What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 10

Guess who is back!  I honestly didn’t think I was going to do another one of these since they take so long, but I feel like I’m out of the loop and started to research.  Then I just thought “uhh why not just do another volume while we’re at it”.  So… here we are again LOL.  If you guys are not familiar with this series, here is where i round up some of the new releases in Korea and put them all into one post.  I’m not saying I have absolutely every new product because that is honestly not humanly possible since K-beauty turnover is faster then the cells that grow on my body.  From new palettes from Missha and Etude House to gorgeous looking new lipsticks from Clio, let’s get this started because.. RYAN hit the face shop! Shizzzzzzz~

Clio Rouge heel 18,000 won

I have to say, Clio has some of the best base products as well as lip products.  I absolutely love their mad matte lipsticks, so I’m excited to see these new lipsticks.  One of the reasons I like Clio is that they have very unique shades like a super dark plum, bright violets and some gorgeous reddish nudes along with the classics such as pinks, reds and oranges.  If you want to see all the shades, click here!

Clio Kill cover founwear cushion XP SPF50+ PA +++

Like I said, Clio makes some of the best base products.  I have reviewed their concealdation before and loved it, so it’s kind of funny to see them make an “foundwea”.  We are almost getting to the point of half ridiculous with the names, so Clio please make some more original names that doesn’t make me have a tongue tie every time I say your name.  It is messing up my brainwaves.  For this cushion, there are four shades #2-5 and it seems like it is just an upgrade of their older cushion if I’m not mistaken.

Clio kill cover airy-fit concealer 12,000 won

Clio’s concealers is also a really popular product due to its good coverage.  They came out with another version which is a “airy fit” version which I’m guessing it is lighter on the skin?  I have their original concealer but I don’t use it since it is surprisingly too dark for my skintone.  WOW this concealer comes in SIX shades! 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4.  Holy cows Clio is stepping up their game!  Check out their shades here.
Clio mad matte liquid lips 16,000 won

Their mad matte lipsticks were already a killer, these seriously are going to be amazing.  Liquid lipsticks has been a huge trend in North America and I’m guessing K-beauty is having a reverse trend and are now coming out with more and more matte lipsticks.  My personal favourites are still Pony effect stayfit matte lip colors but I’m curious about these.

Dermatory Hypoallergic moisturizing toner 17,000 won
Dermatory Hypoallergic moisturizing Emollient 17,000 won
Dermatory Hypoallergic moisturizing cream 18,000 won
Dermatory Hypoallergic moisturizing balm cream 18,000 won

It seems like Clio has came out with another line of hypoallergenic products. It claims to calm sensitive skin and is 20 free qualified safe formula.

Dermatory Hypoallergic Cica gel cream 18,000 won
Dermatory Hypoallergic Hypoallergenic Cica cream 18,000 won
Dermatory Hypoallergic Cicia Rescue Gauza pad 22,000 won
Dermatory Hypoallergic Cica Gauze Mask 6,000 won Eglips Blur powder pact 11,000 won

Eglips is a online brand in Korea that is kind of an indie brand.  I think people gave it more attention after Pony used it multiple of times.  I personally have their original one and I do like it, but since I don’t set my make up that much, I don’t find myself using it much.  They came out with a version with lavender built into it (I think it is lavender but do let me know if I’m wrong).  Unlike the original one, there is only one shade which is #21 but they go on the skin rather translucent with a hint of skintone color.

Eglips cover powder pact 17,000 won

Now this one is a spinoff of the original but this one is suppose to have some coverage to it.  The original is 11,000 won and you can easily find it on other sites like ticketmonster or gmarket for a lot cheaper if you were to buy it online through a buying service.  I think I got the original one for about $6-8 if I’m not mistaken.  This powder comes in three shades, 13, 21 and 23.

Etude House pure drop multi oil 9,500 won

Etude House came out with a small line of two products around multi use products such as a balm and a oil.  Not really that intersted to be honest since Etude House’s skincare doesn’t appeal to me that much.

Etude House Pure jelly multi balm 9,500 won

Etude House Play 101 mini self kit 30,000 won

When I first saw this set, I was intersted since I still haven’t tried any of the play 101 sticks and there are four of them in this set.  But after seeing the $30 price tag, I’d rather pick out one or two of the full size ones since I have no use for the brush anyways.  But this is a great set for those of you who don’t have a giant collection of make up like me and would like to expand in the cream face product department.

Etude House prism in eyes shadows 9,800 won

These remind me a lot of a western brand’s eyeshadows.  Was it Laura Mercier?  I really don’t remember but I think it was also Mac?  Anyways, the swatches for these shadows actually look really gorgeous and Etude House’s shimmer shadows are actually quite decent. I’d definitely check these out if any of the shades catches your eyes.

