What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 11

New k beauty productsIt is that time again!  Like always, I’m always on the hunt to check out the new products.  I know you guys like these new product updates, so I will try to do them as frequently as I possibly can.  I spotted some really cute packaging from Clio (kind of reminds me of the Fendi monsters eh?), gorgeous Gatsby looking design for Hera’s holiday collection, some bomb looking duo chrome single eyesahdows from A’pieu and potted gel brow products from Skinfood along with a whole line of new brow products too!  So let’s get started with the round up!

A’pieu bellflower with honey heated mask 7,800 won

I don’t think I have tried any of A’pieu’s skincare now that I think about it.  The closest I have came to their skincare is their make up remover.  They came out with this new product that contains honey as well as gingseng!  Not sure how much gingseng is actually in the product (probably like 0.5% LOL) but I mean for that price, its worth a try.

A’pieu coffee lip scrub 6,000 won

Lip scrubs are never my thing.  I’ve tried a million of them but when it comes down to me getting rid of dead skin, constantly wearing a good lip balm/ lip treatment definitely helps.  Also a lot of times when I’m showering or brushing my teeth and my lips touch water, my dead skin just turns white and I can easily wipe away my dead skin anyways. So this is a meh product for me.  Check out their milk and honey sleeping lip mask, that stuff is bomb and worth every penny (super affordable).

A’pieu couture shadow 6,000 won

Now these look amazing.  These literally came out this week and wow, they look stunning. There are some shades are duo chrome (#13 and #15) and the pigmentation looks amazing.  Wow I really want to get my hands on these!!

A’pieu first glow serum 12,000 won

Is it just me or does the packaging and the product type remind you a lot of the Guerlain L’or?  Of course, this is a fraction of the price.  I don’t know if I want to try this because I already have the Etude House one that is similar to this concept, but I mean I’ll give it a try if I can get my hands on it.  What do you guys think?

A’pieu Haute Cushion 9,800 won

Now that I have tried so many BB cushions, I think I have to revisit and see if my love for A’pieu cushions have changed or not.  I recently reviewed their wonder tension moist cushion and I did like it, but I tried the XP one and was kind of so so.  So I think I’m going to maybe start a series to revisit old favourites and see if I still love em or not.  This new one from A’pieu kind of has the feel of Here’s black cushion but it is suppose to be hydrating.  Not sure but if I get my hands on this, I will report back.

A’pieu milky U oil 9,000 won

Milk product always does magic on my very dry skin, so this product is really calling my name.  This is suppose to leave your skin super soft, moist and nourished along with whitening properties as well.  For the price, I’m definitely going to try to get my hands on this!

A’pieu true melting lipstick (10 shades) 9,000 won
A’pieu true velvet lipstick (10 shades)  9,000 won

Nothing really special about these new lipstick formulas.  The shades look nice, right up my alley with the nude and natural looking shades along with the usual reds and corals.

Beauty people absolute deep ocean girl cushion foundation 36,000 won

So if you have read my review on the Beauty people absolute radiant cushion foundation review, you’ll know I was super impressed with the formulation and Beauty people has definitely placed themselves in my map of good BB cushions.  I believe they came out with this cushion about a month or two ago and I thought it was a limited edition packaging, but no!  It’s actually a completely new formula!  This one contains pearl extracts with ample moisture and nutrition, a light texture that adheres to the skin without oiliness and marine extract to vitalize tired skin.  I’m definitely going to try to get my hands on this one because the radiant one from before is slightly not moisturizing enough for my taste.

Beauty people absolute honey girl cushion (not yet released yet)

Not sure how much this one is but I’m guessing it is the same price as the other ones.  This one I also want because honey always works with my dry skin.  I WANT!!  Not much info on this cushion other then it contains honey LOL.

Clio super su-fur collection (not yet released)

Okay I don’t know if I find this collection cute or not.  I do kind of like the cushion case since it kind of reminds me of the Fendi monsters, but at the same time I don’t find that I need it in my collection because I got so many cushions.  Let me know what you guys think about this collection because I’m torn over here.

Huxley body wash moroccan gardener 38,000 won
Huxley body lotion moroccan gardener 38,000 won
Huxley body oil moroccan gardener (not in picture) 45,000 won

Huxley seems to be expanding their product line and they have added some body products as well.  Honestly I’m not the biggest fan of Huxley.  I’ve tried their essence grab water along with their oil essence and I don’t find it moisturizing enough for my dry skin.  Also the smell is way too strong for my liking.  And not only is it a floral scent, it also a strong green scent which makes me want to gag.  Maybe these ones are different but I don’t want to risk it.

