What’s new in K-beauty vol. 17

Latest Korean cosmetics 2020 what's new in K-beautyWow, saying it has been a while would be an understatement.  The last time I did a “what’s new” was back October and I’m pretty sure you guys are pretty upset about that.  I think I just needed a bit of a break from this series even though I know you guys love this series.  With all that is happening in the world and a lot of us are stuck at home with nothing to do, I thought I would serve as a bit of entertainment.  That and it keeps me sane thinking I still have some sort of job sigh… let’s get into it.

3CE velvet liquid blusher (3 shades) 17,000 won
I’ve been in this K-beauty thing for 5 years and I’ve tried less than a handful of 3CE products.  Why?  Mostly because they are so expensive for what it is but I do have to say their lipsticks were bomb.  These liquid blusher shades look really nice but nothing that screams buy me.

3CE mini multi eye color palette in diamond glint 26,000 won
Again, pretty but not really worth $26 for four shades in my opinion.  You could easily get something just as glittery at Colorpop or lots of other road shop brands.

16 brand 365 cushion ( 2 shades) 14,900 won
I can’t tell you much about this cushion since Google can’t translate pictures on the web (they can only translate text that’s not inside a jpeg if that makes sense).  Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from 16 brand hmm…

A’pieu Lacto Bacillus line
-moisturizing eye cream 16,000 won

-moisturizing ampoule 20,000 won
-moisturizing cream 20,000 won
-moisturizing toner 18,000 won

Two months ago, I saw a lot of lacto/ probiotic skincare lines popping up, even in the western beauty world.  I’ve never tried anything with probiotic but my first thought was if someone was lactose intolerant, can they use this??  This is on my list to buy, so we’ll see if I end up with it later on.  I got a crap ton of skincare products I’m still testing out, naturally *eye roll*.

A’pieu Juicy planning relief
-weakly acidic cleansing water 15,000 won
-weakly acidic cleansing foam 12,000 won
-amino deep makeup remover 15,000 won
-amino whip cleansing foam 12,000 won

I don’t know how to feel about this line from A’pieu. It doesn’t feel like its on-brand since A’pieu is more of a cutesy branding but this is straight-up hipster.  What the hell is going on.  If I want some hipster shit, I’ll go to another brand thank you.

A’pieu water light tint (12 shades) 7,000 won

I think you guys already know how I feel about lip tints.  Highlighters for the lips honestly and K-beauty never seem to get it right.  Only a few brands like Pony effect has impressed me with non-highlighter lip colors, something that is actually flattering on HUMAN SKIN.  Like brah, people don’t need to be highlighting their lips like its an important fact in the textbook that you need to remember for next day’s test.

*Update: After I’ve gotten over my lip tint rage, I revisited the shades and they actually look way better then the usual ones I see so I will eat my words LOL.  RD03, CR02 and CR01 are all screaming my name.  I might just pick those up when I do a haul next, that is if this virus will go away so the world can go back to normal thank you.

A’pieu x Rola Rola collection
-Cover pang cushion (glow and original; 3 shades each) 16,800 won
-Juicy pang sugar tint (8 shads) 9,000 won
-Juicy Pang meringue blush (6 shades) 9,000 won

I like the limited edition design of the collection but they don’t have many products to choose from.  I got to test out the cover pang cushion and it is a hard pass.  I will be reviewing the moisture version soon so stay tuned.  I miss those days when they had the $5 air fit cushion.  That was great!  I wonder if they still make that one or have they upped the price for everything.

Amuse dew tint (8 shades) 20,000 won
Amuse is another brand that I’ve only recently come across but they seem to have sleek and sophisticated look.  These lip tints don’t make me want to rage so that’s a good sign LOL.

Amuse cheek bouquet (2 versions) 38,000 won
Is it just me or does this remind you of Tarte’s holiday blush palettes?  Either way, I really like both of the shades but I’m wondering what the pigmentation is like.  I still haven’t come across a Korean powder blush that is half decent, not chalky and has good pigmentation.  Which one are you?  The coral palette or the pink one?