Etude House super slim proof pencil eyeliner gel 7,500 won

Etude House’s play 101 pencils is one of my favourite eyeliners/ multi use pencils but they do dry out easily so beware.  They recently came out with slim versions which are super intriguing :).  I’m definitely down to get myself one of the dark brown eyeliners.  They stay on the waterline for a long period of time and they are also super pigmented, something you don’t really find in K-beauty.

Etude House Play color eyes wine party 22,000 won

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Surprisingly, Etude House’s eyeshadow palettes are a lot better then their single ones, matte shadows included!  So I do get excited when they come out with new versions.  This one for the fall time is absolutely amazing with all the burgundies, browns and plums.  This is definitely one to add into the collection.

Etude House shining powder cheek duo 12,000 won

I don’t think I have personally tried Etude House’s face products other then their foundation.  These came out couple of days ago and I thought I’d include it.  I have seen mixed reviews for their cheek products, so buyer beware.  I know some people like their blushes, but the bronzer/ contour seems a little too reddish to look natural.

Hera souvenir de Paris collection
Trio eyeshadow palette 50,000 won
UV mist cushion 47,000 won
Cell essence 75,000 won
Blush duo 68,000 won
Lipsticks (2 shades) 35,000 won
Rouge holic liquid (3 shades) 35,000 won

Hera always comes out with gorgeous holiday collections but the price point is a little too high for what it is, at least for me and where I am in life.  Hera as a brand is built more for more mature people who have moola.  I actually have their UV cushion but still have yet to try it.  The blush duo looks really pretty, but for almost $70… ouch.  Maybe one day.

Holika Holika good cera stronger super ceramide emulsion 17,000 won
Holika Holika good cera strong super ceramide toner 17,000 won
Holika Holika good cera stronger super ceramide mist 15,000 won
Holika Holika good cera stronger super ceramide foaming wash 14,000 won

Holika Holika’s super cera line is actually one of my favourite skincare lines. I have their super cera moisturizer and it does wonders for me during the winter time.  I have tried Dr. Jart’s ceramide line and I have to say, I kind of like Holika Holika’s better since it does almost the same job and is just as moisturizing.  I’m excited to see that they came up with a stronger version of the ceramide products.  We’ll just have to see how much stronger it is :P.  I want to look like I have submerged my face in dew everyday.

Holika Holika glow cushion 22,900 won

I don’t have much info on this cushion since it isn’t released yet on their website, but I thought I’d just give you a heads up.  Holika Holika came out with a hard cover cushion not too long ago, and they are already expanding the line.  From my experience, Holika Holika base products are not half bad.  I really like their face 2 change photo ready BB cushion although it is on the ghostly pale side.  I’d definitely check these new cushions out.  There are other versions of this cushion if you don’t like the dewy finish.

Holika Holika lip conic 10,900 won

These new pigmented lip glosses actually looks quite amazing.  The colors are stunning, and I like that you can apply it so it looks slightly translucent or build it up for a bolder lip looks.  I’m definitely eyeing a couple of the shades.

It’s skin life color lip crush matte (10 shades)  11,000 won

These matte lip colors seems to be a smash hit on the Korean blogs since I’ve been seeing it everywhere but didn’t know what brand it was.  Through the 10 shades, there is a good mixture of MLBB (my lips but better) shades along with some bold shades and a questionable caramel shade that I may or may not like.  It’s skin did a great job with the packaging because I can’t even recognize their kiddish packaging. 

It’s skin It’s top professional magnet blur dual cushion 32,000 won

It’s skin is a little odd.  They have super affordable skincare and make up (that really isn’t that great), and then they try to push this “it’s professional” line for prices they would charge for Hera or Laneige.  Like uhh… anyways.  They have this new cushion that looks pretty interesting since there is two shades of brightening tones, white and light pink.  I personally don’t like to use anymore brightening products since I’m already pale, I don’t need to spotlight that. Laneige ideal blush duo (2 shades) 28,000 won

The color combinations for these duos are quite interesting.  I got my eye on shade #2 which has that interesting teal shades along with a dusty rose.  The price is not too high, so I might just pick this up.

Laneige water glow gel foundation 38,000 won

Other then the cushion, I haven’t tried Laneige’s base make up. Laneige in my heart is kind of so so since it isn’t hydrating enough for me.  Their eyebrow cushion was an interesting product but it seem to be a little too strong for my already unibrow-looking brows.  I’ve been trying to get more into foundations since the shades work better with my skin, but I still haven’t found myself a hydrating one.

Laneige x YCH collection
two tone lip balms 25,000 won
Color correcting cushions 32,000 won
 Eyebrow cushion 25,000 won

Missha color filter shadow palette (two versions) 26,800 won

Missha came out with these gorgeous looking palettes just in time for the fall.  The color combinations look amazing, and I like the fact that they had the two shades you’d use the most in the biggest pan.  There is this version along with another palette which has cool tone shades.  Both look nice and now I’m wondering how the pigmentation is.

