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memebox-giveawaySo Memebox one day asked if I’d like to hold a giveaway for my readers.  Obviously I said YES LOL, who in the right mind would say no -_-.  Not only is this giveaway open to US residence, they also opened this for CANADIANS TOO WHOO WHOO!  You heard me, Canadians are invited to the party this time.  No this does not mean the site is opening Canadian shipping but because I’m Canadian and they didn’t want their neighbors to feel left out, this one time only we are invited to the party.  I hand picked all the products I absolutely love, focusing mostly on their house brands since it is hard to get those outside of Memebox.  Let’s get into the details!!

Who can enter the giveaway:
USA + Canada
Unfortunately at this time, international readers aren’t included in this party.  Don’t worry, I got one personally for you guys soon ;).

How many winners:
One winner will be handpicked by me.

How can I enter?:
1) Follow Memebox US + Christinahello on instagram.

2) Comment here and my instagram post (Comment + tag 2 friends).  You can choose to post either or but you’ll get a higher chance if you comment on both.  If you do post here, please include your Instagram username as well.

3) Tell me how you found your way to my blog, what you like about the blog and any other random thought you have on your mind :).

When will the winner be picked?
The giveaway will last 10 days from today (Nov. 25, 2016).

1) You have to be 18+ year old or older.  If you are under 18, please do let your parents/ guardian know that you have won the giveaway so they know where the parcel is coming from.

2) Winners will be contacted either on Instagram DM or I will comment back on this blog post.  If winners do not reply within 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.  If this case does occur, please do understand and don’t come back at me angry.  Thank you~

3) Winner’s package will be sent by Memebox.

Okay now let’s get into what the prize is hehehe.

img_7324Nooni Advance repair therapy
This moisturizer is one of my most favourite moisturizers that Memebox produces.  Out of all the Nooni products, this one is a solid one that is good for all skin types.  I brought this moisturizer with me to Hong Kong and even there, it worked great!  Moisturizer, not greasy and it seems to work in all weathers.

img_7325Pony effect pebble blender
If you’ve been itching to try the Beauty blender but still haven’t pulled the trigger, this one is definitely the other option.  I reviewed this a while ago and was super impressed with this sponge.  The texture in my opinion is better the the beauty blender since the sponge is more memory foam like with less pores, it also is softer and absorbs and dispenses water better when you are using it to blend base make up. LOVE this.

img_7326Wishformula bubble peeling pad
You guys have seen this way too  many times on my blog and IG.  Ever since I was sent these pads a while back to test out, I was absolutely in love with them and I swore to have them in my life forever.  The exfoliating liquid itself is amazing and just using it once, you can already see a huge difference in your skin.  It leaves your skin super glowy and all your dead skin is gone!  After I have finished the treatment, I rinse out the product and continue using the sponge to cleanse my face.  I’m not joking when I say my skincare life has changed completely.  No more do I get flakey dry skin, no more am I embarrassed with flakey skin holding onto dear life on my face.  This product is all kind of YASSS.img_7327Bonvivant Bontanical mask pack in aloe x 5
Another life changing product, no I’m serious.  Before this sheet mask, I didn’t like using sheet masks at all since I thought sheet mask aren’t that affective.  Naw, I was just using the wrong ones because this one was WOW.  I would have just this essence on my face, go to bed and wake up with my skin still super moisturized.  The other two versions (tea tree & rose) didn’t work that well with my skin type but the aloe one I can see everyone enjoying.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as me :).

img_7328It’s my cushion DIY case
I think it is safe to say that I’m a cushion head (get it?  Not a sneaker head but a cushion head hehe), so naturally I had to pick something related to cushions.  Since K-beauty online offers 2 shades and I don’t know what skintone the winner would be, the most logical  option is this DIY case!  With this DIY kit, you can customize your own cushion with your already existing favourite foundation.  Go nuts with mixing sunscreens, ampoules, moisturizers, whatever you want!



img_7331I’m Meme I’m gel tint in plum red
Personally I don’t like very bold lip products but I do like stains, something that is a little hard to balance since most stains out in the market seems too bright for my liking.  Memebox sent me one of these a while ago when it wasn’t released yet and I fell in love.  I asked if I could test out the rest of the colours and it just solidified for me that these were holy grail status.  Instead of the liquidy formula stains usually come in, these come in a hydrating gel formula that is easier to spread and also hydrating.  Since the other four shades offered is a pretty generic shade, I choose this plum red since it is the most unique.  It is a gorgeous dark berry shade which you can either do a gradation lip with or go bold and apply it all over the lips.

So that is all that is included in the giveaway.  I think I picked some solid picks and I hope you guys will enjoy the products as much as I do.  Enter if you would like to win and may the odds be ever in your favour (channeling Hunger games).

