Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics x Ssinnim B.H Box Review, swatches, demo

Unpretty rapstar cosmetics x Ssinnim reviewI’m BACK BABY!  After being gone for almost a month, I am not back and ready to service you guys with my reviews.  I missed you guys so much and the whole time I was in Hong Kong, all I could think of was “what I should do today so I can show you guys around, what pictures should I take, what do I blog about when I get back?”  Yea blogging live never ends.  I have tons of Hong Kong posts coming for you guys, but first we have to get back on track with the reviews!

I bought this contour kit set 2 months ago and I already had my opinions and photos ready, but cushion month got in the way and I wanted to get as many reviews out as I can before I had to leave for Hong Kong in the beginning of May.  This set came out 3 months ago.  If you follow Korean shows, then you would know the show Unpretty Rapstar.  I personally don’t watch it much, but I have seen clips of it.  It is one of those singing/rap shows to find the best one or something like that HAHA.  Sorry, I really don’t watch it but my boyfriend enjoys it.  Anyways, Ssinim teamed up with UNPR (Unpretty rapstar) cosmetics which is under the brand Wonderplace (Women and men’s apparel company) to come up with this value set which retails for 35,000 won.  Right now it is on sale for 29,000 won, but maybe finish reading my review before you jump the gun and buy it.  So let’s cut it short already and start with the review! 

Contour kit SSinnim

IMG_1852Full name of product:
UNPR B.H box by Ssinnim
B·H BOX 브라운홀릭 박스 by 씬님

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Box set is limited edition, products inside are permanent

Description of product:
Because the description is in full Hangul, there isn’t much way I can tell you the description of the products.  Yes, unhelpful I know.  But I will include Ssinnim’s video of the box and pray it will help a bit haha.

Retail price 35,000 won for the set
On sale at the moment for 29,900 won

Amount of product:
Multi drawing Contour kit- 5 g per pan X 3
Easy long wear auto shadow 1.5 g
Smooth Jelly shadow (05 wild almond) 2 g
Monocolor shadow (01 Daisy peach) 2 g

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Wonderplace Kr
Unfortunately this set and brand is a little hard to get outside of Korea nor is it super popular, therefore not many online K-beauty vendors would carry their products.  I used a buying service to get my hands on but you can also pick it up from Testerkorea for a little more expensive.

Shades available:
The set that is featured only comes on the shades and colors provided.  Other then the contour kit, the other products come in a variety of shades to choose from.
Easy long wear auto shadow
*Photo not mine, taken from Wonderplace website*
The easy long wear auto shadow come in 10 shades as shown above.

mono color shadow*Photo not mine, taken from Wonderplace website*
The mono color shadows come in 10 shades as well.
smooth jelly shadow*Photo not mine, taken from Wonderplace website*
And the smooth jelly shadows come in 5 shades.

For swatches of all the shades, click on the link I have provided and it will take you to Wonderplace’s website.  There, just scroll down and you will see swatches of all the shades they have to offer.

I do not have any English ingredients list I can provide for you guys.  If you really want to see if there is an ingredients list, click the links up above where it will take you to the product page.  Down below, there is an ingredients list all in Hangul.

Product packaging/ color + pigmentation:
Of course, the first thing that pops to the eye is the holographic diamond shaped box with Ssin’s logo imprinted on the front.  Once you open the box, you get a set of Ssin stickers where you can decorate your forehead or your notebooks with.


Contour kit SSinnimThen when you dig deeper, you’ll find the products you paid for LOL.

Contour kit SSinnim

IMG_1859The main item I wanted was the contour kit.  I watch Ssin’s videos and she loves this product.  I love her videos, her honesty and her humour since she isn’t just another cookie cutter, I’m a pretty girl type of beauty “creator” (what they call beauty gurus in Korea I guess).  She does male and female make up looks and do them really well. Also, she’s really into contour and is one of the go to people on Youtube that does a really good, natural shading on pale skin.  So if she says this is good, it must be worth while.

