W.lab 3D face shading, highlighter, lovely stick Review + Demo + Swatches

W.lab 3D face shading highlighter, lovely stick, reviewI’ve been on a total contour kick lately.  When W.lab had their Black Friday box set (check out my haul here), I totally snatched that up!  On top of the honey cushion that I wanted from them for a long time, there was also the contour stick, highlighter stick and a blusher that was randomly picked.  Since I have it and there aren’t many reviews on it, i thought I’d have a little piece of my mind documented on here for you guys to read :).  Contouring is totally up my alley right now, so let’s see how this preforms.  가자!

Full name of product:
W.lab 3D face highlighter, shading, lovely stick

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
Lovely sticks: “The stick blusher gives the face a lovely and cute baby face look.  These adhere to the skin with a creamy texture while being moisturizing.  They are also soft and light for an effortless feel.”

Highlighter stick: “Gives the skin a 3D highlighter with it’s pearlized finish with it’s smooth formula.  This stick highlighter contains pearl extract as well as aloe vera leaf extract.”

Shading stick: “Pull your whole look together by contouring the face with this stick that has great adherence for a natural look.”

Sorry guys, I’m totally paraphrase through the broken English I could find :S.

20,0000 won each

Amount of product:
11 g

Duration before expiration:
12 months

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Contour + Highlight



Shades available:
The contour and highlight only has one shade, but the blusher sticks has four shades which is the ones shown up above.  All four shades are quite standard and nothing really that special.

Shading stick:
Triethylhexanoin; Trioctanoin, Silica, Phytosteryl/ Isostearyl/ Cetyl/ Stearyl/ Hehenyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Mica; Sericite (CI77019), Isohexadecane, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candeilla) Wax; Candelilla Cera, Ozokerite, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Dimethicone/ Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Phytosteryl Isostearyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Ceresin, Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Phasolus Radiatus Seed Extract; Vigna Radiata Seed extract; Phaseolus Radiatus Extract, Isopropul Palmitate, Dimethicone, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Quaternium-18 Bentonite, Tocopheryl Acetate, Propylene Carbonate, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethlhexylglycerin, 1,2- Hexanediol, CI 77491; Ferric Oxide; Red Oxide of Iron, CI77492; Hydrated Ferric Oxide; Yellow Oxide of Iron, CI77499; Black oxide of Iron; Ferrous-Ferric; OxideIron Oxides

Highlighter stick: Ethylhexyl Palmitate; Octyl Palmitate, Silica, Mica; Sericite (CI77019), Octyldodecanol, Phytosteryl/ Isostearyl/ Cetyl/ Stearyl/ Behenyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax; Candelilla Cera, Ozokerite, Ceresin, Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Phytosteryl Isostearyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Cetearyl ethylhexanoate; Cetearyl Octanoate, Stearyl Heptanoate, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Disteardimonium Hextorite, Pearl Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Isopropyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Quaternium-18 Bentonite, Dimethicone/ Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Triethoxycaprylysilane, Propylene Carbonate, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylgycerin, 1,2- Hexanediol, CI 77491; Ferric Oxide; Red Oxide of Iron

I think the blush sticks have been discontinued since I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the W.Lab website.  Weird..

How to use:

W.lab 3D face shading highlighter, lovely stick, reviewProduct packaging:
Packaging for these sticks come in a standard chubby stick format with a cute graphic on the lid to indicate whether it is a contour, highlight or blusher stick.  I forgot to take a picture of the bottom, but the blusher sticks on the bottom, there are color coded stickers and numbers to indicate what shade you have.

Popping open the lid, there is the product itself and the tube is a twistable type of situation.  Something I do have to nit pick about is the flat surface on the product.  I wish they either rounded it off or maybe cut the sides off a bit so we could have an easier applicator to work with.  Other then that, not much is wrong with the product itself.

W.lab 3D face shading highlighter, lovely stick, reviewColor/ Pigmentation:
Both the highlighter and contour sticks only come in one shade, so if you don’t like it, your kind of screwed LOL.  As for the contouring shade, it comes in a medium milk chocolate brown with a hint of orange.  I personally was very scared it might be too orangy (not that it is strong, but it still relatively noticeable if you don’t blend it out properly) but to my surprise after it has been blended out, it looked quite natural.  Now I personally like contour shades with a more grey undertone since it looks less noticeable on my pale skin, but I actually liked this product.  It does warm up my complexion a bit and it doesn’t look too muddy on me as well.