Banila co covericious natural glow cushion (4 shades) 32,000 won
Wow, Banila co is kind of in the back burner eh?  They had their shining moment five years ago when everyone was raving about their clean it zero cleansing balm, but after that, they kind of died down into nothing.  They’ve tried to stay relevant by creating more versions of their cleansing balm, but it’s like meh.  This new cushion though looks promising and the packaging looks lovely!  I have faith that Banila Co can one day glow up like Missha, coming back from the grandma status into something more digestible and something that makes me want to spend my money.

Banila co covericious powerfit (6 shades) 32,000 won
If I’m not mistaken, avaricious is the new line they’ve come out with.  I wonder if a designer from Holika Holika moved over to Banila co because these designs reminisce a past collection from Holika Holika.

Banila co covericious powerfit foundation (8 shades) 32,000 won
Okay Banila co, you have finally intrigued me.  I’m interested, you can date me.  Wait oh, this isn’t a date?  Oh I’ll just buy you then, I’ll take your SOUL muahaha *I’ve officially lost my mind.  Its been a while since I’ve seen civilization okay, let me be weird*.

Banila co prime primer tone up 22,000 won
I believe this is a really old product that they’ve repackaged for the springtime.  Is it just me or it remind me of Etude House’s face blur?

Bbia final shadow palette (2 shades) 17,500 won
Okay, these palettes from Bbia is a definite want!!  There’s a mixture of mattes and glitters and maybe shimmers? The packaging actually reminds me of Huda beauty’s neon eyeshadow palettes, but these are actually affordable.  I’ll definitely be sharing on my Instagram if I do end up getting these later down the line, so make sure to follow me on my Instagram @christinahello (shameless plug, it is my blog here HAHA).

Bbia final tint (7 shades) 7,500 won
Nothing to say, don’t feel like raging about tints anymore.  Although I do have to say I’ve seen a lot of people rave about their lip products, especially their liquid lipsticks.  I still have yet to jump on them but I will one day.

Bbia lucky shine tint (5 shades) 10,000 won

Beyond miracle for rest line
-concentrate cream 48,000 won
-emulsion 35,000 won
-essential toner 33,000 won
-Cera layer complex sheet mask 3,000 won

I almost didn’t recognize Beyond!  Their packaging had such a glow up!  I think this new line is made with ceramides?  That’s what I’m getting from the name and nothing else.  Don’t you just love it when you love a country’s products but can’t read any Korean? Hi, that’s me…

-pressed serum black bee honey 29,000 won
-pressed serum green plum 29,000 won

A couple of months back, I noticed Blithe’s pressed serum moisturizers like sempai finally noticing me.  But little did I know the products existed for years now and I’m just the idiot that hasn’t caught up.  THIS TIME, this time these products are actually new.  I’m still itching to buy the pressed serum version but its almost $50 a jar T_T.  These new serum versions are a big fat want!!

Chica y chico thin layer cover cushion (4 shades) 25,000 won
I have tried Chica y chico’s eyeshadow palettes and they are a little better then average.  I’m surprised to see that they now have BB cushion!  Slightly intrigued but nothing is pulling me in just yet.  At least their shade range doesn’t jump up 4 shades and say it is 1 shade up like Moonshot *cough cough*

Chosungah 22 satin fit layer cushion (4 shades) 38,000 won
Nothing to say here other then I like the packaging and it makes me want to watch Great Gatsby again and get depressed for a month all over again.

Chosungah 22
-tangle super berry essence 32,000 won
-tangle super berry cream 55,000 won

The older I’m getting, the more into essences, serums and toners.  These look somewhat interesting but at the same time, not really?  Makes me want to have a smoothie though.

Clio prism air eye palette (2 versions) 38,000 won
I’m itching so hard to try this!!!  The colors look gorgeous and I have tried their single eyeshadows before.  Their prism eyeshadows remind me a lot of Mac’s extra dimension shadows, silky, creamy and pigmented. I can’t decide which palette I like more, the coral or pink.

Clio kill cover founwear cushion XP (3 shades) 32,000 won
Clio kill cover glow cushion (3 shades) 32,000 won
Clio, alongside Moonshot now, is one of those brands where they come out with something new and I automatically know it is going to be high quality.  I’ve tried a few of their foundations/ BB cushions and they’re always good.  They’ve come out with two more in the Kill cover line, and I’m not sure if it is a repackage, a limited edition packaging or it is truly new.  Either way, I’m down to try it and might pick one up the next time I’m doing my shopping round.

