What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 1

What's new in K-beautyK-beauty has the fastest turnover in terms of new product releases, something that doesn’t happen very often here in the western side of the world.  It seems like Korean cosmetics come out ever second, whether it is new products or collaborations, there is always something that will catch my eyes, hence why I’m always on  my computer checking what is new in the market.  I forget sometimes that not everyone is a loser like me and spend so much time researching about cosmetics so I thought I should just do this series from now on to save you guys time and just do a round up of what is new in the Korean market.  So let’s get started because every company is coming out with products out of their ass.  So many!!  Let’s go~

a'pieu rilakkuma 2A’pieu is a brand that has quickly grew on me over the last year with it’s air fit cushion and their super affordable price point.  A month or two ago, they came out with a Rilakkuma collaboration collection which didn’t have many products in the collection.  Five days after the release, they came out with a couple more products which doesn’t many any sense why they’d do an annoying drip release method but whatever LOL.  Nothing really caught my eye in the first batch of release since I had most of the products and I don’t need more of the BB cushion.  This time around, they came out with completely new products to release including foaming cleansers, lipsticks, hand creams and much much more.

A'pieu rilakkuma1) A’pieu Nonco tea tree stick 4,800 won
Seems like this time around, A’pieu x Rilakkuma has come out with two blemish products, this tea tree stick being a doe foot applicator style to spot treat.  For 4,800 won, you can’t really go wrong.

2) A’pieu  non co mastic band patch 8,000 won
This product is one of the most unique blemish products out in the market as of right now.  I have seen mask type spot treatments but never one in a liquid tube that dries down and then you can just peel it off.  Even though I don’t get a lot of blemishes, I kind of want this for fun LOL.

3) A’pieu essential source micro essence-pure bright or never dry 15,000 won
The packaging for this essence looks a lot like Missha’s line friends collaboration essence but with Rilakkuma’s face on it.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if both essence are pretty much the same product.  There is two versions for this essence, pure bright which I have no idea what that is for, and never dry which I’m assuming it is for dry skin (duh) LOL.

4) A’pieu perfumed hand cream (left to right) cherry blossom, orchid, gardenia 3,000 won
A default product always find in any new collections is hand creams.  This one from A’pieu is no exception since they have three scents out.  Unfortunately I have to be picky with my hand creams since it is eczema prone and very dry so not just any hand cream will do for me.

5) A’pieu mellow lipstick 6,800 won
Lipsticks never seem to interest me since most companies always come out with the same colours over and over again.  This collection has six shades to choose from and the pigmentation and texture seems to be quite nice from the videos I have seen online.

6) A’pieu nail deco kit 7,500 won
They always seem to have a nail kit in their collections.  Haven’t tried any of their nail polishes but the nail stickers alone, I’d paid 7,500 won kekekeke.

7) A’pieu slice sheet mask 3,000 won
This product is definitely one I’d pick up.  These are spot sheet masks that comes in a smaller size so you can pick and choose where you want to put it on your face or body.  The print just makes it that much more fun and for 3,000 won, you can’t really go wrong.

8) A’pieu mineral mono shadow 3,000 won
A’pieu’s eyeshadow is never something that interests me, especially seeing the swatches and them not looking very pigmented.  I’d honestly would not recommend this product and would suggest you guys get something else.

9) A’pieu clean hand cleansing foam 4,800 won
I’m slightly confused with this product along with the next one.  I believe this one is a hand cleansing foam while the one on the bottom is for the face but I could be completely wrong HAHA.  I kind if just want to buy it for the container :P.

10) A’pieu perfect clean bubble cleansing foam 4,800 won

clio conceal-dationClio Kill cover Conceal-dation 32,000 won
Clio has always been a brand I look out for in terms of base make up.  They seem to have a good variety of foundations, BB creams and cushions and they offer a ton of formulations.  Unfortunately for me since Clio is on the mid range, higher end of the K-beauty price point, I haven’t gotten around to trying more products from them.

They recently came out with this product for their Kill cover line called “conceal-dation” which incorporates a concealer and a foundation together.  Along with the conceal-dation, it also comes with a sponge for application.  This product comes in three shades, 2-BP lingerie which is a pink undertone shade, 3-BY linen which seems to be a yellow undertone shade and 4-BO ginger (aka. shade #23).