Don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms to see what I’m doing and what I’m getting in the mail :D.  Mail time is always fun time for me.
( •ω• )
IG: @christinahello

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  1. Vanessa

    Yeeee giveaway! <3 I found you through the Memebox addicts group on Facebook & love your thorough and honest reviews 🙂 I get super excited (and a little jealous) watching you unwrap all the goodies you get in the mail via Instagram stories 😛

    As for random thought…I may or may not be feverishly refreshing your IG page to comment on that post too 🙂


  2. Krystyn Lowe

    I’ve been following you since the olden Memebox days! Ya know when we all stayed up all night and bought ten boxes at a time and waited til the wee hours for restocks? And then waited two months to get stuff? Those days!! My IG name is fueledbycatsandsarcasm.

  3. Avneet

    Hey cool blog, thabks memebox addicts facebook page for the contest, i got to know about his blog. Love you writting. !! Im so stalking all you IG stories all the way from April 2012 and love your Yorkshire pup ????. Keep posting cool stuff. May comment like crazy for the goodies ????

  4. Amanda Lorge

    Wooooot! I found your blog when it was referenced by another blogger. I love opening up my email or Instagram account and see that you’ve made another post!

  5. Fiona

    I frequently stalk your blog 😛 But originally found you off Instagram! Your reviews are always helpful, your mail packages make me sooo jelly (along with your Daiso visits) and your food posts make me hungry. Sometimes hangry. Thanks for hosting the giveaway with memebox and including us Canadians 😀 (@teddybearbeauty)

  6. Emily

    I found your blog thru the memebox addicts group on Fb. My skin type is more like yours during the winter months so I’m reading more and more now 🙂 thanks so much for your excellent reviews!

  7. Jeannie Song

    What a great giveaway! I found my way to you from Instagram when I was looking for #memebox related tags! I love all the goodies you receive and the honest reviews you write!

    1. Jeannie Song

      Forgot to include my ig! (@g3ni3luvzy00h)

  8. Sarah

    I found you through facebook. I love k beauty. I like to read your reviews if products so I can decide if they are worth the buy. Thanks for the giveaway! In obsessed with memebox.( @Saitamoss )

  9. Mimi

    Thanks for the giveaway! As I said on Instagram, I found you through Reddit. You’re so informative and thorough; I always check your blog first before purchasing! (@joycomesfrom)

  10. man yee

    Good Job ! Loving the goodies !!! I found you on my Facebook haha


  11. Jessica

    My instagram username is SmittenGinger.

    I found your blog through your New in K-Beauty segments. I have discovered some awesome things through those posts and it’s really nice to see all of that research aggregated and posted in one spot! It saves me a lot of time sifting through a million emails in both Korean and English. 🙂

  12. Ju

    I saw your blog super long ago on Facebook – I remember you shared it and I saw it on my feed (then I was sucked in). I think it was when it was still called MMNoob (?). I really enjoyed reading your posts and its actually partially what got me into KBeauty and trying all these new Asian Beauty products. Sounds pretty lame, but it’s also what got me to finally start my blog too! There’s so many different aspects of your blog that I enjoy reading, but one prominent one is that you always update your readers on the latest products out there, and give honest reviews, plus how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Okay, that’s more than one point but yea! Keep it up 🙂

  13. Joanna

    My instagram is Wetpanties!
    Leaving a comment here as well to up my chancess;)
    I notice you go to Daiso alot! I work around the Aberdeen area. Would it be weird if I saw you and said hi?

    1. Christina

      Haha naw it wouldn’t be weird. I might be weird since I’m awkward when I meet people for the first time. And I look very scrub on a daily basis so don’t get disappointed if I’m not all glammed up hehe.

      Btw your instagram name always makes me chuckle LOL

  14. Crystal

    Love your blog! I really liked the series you did where you were shopping in HK, gave me a lot of ideas on where to go shop when I got back, I’m @creeestoh on ig!

  15. Lisa

    My instagram is

    I found you through the What’s New in Kbeauty series that you have! I always look forward to that round up (to fuel my shopping addiction…..)

    Thanks for holding the giveaway <3

  16. abi

    I found you while scrolling through my explore page on instagram. My favorite posts of yours are the “What’s New” posts because they’re very informative and I love keeping up to date with new K-Beauty products. Thanks and keep it up! I’m @abiaragabe

  17. dinielle

    I found your blog through reddit when trying to do some research on cosrx products 😀 I just started Kbeauty about 2 months ago and I was desperate for a little guidance and reviews on some of the products I people were raving about on r/asianbeauty soon after I found your IG and subscribed as well. 🙂 I really enjoy your content! I was actually SUPER EXCITED that you responded to one of my reddit comments! Fan girl status! No worries, i played it cool 😉
    my IG is @sampaguita182

  18. Tiffany

    I found your blog through IG friends who would refer me to your posts on IG or your blog! I love that you do comparison posts and honest reviews of a product you got for review or personal bought.

    IG @littleemptybottles

  19. Felicia Wong

    I found your blog when I was doing research on asian beauty products and I immediately fell in love with your blog and Instagram! Thank you for holding this giveaway! ❤️
    IG @felicia47wong

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