KOREA trip January 26, 2018 Part 2 (Gentle Monster Hongdae, O lens, Trick eye Museum, YG republique)

After stuffing ourselves with some delicious food and nice hot milk tea, we made our way to Gentle Monster.  Those of you guys who don’t know the brand Gentle Monster, they are one of many brands where they jazz up their storefront to the extreme.  I actually wanted to make it a point to go to all three, but my feet wouldn’t allow it since I was walking for 8 hours straight every day.  Let’s jump into the rest of day two shall we?

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After about 15 minutes and Jimin’s amazing Naver map navigations (lord thank god for her.. I hate getting lost with stupid Google maps), we arrived at this dull looking building.  But I knew better… I knew that inside was going to be crazy insane.  LET’S GOOO!

Right when you get inside, you are greeted with this strange thing LOL.  If only it was smaller and could scratch my head.

I wish I had a bar like this in my house… but then it wouldn’t be alcohol since I don’t really drink haha.

I smelt all of their perfumes and can’t say I liked any of them.  There was one that was bearable but they all smelled… off.

So Gentle Monsters decorate their whole store just to sell sunglasses.  With that type of extra-ness happening all over the store, you’d think their sunglasses would be top notch.  Heck!  They are charging $250-$500 per sunglasses.  Now most my sunglasses are designer (not to brag..) only because I usually use my health care benefits to get them.  So I would know what good quality sunnies feel like, and these are farrrrrrr from decent material.  They were fimsy, thin and it just felt super cheap, like the ones you can get for $10.  Not worth it.  I don’t understand what the hype is behind the brand.

This is definitely my favourite display out of the whole store.  Each little pod has scents in it like GMO and alien.  LOL GMO to me smells like corn and alien smelt like… no.  Just no.Afterwards, we made our way to walk around Hongdae.  I do really like the vibe in Hongdae.  You can definitely tell you are in a hip and youngster area but the stuff there isn’t cheap at all.  I wouldn’t recommend buying clothes there since they are actually more expensive then places like Myeongdong underground shopping and Gangnam underground shopping.

Now one of the stores I had to hit up was O-lens.  You actually don’t have to find the stores, the stores will find you.  There are so many contact lens shops everywhere, you really don’t have to look.  My personal favourite is O-lens since the price is affordable and a lot of times, they have 1+1 (bogo) on the most popular styles.  My favourite ones are the Russian Velvet brown and Teen Teen silver.  If you want to check out my review on O-lens color contacts, click here!They are super comfortable and breathable but they will take time to get used to. I remember the first time I tried them on, I couldn’t wear them for more then two hours without my eyes hurting super bad.  But the more I wore it, the more I got used to it.  So definitely don’t rush it and listen to your eyes because you only get one pair in your lifetime!

When you go in the store, the ladies that work there (ones in lab coats) will help you out.  I had my friend do all the talking for me, but the lady helping me seemed to also understand English.  All I had to do was show her the ones I wanted ( I had it saved on my phone with the promo pictures, so it was easier and faster), she write down which prescription I needed and proceeded to collect them for me.  Each pair of contacts, you get one medium size bottle of eye solution and a case as well that has a mirror, tweezer and a contact lens case. I love me Korean service ;).

Definitely the best color contacts for dark brown eyes.  They work with all eye colors since they are so pigmented but also very natural looking.  LOVE them and they are also opening an international online store in April so look out for that!  Also check them out on Facebook since they are doing a TON of giveaways, almost everyday.  Follow them and tell them I said hi :).

After a little bit of shopping, we headed over to the trick eye museum.  It costs 15,000 won to get in, but if you order online, you can get tickets for 10,000 won.  Take that tip!  They also have  VR feature which comes with your ticket where you can download the app and see a “real life” version of the trick eye museum.  I’d say this is a cute museum to get cool pictures, but if you don’t like taking ton of pictures, this place might not be for you.

Here are some of my derpy ones.

Another part of the trick eye museum is actually the ice museum.  I didn’t know this is actually a part of the ticket price so it was a nice surprise.  It’s super cute and there is an ice slide!

There is actually a ice bedroom in the back where there was an ice toilet. But I think some retard actually too a leak in the toilet, so the toilet was frozen yellow… disgusting.

And then to end my day after a long walk around the city, I met up with a friend from Vancouver that actually hit me up to tell me he was also in Korea!  So AWESOME.  I didn’t have to eat alone WHOO WHOO.  We ended up going to YG republique in Myeong Dong since he picked out the place and it was close to both our hotels.  I didn’t realize that this was the restaurant JoanKeem usually hits up until I had to use the washroom and went upstairs to see the iconic YG gate.  OH in the same building is actually Ding Tai Fung!  But I did get Ding Tai Fung in Taiwan and wasn’t impressed.We sat downstairs since we wanted BBQ pork.  I would not leave Korea without having samgyupsal!  They had ton of YG artist pictures and they blasted YG songs all night.  HELL YA LOL.  I’m a VIP for sureeee.  The staff was also good looking and they are GOOD at cooking my pork to a nice caramelized crispy goodness.  Good JOB!  But they BETTA cook my shit good cuz this was one of the most expensive meals I paid for in Korea.  About $54 CDN for the whole meal.

I only remembered to take pictures of the banchan since we had way too good of conversations to stop and take pictures.  But don’t worry, you’ll see videos.  The kimchi fried rice was one of the best I’ve ever tried and the meat was good but maybe not cuts I would have ordered.  Shoot.. I’m hungry again LOL.  I really shouldn’t edit at night when I’m hungry.

That concluded day two in Korea!  Hopefully I can edit my video on day two soon, but I will link it somewhere on my blog so you guys can enjoy :). 


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  1. Mikhaela Javier

    I should agree with gentle monster that it’s kinda overpriced. I checked one of their shops in Duty free and the price is at $200 above and the quality is low.

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