Pony effect Conceptual eyes quad Review + Swatches

Eyeshadow palette Pony effectKorean eyeshadows have been one of the few K-beauty products which seems to be less then stellar throughout the whole realm of Korean cosmetics. During Pony effect’s first launch back during the holidays of 2015, she came out with a eyeshadow palette which got everyone excited with since there was a good mixture of neutrals along with pops of very unique colours.  Unfortunately, the formulation, pigmentation and texture was lacking in every way, shape or form.  Since then, she has came out with more products to her line, including six new eyeshadow quads. Lets hope these aren’t anything like her first attempt at cracking down with the black hole of K-beauty.  Let’s go! ( ゚▽゚)/

Pony effect quadFull name of product:
Pony effect Conceptual eyes quad

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“One eyeshadow quad, endless possibilities! Pony has hand-picked 4 complimentary shades that look beautiful on their own, and also mixed together to create a completely different look and feel.”


Amount of product:

Duration before expiration:
36 months (3 years)

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea
Manufactured by Memebox Inc.

Animal testing?:

Where to buy:
*= affilate link

Shades available:
As of right now, Pony effect has 6 quads in total (top left to right, bottom left to right):
-So Gorgeous
-Eternal Seduction

Korean eyeshadow
The ingredients for these eyeshadows are a bit too long for me to include in this post since there are four colors each with six quads.  So I will include the link to Memebox’s website here and you guys can check it out in the ingredients section.



Korean eyeshadow palette Pony effectProduct packaging:
Pony effect’s eyeshadow palette come in the same gorgeous rose gold case with the dark blue/ black cover and the logo in rose gold.  Like all of her palettes, this too has a magnetic closure.

IMG_5171In the back, there is a clear sticker indicating the product name, shade name and other fun (boring LOL) stuff.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectWhen you first get your palette, it comes with a clear plastic cover with the name of each shade.  Again, this is one thing I wish they would just permanent include into the palette either by printing the name right below each of the eyeshadow pans or just in the back of the palette on the clear sticker.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectThere is also a nice sized mirror in each palette which is able to bend all the way back.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectColor + Pigmentation/ texture:
Since there are six different eyeshadow quads, I will go through each of the palettes one by one and talk you through how each of the shade pigmentation is.  Overall, the pigmentation for six of these eyeshadow quads have definitely improved since the first eyeshadow palette that came out. No more stiff, hard eyeshadow and say yes to silky smooth eyeshadows.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectSo gorgeous*: This quad consists of golds and browns, mostly cool tone colors.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effect

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectShe: Cool toned gold shade with fine gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
This shade seems to swatch well both with or without primer.  The texture is smooth and glides on the skin effortlessly.  Pigmentation is also not a problem with this shade.

Good looking: Cool toned chunky sparkly gold shade (glittery/ shimmer finish)
Texture of this shade is very similar to the first Pony effect palette during the holiday.  It seems to be slightly sift and on the drier side but payoff is good and glitters are dense so I’ll give it a pass.  I do wish this shade was slightly more buttery.

Imposing: Cool tone milk chocolate shade with fine bronze and gold shimmers (satin finish)
“Imposing” along with “she” are both shades that has no problems swatching.  For some reason, shimmery shades have no problems both in the Western and Korean realm.  Pigmentation is nice and is easily buildable on the eyes.

Opulent: Dark semi-sweet chocolate shade (matte)
Matte shades are hard to perfect in both western and Korean cosmetic realms.  I’m always excited to receive matte shades in palettes because that means it is one less product I have to pack separately when I travel.  Unfortunately this shade does not translate well. Without a primer, this shade skips and does not blend out well.  With a primer, it seems to be no problem.  However when I did my eye look (it’s down below later), I tried to use this shade to darken up the look but it turned slightly muddy.  I’d like to see this shade improve on the pigmentation.  Texture is fine but could be more buttery.

Who would this be for?:
If you are looking for a palette that has both gold and brown shades and would like the option to be as natural or as dark as you’d want, this is the palette for you.  You can easily survive with just this palette for a day to night look with the dark brown shade “opulent” which you can use as a soft eyeliner look or darken up the crease for the night time.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectInnocent*: This palette consists of light pinks to plum variations.  Three of the four shade have a shimmer finish while the light pink shade (Naive) is a satin finish.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effect

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectNaive: Cool toned light baby pink shade with slight fine sliver and pink shimmers (satin finish)
Not sure why but it seems as though the matte snd satin finishes are lacking in this palette and the last.  This “Naive” shade barely shows up on the skin and I highly doubt it would even translate from a brush to my eyelid.  Then again, light pinks are hard to pull off, formulation wise.  I’d like to see this shade reformulated.  It needs to be more pigmented, more buttery.

Playful: Warm toned rose gold shade with fine rose + gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
If you want a rose gold shade, this shade might be the one you are looking for. Both with and without primer, this shade can handle both but of course, I’d say to use a primer since the color shows up better.  Pigmentation is nice, texture is smooth and translates easily onto my eye lids.

