What’s in my make up bag?

What’s in my make up bag, a common tag on Youtube where “gurus” show their viewers what’s in them. I thought I would do this tag even though I was not tagged by anyone (forever alone ( ≧Д≦)) since I’m also curious of other people’s make up bag.  Yes I’m nosy like that hehe.  The make up bag that people carry around says a lot about them, and shows others what are the absolute products they can not live without on a daily basis.  Here is my “whats in my make up bag” post, enjoy~

Let’s start with the bag itself.  This bag I got a week and a half ago in my asian mall that has an Artbox store, which is a Korean nick nack store that sells a little bit of everything.  They have pencils, stationary, bags, keychains, you name it.  After going to the night market and buying some cute stationary, pouches, I got myself in the mood to get more nick nacks.  I promised myself I must not get any nick nacks that I will not use since it would be a waste of money and space.  I don’t usually go into the Artbox in the mall since I find a lot of their stuff to be very overpriced, however when I stumbled upon this bag, I was like hmm.  At first it looked like just another regular pouch, but the design caught my eye!  This bag opens up just like a vintage doctors bag which I have never seen as a make up bag.  I told myself “psh, this bag must be like $25 or something ridiculous”.  $16.99… hmm okay that is reasonable for the sturdy material, cute print, lovely doctor’s bag opening, has a zipper and inside it also has sufficient pockets.  SOLD~ Come home with meee ε(*´・∀・`)з゙.IMG_7451Bird’s eye view of inside of the bag ^IMG_7449

What my bag looks like with all my products stuffed inside.  What I also like about the structure of the name and the doctor’s bag opening, firstly I don’t have the flap obstructing my view, so I have full view of the content and can grab my contents easily, and second, when I open it, all the contents in the side pouches stay there so nothing is being juggled around.

I don’t carry much with me since I’m, surprisingly, don’t wear make up on a daily since the field of my job, it’s just not worth the hassle and would be a waste of time.  As you can see, there is only four (and a half since I don’t count the BB cream sample) make up products in my bag and the rest are essentials.

1) Comb
Self explanatory, a comb to comb my hair.  I hardly use this since hair is never my main concern, nor do I take the time to do my hair.  For the past five years, I have had the same hair style, same hair cut, some routine.  I want to get a new hairstyle, but I don’t know what I want at the moment so I’m just letting it grow out since I miss being able to curl my hair.

2) Mirror
Again, another thing that is self explanatory.  I got this mirror long time ago, I’d say about seven years ago at daiso.  This used to have a flip that you can use as a stand, but obviously that broke off and I just have been using the mirror like this ever since.  I hardly check myself when I’m out and about since I feel like it is rude doing it in public.  I only ever use the mirror if there is something in my eye or I want to spy on someone :P.

3) Scissors
This will sound disgusting, but my boyfriend’s nostril hairs grows super fast like no other.  Sometimes it sticks out so long, it is almost touching his non-existing moustache.  Now he is not someone that like to make himself pretty, I pretty much had to train him to cleanse, tone and moisturize his face from scratch, so of course nose hairs is not something he really cares about.  He usually just forgets about them, or doesn’t even notice them, but when he is with me and his nose hairs are long, that is all I see when he is talking.  So these come handy to chop those grass nose hairs out!  Foldable scissors is also great for cutting open things of course, like those bags of chips that just won’t open or the stray piece of thread sticking out from your shirt.

4) Cotton swabs
Again, another item that is not that surprising, however it used to be something I never remember to carry. These cotton swabs are a little different since the cotton are somehow spun tighter then the Q tips I’m used to and they come in individual plastic wrapping which is nice to keep them sanitary until I need to use it.  Also one side is super pointed and not rounded like regular Q tips, so it is great for detailed touch ups. 

5) Nail cutter
Many times I accidentally cut my nail from chopping things and there would be a piece missing.  Then I think to myself, I wish I had a nail cutter with me…. Well I finally remembered to put one in  my bag and it is a life saver :D.  When I didn’t remember to carry one, I would have a sharp nail that would catch onto things and even accidentally scratch myself in the face, which is not pleasant at all!  On the handle, there is also a little piece of metal that is slightly rough to file my nails.  Great two in one :D. 

6) Bandages
Because you never know when accidents happen or you need a bandage to save you from those new shoes you are trying to break in but they end up skinning you alive.  Yea… bandages.

7) Eye drops
Eye drops may be a simple thing to have, but surprisingly, it is quite multi purpose.  Of course, I use it for when my eye is itchy or when I have contacts on and they feel dry.  However you can also use it for when you didn’t remember to bring an eye liner, just drip a couple drops onto your brush, go over your dark eyeshadow and boom!  Instant eyeliner.  Or if you have the eye drop for red eyes, you can drip some over your pimple and it can help to calm down the redness.


1) Make up remover
You never know when your makeup smudges, or when you need to touch up on the go.  I got this sample of Nar’s gentle oil free eye make up remover from Sephora, and this has to be one of the best samples.  I have never been a person that likes to use little foil packages or little bottles to sample new products, I’d rather just buy the full size and if I don’t like it, return it.  It seems like such a hassle to me to try and get product out of those tiny things, it just annoys me.  Ever since I kept this in my makeup bag, I have used it countless times.  I quite like this makeup remover since it is oil-free, contains hyaluronic acid which is good for hydration, and it does not irritate my eyes.  This will be the next makeup remover I will go to when I finish all the ones I have on hand :).

2) Essential oils
Essential oils are another no-brainer product I think all of you guys should keep in your bags.  You can use it to fix your makeup since it is an oil, use it as a moisturizer for your face, in your hair to style, moisturize or keep those baby hairs down, on your cuticles, or anything you can think of.  I got this little sample in the past Memebox and have kept it in my makeup bag ever since.  It has been a lifesaver and a multi-functional item that can cut down the weight in your purse.

