ย Mine would fly right off my phone if I were to jerk my hand suddenly which is why I don’t use it that often. ย It is a fun accessory and actually does a great job at enhancing your camera phone. ย Here’s an example of a photo I took a while ago with the fish eye lense on my iPhone 5c back then.

fisheye-lensePretty damn cool if you as me. ย Whether it is a stocking stuffer or just a present for someone you don’t really want to spend too much money on, this is a no brainer gift for sure.

Tinaroll heated hair curler
Last but not least, this really cute heated hair curler. ย Thing heated last curler but a hair curler which heats up when you plug it into a usb plug of some sort. ย  Since I always have my back up battery in my bag, I just use that but you can plug it into the wall or even your laptop. ย It takes about 1 minute to heat up and it gets hot enough to give your bangs that bounce but not hot enough to burn you. ย Those of you with bangs, you’ll know the struggle of when it gets flat and your hair starts poking you in the eyeballs. ย This is a super cute and unique gift or a stocking stuffer :D.

That is it for my technology gift guide. ย Most of the products I recommended is in a decently affordable price (other then the Dji gimbal of course) and I hope you guys like these recommendations. ย Let me know if you end up picking up any of them, for either your loved ones or for yourself. ย Happy holidays guys!

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