IMG_1860I didn’t know this until I got it, but you can actually pop these pans out and exchange them for other shades.  I don’t think they have any products that you can buy separately in a pan form, but many in the future they will?

Contour kit korean cosmeticsOpening up the kit lays three pans.  One is a pearly highlighter and the other two are shading products.  I’ve been getting more and more into shading products because the contour/ bronzers I have bought in the past do not work well with my yellow undertone pale skin.  On the mission to find one that actually works for my skin type and needs.

IMG_1862The highlighter in this kit, is yet another one I do not like.  It is better then the one that was included in the Pony effect contour kit, but still not one I would use unless I’m too lazy to grab another one or I’m travelling and this is what I’m stuck with. It is a pearly off white shade with fine white shimmers with a hint of light pink shimmers as well.  Definitely not a shade I would pick since on the skin, it is way too stark white-ish looking.

IMG_1863The pan in the middle is the lighter contour color in the shade 02 medium.  It is a light beige milk chocolate color.  This is one of those easy contour shades for fair skin since it disappears into nothing (almost) but leaves the skin slightly contoured naturally.  Out of the three, this is definitely my favourite.

IMG_1864The third one is another contouring shade in 03 medium dark.  It is kind of like 02 medium but three to four shades darker, with the same milk chocolate tone.  The problem I have with this shades is that I find it slightly too warm for my liking, making my skin look kinda muddy and awkward looking.  With a full face of make up, it looks fine but I have other products that will do a better job.  If it had a hint of gray to it and was less warm, it would have been perfect.

IMG_1865Here are all three shades watched side by side.



Korean eyeshadowThe eyeshadows came in single pots with a screw top.  In this kit, you get two formulas, monocolor shadow and a smooth jelly shadow.

IMG_1871In the back, there is a clear sticker with the name, what the shade number is and the usually information such as brand, website and where it is manufactured.

korean eyeshadowThe shades look promising don’t they?

IMG_1874Swatched, they don’t look that bad either.  Sadly these took about three swatches of me going back and forth from the pot to my skin.  With primer, Daisy peach definitely swatched a whole lot better and the fine glitters adhered better.  Wild almond also swatched a bit better but these shadows are definitely not worth the trouble since they aren’t unique shades and not worth the money.  I almost had to scrub my precious make up brushes in the eyeshadow pot just to get a decent transfer from the brush to my skin.  Now that is a pain in the ass. ╰། ﹒ _ ﹒ །╯



jumbo eyeshadow pencilThe last product included was the easy long wear auto shadow.  Korean companies usually do a good job on these but UNPR someone messed this one up.

jumbo eyeshadow pencilThis is a peachy champagne color with heavy pink, peach, purple, green and gold glitter and shimmers compacted into it.  When you swatch it, it is gorgeous and leaves the skin looking like a pretty disco ball.  Sadly the glitter/shimmers transfer easily and smudge easily as well. For those with glitter phobia like me who doesn’t like to find random glitters on the tip of my nose three days later, stay away from this product.

jumbo eyeshadow pencil

Texture/ Finish:
Contour kit: 
The texture of the contour and highlighter isn’t creamy nor is it super stiff.  All three of the powders are almost borderline powdery but on the skin, the melt away and look quite natural.  The highlighter isn’t the best out on the market and kind of just leaves a fart of fine white shimmers which I don’t appreciate and can easily accentuate uneven skin.

Easy long wear auto shadow: The jumbo pencil glides onto the skin no problem, but the chunkiness of the glitters apply slightly uneven and does not stay put that well. Even after waiting for it to set, the glitters still transfer.  No bueno.

Smooth jelly shadow (Wild almond): From the name, you’d think this eyeshadow would be one of those jelly textured, slightly wet but it is still powder type of eyeshadow.  Nope.  This thing is stiff as a rock and does not transfer well to even my natural bristled make up brushes. Lame… I had to use my pinky finger to try and build up the intensity but it just wasn’t happening.  I totally get the whole sheer and natural look happening in Asia, but it is a little absurd for the eyeshadow texture to be this bad.