Clio nudisum hyaluronic cover cushion 32,000 won
Oh my gosh thank god they got rid of the gross net thing that was giving everyone the heebee jeebes.  Even I couldn’t look at promo pictures of it without it triggering my trypophobia.  It was just yuck!!  They’ve not only discontinued that gross one but have revised it and now have a hyaluronic acid version whoo whoo!!  This sounds amazing for my dry skin.

Codeglokolor fix on foundation (2 shads) 25,000 won
Codeglokolor fix on primer 20,000 won
Wow here is a brand I haven’t seen for a while.  I was scrolling through the Korean blogs and came across Codeglokolor again.  They were actually one of the first brands I tried back in the days and I still have the cushion!  I don’t use it since it is obviously expired but this brings back memories.

Cosrx cica line (unreleased)
Ohh here’s some new Cosrx that will be released next week!  I think they are revising their Centella line and now have expanded them to a serum, cream, and toner.  Hmm does that mean they’ll be discontinuing the Centella toner in the spray bottle?

Dear dahlia
-secret garden collection

-blooming edition secret garden palette (3 versions) 62,000 won
-lip paradise sheer dew tinted lipstick (3 shades) 34,000 won
-aurora shine lip treatment 31,000 won
-soft focus shine control powder 38,000 won
-dual palette blusher duo (4 shades) 32,000 won
-pure moisture cushion foundation (2 shades) 46,000 won

Dear Dahlia is another one of those brands which I’ve always wanted to try, but the price just doesn’t justify it.  From the looks of it, they are trying to cater more towards the American market and have done mass marketing with American influencers.  If one day the opportunity presents itself for me to try it, maybe I’ll change my mind but for now, its a meh.

Dr belmeur advanced cica touch lip balm (3 shades) 12,000 won
Although I don’t think the face shop has the highest quality products, their Dr Belmeur line is pretty phenomenal. I love their cica recovery cream and I’m currently testing out the new serum.  I’ve been impressed with most of what I’ve tried and now they have lip balms, my favorite product to hoard.

Dr belmeur marula oil 35,000 won
They also have their own marula oil but the ordinary has one for less than $10 or so, so this is kind of meh.  I have been using marula oil for couple of months and I definitely feel my skin more hydrated on the days I do use it.

Eglips hello nana cara (2 shades) 11,000 won
Eglips hellow wonder liner (3 shades) 10,000 won
Eglips is a brand I love, mostly for its affordable price and decent products.  Their best selling product is their pressed setting powder, most likely made famous by a few of Pony’s videos of her featuring it.  They’ve come out with a liquid liner and mascara!  I’d love to try their liquid liner to compare to the phenomenal ones I got in Japan.  Japan’s liquid liner is another frinkin level.  Even if you want it to come off, it most likely won’t LOL.

Eglips x Barbie
-limited edition blur powder 11,000 won
-misty velvet tint (4 shades) 11,000 won
-color fit eye palette 22,000 won

Here’s a collection that no one was really excited for.  Who in their right mind would make a whole collaboration collection for just three products  Not only that, collaborating with Barbie is so overdone to the point of the public not caring for it anymore.  The only product I’d recommend if you are adamant on getting something from the collection, I know for sure the blur powder is a good buy.  Wait wait but it is normally about $5.  WTF is going on….

Espoir Honey mellow eyeshadow  32,000 won
Ohhh I’m usually pretty intrigued with Espoir but this palette is so underwhelming.  The packaging is too bulky and there’s only 6 eyeshadows and a cheek.  Blah…

Espoir lipstick no wear chiffons matte (8 shades) 20,000 won
Now we’re talking!  These lipstick shades look stunning and gorgeous packaging to go with it.  I personally have loved the velvet trend and now there’s something called chiffon matte.  I wonder what the difference is and what the texture is like.

Espoir no wear gentle matte red meets yellow 20,000 won
Interestingly… they release one lipstick shade and spotlight the shiz out of it.

Espoir pro tailor be silk cushion (5 shades) 35,000 won
Espoir’s pro tailor foundation is one of the cult favorites, but I wasn’t too impressed with it (both the moisture and the original version).  I believe this cushion is the original semi-matte finish if you guys are interested in getting this cushion.  But for this price, I’d just get the foundation since you get more product (I’m cheap like that hehe).

