HONEY CUSHION! YES!!! (Beauty people absolute honey girl cushion foundation review + demo)

Beauty people honey cushion reviewBeauty people is one of those brands where it hasn’t exploded in the scene and I really don’t know why.  The first product I tried from them was their cushion back when they released it in 2016 (Beauty people absolute radiant cushion foundation)  and was absolutely impressed and fell in love with their other products.  This year, they released two cushions almost back to back.  At first, I was going to get the aqua one, but then… THEN THEY CAME OUT WITH THIS HONEY ONE!  Holy cows.  Me and honey are a match made in heaven <3.  With all that being said, let’s begin the review!

               Full name of product:
Beauty people absolute honey girl cushion foundation

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Royal jelly extract gifts elegant elasticity to the skin with rich nutrition.
3 types of natural oil and 4 types of water moisturize the skin with vitality.
8 fruit extracts brightens the dull skin tone.”

SPF 50+ PA+++

36,000 won

Amount of product:
16 g

Refill included?:

Duration before expiration:
1 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:

 List unavailable

How to use:
Take the air puff and lightly press the sponge against the soaked sponge.  Then stamp the air puff onto your face and pat to blend.

Beauty people cushionProduct packaging:
Packaging was one of the thing that drew me to their first cushion.  This new honey one is no exception and now I got another sassy looking girl whoo whoo!

Inside you get the typical BB cushion stuff like a mirror and the lid covering the sponge with an air puff on top of it.

The air puff that comes with this cushion is the ones that are slightly thicker then the regular blue one.  I do like these ones a bit better because it gives a bit more bounce when I’m patting it on my face.  The only down side to this type of air puff is the fact that it is always beige!! Even after I clean it, it still looks dirty.  Blah..

Beauty people honey cushionThis honey girl cushion from Beauty people is a lot different then the regular two.  To my surprise when I first opened this cushion, I was shocked to see a little heel built into the sponge.  The heel part is actually a light pink highlighter that brightens up the complexion.

Colour/ pigmentation:
When I first started trying BB cushions, I always got 21 thinking I was super pale.  Little did I know, I looked hella pale and ghostly so now I stick to shade 23 (in general) for my cushions.  This one from Beauty people is no exception.  Shade 23 honey beige is almost the perfect match for me, even mixing in the light pink brightener.  But sometimes, I do find that my face looks a little too perfect then the rest of my body.  I mean, what is a girl suppose to do… BB cushion her entire body? LOL I’d do it if this cushion was a giant one.

By itself, shade 23 has a slight pink undertone, but still slightly neutral enough for someone like me with a yellow undertone to be able to rock it.  The light pink brightener is quite pale but when mixed together, it somehow works.  I don’t find there to be any grey undertone, which seems like something of the past THANK GOD.

Texture/ Finish:
The first Beauty people cushion totally blew me out of the waters, so I definitely wasn’t nervous to give the honey one a try.  I think out of the two, I almost like this honey one better because of the extra hydration it provides and the built in brightener.  On my dry skin with no primer or skincare underneath, this cushion preforms very well.  It doesn’t cling onto any dry patches and gives my skin a slight healthy glow without looking like I dipped my face in grease.

I’d say this cushion gives a light to a solid medium coverage.  This is great for everyday wear if you just want something easy and lightweight on the skin.

Lasting power:
For me and my dry skin, honestly this lasts a good 8 hours or more since my dry skin clings onto anything with hydration haha.  After 4 hours, the glow does settle down to almost a satin finish and does fade a bit around the nose around.

No fragrance detected.

Beauty people honey cushionOkay my favourite part of the review, DEMO :D.
Here is my face with nothing on it.  It seems like my skin is slightly more irritated then usually.  Maybe it is because the weather is changing and also my hormones are raging.  Yey for raging hormones (sigh).  I’ve also noticed my skin getting dryer when my period is around the corner.  Not like my skin is already dry… why lord why.

Hehe when you stamp the air puff in, the little shoe shows :P.

Can to tell the difference?  Left side is before, and right side is after with one layer.  My complexion on the right side is definitely evened out and looks smoother.

And here is two layers on the right side.  Other then my dark dark circles, my complexion is pretty much perfected.  Wow I really need a color corrector for my under eyes.  I still can’t find one that won’t crease on me like crazy!!  Someone please give me your suggestions.

And here is the cushion all over my face.  LOVE THAT GLOW!

Et voila!  And I know some of you are going to ask.  I’m wearing Clio mad matte lips in the shade 06 sensual pepper.

-good everyday cushion with medium coverage
-doesn’t cling onto dry skin
-doesn’t have dry undertone
-brightener built in

-only two shades


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I’m definitely very impressed with this cushion and definitely one I’d repurchase and also recommend anyone who is asks me “what is your favourite cushions?”… this would definitely be added on the list.  Even though I didn’t give it holy grail status, it is a close second.  I think my expectations for a BB cushion has rose a lot higher then three years ago when I started this blog and for a cushion to be holy grail status, I need a little extra extra curricular type of shit to get that badge of honour.  Overall I’m super pleased with this cushion and definitely give it a two thumbs up.
Product gifted by Jolse.  Not a sponsored post.

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