Easy long wear auto shadow: Swatched onto the skin, the finish looks gorgeous with the heavy fine glitters/shimmers.  Sadly the formulation does not set well and does budge.  Not only does it budge, it smudges and the glitters transfer easily on the skin.  The finish also looks slightly chunky if not blended with a finger.

Lasting power:
Contour kit:
This product had an average lasting power on my dry skin about 6 hour of wear before fading.  Keep in mind, I live in a low humidity, usually cool all year round type of weather so I don’t sweat much.  For those of you who have oily skin, a good primer would be a must for you.

Eyeshadows: Both the eyeshadows already didn’t start off that great.  The texture of the powder was dense with little to no pigmentation when used on the eyes with a brush.  If I were to not use a primer, it would have at best lasted me about 3-4 hours and would completely fade away.  With a primer, 4-6 hours?

Easy long wear auto shadow: Like I mentioned up above, the texture of this cream shadow does not set very well and does smudge even after waiting almost a minute to see if it sets or not.  On the eyes, it looks nice as a hint of glitter on the tear duct, but I prefer really fine shimmers for a more natural and non-party/ glamour look. At best it would last 2-3 hours before completely smudging away and invading the rest of my face with it’s horrendous glitter bomb.

Demo time!contour kitLet’s test out the first product, which is the contour kit!  This product is definitely the one I am most excited for.

IMG_1617Here is my face with just my base make up done.  If you are wondering why my skin looks so stupid pale, you can check out my Etude House cushion review.  Blah…

contouringStart off with the middle shade, which is the lighter milk chocolate brown.  I’m using here Sonia Kashuk #19 tapered powder brush.  This is definitely one of my most favourite brushes since I can contour/shade, highlight, apply blush all in one, not to mention the hourglass curved handle makes it easy to hold.

contouringI usually like to start with my cheeks.  With this lighter shade, I’m kinda bronzing more then truly contouring.  I’m brushing this shade into where I would usually apply my blush so I could slim down my face without it looking too obvious.

contouringContinue downwards towards the jaw.  Do keep in mind, everyone’s bone structure is different.  Don’t just stick to that “3” method that is always shown on Youtube.  Sit down in front of a mirror, understand your own face shape and see where you want to shade.  For me, I have a big forehead, so I like to take the time to shade it down a bit on the sides, maybe even fill in my hair line to shave it down some more. But for the most part so I do have bangs, I just skip my forehead KEKE.  Shortcutttt.

contouringYou can already see there is a difference from the left side (before) and the right side (after).  The results are very natural and subtle, great for everyday.  Don’t get too sucked into that whole “Use a concealer two to three shades lighter to highlight your cheekbones, seven million shades darker for contour and then blend away….”.  Yea, ain’t nobody got time to look like a drag queen everyday.  I like my make up realistic and human looking thank you very much.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those looks as well but not for everyday.

contouringNow move onto the dark shade. We are going to do pretty much the same thing, but I’m not going to blend it inwards like the lighter shade.  Instead, I’m just going to focus on the parts I want to “hollow” out.  So the temples, cheekbones and a little on the side of my jaw.

contouringSeriously this brush is awesomeee.  I absolutely love the dome shape it has and best part?  $17.99 USD price tag!

contouring korean cosmetics

contouring korean cosmeticsI like to do a little on my chin as well to slightly sharpen the look of it.

contouring korean cosmeticsYou can also bring it down to the neck to prevent your face and neck looking two different shades.

IMG_1632There is a definite difference at this point.  The color of the darker shade (03 dark medium) is slightly too warm for my taste, but would look good during the summer time when I’m 1-2 shades darker.  It looks slightly odd now with the left side of my face looking super pale and the right side looking like I dug my face in cocoa powder. (゚⊿゚)  I promise it will look fine later when I apply blush.