Espoir real eye palette (3 versions) 32,000 won
Maybe this is just perspective but these eyeshadow palettes look way nicer than the honey one even though it is the same price and a smaller palette LOL.  So damn bias… wonders of how the human mind work haha.

Espoir nomuding brush liner (2 shades) 17,000 won
Espoir nomuding mascara waterproof XP (3 shade) 22,000 won
Oh la la, more liquid eyeliner.  Tempted.  I’m super picky with mascaras so I’m never really tempted with new mascaras. I have super long and stick straight lashes, and the only formulas that work for me are super waterproof ones to keep the curl up all-day.

Etude house Heart blossom collection
-heart blossom cheek (2 shades) 8,000 won
-heart blossom lip talk (5 shades) 11,000 won
-veil fix volume mascara (2 shads) 14,000 won
-play color eyes heart blossom (4 versions) 18,000 won
-cherry blossom meringue puff 5,550 won
-UV double-cut fresh sun gel heart blossom 12,000 won

It is that time again when sakura is all the rage.  I actually love it when it is sakura season!  I have a giant sakura tree outside my house and have grown up with me since I was a kid.  It used to be a skinny twig and now it is a strong fat monster of a tree.  Most of the products in this collection are repackaged (mascara, lipsticks and such) while the eyeshadow palette and blush are new shades?  I’m intrigued with the blush solely for its sakura imprints but I’ve tried their blushes and it’s a little too powdery for my dry skin.

Etude House mood matte (10 shades) 12,000 won
OHHHH finally a collection of lipsticks that aren’t just red!!!  These got me all kinds of wet yeaaaa. Look at all them nudessssssssss.

Etude Houseplay color eyes mini (4 versions) 14,4000 won
I’ve kinda given up on Etude House eyeshadow palettes.  They are super hit or miss and when they are a miss (like their wine palette), they are completely unusable.  When they are a hit though, they are bomb.  I’ll wait for someone to try these out before I cave to buy one but all these shades are very underwhelming.

Etude House play color eyes sandhill 21,000 won
Is it just me or the packaging for this eyeshadow palette looks exactly like the 3CE one.  The same comment applies for this palette.  Hit or miss so spend your money wisely.

Hera glow lasting foundation (12 shades) 65,000 won
One awesome thing about high-end foundations is that there are wayyyy more choices of shades.  Unfortunately, it is $65 LOL.  I think I can speak for the majority of us who love K-beauty for its affordability. Nonetheless, the name got me and my dry skin lusting and I may pick this up.

Hera Rainbow illusion collection
-sensual spicy nude balm (2 shades) 35,000 won
-rainbow illusion collection multi palette 80,000 won

Now, this is a collection worthy of promoting!! Both the palette and the lipstick look stunning and I’ve been seeing a lot of their lip tint/ liquid lipsticks and they look so bomb!  The lipstick has a really unique green shade that turns into a pink tone on the lips too!Hera sensual spicy nude gloss (4 shades) 35,000 won
Tell me these don’t look gorgeous!  I dare you!  The packaging is stunning and the shades are very well formulated without that super unnatural neon undertone.  I’m in loveee!

Hera sensual spicy nude balm (6 shades) 35,000 won

“Anti-aging to increase skin viability in the city’s irritation.
Hera’s activating cell serum.
In just 1 day, skin barrier (+8359)/ Shine (+48)
Elasticity (+58%)/ Transparency (+3.8)”

Hera youth activating cell serum 95,000 won
This is what I call selling hopes and dreams in a bottle.  I don’t know what the ingredients are, but it rubs me the wrong way when company hardcore sells expensive products and claim it can save your skin even if you’ve been abusing it for years before that.  Don’t fall for it, start early, be smart and wear sunscreen.

Hince tintfit shine (5 shades) 14,000 won
Hince is a brand I’ve only recently come across but found their products very intriguing, very millennial, reminiscing Glossier but a lot of companies are trying to be Glossier these days.  Their packaging is minimal, their approach is your skin but better and their products are fun and young.