Now I’ve been complaining about highlighters from Korea to be not up to my expectations.  I personally like ones with a super fine shimmery finish, something that blends out to almost nothing but still have that dewy effect to the skin.  K-beauty highlighters has been quite lacklustre in my opinion but this one is pretty much exactly what I have been looking for! The highlighter comes in a beige champagne shade with super fine beige, sliver and gold shimmers. It’s creamy, blends on the skin well, doesn’t look or feel heavy and has the nice super fine shimmery finish I like and there isn’t any giant glitter particles.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Mine did kind of pop off when I first got it but nothing a couple of fingers and some light pushing can’t fix!

As for the blusher shade, I got it in the darkest shade which was shade 04.  If I could have choose my own shade, I would have choose 01 which is more of a light baby pink shade but meh, I’ll work with it.  Shade 04 is a bright coral shade that leans more to the pink side.  Blended out, it looks very natural on my yellow undertoned skin and gives my cheeks a nice flush of color without being overbearing.  I’m honestly quite impressed with the formulations of all these cream sticks.  I do believe these cream blushers have been discontinued since it isn’t on the official website anymore but you can still find them floating around the interwebs.

Texture/ Finish:
All three of these cream sticks are very creamy, super pigmented and blends into the skin quite effortlessly.  I usually use these sticks by just applying them straight onto my face and then blending them out with either my fingers or my air puffs and it works just fine either way.  After it is blended out, it gives my skin a slight hydrated look without looking greasy or dewy, just a nice and healthy complexion type of look.

Lasting power:
I didn’t find any problems with this slipping and sliding on my face.  Then again, I do have dry skin so please keep that in mind.  I wore this for about 8 hours or so and 60% of the product was still on my face at the end of the day.  Lasting power isn’t anything to be taking notes about, just normal cream product lasting power.

No fragrance detected.

W.lab make up reviewOkay let’s try this on!  Starting off with the contour stick.

Here is my face with just my base make up done.  If you haven’t checked out my Diorsnow BB cushion review (which is what I used for my base make up), please click here.  Again, excuse the scab on the side of my nose.  There was a deep deep ancient whitehead that had to come out.

I think I should do a “how to contour” post because I really don’t want to explain myself on how to contour.  Contouring isn’t just the basic 3 that Youtubers been preaching.  It also isn’t the “pucker up” since everyone’s face is a different shape and what might flatter one may not work for another.

Before is the left side and the right side is the after.  Not sure if you can notice a difference but my skin is definitely slightly warmed up on the after picture.

And for the blusher.  I like to apply it very close to my eyes now since it gives a more youthful look while looking natural and not so front heavy.

W.lab blush review

A subtle difference but definitely there.

Now for highlighter.

And viola, all three steps are done!

That highlighter gives me life!  YESSS.  And yes, I’m rocking that scab.  It’s gone now but it was fun while it lasted LOL.

And the whole face complete.  Ugh I am in love with that Holika Holika x Gudetama eyeshadow palette. So pigmented!!

-easily blended


-hard to get outside of Korea

Maybe?  I mean I do like the contour and the blush sticks but I have some other ones I like a little bit more.  I loveeee me the highlighter stick though!

Stars given out of 5:
Blush: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Highlighter: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Overall thoughts:
Overall I think all three of these products are quite good, especially for the fact that I got it through a special box that only costed me $40 for a ton of products from the brand.  Although their retail price is 20,000 won, it is usually on “sale” for 16,000 won and you can even find it slightly cheaper on some online stores.  I think the contour is good and I do like it, but I’d have to be in a certain mood where I want my skin to look slightly warmer.  As for the blush stick, I have some other cream blushers that I like just as much if not more, so that is why I gave it an average score.  Last but not least, the highlighter stick.  Out of the three, I liked this product the most since it fit the criteria that I look for in a good cream highlighter product.  It didn’t blow my socks off enough to be holy grail but it definitely deserves a 4 star and a “hey if you see this product anywhere and you’re looking for a good cream highlighter, pick it up!” type of recommendation.  Not too shabby W.lab, I’m impressed.  Now I’m excited to try the honey cushion!  Whooo whoo!

What do you guys think about these cream products?  Any thoughts or experiences about this product you’d like to share with me?  Do you have any other contour/highlighter/blusher products in the K-beauty realm you’d like to share with us?  Let a comment down below!

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  1. baroro

    I am looking forward to trying it since it’s on sale now on Koreadepart!! (came across it recently and can’t help myself but add everything i see into my cart)

    ^ Am broke though so I doubt I will be able to purchase everything but I will include these as top priority 🙂

    1. Christina

      🙂 hope you like them and get them at a good price ~

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