Clio cushionClio Kill cover Conceal cushion 32,000 won

From the limited English available along with me deciphering the pictures, this cushion seems to be the cushion version of the conceal-dation up above.  So for those of you who want it in a cushion format, this would be the choice for you.  It also comes in three shades only, lingerie, linen and ginger.  Unlike most cushions that just soak the product into the sponge, this one has the product sandwiched in the middle, something I’ve been seeing a lot lately.

clio pro tinted eyeClio Pro tinted eye 14,000 won

Lip tints has been something Korea has become known for and now they have a product to tint your eye.  Say what?   This can go two ways, either really awesome and it looks gorgeous on the lid or it can go terrible wrong with tinted eyelids which you can’t seem to wipe away with make up remover and be stuck with an irritated, allergic reacted looking eye.  We shall see what happens, only time and bloggers can tell us.


Club clio contour stickClio pro dual controbing stick 23,000 won

OH I love me a contouring stick.  For some reason, this is the one product I can never get tired of and it seems like the K-beauty market is catching onto the western trend.  This comes in three shades, light, natural and dark.  The highlight shades looks gorgeous but the contour side doesn’t seem to have enough grey undertone for it to be called a “contour”.  They can call it a bronzer but not a contour since the colours are way too reeddish brown.  Please keep that in mind if you are going to pick yourself up one of these.

peri pera cushionPeri Pera Peri’s ink cushion 12,000 won

I don’t know what this product is about other then it looking like it might be a brightening cushion.  This comes in two shades, pink ivory and pink beige and it seems to have a built in pink undertone to brighten the complexion.  Those of you that don’t like the really brightening/ very light look, you may not like this.

peri pera ink velvetPeri Pera Peri’s ink velvet 9,000 won

Peri Pera’s original lip stains have been super popular, so it is quite natural for them to come out with another formula.  This is a “velvet” formulation which is suppose to give you the matte-ish looking lip look while still being hydrating.  I haven’t been too into the matte lip trend since I already have dry lips, but this product does sound promising and something I may considering getting.

peripera vivd tint waterPeri Pera’s Vivid tint water 5,600 won

Hmm I don’t know what the deal is with this tint since I found it only on Olive young and not on the official website.  I think it may be another one of those water tints that is light weight and is suppose to be more hydrating on the lips?  Not too sure but the packaging sure is cute.

peripera ink mascaraPeri Pera’s ink blackcara mascara 12,000 won

I don’t think I’ve tried any of Peri Pera’s mascara before but this packaging is definitely eye catching.  A new addition to their ink line, these mascara come in two formulations for length (the black one) and volume (the purple one).  For my lashes, the wand might not work out for me since they like the plastic type of bristles.

dumbo etude houseEtude house Dumbo collection
Moistfull collagen facial mask sheet (Dumbo edition) 2,000 won
Moistful collagen essence (Dumbo edition) 17,000 won
Moistful collagen Cream jumbo (Dumbo edition) 24,000 won
Moistful collagen facial stick (Dumbo edition) 10,000 won

The moistful line from Etude House is one of their best selling products, so it make sense for them to feature it for their Dumbo collaboration.  I’ve tred the moistful collagen line it is decent, but not enough moisture for my dehydrated skin.  The packaging is cute but it just looks like they slapped stickers on it and called it a day.  The collection is meh, not eye catching at all to me at least.

pink skullEtude house pink skull collection
Pink skull eyeshadow palettes (2 palettes) 19,000 won
Pink skull curl fix mascara 12,000 won
Pink skull curl fix long lash 12,000 won
Pink skull twin shot lip tints (2 shades) 12,000 won
Pink skull fresh cream blusher (2 shades) 8,500 won
Pink skull perfume 23,000 won
Pink skull nail stickers (2 styles) 3,000 won
Pink skull nail polishes (5 shades) 3,000 won

Just in time for Halloween (well it is kinda around the corner), Etude House came out with this Pink skull collection which contains some very awesome products. Although their single shadows aren’t promising, their eyeshadow palettes is actually really silky and pigmented.  I’m personally eyeing one of the palettes but I think I’m gonna pass since I got way to much eyeshadow.  Their mascara is also really good along with their nail polish.  Highly recommend this collection!

