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img_6534-1Skincare tools is something you don’t usually think of expanding in your collection but these cheap and affordable tools (other then the Clarisonic) can help your skincare routine go a long way.  These are just the ones I have at the moment and no, I’m not suggesting you go and buy everything but pick and choose the ones you think would benefit your skin and your regular skincare habits.  So let’s get started!

img_6537Headbands, the cuter the better, for me at least since I take a lot of sheet mask selfies.  This one is definitely a must in anyone’s collection since these pull back all of your hair.  I currently only have three but I’ve got my eye on It’s skin x Sesame street collection gift with purchase headbands kekeke.

img_6539When you think of skincare tools, Clarisonic definitely is the one that pops into everyone’s mind.  I’ve had mine for over five years now and I’ve gradually stopped using it for more then two years. Why?  Because I discovered something called cleansing oil and it does a more gentle job then the Clarisonic.  You can argue that they have a softer brush head and what not, but comparing to a bottle of cleansing oil that costs me about $15 to an electric tool that costs $150+, I’d just can’t justify it anymore and I don’t find myself using it at all.

Something kind of similar to the Clarisonic, but not really, are “pore brushes”.  These are very soft synthetic hair brushes that are either densely packed like the one on the top right or the one right below it from Memebox called “I’m brush. Both helps create foam with your cleansers and is able to get into the finer details of the skin compared to just using your hands.  Both doesn’t remove make up like the Clarisonic since it doesn’t have that sonic technology.  I honestly don’t really use any of these brushes anymore since I’ve gravitated towards my textured sponge.

img_6540Those of you who love their foam, these two are going to be your best friend.  The one on the left is from Nooni called “marshmallow whip maker” which Etude House and A’pieu also sells so if you can’t get your hands on Memebox products, don’t worry!  You got choices.  How this butter churning looking device works is by adding a bit of water into the cup along with a tiny squeeze of cleanser and then pump away.  Within seconds, you’ll be able to create tons of foam!  I really like this tool but because I have dry skin, I usually have to use creamy cleansers so I also barely use this product.

The second foaming tool is a foaming net.  For those of you who use bar soaps and want to create some foam, this is something you should have in your cabinet.  You should be able to get these cheaply at your local asian markets or even ebay for a couple of bucks.

img_6541I got this specific one in Daiso for only $2 and I still have yet to use it to be honest HAHA.  I had a bar soap I wanted to use it with but didn’t end up using it in the end.  It’s still good to have in my collection and hey, it’s only $2 so I’m not breaking the bank :D.

img_6542With this foaming net, all you have to do is dampen the net, take your bar soap and rub it against the net and voila!  Scrap off the foam and you are good to go :).

img_6543This product was something I got sucked into getting a long time ago.  Wayne Goss talked about how AMAZING this sonic eye massager was and I had to get me one.  This was a device Michael Todd used to have and it was sold with their eye cream for $50 I think?  Ummm yea, they have it on frinkin’ ebay for $2.50 with free shipping.  This has kind of the same technology as Clarisonic in a sense that it uses “sonic” movement and is able to push in your products deeper into the skin. When the metal tip touches your skin, it magically turns on. I won’t say this is a life changing product but I do kind of see a difference on my smile lines when I put moisturizer in that area and then use this device to “push it in”.  I have also tried it on my undereye area but didn’t see a difference.  Maybe because they aren’t wrinkles and just natural eye folds? LOL

Hey, for $2-3, it’s worth giving it a try. Here’s a link to a ebay seller (not an affiliated link) but if it doesn’t work, just search up “eye massaging device” and you should be able to find it.

img_6546Sponge,sponge and sponge.  I never thought I’d fall in love with sponges of all things.  I remember I was watching a Youtube video of a guy showing the world how to minimize blackheads and remember thinking “HOW ON EARTH DOES THAT GUY’S BARE SKIN LOOK BETTER THEN MINE!”.  I mean, his frinkin’ bare skin was shinier then my future.  What the crap!  The jealous me was looking at this odd thing called “konjac sponge” which he was using to cleanse his face.  For the longest time, I was wondering how to get rid of my flakey dead skin which resurrects in about two days, making my complexion look dull and sad.  My biggest pet peeve was the nasty looking, flaky ass nose on my face.

So I went out and bought my first konjac sponge.  I overpaid for mine which I got at Sephora but you can definitely get one cheaply for $1-2 online.  All you have to do is dampen the sponge, watch it expand and become soft, put some cleanser and cleanse away.  This is a gentle way to cleanse the face and is a sponge I’d recommend for those who have sensitive skin.  I actually recently found out I have dry and sensitive skin, so I guess I should be going back to this sponge haha.  Once your done cleansing with the konjac sponge, just rinse out the leftover cleanser, ring out the water and hang to dry.  You’ll see the sponge shrivel back into this dry, lightweight thing.