Moonshot first moon drawing gravity (4 shades: one highlighter, one contour, two duo blushes)
20,000 won

I have never tried any of moonshot’s products but this really looks intriguing.  I have seen duo cream blushes before but I don’t own any.  Not sure how I’d like them but if these ever land near me, I’m definitely going to have to give them a try.

Nature Republic pro touch color master shadow palette 49,800 won

I’m glad to see K-beauty come out with more palettes.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen a couple of review where people have said this palette is disappointing.  The size was a lot smaller then they thought it would be and the pigmentation was so so to poor.  For $50, I’d pay an extra $30 and get the one from Mac.

Pony effect master eye palette in flash mater 38,000 won

I’ve had the pleasure to try (and also own) three of these palettes from Pony effect and I have to say they are pretty amazing in terms of pigmentation.  The matte palette is definitely the stand out for me, so I always get excited to see new versions of this palette come out.  This time around, they have came out with an all shimmer palette with a good mix of neutrals to a bright orange.  I definitely approve of this palette.

Pony effect full spectrum illuminating palette 40,000 won

Pony’s face products are a hit or miss, but I do actually like their highlighters.  From the looks of the picture, it seems the formula has changed.  I’m hoping these are more pigmented then the ones they had before :).  I’m also really surprised that they had people of different race in the promo picture to show what the colors would look like on different skintone.  Good on you Pony!

Sep liptint (3 shades) 15,000 won

Okay so my silly ass thought this brand was completely brand new, but it was just new to me.  They actually was founded back in 2008 but I honestly have never seen or heard of them.  From the looks of their brand, they seem to be a modern, chic type of brand that is sleek and minimal.  Their color choices remind me a lot of western colors choices, which I can appreciate since I’m sick of the couple of reds, oranges and pinks K-beauty has to offer sometimes.

Sep lipstick (10 shades) 23,000 won
Sep lipstick x Valvet (12 shades) 23,000 won

Sep liquid stick nail (18 shades) 15,000 won

I think Sep nail stickers was the first product I ever came across.  I actually thought they were liquid blushes and got intrigued, only to find out that they are actually nail polishes which you can rip off.  Now that is pretty cool!Sep starter Z 25,000 won

Do not be fooled, this is a base product and not a foundation (like what I thought it was).

Sep cushion Z 32,000 won

Sep cleansing water 12,000 won
Sep cleansing oil 23,000 won
Sep cleansing foam 15,000 won

Skinfood fresh fruit lip & cheek lunchbox 15,000 won

I’ve actually been wanting to try Skinfood’s lip and cheek products for a while, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.  This palette pretty much has all the shade I want, so I might just pick it up.  I think I have seen some mixed reviews, but I personally really like cream cheek products so I will definitely give these a try.

Skinfood plum mellow glow stick 12,000 won
Skinfood fresh fruit lip and cheek trio (two shades) 9,000 won
Skinfood Fresh fruit nail polishes (3 shades) 3,500 won
Skinfood mineral sugar blend eyes in plum 21,000 won
Skinfood plum mellow glow lip lacquer 11,000 won

Skinfood actually came out with a full plum themed collection!  I’m super surprised because plum shades isn’t a big hit in the Eastern world.  I’m so proud to see Skinfood pushing the boundaries because all the products look gorgeoussss!

The saem eye paint (5 shades) 9,000 won

These little eye paints from the Saem looks super cool. They are cream eyeshadows and the name already reminds me of Mac paint pots (which I’m not the biggest fan of since it doesn’t flatter my dry eyelids).  Almost all these shades are shimmery except for one shade, so it is going to be a pass for me since I have tons of shimmery shades.

The saem lip paint (5 shades) 9,000 won

These honestly don’t look that interesting other then the packaging.  Yey… more lip tints -_-.

The face shop Ryan collection

-cleanser 7,500 won
-milk and shea butter body cream 16,000 won
-natural line eco baby mild cushion 20,000 won
-lip balm keychain 9,000 won
-quick hair puff 13,000 won
-hand cream 4,500 won
-sheet mask 2,000 won
-nail stickers 4,000 won
-BB cushions 20,000 won
-moisturizer x 2 types 23,000 won (sorry my translation isn’t helping me)
-trio concealer & color correctors 14,000 won
-trio lip color 14,000 won
-hand cream in a pot 7,500 won
-eyeshadow palette 20,000 won
-volume up tint 9,000 won

This has the be the cutest and most exciting collection so far.  Unfortunately, I don’t really care for any of the face shop’s make up or skincare.  I’d honestly would just buy the cushion just for the case. 😛

Holy cows that is longgggg.  Haven’t done this series for a while, kind of forgot how much work is put into this series.  Anyways, I hope you guys like the round up.  I’m going to sign out for now since my eyes are about to go cross eyed.  Cheers~

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