1) Lip gloss
Sometimes other than a lip balm, I like a lip gloss if my lips are super dry.  I bought this Bite beauty Lush fruit lip gloss which came in a trio set I got during last year’s black friday sale for $10 which was a steal of a deal.  At first when I tried these lip glosses, I thought they were too thick, but down the road, I started to love them for being thick.  Even when the lip gloss wore away, it left my lips moisturized and I also like that the gloss doesn’t make my lips look like I drooled all over it.  Some lip glosses are so glossy, I really can’t stand it.  Over my super red lips, the color does not show and I would not by this shade again (Current by the way), but I will branch out into their other colors they have in their line.  I just want to finish it since I bought it :P.

2) Lip balm
I always keep some sort of lip balm along with the lip gloss.  I have been powering through this one I got from the Ipsy glam bags, and have been liking it so far.  I don’t know what is in the lip balm, however when the balm disappears, there is this slightly slick feeling left on the lips which I like. The product description says it has “fatty acid” technology, whatever that is LOL and it retails for $12.  This is a so so product, definitely one of the “better” lip balms I have tried so far.  Repurchase?  Maybe, but most likely not since I don’t know where to repurchase it and I don’t want to go through the trouble to buy it online for one lip balm.

3) Lip tint
I tried this product out when it first came out back in November I believe and I hated it.  I thought to myself, “Why would YSL come out with this crappy product, the oil is not the least bit thick enough to me moisturizing enough and there is no color pay off!”  So I returned it and I thought that would be the end of it.  Couple months later, I saw it being used in a couple of get it beauty episodes in the talking mirror segment ( I can recognize it even if it was blurred out) and some of my favorite youtubers so I was like, okay I’ll give it another shot.  Maybe it was because I bought the two lightest shade, that’s why there was no color on my lips.  I now own five of the shades, all the darker one and my favourite has been the YSL tint in oil in the shade #8 Pink about me I have noticed that when you first apply these, they don’t look like much but oil on your lips.  Let it sit on your lips and the color will warm up with your body chemistry and the color will get more and more bright.  I have also recently tried it as a blush on my cheeks and it works great on the cheeks as well!  I won’t be using it on my cheeks during the summer time, but during the winter time it will be great since it will keep my skin from drying out from the chilly winters.  Love!  Just make sure not to get #1,2 or 3, they just don’t show up on the lips.


1) BB cream samples
I carried these before I changed my bag into these new one.  My little pouch before was a lot smaller so I had to down size.  These BB cream samples are great if you want need to keep your bag light, they are sterile and they have saved me from emergency pimple and redness when I’m on the go.  I’d suggest you guys buy a couple of these foiled samples of your favourite BB cream or foundation and just keep them in your bag for convenience and a piece of mind.

2) Brow product
I don’t usually keep a brow product in my bag, but I threw this in two days ago when I knew I was going to get my brows waxed. My naked brows look fine since I have quite thick brows (thanks dad!), but there are times where I forget to fill them in and sometimes there is that one random brow hair that just points down.  I’ve been loving Benefit’s gimme brow in medium/dark.  The brush is super duper tiny so it gets into every brow hair and the tint give me just enough color without making my brows look like caterpillars crawling across my forehead.  I won’t get into details of this product, but this is something I am loving at the moment.  Also if you don’t wear a lot of make up on a daily basis, BB cream/ foundation, brows, mascara and lip/cheek tint will go a long way to keep you look put together.

3) Fragrance
I, honestly, am not a fragrance girl since being brainwashed from working in the food industry and not being able to wear fragrance since it interferes with our taste.  However I do keep a perfume or body mist with me since you never know when you will encounter that moment when you go to a public place/ washroom and it smells like poop, literally.  Or if you have been sweating a bit and need a little refresher, this is the your best bet.  I carry this perfume atomizer which my best friend sent me for my Christmas present :D.  It’s super pretty and it does not leak!  I bought three atomizers, which seems to be the same ones as the travello ones but they were $3 each and not $23, and over time, the liquid would just disappear.  I’d be so annoyed when that happens because I’m usually carry some of my more expensive perfumes, so it is heart breaking when they just leak everywhere!

4) BB cream
Just recently, I started to carry a BB cream in my bag since I upgraded to a bigger one hehe.  It is good to keep a BB cream in your bag if you have to go somewhere and you want to clean up your look.  I would actually keep a BB cushion since I like it better now, but sadly it doesn’t fit in the bag, no more room T_T.

These are all the products I carry on a everyday basis.  I’ve been meaning to bring some floss with me as well, but I ran out sadly.  That will be another item that should be in my make up bag, but I will have to remember to buy more.

 Now do you feel like an accomplished stalker? LOL.  You know the contents of my bag, now let me know what is in yours. Tell me in the comments dow below what you carry in your purse.  If you want to do this post on your social media platforms, make sure to tag me on Instagram @christinahello or even leave your link here, I’d love to see!

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  1. Pauline

    Loving that makeup bag! I’ll need to reorganize mine soon =)

    1. Christina

      Thank you . What is your favourite product I your bag?

  2. Marjolein Kucmer

    Very cool post! I maybe do it too!,, which will be hard because not all fits in my makeup bag and so the rest in just in my handbag.. everywhere lol.. when I’ll post it I’ll link you and tag you somewhere on your social 🙂

    I think your pouch looks really cute! I have that oil stuff too, never thought of putting it in your makeup bag. Because it’s such a multi use product it kind of freaks me out and I’ll avoid it haha I know it’s weird 😀
    You’re makeup bag stalker and I’m avoiding multi use products xD haha

    1. christina

      Can’t wait to see your post :).

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