Olens Cherry Moon try on review I Subtle anime eyes?

Olens cherry moon try on reviewWe are back with another color contact try on review!  This time, Olens collaborated with cosmetic brand Kirsh blending to produce these very unique color contacts.  These Cherry moon shades remind me a lot of anime eyes, but very wearable and subtle.  They currently have two shades available but I really pray they expand this line because it is stunningggg!  If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the rest of my Olens try on reviews as well to see what other options they have to choose from.  Let’s get into it!

Product name:
Olens Cherry moon

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

$24.00/ box

Daily, monthly or yearly?:
Monthly but there is a daily version available

Amount of contacts per box:
2 pieces/ box

Measurement of contacts:
G. Dia 13.2 mm

Duration before expiration:
5 years from manufacture date

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Olens Global

Degrees available:
0.00 to -8.00, each power goes up by -0.25

Shades available:

Olens cherry moon try on reviewHere’s a closer look at what the lens kind of looks like. Not the best shot, so scroll down for the actual try-on haha.

First up we have Cherry moon brown which consists of a dark brown ring on the outside for a slight enlarging effect and a very well blended gradation of a light brown which only seems to show up on half of the lens.  I personally like to have the half-moon with the more defined light brown to be on the bottom of my eye to cast the illusion which my eyes have more depth then it does in real life without them on.

Olens always have great photos that are quite realistic to what it would look like in real life.

Olens cherry moon brown best light brown color contacts reviewAnd here it is on!  Seriously, Olens color blending game is getting so good, I can’t even tell if I’m wearing color contacts anymore.  Doesn’t it look like I have anime eyes in real life???

Olens cherry moon brown try on reviewThe before and after are very different but subtle.  This cherry moon brown lens makes it look like my eyes are always caught in that perfect light at every angle.

Next up is the Cherry moon gray which is similar to the brown but in a dark, almost blue-gray tone.  I’ve had quite a struggle finding grays I like that are wearable even without dramatic eye makeup, and this one has definitely made the list!  The outer ring has a dark brown ring blended with a silvery blue-gray in the center.

Olens cherry moon gray try on reviewOn the eyes, it looks so pretty T_T.  The silvery blue-gray blends into my dark brown eyes relatively well but you do see a bit of a ring.

Olens cherry moon gray try on reviewSorry, this picture turned out a little blurry.  I can see this shade be used in so many cosplay dress-ups hehe.


Please make sure to clean these lenses after every use and wash your hands before touching these lenses.  Unless they are a daily version, THESE DOO NEED TO BE CLEANED!!  The comfortability is the same as all the other Olens contacts, so moist and comfortable that you forget your wearing color contacts!  They have this amazing moist technology that keeps the lenses stay moist all day.  I personally have ridiculously dry eyes and even my optometrist said I have the eyes of a 50-year-old lady HAHA.  I will definitely be wearing these cherry moon shades more often now that I have tried them on and they might replace the Spanish line for me :O.

*PR sample, not sponsored.

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  1. Moon

    Hmm do you have the problem of those lenses keep turning around… i meant it looks weird when you have one eye that has the lighter part up and another one with the lighter part down .

    1. Christina

      I didn’t seem to have that problem when I wore the cherry moon. But even if it did rotate, the lighter part is so natural, you can’t tell anyways.

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