It's skin sesame streetIt’s skin came out with a new collaboration collection with Sesame street.  Although I’m not the biggest fan of Sesame street, this collection is definitely really adorable.  At the moment, it doesn’t seem like they have everything from the collection release just yet other then their power 10 formula and their macaron lip balms.  I’m patiently waiting because I see CUSHIONS!

seasame streetThere is the cushions, which I didn’t even realize it’s skin had their own cushion.  Now that I’m looking at the site, they do have two, a snail one retailing for 45,000 won (yucks!) and their “it’s top pop up cushion moisture” retailing for 20,800 won.  Whatever it is, I’m super curious to see what it will be.  They also have their lip balms, power 10 formula and a really adorable set of roller ball perfumes possibly?

its skin sesame streetIt’s skin Power 10 formula 19,900 won

I also heard if you buy the power 10 formula, you get the plushie as well!  I had a big bird plushies as a child, actually right when I was born and it looks exactly like the one in the picture.  Unfortunately, my mother gave it away to donation when we were cleaning so I don’t have it anymore.  These power 10 formula are serums, each designed for a specific concern.

Yellow is VC = vitamin C, brightening serum with vitamin C & green tea extracts to brighten skin & lighten freckles
Red is YE= Yeast extract, highly concentrated essence containing fermented yeast extract, known to delay aging & give skin a youthful glow
Blue is GF= Soothing, formulated with extracts of licorice to reduce redness caused by irritation

its skin balmIt’s skin macaron lip balm 5,800 won each (5 flavours)

This product may be one if It’s skin most well known product ever.  This is their macaron lip balm, loved by all ages, including me.  Because of the hype of this product, I wasn’t too sure if it would impress me since it seem to be all just a gimmick.  After using the green apple one, I can definitely say this is a solid lip balm that I’m still using to this day.  For the price and the cute packaging, you can’t really beat it.

Pink: Strawberry
Green: Green apple
Red: Grap
Yellow: Pineapple
Blue: Love choco (chocolate)

bon vivant masksBon Vivant THAT day masks 2,500 won each (3 types)

If you don’t know already, Memebox has had their house brands along with some other brands under a different name, all manufactured by Memebox.  Bon Vivant is one of them, along with Nooni and Pony effect.  They recently came out with these really unique concept masks for “that day” (meaning that time of the month, aka. PERIOD… bleeding!!  Women’s type of bleeding if I’m not clear enough).  This line of masks comes in three variations, red being brightening care to compact dull skin, yellow being hydration care for dry skin, and teal being blemish care for those pesky pimples that pop up.  I’m definitely excited to try these out since I absolutely love their botanical sheet masks.  So hydrating, enough for me to not use the rest of my hydration routine and still be fine.  I have high hopes for these for sure!

bon vivant mistBon Vivant that day micro mist 17,000 won

Along with the sheet masks, they also came out with a facial spray which contains 70% witch hazel extract to calm troubled and oily skin while tightening the pores.  It also contains ingredients such as mugwort and swiss alphine herbal extracts to sooth and treat blemishes, aloe vera to hydrate the skin and lime oil to brighten the complexion.

I'm fix lipMemebox I’m meme I’m fix lip (5 shades) 10,000 won

Another line from Memebox is their I’m meme make up.  These I’m fix lip is suppose to be a three in one with it’s pigmentation like a lipstick, moisturizing like a lip balm and evening texture like a primer.  From the swatch pictures I have seen from the korean bloggers, this product seems to be very promising and definitely super pigmented.  I’m also excited to give these a try since lip products is one thing the K-beauty realm excels in.

i'm meme i'm corector 2I’m Meme I’m corrector (6 shades) 18,000 won 

Oh la la!  For some reason, brush pens type of correctors seem to always catch my eye.  I guess the K-beauty realm is catching onto spring/summer 2016 beauty trend which is the correcting phase of beauty.  Everywhere you turned, every beauty brand was coming out with their versions of a corrector whether it was liquid, cream or powder.  I guess Memebox wants a piece of the action since they recently came out with “i’m corrector” which comes in a lavender shade for brightening, pink shade also to brighten, green to counteract redness, a light flesh shade to highlight, and two dark brown shades to contour.  These seem really promising and I hope they bring it to the US website as well.