Hince true dimension radiance balm (6 shades) 29,000 won
They currently only have three products (cream blushers, lip gloss, and nail polish) but I have high hopes for this brand.  I’m really in love with their true dimension radiance balm!  They look so hydrating with a hint of color for the cheeks.  Most will say it is nothing but a tinted vaseline look but the older I’m getting, the more understated I want my look to be. I will get my hands on this one way or another!!

Holika Holika Mechnikoff probiotic collection
-hydrating toner 35,000 won
-balancing emulsion 37,000 won
-renewing serum 38,000 won
-radiance cream 42,000 won

Here is another probiotic skincare line I almost go but it is SO expensive.  If anyone has tried probiotic skincare, do let me know how it went for you.  I’m almost tempted to just mix in a probiotic pill into my skincare LOL.  I still need to read into what it actually does and how it can benefit my skin.

Holika Holika Pearly collection
-flash collection eyeshadow quad (3 shades) 15,000 won
-dough blusher (3 shades) 12,000 won
-veil-like lipstick (5 shades) 12,000 won
-flash edge highlighter 8,500 won
-piece matching nail polish (4 shades) 3,000 won
-tone up cream (2 versions: glow, fresh) 15,200 won

Although this collection looks pretty boring, their eyeshadow quads are always super buttery and pigmented.  The first quad I tried from them was their Gudetama collaboration and it blew me out of the water!  Holika Holika used to be quite low in my top five roadshop brands, but they are definitely in a solid top 5 spot.

Holika Holika good cera super ceramide cream in serum special set 25,000 won
Speaking of favorites, Holika Holika’s super cera line is one of my favorites!!  Their super cera cream is one of the products I’ve repurchased over three times now and is a good dupe for Dr. Jart’s ceramide line without the high price tag.

Holika Holika heart crush glow tint air (11 shades) 11,000 won
I got a lip Holic lip tint last time that was glossy but stained your lips very naturally. I can’t seem to find the name and it looks like it has been discontinued.  Either way, I’ve grown a fondness for the brand’s lip products and these look gorgeous, with a nice mix of neutrals and brights. For $11, not bad and it would most likely be discounted on Jolse.  I don’t know how Jolse manages to have such amazing sales but they always have awesome sales.

Huxley mist; sense of balance
Huxley oil mist; sense of balance
Huxley will be coming out with two face mists!  I have no details on them other than the fact that there are two versions.  I’ve tried a few of the brand’s products but it doesn’t work for my dry skin.  It is way too light and pretty much does nothing.  It is also quite an expensive brand, hence why you’ve never really seen me talk about them ever.

Innisfree brightening pore line
-serum 35,000 won
-spot treatment 28,000 won
-facial cleanser 10,000 won
-pore skin 25,000 won
-priming cream 28,000 won
sleeping mask 20,000 won

You know that feeling when you look at someone and instantly don’t like them, but for no good reason nor have they provoked you ever?  Well, that is kind of like Innisfree for me.  For some reason, I can’t seem to like them but I have since tried their orchid cream and it is quite decent.  My hatred has lessened a little bit, maybe because I’ve had the perspective that Innisfree is built more for normal to oily skin type?  Anyways, they’ve come out with this brightening pore line and it looks half decent?  I kind of want to try the priming cream and sleeping mask to see if it is any good hehe.

Innisfree cherry blossom picker edition
-jeju color picker cherry tinted cheek 8,000 won
-lip tinted stick (3 shades) 8,000 won
-dashing diva stick on nails 9,800 won

Seems like everyone is using the 9 pan eyeshadow packaging as their standard eh?  Nothing in this collection screams to me other than the background LOL.  I’ll keep my money, thank you.

Iope retinol expert 0.1% 80,000 won
This is for all my retinol fans ;).  HOLY SHIT its $80, I didn’t realize it was that expensive yikes.

Isntree Cica reli ampoule 36,000 won
Isntree Cica relief cream 28,00 won
I’m guessing cica/ centella isn’t a dead trend yet right?  That I am happy about because centella is a new favorite of mine and I’m living for it.  Isatree has come out with two new Centella products and I’m totally intrigued.  I got to test out their hyaluronic acid essence and it was pretty bomb.