My absolute favourite sponge at the moment is the leftover textured sponge from Wish Formula’s bubble peeling pad which I got a while ago from them to test out. After my stellar experience with the product, the frugal Asian in me wanted to keep the sponge somehow so I just rinsed out the product, cleaned it a bit and kept using it ever since.  Seriously, this sponge is a life saver for me.  Every time I use it, my skin is left with this gorgeous glow, especially on my forehead and nose.  I don’t scrub my cheeks too much since that is a more sensitive part of my face, which I use the other non-textured side to cleanse with.  I always recommend people to get this product just for the sponge. Go GET IT!

Another product that has always been in the market is a silicone pad which has little silicone teeth looking things.  I rarely use this but it is good for getting into the nitty griddies on the face.  I sometimes use this for when I’m using my cleansing oil since it does a better job of breaking down my make up then just my bare hands.  I also turn to this product if I don’t want to use my textured sponge and need something a little bit gentler.

I was recently introduced by this slab of ham looking thing which is actually, another sponge!  This is actually from Bon Vivant (a skincare branch of Memebox) called the “pink cleansing sponge” retailing for $2.  It is a “soft organic sponge” that is suppose to aid in removing mud or any other type of masks left on the skin and is also suppose to be a “exfoliator that will remove dead skin cells and impurities from your pores“. When I first got this sponge, it was slightly damp which I thought was a natural characteristic.  After forgetting about it a few days, I found it to become hard and I thought I broke it HAHA.  Nope, you actually just have to dampen it again to wipe away your masks off your face.  The few times I have tried it, I kind of dread using it to be honest.  There are tiny pores in this sponge and it is quite hard to fully clean it.  My mask did come off easily with this sponge, but I can do the same thing with just any face towel which I can just use and toss into the laundry.  I tried just rinsing the product away, used a bit of cleansing oil to squeeze the residue out but nothing really helped much.

Last product has become an easy favourite.  I picked this one up from A’pieu with one of my buying service hauls a while back for just 2,000 won ($2!).  I never seen anything of the sort and boy am I glad I got it! One side has a tightly packed, stiff feet side while the other side has a bumpy and more gentle side.  The bottom also has a blackhead pusher but I never use it for that since I don’t find it to be precise enough.        The stiff side is absolutely amazing and the shape of the brush itself makes it possible to cleanse even the sides of my nose no problem!  I don’t think this product actually cleanse out blackheads (at least not mine) so just think of this as a device that will help cleanse properly, get rid of all the dead skin and leave my nose super glowy.

apieu-blackhead-cleaner img_6547Spatulas, something that I thought was silly before adapting to the K-beauty ways.  I never used to use these plastic spoons for my skincare since it was just another step I didn’t want to do.  After getting used to using them, I actually find it quite gross to stick my fingers in anything anymore.  They usually come with skincare products so you don’t have to buy them.  Just make sure to keep them in  jar or something and wash them every time you use them and you should be fine.  No more germ infested, science experiments in your vanity!

Another tool I’ve find to be super helpful are these silicone mask brushes which you can also get cheaply anywhere (Daiso, eBay, online retailors).  This one in specific is from Bon Vivant which retails for $6.

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This brush actually makes applying masks on a lot quicker, easier and more hygenic.  Since it is silicone, it won’t harbour bacteria but just make sure to rinse it throughly after you have used it.

img_6548Last but not least, for my intermediate hardcore fans, this one is for you.  This is a moisture analyzer which you place onto your skin and it would tell you the percentage of moisture and oil on your face or body.  No this is definitely not a professional device and I doubt it is even super accurate, but it is still fun to use since it is able to tell me much much moisture I’m lacking in my skin and what kind of products I need to use to keep it moisturized.  You can easily get these type of devices on ebay (search up moisture measurement device or something along the lines of that) or Amazon for around $12-$15 with free shipping usually.

That rounds up all the skincare gadgets I have so far.  Show me your collection on IG!!  Tag me @christinahello.. I want to see yours (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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  1. laura

    you do not need to spend 2 dollars for ONE foaming net. you can just buy one of those puffy loofahs from ANY MARKET and take it apart and cut that into 8 inch sections. it works just as well and it’s way more sanitary and you get like at least 4 from one puffy thing.

    1. Christina

      Ohhh thanks for the tip! I never thought about it haha. I just bought it at Daiso because I thought it was cool and Daiso always gets me but I will keep that in mind for next time :).

  2. Berit

    The foaming net reminds me of a similar looking net we had during the good old socialist times where you put in your soap rests, so you can use them up until the very end.;)

    Speaking of cleaning, how do you clean your air pads? Mine never seem to get complete clean 🙁

    1. Christina

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen the net soap holding thing you are talking about. I may be too young for that haha and bar soaps scare me XD. It just reminds me bacteria party.

      As for the air puffs, I actually did a full blog post on it.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Hane

    This was interesting post! (Also hello from 1st time commentor ^_^) I searched like crazy for that A’pieu one and definitely buying it from eBay!

      1. Hane

        Found it already but thanks for the effort! ^^

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