I'm meme I'm corrector

pony effect intense eye tintPony effect intense eye tint (5 shades) 16,000 won

Hmm when I first read the name, I thought it might be like Clio’s eye tint, but this one from Pony effect seems to be more of a liquid shadow then a true tint.  This line of liquid eyeshadows come in five shades, neutrals, gemstone burgundy, bronze and a champagne pink.  These are suppose to be high pigment liquid eyeshadows that are crease-free and smudge resistant.  The colours look gorgeous so I hope these deliver what they claim and truly be crease free.

Missha tension cushionMissha tension pact cushion (4 formulas) 15,800 won -17,800 won

Less then a week ago, Missha come out with four new cushions.  These are a little different then the regular sponge cushions since these have that mesh type of compartment where it houses the BB cream.  Unlike most companies, Missha actually came out with four formulas and not just one like how they normally do.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 2.39.12 AMLeft to right
Perfect cover 17,800 won
Intense moisture 17,800 won
Natural cover 15,800 won
Tone up Glow 15,800 won

I can’t be too too sure about my translations since the blue one’s translation was super off. From what I can tell, the first one to the left (perfect cover) may be a high coverage cushion, intense moisture for hydration, glow might have pearl or some type of highlighting pigments built into it and natural cover maybe the regular cushion with a dewy finish.  All these cushions come in the standard three shade, #13, #21 and #23.

missha tension
skinfood maskSkinfood freshmade masks (6 types) 9,000 won

Skinfood seems to always be on a roll, coming out with tons of new products.  These I believe came out a while ago but I thought I’d include it anyways just in case you guys haven’t seem them before.  They are suppose to be wash off masks that are “fresh made” with fresh ingredients for a fresh soothing care system.  Can we say fresh anymore LOL.

All of these masks has a different function:
Watermelon- cool moisturizing gel to sooth upset skin + hydrates and soothes
Cranberry: contains vitality capsules in a gel formula to provide moisture and toning effects
Coconut: firming treatment that forms moist water droplets like coconut milk for smoother and firmer skin
Lemon: cool moisturizing gel to provide temporary tone up effects to skin
Apple: Contains whole ground apple to calm flaky keratin + provide hydration and radiance
Pineapple- mild peeling mask with rich peeling cream like pineapple yogurt that hydrates the skin + gently exfoliates

skinfood sleeping mask
Skinfood jelly peau (4 types) 1,500 won

I believe these are kind of like Innisfree capsule masks, one time mask packs that come in 4 variations.  Again, each of these “flavours” have different functions to them.
Strawberry: contains 10 mg of strawberry extract for moisture and hydration for dry skin
Peach: contains 10 mg peach extract to aid dull skin for a clean and clear appearance to the skin
Banana: Contains 10 mg of banana extract for soft nourishing jelly to aid dry skin
Grape: contains 10 mg of grape seed extract for hydration

skinfood sleeping packSkinfood beauty recipe sleeping pack 9,000 won

Along with the other 7 million masks they came out with, Skinfood also came out with three sleeping packs which are pretty much leave on masks which you sleep with and then wash off in the morning.  This line of sleeping packs contains steamed milk extract to create a moist and radiant skin, hence the whole “soup” concept.  What the heck… LOL.  Okay..  Well this is what they have to say about this line: “Chef’s bubbling soup recipe: Just like a gourmet soup made by a chef, carefully selected Korean sweet pumpkin with SKINFOOD’s secret sleeping pack recipe will soften and moisturize your skin.”

Tomato soup: contains tomato extracts for brightening
Sweet pumpkin soup: contains sweet pumpkin extracts for moisture + firming functions for fatigued skin
Avocado soup: contains avocado extracts for moisture and nutrients

tony moly pokemonJust a couple of days ago, Tony moly dropped this collaboration collection with Pokemon!  Just in time since the whole Pokemon Go has officially brought back the 90’s baby!  I’m personally a huge fan of Pokemon, so I was super excited to see what they had in this collection.  Unfortunately, these isn’t much that excites me at all since it is just hand creams, face creams and cleanser.  Where is the BB cushion at yo!  I was about to catch em all but you ain’t got no cushions.

tony moly pokemon maskThere are Pikachu moisture sheet masks but I don’t think these are for sale at the moment.  You can only redeem these if you spend $30 or more, so it is a gift with purchase type of thing.  Also not sure if there is Pikachu printed on the mask but I highly doubt it is.