Laneige cream skin line
-cream skin mist 25,000 won
-cream skin quick skin pack 30,000 won
-cream skin milk oil cleanser 32,000 won

With the widely successful cream skin release, they have now expanded and added three new products to the line.  Although I think the cream skin was good, I’m not gaga over the new releases other than the oil cleanser, maybe.  The cream skin mist, you could easily put the cream skin in a bottle and mist it out of any spray bottle you have.  The skin pack you can use the original product, soak a cotton pad with it and there you go.

Laneige glowy make up serum 28,000 won
Hmm this seems to be a lightweight version of my beloved Missha skin glow balm but in a serum form.  It is said to be able to make your make up stronger and more durable, give you an instant healthy glow, moisturizing care all in a serum-like soft moisture gel texture.  Definitely interested!

Laneige Radian-c cream 29,000 won
Laneige doesn’t come out with a ton of new skincare in a year, which I kind of appreciate.  This new vitamin C moisturizer is supposed to even your skintone, brighten your complexion while hydrating it.  There are a lot of vitamin C products that burn my skin, so I’m wondering if this one will do the same.

Laneige skin veil cover foundation (4 shades) 34,000 won
Usually, I’m able to guess what the finish or formulation is for a product from the name, but this one I have no clue.  It can either be a light to medium finish or full coverage. My guess is that it is kind of like Nars sheer glow foundation, sounds like a lightweight foundation but it is actually a high coverage with a semi-matte finish.  Confused, are you?  So am I.

Lilybyred love tarot blusher palette (2 versions) 24,000 won
Lilybyred have been on the market for a while but they haven’t really made a splash.  They’re a brand that is marketed as unisex but other than that, nothing really screams special.  But wait, when you scroll down you might scream hehe.

Lilybyred mood it palette (2 versions) 17,000 won
If I’m not mistaken, I think these are contour palettes? The cool tone one looks niceeee.  There isn’t a lot of online shops that carry Lilybyred.  I do think Olive young global carries the brand though.

Lilybyred x Esther bunny collection
-cotton blur cushion Esther bunny edition (3 shades) 18,000 won
-Mood cinema matte ending lipstick (2 shades) 11,000 won
-dryer velvet tint (3 shades) 9,000 won
-mood cheat kit shadow palette 26,000 won

I love Esther bunny!! It is so cute and I can’t believe no one posted this collection.  Now, this is a collection I’m willing to spend money on.  Come to think of it, I have an eyeliner and brow pencil from Lilybyred that I forgot I had.

Here’s a super new brand for you guys, Midha.  They are a brand I recently came across and it reminded me a lot of a J-beauty brand I saw in Tokyo called Yojiya.  The packaging is very simplistic and all their products are based on rice.Rice is one of the top hydrating ingredients that work really well with my dry skin.  I’m excited to see where they will be selling because I wanttttt!!

Missha M perfect Blanc BB (4 shades) 20,000 won
It has been a while since I used BB cream, but Missha got me back into using them with this new release.  Yes, I have this in hand and will be testing out soon but one of you guys was hyping it up so hard for me!  She said it was the best BB cream she has used with great coverage and the dew of her life.

Missha Cotton mix blusher (4 shades) 15,000 won
Pretty but meh…

Missha M perfect cover BB cream (4 shades) 18,000 won
I’m wondering if they are getting rid of the original BB cream that made them oh so famous back in the day?  The packaging is the same, with the tube and the pump but with much nicer branding.  I’m guessing this is the one with higher coverage while the blanc BB is for those who want a dewy finish.

Missha ultra power proof mascara (3 shades) 14,000 won

Missha radiance collection
-radiance perfect fit foundation (6 shades) 23,000 won
-radiance perfect fit cushion (4 shades) 20,000 won

Like I’ve mentioned, Missha has been on frinkin fire lately and I would love to try this radiance line… for the science of course ;).

Missha Safe block sun (4 versions) 21,800 won
-RX all powerful (cools and soothes heated skin without stimulation; smooth and moist formula with ceramide)
-RX Hyalron soothing sun (hydrates dry skin with 6 hyaluronic acids; cools heated skin)
-RX Zinc tone up (cools + soothes, rosy tone correction on dull and uneven skin)
-RX cover tone up (cools and soothes, covers skin with natural ivory color + brightens skintone)

For those of you who asked what the difference is between all the four versions, there you go.  I was torn between the soothing sun and the all-powerful, but I picked up the all-powerful in the end since with my experience, “cooling” usually means there is something minty in the formula and I’m not down for the mint oils in it.  All-powerful has ceramides, which my skin loves, so I ended up with that version.