Kindly: Warm pumpkin shade with fine bronze + orange + gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
Another shimmery shade that can handle both with or without primer.  This shade is buttery smooth and pigmented as you can see.  This can either be a summer color by just splashing this all over the lid or used in the crease for the fall time.

Harmless: Warm toned dusty rose with a hint of plum undertones; sliver + pink + rose shimmers (shimmer finish)
This shade swatches nicely onto the skin with it’s smooth formulation and pigmentation is on point as well.

Who would this be for?:
If you have a lot of neutral brown palettes already, this would be a good alternative since this palette consists of pinks and rose gold-esque colors.  You know what this palette reminds me of?  Urban Decay Naked 3 with it’s rose gold theme.  This palette screams that out to me.  I actually bought that palette back when it first came out but returned it shortly after since I felt as though I had no use for it.  If you don’t want to spend the $66, this palette could be a good alternative!  Small, compact and a no brainer palette.  You could easily use any of these shades just all over the lids for a quick and effortless look.

Korean eyeshadow Pony EffectEmbrown*: A palette that consists of warm toned brown shades.  Three of the four shades are matte finish with one shimmer finish.

Korean eyeshadow Pony Effect

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectEcru: Warm toned sandy brown shade (matte finish)
I absolutely love this shade to start my make up look.  It blends into my skin effortlessly and leaves it looking like there is a slight tan.  If I’m too lazy to do a full eye look, I’d just swipe some of this shade on and I get a slightly contoured eyelid.  Pigmentation is not half bad and this matte shade seems to be the better one since it is buttery smooth and glides onto the skin no problem.

Biscuit: Warm toned dusty rose brown shade (matte finish)
I use this shade on the outer part of my eyelid to define it.  I also like to put some in the inner part of my lid to make my eyes look slightly bigger, making the center of my lid protrude by highlighting it with light shimmery shade.  Pigmentation is good with this shade if you use a primer, texture is also nice and buttery smooth.

Tawny: Warm toned bronze shade (shimmer finish)
Again, no problem with shimmery finish.  Swatches nicely on both with or without primer and pigmentation is really nice.

Tanned: Brick reddish brown shade (matte finish)
In the pan, it looks like just another boring brown shade but it actually turns into a nice brick reddish brown shade on the skin.  This shade needs to be used over a primer to get its true color.  Texture is nice, pigmentation I give it a passing grade.

Who would this be for?:
If you are a minimalist and want a no brainer palette, this one is definitely for you.  Or if you are trying to build your neutral collection, this is also good start since there are three matte shades to work with! 

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectLively: A quad that screams Fall time/ Halloween to be with the warm toned shades and the orange shade on the top right.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effect

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectJolly: Cool toned pinky champagne color with fine sliver + gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
One of my staple shades that could work with any eye look.  This shade swatches nicely both with or without a primer but the color pops a lot more with a primer.  Pigmentation is nice and texture is smooth as well.

Passion: Warm toned orangey bronze shade with fine gold + orange shimmers (shimmer finish)
One of the more unique shades, “Passion” is a great color during the fall time.  This shade shows up more true to color when applied over primer but it works well without primer as well.  Texture is smooth, pigmentation is above average.  Not bad but could use a bit more pigmentation.

Better: Warm toned bronze shade with dense fine shimmers (shimmer finish)
This shade is definitely the star of this quad. When used over a primer, the fine shimmers intensify and would make any eye look pop!! Pigmentation is awesome and texture is buttery smooth.  YASSSS!

Cheerful: Warm toned orangey reddish brown shade (matte finish)
Also another color that is quite unique to the K-beauty relam, a shade I haven’t seen much, let alone in a matte formulation.  This shade is not half bad but works best over a primer.  Texture is a passing grade but doesn’t skip like the matte shade in the “so gorgeous” quad.

Who would this be for?:
If browns and pinks aren’t for you, this palette would be a great option during the fall time with it’s warm toned shades alongside a good mixture of textures from shimmers to a matte shade.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectBe romantic: Seems like another pink palette?  Well this one is actually quite different from “innocent” with it’s coral and plum shades, both matte!  To pair with the two matte shades are two shimmer shades that would work with any eye look.  All of the shades in this quad seems to have a rose undertone to it.  This palette screams spring time to me!  I can just imagine the sakura blossoms falling and riding the wind like in the animes HAHA. Sho beautiful~

Korean eyeshadow Pony effect

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectLove me: Warm toned rose gold shade with fine rose gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
Texture of this shade, again, no problem since it is a shimmer shade.  Pigmentation is great and is best over a primer.  The rose gold truly shows when used over a primer or even foiled (layered with a wet make up brush).

Roses: Warm toned salmon pink shade (matte finish)
A very unique matte shade that does not skip and blends out nicely.  This is another matte shade that is done right.  Pigmentation isn’t horrible on dry skin but is definitely better on a primer.

Moment: Warm toned bronzey rose shade with dense fine bronze + rose shimmers (shimmer finish)
Good pigmentation, buttery texture, best over primer.