Tony moly x pokemonTony Moly x Pokemon hand cream 5,900 won

Again, hand creams don’t excite me since my hands are very finicky and most hand creams don’t work for me.  These are really cute but I wish they would make the background colour on the tube either lighter or a complete different shades since the Pokemon looks way too blended into the background. Also the odd Korean version of the names throw me off LOL.  The only ones that are correct is Pikachu, Eevee and Togepi.  Everything else is like wahhhhh?

pokemon cleanserTony Moly x Pokemon foam cleansers (4 types) 7,900 won

Hmm cleansers are something that is very practical and something I’d definitely use.  I would maybe give these a try since there are four different functions for each one.  P.S. they are on bogo at the moment so if you guys want to pick these up, maybe using a buying service and get the deal.

pokemon tony moly creamTony Moly x Pokemon face cream (4 types) 15,000 won

Last but not least, the Pokemon face creams.  Each character has a different function:
Pikachu: honey moisture cream
Squirtle: water moisture cream
Meowth: butter nutrition cream
Psyduck: cheese firming cream

All of them sound promising but the most unique one is definitely Psyduck’s cheese firming cream.  I’ve tried the Emprani bounce cheese cream before but my skin seemed to not like it since I got little red spots all over my face.  The next best thing would definitely have to be Pikachu’s honey moisture cream.  Honey has never done be wrong haha.  Unfortunately, I have like 20 moisturizers stashed away waiting for me to try out so no moisturizers for me.

Alrighty!  So that wraps up all the new collections and products happening in the K-beauty world.  Now that you are all caught up, what is the product you got your eye on and want to get for yourself?  Let me know in the comments down below!  I’d love to compare my picks and your wants so leave a comment down there so we can chat!

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  1. Vera

    For the Missha Tension Pact Map, the Glow cushion is actually the fourth one (the blue) and the Natural Cover is the third one, not the other way around. I’m think the blue one is supposed to be called Tone Up Glow, but I’m not 100% on it.

    1. Christina

      Ohhh thank you for the info! I will change it 🙂

  2. urFONGY

    This is exactly what I needed! Thank you for taking the time to research and compile all the new products 😉 I’m super excited to learn more about the Clio Pro eye tints, and you’re spot on about how they might be either very good or very bad….I’m crossing my fingers for them to be very good!!

    1. Christina

      Your welcome :), glad you enjoyed it. It did take a long time to compose but I”m glad everyone is enjoying it! I kind of want to try the clio eye tints myself but am also kind of chicken haha

      1. EMA

        Hi Christina!

        New to your blog here, had so much fun reading this post!

        This might be coming a bit late, but I really like the Clio pro eye tints!
        Especially since I’m a beginner at eyeshadow, they make great base shadows! They blend super well (no uneven patches or streaks of colour), pretty build-able and very natural looking. So rest assured there won’t be a ‘how do i remove this, asap!” kind of situation. Had to resist buying them in every shade!

        Also picked up a Peri peri velvet tint, the colours are fantastic and the one I got kinda taste like strawberry milk 🙂

  3. Jenna

    Great post!!! I defiantly have a few new things on my wish list! This is the exact content I love to see!

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      I can see this series being dangerous for you guys and me XD. Online window shopping

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    Great post! I’ve ordered 2 Skinfood wash-off masks! I’m looking forward to trying them 😀
    and I’m really curious about the eye tints!

    1. Christina

      Oh let us know how the masks go! I’m curious about the eye tints as well 😛

      1. Nailderella

        I will. It still stuck at the customs, I’m getting too impatient :p

        1. Christina

          Oh poo, I hate it when that happens :S

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    You’re an angel sent from heaven. I only got into Korean cosmetics recently, so this is really helpful, especially as you included what the most sold items of thr brands are.

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      Haha that’s me :P. If you need product reviews, I’m also your gal~

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