Missha time revolution artemisia calming moisture cream 39,000 won
I don’t remember if the artemisia line has been out for a while or not, but I absolutely loved the original time revolution serum so this kind of intrigues me.  I haven’t tried anything with artemisia in it, and I actually remembered wrong, thinking this was a mugwort line.  Anyways, they have now added a calming moisture cream to the line!  Have you guys tried this line before and what are your thoughts?

Missha the time revolution red algae treatment essence 29,000 won
This is a new product they’ve been promoting pretty hard as well!  It seems like they have branched their time revolution line to a couple of new lines now hmm. Red algae sound pretty interesting!

Nature republic blush palette (2 versions)
I’m sorry but I can’t seem to find it on the website for the time being.

Nature republic vitapair C
gel cream 24,900 won
-dark spot serum 24,900 won
-toner + cotton pad 18,900 won

I wonder what the correlation is with companies releasing all the same things all at the same time.  Centella and vitamin C products seem to be trending for the time being.  Either they are trending or they are just running out of ideas and products to release.

Paparecipe micro repair honey micro repair serum
This product isn’t released yet but will be soon.  For those of you who liked their honey masks, I think you might like this!  I personally found the mask way too fragranced and wasn’t as hydrating as I wanted it to be for a propolis product.

Peri Pera all take mood palette (2 versions) 19,000 won
No comment.  Underwhelming af.

Peri Perea double long wear cover concealer (3 shades) 6,000 won
I am somewhat interested in Peri Pera’s new concealers, solely for the fact that they are a sister company of Clio and I love Clio’s concealers.  These are super affordable, so I’ll definitely pick one up and test it out to see if it is the same, if not close to the Clio ones.

Peri Pera ink airy velvet (4 new shades) 9,000 won
Peri Pera’s ink lasting lip tints are a cult classic, so you really can’t go wrong with any of the formulas or shades.  These are a good buy and are super pigmented!

Pony effect enamel lip lacquer (6 shades)
For some reason, Memebox Korea’s website (they house Pony effect’s brand) is down at the moment, so there is no way I can find the price for you guys.  I really loved their favorite fluid lip tints and it pains me to have to throw them away, even though they are super expired.  These look similar but a bit more pigmented.  I’m determined to get these in my hands!

Pony effect powder touch lip color

Pony effect prime protect sun base

Primera cold drop serum super black seed 53,000 won
Primera is another brand I love but haven’t tried a lot of their products.  I have their sleeping lip mask which I’ve used the crap out of, even the writing on the packaging has rubbed off.  That is how much I loved it.  This cold drop super black seed serum sounds super interesting!!  Wantttt

Purito all care recovery cica-aid 51 patches for $8.80
Most companies are coming out with their version of the pimple patches and Purito has now entered the chat with their centella infused patches.  For $8.80, you get 51 patches! Not bad of a buy.

Tony Moly
-shocking lip blur (5 shades) 12,000 won

-perfect eyes mood eye palette (08 shocking mood) 22,800 won
-mood on blusher (4 shades) 12,000 won

Tony moly’s quality has always been meh.  Only their gel liner back in the day was pretty good, but all their skincare and make up has never impressed me enough to want to invest my energy in their brand.

Sulwhasoo x à Paris chez Antoinette Poisson collection
-midnight brightening cushion (3 shades) 68,000 won
-perfecting cushion (3 shades) 65,000 won
-essential lip serum stick (2 shades) 40,000 won

I love Sulwhasoo’s limited edition cushions! They are always super pretty, but this one would get dirty so easily!  I’ve tried their perfecting cushion and it is one of the best adherence and coverage cushions by far, but I didn’t get the right shade when I tried it hehe.  Their cushions is a hard YES buy (if you have the money for it hehe).

Sulwhasoo UV wise brightening multi-protection (2 versions: milky tone up, creamy glow) 60,000 won

Thank you farmer Ganghwa Gyodong rice line
-clear pack foam cleanser 18,000 won
-rice clear essential toner 28,000 won
-rice clear gel cream 34,000 won

Thank you farmer, one of my top favorite skincare brands, came out with their own rice line!!  They’re actually sending it to me and I’m so excited for it!!!! AHHHHH like I mentioned before, rice is amazing for my dry skin.  Not only does it brighten, but it is also very nourishing and hydrating for my dull and sad skin.  I’m so excited to test it out for you guys!!!