Doom: Warm toned dark plum rose shade (matte finish)
I love this shade!  I actually don’t have any shade quite like this dark plumy rose shade in my collection.  Texture is smooth, does not skip and pigmentation is better over a primer.  On dry skin, it is no bueno.

Who would this be for?:
If you want to graduate from the boring browns and light pinks, this palette is the next step.  These color combos is definitely not for the light hearted and you’d have to rock these with confidence.  These colors can work both during the spring or fall time.  Haha I’m actually imagining flower petals just exploding out of this palette HAHA.  I’m so weird…..and I need sleep.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectEternal seduction*: Is it weird that this palette reminds me of Twilight? With it’s cool toned natural and the purple tones, this palette is great for those looking for a purple alternative.

Korean eyeshadow Pony effect

Korean eyeshadow Pony effectMagnetism: Cool toned slivery shade with a slight purple undertone with fine sliver shimmers (shimmer finish)
This is also another unique shade that looks like sliver at first, but the slight purple undertone kicks in afterwards.  Pigmentation is decent both with or without primer and texture is smooth with no skipping when swatched.

Enticement: Cool toned eggplant shade (matte finish)
Another matte shade that is lacking.  Pigmentation is meh and texture is yet another one that skips.  I had a bit of trouble even swatching it over my skin since it was skipping and also a little hard to blend.  This shade needs work.

Decoy: Warm toned pink shade with fine sliver + purple shimmers (shimmer finish)
Gorgeous pink shade that has good pigmentation and smooth texture.

Bait: Cool tone amethyst shade with fine dark purple + gold shimmers (satin finish)
This shade is not half bad and works decently on dry and primed skin.  Texture is alright and pigmentation is also not bad.

Who would this be for?:
If you are in the market for a cool undertone purple based eyeshadow palette, this one is for you.  I feel like Pony was actually deconstructing the layers that a piece of amethyst would have with the sliver shade and the purple shades.  This is definitely a palette for those who just want something a little different.

IMG_5284Here is the eye look I created using mainly the “lively” quad along with the “Opulent” shade in “so gorgeous” palette.  And also excuse the odd lighting.  I’m not in my normal set up so I don’t have enough room to move my lights, making the lighting look super off.  This is the best I can do for now until my aunt goes back to Hong Kong so bare with me for now.

I was getting a very tiger vibe with the oranges, light golds in the “Lively” palette.  I wanted to darken the look up with “Opulent” (dark brown shade) but unfortunately it wasn’t dark enough to my liking, making it look slightly muddy in the corners.  Overall it is not bad at all.  The payoff is definitely an improvement from the last one.  Pony also did a great job rationing mattes and shimmers into each quads.

No these eyeshadow palettes do  not have a fragrance.

-sleek packaging
-great color selections
-mixture of shimmers, mattes, satins

-hit or miss formulation
-slightly pricey for only four shades ($23 for these quads would be ideal)


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Comparing Pony effect’s first eyeshadow palette, these new quads are a whole other specie.  The pigmentation has improved significantly and textures have improved from being sift, dry and sad to (mostly) smooth and silky. I really appreciate they included a good mixture of mattes, shimmers and couple of satins.  Overall these eyeshadow quads are really nice from the packaging to the formulation but with the slight hit or miss nature, I would say pick and choose which one you’d want in your collection.  I’d like to see them improve on the matte shades.  They need to be even more smooth then the shimmer formulation and also add more pigmentation into it or else they will blend into a muddy mess.  If you have been using Western eyeshadows, you’ll still find these nice to use but might run into a couple of shades that could frustrate you.  Overall I give these quads a 4 out of 5 stars.  These are definitely one of the better eyeshadows I have tried from the K-beauty realm.  Almost there Pony.  You’re on third base almost hitting home run. Let’s get there!  Just a few minor tweaks.

What do you think about these eyeshadow quads?  Do any of these interest you?  Which one are you eyeing?  Let me know in the comments down below and let’s start and conversation!

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  1. Midori

    Thank you so much for putting this post up so fast!
    They definitely look so much better than the last eyeshadows Pony produced.
    I have my eyes on Be Romantic, Lively and Innocent!
    I wonder which one I’ll finally narrow it down to.
    Which one is your favourite?

    1. Christina

      No problemo~ My favourite is definitely embrown and be romantic. Those two quads have shades I don’t have in my collection even though I have a lot of neutrals and pink shades.

  2. Illiana

    I would agree that the first Pony Palettes released by Memebox were a huge let down. 🙁 The formulation was way off. However I found this to be the case with all collaboration pallets Memebox released at the time ex: Nylon, Soothing Sista etc. When the second round of Pony Quads were released I recieived one and was still not pleased with formulation.
    I was super excited to hear the announcement of Pony Effect, yet hesitant to purchase due to MemeBox being the one to manufacture the makeup. Glad to see some improvement with the product. I really enjoyed your style of review it has provided me with a lot of information about the new products. ^.^

    1. Christina

      They are definitely a huge improvement but still lacking a little bit in the matte formulation. I would definitely recommend select quads but overall, definitely really good. 🙂

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