Etude House be my universe collection
-Universe multi palette (2 versions: pinky galaxy, golden galaxy) 19,000 won
-Universe glitter pigment (3 shades) 8,500 won
-Glow on base oil volume universe special edition (just slightly different packaging) 16,000 won
-Universe brush set of three 23,000 won
-Universe lash firm curl fix mascara 12,000 won
-Universe dear my lips cases (5 limited edition versions) 4,000 won
-Universe Dear my matte/ glass tinting lips (refills; 5 shades) 8,000 won
-Universe perfumed hand cream trio 15,000 won
-Eau de universe 23,000 won

As much as I love limited edition collections, the only thing that really pops out to my with this collection is their eyeshadow palette but that’s only because the packaging is cute.  I’m not too sure about the eyeshadow formulation because Etude House’s make up is quite hit or miss.

Etude House Personal color multi palette (2 versions) 29,000 won

From the looks of it, the eyeshadows look like they are from the 10 pan eyeshadow palettes and that gets me very excited.  Unfortunately the shades offered in these palettes are kind of meh.  So it is a pass for me but I think it is a good option if you want some no brainer shades in a compact little case for on the go or travel.

Hera light splash 2017 holiday collection
-Fix all cushion limited edition 54,000 won
-Rouge holic star beam (3 shades) 35,000 won
-Rouge holic slick (2 shades) 35,000 won
-Nail enamel color (2 shades) 20,000 won

The only interesting product in this collection is the cushion.  It seems like you can flip the inside of the compact over and there is cream blushers!!  Say whattttt!!

Laneige delight pop collection
(Top to bottom, left to right)
-Holiday BB cushion whitening 37,000 won
-Two tone tint lip bar (2 shades) 23,000 won
-Holiday ideal shadow quad (1 version) 30,000 won
-Holiday cushion blusher (1 shade) 22,000 won
-Holiday mini sleeping mask set (Lavender sleeping mask, water sleeping mask, firming sleeping mask) 28,000 won
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-Holiday basic moisture duo set 59,000 won
-Holiday water sleeping mask 28,000 won
-Holiday lip sleeping mask (sweet berry, grapefruit) 18,000 won

I’ve always been trying to get into Laneige as a brand, but unfortunately I don’t think their skincare is hydrating enough for me.  With their light textures, this brand is better for normal, combo and maybe oily skin types.  I do really like their make up but I’ve personally only tried their cushion brow , BB cushion and lip sleeping mask for the time being.  Their BB cushion, I can’t seem to find the right shade and their lip sleeping mask is more like a regular everyday balm since the texture isn’t thick enough for my taste.

Missha signature essence cushion (2 versions: essence cushion covering, essence cushion watering) 18,000 won

Missha cushions has always been up there for me, so I do get excited when I see new ones from them.  These two doesn’t seem that exciting to be honest, but I’m still willing to try the holographic looking one (the “watering” one).  The watering one is suppose to give ample and cool moisture, covers the skin naturally with smooth layering, and has an airy hybrid sponge that applies make up neatly.

Missha ital prism blushers (4 shades) 23,000 won

It seems like companies are still trying to sell that whole “European” thing.  Missha’s version?  Ital (short for Italy).  I’m not sure if these are actually made in Italy but what they are marketing them as.  I haven’t been really tempted to try this line since their eyeshadow palette is like $50 or something for 6 shades?  These blushers are slightly more reasonably price but I’m still waiting for some amazing highlighters from this line.  Please Missha… come on!

Missha moist layering starter (gold topping) 16,000 won

Again, since Missha and A’pieu is essentially the same company, I’m not surprised they came out with super similar (or even the same product with different packaging). Keke my cheap ass will just get the one from A’pieu because, it’s cheaper and the packaging is actually nicer then this sad looking bottle.

Peri Pera pearly night collection
-Inking pink/lavender cushion 14,000 won
-Pearly night liquid glitter shadow (5 shades) 10,000 won
-Perfume hand cream (3 versions) 3,500 won
-Peri’s ink lip tints (4 versions) 11,000 won

As much as I love Peri Pera’s packaging, their products has yet to impress me. I mean it is quite hit or miss for me.  I do like their lippies, liquid eyeliner, ink brow, deep jewel eyeshadow, and nose up contour but their base make up is a no go.  There also seems to be more products then the ones I have listed but I can’t seem to find it on the website for some reason.

Skinfood choco powder brow auto pencil (5 shades)  3,500 won
Skinfood choco powder brown pencil (not in picture; 5 shades) 3,000 won

Skinfood coffee roasting brow mascara (4 shades) 7,000 won

Skinfood coffee roasting tint brow (2 shades) 10,000 won

Skinfood coffee roasting gel brow (3 shades) 12,000 won

So it seems like Skinfood has released a whole line of new brow products and I’m loving it! I really love their choco powder brow product and it’s only $3!  So I’m happy to see they are expanding the brow line.  Their brow mascara along with the gel brow definitely has caught my eyes.