IMG_1633Now to contour the nose a little, I took the lighter brown shade and applied it a little to the bridge of my nose to sharpen then look. Start from the tip of your brow, in that eye socket hollow for a very contoured look. Pony likes to do a faint line across , around the tip of the nose so it doesn’t look too plastic Barbie look. I do like that method as well, but I sometimes for get to do it keke.  

contouring korean cosmeticsOne side done.

IMG_1639Now to test out the eye products.  I started off with applying a bit of eyeshadow primer, then used my finger to apply this shade since there wasn’t really pigmentation and I was hoping the color would build up.

IMG_1642Sadly there was almost no color at all.  You couldn’t see that gorgeous peach color that you see in the pan.  It just turns out like this… generic looking shimmer shade.

IMG_1648With a pointed eyeshadow brush, I applied wild almond to contour my eye shape.  Again, not much pigmentation.  This was three layers of eyeshadow to be able to look decent.  What the heck…

IMG_1651To finish it all off, I used the easy long wear auto shadow in the tear duct area to brighten up the look.

korean eyeshadowBefore and after.  The look came out decent but I had to put in way too much effort for it to look only decent.




korean cosmeticsPro:
-contour kit works decently well for fair skin types
-set was reasonable (If purchased 
separately, only the contour kit would be worth 17,900 won)

-products did not preform as well as I was hoping
-hard to get outside of Korea; must use a buying service or Testerkorea to purchase
-lasting powder for the products were not up to standard


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
 I think these are decent and usable but definitely not ones I would repurchase or recommend to you guys since I think it would be a waste of money and time.  The eye products are a complete no go for me in terms of texture, longevity, and pigmentation.  They all failed for me so I would just skip the whole set and just buy the contour palette if I could go back in time.  Out of all the products in the set, the contour palette is the better one for sure but I find the darkest shade slightly too warm for my liking, and a little too brown making my skin look ever so slightly muddy.  Overall these products won’t make me mad because I spent money on them, but they sure as heck won’t make me want to try the rest of the products in their collection.  Ssinim has come out with more products with UNPR but after these products, I’m not going to bother sadly.  I’m a big fan of Ssin but she has to step her game up.  I trust in her judgment and maybe the other three products weren’t her call but don’t make me a disbeliever.

What do you guys think about these products?  Did you purchase them for yourself?  Out of the four products, which one do you think preformed the best?  Let me know in the comments down below and let’s start a conversation eh? σ(≧ε≦o) 

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  1. Midori

    So great to see a new post here! \(^o^)/
    I was really underwhelmed when I saw photos of this collaboration and after going through your take on the products, I’m glad I was broke when it came out. xD
    I think the eyeshadows are my favourite and I love the look you created!

    1. Christina

      I’m glad you were broke during that time as well or else you would have wasted money and time. The eyeshadows look pretty but definitely not worth the trouble I had to go through to make it look decent.

      It’s good to be back :).

  2. Fiona

    Welcome back!! 😀 I think I’ve seen the latest of the products, but I’m glad I checked your review first. I thought the eye liners were super cute the way they were so jumbo! In terms of contour, have you ever tried the Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin? I haven’t tried it yet but I like the packaging of it (I won’t lie, I really do!) but curious if you’ve tried it yet, or have no interest in it? Hope your jetlag goes away soon!

    1. Christina

      Haha thank you, it’s good to be back.
      They are actually not eyeliners but jumbo cream eyeshadow pencils type of products. I haven’t tried the Too cool for school contour. I actually was planning to buy it in Hong Kong when I was there, but they didn’t have it in the store and the prices were double the price so no point. I may or may not buy it off of ebay down the road, but at the moment I am in no need of contour haha. I just got all three shades of Pony Effect’s single pan contour so I’ll be all contoured out for a while.

      I hope my jetlag is cured soon too. It is getting a bit better but I think I need about three more days of sleep HAHA.

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