How to clean BB cushion puff

Cleaning cushion foundation puff

This might be one of those “psh” i don’t need to read this, its so simple I would know how without you telling me.  But I do like to share everything with you guys so hence this post.  When I first started using BB cushion (which wasn’t that long ago…6 months ago I believe?), my first concern was how to clean the sponge.  I didn’t think it would be that hard, so I just took some of my beauty blender liquid soap but that didn’t work for some reason.  All the foundation was still stuck in the puff.  I tried my regular dish soap method but that didn’t work either!  The only thing that worked for me was actually my beauty blender  “blender cleanser solid”  was the best method!  I don’t know why, it just worked nicely and it left my sponges squeaky clean.  Again, I’m not saying this is the only product that can clean it well, I have seen others use generic bar soaps from the drugstore and it worked fine, but I personally don’t use bar soaps on a daily and didn’t have one laying around so I don’t know how it works, it was just what I used myself.
BB cushion puff

 Let’s get started~~

BB cushion puff1) Wet your sponge + soap
Self expiatory… no need to expand on this topic right? 

Cushion foundation2) Take your bar of soap and start rubbing it into the sponge

Cushion foundation3) Rub the soap into the sponge with your fingers
When doing this, try your best not to dig your finger nails into the sponge.  This will cause small tears which overtime will make your sponge break and we don’t want that now do we?

Make sure to get the back of the sponge and the edges.

4) Rinse sponge under water.


5) Ring the sponge while squeezing out the soap.

Using your fingers, massage the soap out of the sponge.

6) Ring out all the water. 

How to clean BB cushion air puff 7) Tadaaaa~  all the makeup is gone! Take a towel or paper towel and pat the puff to get excess water.
I dry my sponge just leaving it on the counter for a day and boom.  Ready to use again!

*Bonus point if you can see the blob of makeup still on the bottom of the sponge.  Don’t worry, I cleaned it after I took the picture HAHA.  It’s all good in the hood…*

Ever since I used my first BB cushion, which was the IOPE one, I fell in love.  I never had any luck with the drugstore foundations we have here, it always was either not the right undertone or the finish was too matte for my dry skin.  BB cushions just worked for my preferences, weightless on my skin, color matches my skin and it is hydrating enough so that my dry skin doesn’t look dry. Happy!  I’ve actually started to use the cushion puffs as a tool just on its own since it makes the base makeup application super fast, 5 mins fast! It kind of replaced my Beauty blender for the simple fact that it is cheaper and I don’t have to walk all the way to my bathroom and run the sponge under water to get the sponge to expand.  I now just spray a bit of water on my puff and it is good to go.  I’d say give these puffs a try since they are only $1 each, so even if one does get too dirty or just breaks, it wouldn’t even matter since it is so cheap compared to $26 for a beauty blender.

How do you guys clean your BB puffs, beauty blender, or makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Kitty Chinchilla

    I always struggle to clean my BB cushion, I can get most of the makeup off but there’s always a little shadow that remains. I’ve never tried the beauty blender cleanser! I will have to look into it 🙂 I was wondering where you buy your cushion sponges from?

    Love Kitty


    1. Christina

      The sponges i have are all from Bb cushion compacts so i never bought any. But i was shopping around and saw that testerkorea has some from different brands like etude house (1,000 won), innisfree (2 for 1,000 won i believe). They are supee cheap to buy, i’m sure you can even find it on ebay!

      Thanks for reading. Please share this post if you enjoyed it and think your friends need to clean their sponges too haha. cheers

    2. Ed

      I have one too. Yes. It did said the cushion is anti bacterial etc.. And it’s true if you compare it to regular sponge. But I have grew pimples when I use it everyday for about 10days to 2weeks. So its the limit for me. I wash it with my face wash soap and water. Put the cushion in a small bowl. Fill a little soap and water so the mixture pretty bubbling or pretty slippery and soak the cushion in it. For how long? Depends on how long you wait to wash the cushion. When I wash the cushion for just 3rd used I waited for 5minutes. And wash with tap water and finished quickly. When i have no time to wash and its 2weeks. I soak the cushion with cleansing oil for about 15-30minutes. And then soak and wash a couple times with soap and water mixture. It’s harder to clean when you wait too long. But it’s (the cushion) also getting drier than original quickly and ripped if too often (like everyday wash) and when you aren’t patient enough with washing(too harsh when pressing or have a long nail). But this is works for me and I never buy a new cushion sponge. I event save my old clean cushion because the BB is empty. So that I can have a replacement when I dont hv time to wash and I just put the dirty cushion in my desk and grab a clean one. How long (days) u wait for washing doesn’t matter. What matters is how much time u used. Is it the 3rd time or 10th time(10days or 20days or even after my 30days doesn’t matter). Hope it heLps:) sorry 4 bad english

      1. Christina

        With any make up tool, you shouldn’t be using it for more then two to three days straight without washing it. If you don’t wash it, it will cause break outs since you are just reapplying bacteria onto the skin.

  2. Ed

    I wonder how do you use the cushion and a spritz of water as a beauty blender. Can you tell me how? How much water I mean? And shouLd I Leave the cushion damp just like beauty blender? Doesn’t the water in cushion get mix with the BB cream inside the compact if you dab it in compact and then your face and dab it in again in compact? Thank you for answering

    1. Christina

      I sprintz only little bit of water onto my air cushion. It shouldn’t be dripping wet, only ever so slightly damp. And no the water doesn’t get into the cushion since there isn’t an excess amount of water dripping off of the air puff. And yes I do dab the the air puff into the cushion repeatedly until I get the desired coverage.

  3. Sherri

    Do you know where to buy the sponge in the cushion (not the puff)? TIA 🙂

    1. Christina

      Do you mean the air puff? Like the ones you get inside the cushions? Hmm you can find it at places like Jolse, testerkorea, ebay, amazon. Just search up “air puff” on any of those sites.

  4. Amy

    Stumbled upon here and just wanna add on a comment – don’t wring or crumple the bb cushion puff like that to squeeze out the water. It’s actually not good for it. It’s not a regular sponge, bb cushions are more delicate so this can cause it to “spoil” faster.

    Instead place it in between both of your palms flat and then press to squeeze out the water. Or place in on your left palm and use your right 3 fingers to press out the water. 🙂

    1. Christina

      thanks for letting me know :). I haven’t had the problem of them breaking on me just yet but it is a good tip to know.

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