Skinfood royal honey propolis line
-Royal honey propolis enriched sleeping pack 18,000 won

-Royal honey propolis toner 22,000 won
-Royal honey propolis emulsion 24,000 won
-Royal honey propolis essence 30,000 won
-Royal honey propolis cream 32,000 won

I’ve always wanted to try Skinfood’s honey skincare line but still haven’t gotten around to it.  Maybe when I’m in Korea, I’ll check it out because I’ve heard great things about these products. I think if I were to pick one thing in this collection, I’d go for the essence or maybe even the sleeping pack.  We’ll see.  If you guys have tried this line, please do let me know your thoughts!

Too cool for school art class by Rodin compact lumineux 18,000 won

Now if you have seen my review on their contour, blush and highlighter, you’ll know I love those three.  So when I saw this new product, I kind of screamed a little.  This is a new cream highlight with three interesting shade choices.  To the left is a light champagne, middle looks like a light mint shade but it blends into the skin like nothing.  The lavender shade is my favourite since it works well with yellow undertones with it’s brightening effects.  If I cross paths with this product, I’m definitely trying it out and letting you guys know what I think about it.

The faec shop happy all the wishes collection (not released yet)

I don’t have much info on this collection but I mean there are enough pictures for us to see what to expect.  The face shop as a brand doesn’t really impress me, especially with their make up.  It’s kind of meh.

Tony Moly perfect eyes mood eye palette (2 versions) 22,800 won

I don’t know what to expect with roadshops coming out with eyeshadow palettes to be honest.  Nature republic has done that and it didn’t have that great of a review, Etude House’s eyeshadow palettes look decent and now Tony Moly also has their own.  For that price, honestly I’d save up and get something from Urban Decay if you really want pigmentation.  The two versions offered don’t look interesting at all.  This is a skip for me.

Tony Moly BCdation Found cover cushion 28,000 won

Tony Moly’s base products are actually quite nice, at least compared to their crappy skincare.. it’s like night and day.  This new cushion is suppose to give good coverage, covers blemishes, a powdery finish (I’m guessing it is matte) and has a double coating film to provide make up breakdowns (I’m guessing meltdowns? LOL I got no clue.. that translation though).  This cushion doesn’t sound like it is for me because matte finish + dry skin is a nightmare in the making.

Tony Moly inked lasting mascara (2 versions) 12,800 won

Hmm it seems like Tony Moly is still running with the quite inked theme.  I must admit, the concept is really cute but the product itself is a different story.  I’ll have a review up for their gel cushion shortly but I was definitely not impressed with the product.  Maybe the mascara is a different story?  I don’t know.  I haven’t tried too much of Tony Moly’s make up, especially after trying their skincare and not having much luck with it.  I’m kind of meh with the brand as a whole.

Tony Moly perfect lips color palette 21,000 won

Tony Moly mark waterproof gel liner 8,640 won

For a second, I got a little scared because I really don’t like the gel cushion.  I thought this was another version of that, but luckily it is actually the gel eyeliner that is one of their best sellers.  I’m not sure if it is the same formula or even the same product in a cuter packaging, but this one I’d give it a try.  Their gel liners is affordable and goes on the skin smoothly and also stays on for a long period of time.

Tony Moly luminous marvel highlighter (2 shades) 16,800 won

And last but definitely not least, two new highlighters from Tony Moly that actually looks quite nice!  I’m definitely intrigued with the two shades and am considering the one to the top left, but it also looks like it would have chunky shimmers.  We’ll see :P.  I want to see if there is anything that can top a Becca highlighter or even Mac’s mineralized skinfinish in soft and gentle.

And that wraps up volume 11 of the “what’s new in K-beauty”.  Wow, I never thought we’d get passed volume 10, but here we are!  I hope you guys enjoy this round up and hopefully I will have enough energy to keep this series going!  Let me know in the comments down below what new product you are excited to get your hands on, if you have tried any of these new products or any other random thought that comes to your mind.  Until next time, cheers~

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  1. Lena

    I would really love a review of the tonymoly eyeliner! I am still looking for an eyeliner and was really tempted to buy the last ink one because of the cuteness but resisted due to the bad reviews, but if this one is good as well as cute, it would be perfect.

    1. Christina

      I’m actually going to be reviewing the gel cushions right now haha. If I can get my hands on the new TM liners, I’ll definitely review it. I’m wondering if it is just a packaging update for their best selling gel eyeliner. hmmmm…

  2. Laura

    Thank you for researching and compiling this! I’ve been reading these since you started with Vol. 1!

    1. Christina

      Wow!! You’ve survived through a whole year of the round ups. I’m impressed haha. Thank you for coming back!

  3. Lucia

    A’pieu coffee lip scrub caught my attention right away, but I’ll have to wait ’cause right now I’m using skin food avocado one. The Clio Super Su-fur collection is kinda hilarious for me, though I was tempted to buy the lipstick because of it’s hairy little pouch that comes with it. I didn’t get it because after watching some first impressions videos, first, I found out the pouch color is more ‘orangey’ than pink, and second, I saw how the lipstick part fell of the container just as the reviewer opened so that made me back off.

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