I’m meme I’m matte lip crayon swatches Part 2

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayonIf you remember a while back when I reviewed the I’m meme I’m matte lip crayons, I said I really liked the formula but the colors were super boring and plain Jane.  Shortly after I said that, they came out with more shades and this time around, the colors are a lot more interesting!  There are dark cherry chocolate browns to a bright purple, let’s swatch all of these on the lips shall we?

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon Packaging is still the same, the same chubby pencil with a slight mattified texture just like Nar’s packaging.  The shades are indicated at the end of the pencil which is always super convenient.  One thing I do have to nit pick is that the pencil itself have broken on me three times from shipping, so you might want to be wary of that.  Like the name says, all of these lip crayons are matte finishes with no shimmers of any type.I'm meme I'm matte lip crayonNaomi: Cool tone dark oxblood wine shade

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayonI was really excited for this shade since it was a really unique dark shade.  Unfortunately, for some reason, this shade refused to go on my lips evenly like all the other shades.  The texture for this one would skip on me, causing the balling effect you see here.  Not a shade I can recommend but I think I can work with it if I were to mix it in with another shade as a gradiation effect.

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayonVivian: Warm toned burnt orange shade

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon Luckily the next shade is nothing like Naomi.  This shade glides on smooth and effortlessly on the lips and is nice and pigmented.  I personally am not a orange lip kind of gal, but because this one is more of a muted burnt orange, I think I’d have the courage to pull this off.I'm meme I'm matte lip crayonKylie: Cool tone muted beige brown pink shade

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in kylieI didn’t think I would like this shade since it is that typical brownish shade that is really on trend right now but I don’t really appreciate poo chocolate looking lips.  This shade however is a nice mix of a pinky undertone and isn’t too brown, it has a nice balance.  And because of the brown undertone, it somehow also makes my lips look extra plump, which is always welcomed.  I think the name suits this shade well… Kylie haha.  This is easily my favourite shade out of all the ones that they offer.

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in emmaEmma: Warm blue undertone raspberry pink shade

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in EmmaThis surprisingly is  shade I also enjoy.  I’m not too much of a pink kind of girl since it looks tacky on me, but this shade is a nice middle ground.  Not too light, not too bright, just right.  I personally like more muted tones and rarely do I enjoy bright shades.  This shade glides on the lips no problem and works well with my skintone.  I approve!

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in AngelaAngela: Bright fuchsia raspberry shade

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in AngelaAnother nice shade for when I want something a little brighter.  This is a perfect shade for the summer time and it glides on smooth.

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in SerenaSerena: Orange undertone cherry tomato shade

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in SerenaThis shade is a really interesting mix.  If you take a quick look at this shade, it looks like a orangey reddish shade.  The more I look at it, the more that it looks kinda pink, kinda orange, kind of red.  This is another shade I would wear if I’m in the mood for something bright as well.

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in Lucy Lucy: Dark purple shade

I'm meme I'm matte lip crayon in LucyLast shade is a disappointment along with Naomi.  I was looking forward to this dark purple shade since it is one of the more unique shades, but the formula for this is just like Naomi.  It is kind of sheer on the lips, skips and doesn’t apply evenly.  Not sure why this is, but they need to fix this :'(.

These also slightly tints the lips after it wears off, so you have been warned.  My thoughts are still the same as my first review, so if you want more info, check out my full review here.  Overall I’m happy with these matte lip crayons and have been still enjoying these on a daily basis.

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