The face shop Coca cola collection
-ink lasting cushion (2 shades) 22,000 won
-cotton lip tint (5 shades) 10,000 won

If you guys are itching to get something from this collection, the ink lasting cushion is pretty good cushion!  I got to test it out not too long ago and it has good coverage and good adherence.  Check out my review here!

The face shop fmgt collection
-monopop multi palette signature 29,000 won
-monopop cheek palette signature 18,000 won
-ink lasting powder foundation signature (2 shade) 22,000 won
-ink lasting foundation (2 shades) 18,000 won
-ink lasting cushion signature (2 shades) 22,000 won
-rouge satin moisture signature (5 shades) 15,000 won

Hmm from the looks of it, the cushion is the same as the coke one?  I think it would all come down to which case you like better.  As for the rest of the collection, its blah LOL.  Sorry, just being honest.

The face shop jeju volcanic line (unreleased)
Jeju volcano line eh?  I wonder which brand already has that *Innisfree cough cough*.  I’d love to see someone compare the two!  Not me because I don’t like the pore volcanic mask.  That shit dries the shit out of my skin.

Thefaceshop rouge mini kit (3 sets) 29,000 won
These sets actually look promising!!  $30 for 6 shades really isn’t bad!!  Maybe I’ll try them ;).

Yehwadam x Grace Ciao 
-vitality circulation essence 45,000 won
-first treatment essence 32,000 won

When I first saw the promo pictures for Yehwadam collaboration, I thought it was the same artist as one of Etude House’s past collaboration called Dreaming swan with the artist Kerrie Hess.  The artistic style is way too similar and the lady’s dress is pretty much exactly the same…  I feel like someone is gonna get sued.

Then I met you
-calming tide gel cream $42
-birch milk refining toner $32
-the giving essence $50
-living cleansing balm $38
-soothing tea cleansing gel $36

If you guys aren’t familiar with Charlotte Cho, she is the founder of Sokoglam, on online K-beauty realtor alongside Peach and Lily and Glow recipe.  They all started around the same time and have successfully branched into creating their own brands.  With the help of social media and the skincare influencers, Then I met you is another Americanized K-beauty brand with Instagramable products.  The periwinkle is very recognizable and their journey all started with their living cleansing balm $38.  If that isn’t enough, they’ve gotten Michelle Phan on board with shout outs and producing the brand’s promo videos too!  Talk about two businesswomen and the power of the internet.

Glow recipe:
-watermelon glow lip pop $22

watermelon glow ultra fine mist $28
watermelon glow sleeping mask $45
watermelon glow pink juice moisturizer $39

banana souffle moisture cream $39
avocado melt retinol sleeping mask $49
blueberry bounce gentle cleanser $34
pineapple C bright serum $49

Here’s a brand I’ve never talked about, glow recipe.  If you guys haven’t caught up to the brand, they used to be an online retailer selling other brand’s products.  They are more of an Americanized K-beauty brand but they are very well-loved in both the K-beauty and western beauty world. You can find all their products at Sephora.  Their latest edition is the banana cream and it smells just like banana milk, for those of you who are familiar with that drink.

Too cool for school by rodin all that palette (2 versions) 25,000 won
Wow, its been a while since Too cool for school has come out with new products.  The new releases so far are all palettes of things they already have.  This palette is totally not worth $25 in my opinion.  If you do want a palette from them, I’d suggest the ones down below if you’ve been itching to try their art class line.

Too cool for school artclass Byrodin artistic book 49,000 won
If you already love their iconic contour powder and want the highlighter and blush to go with it in a slim compact, this would be a decent choice.  But each product retails for $17 each, times that by 3 would be $51.  If you already have two of these products, I would just get the last one separately.  Don’t waste your money.  If you don’t have any of the three, then many consider this palette only if you are always on the go and need something compact.  If you guys need reviews for the contour, blush and highlighter, check out my review here.

Too cool for school art class by rodin blusher (3 shades) 17,000 won
Ohh they came out with three new shades!  The original I tried was decent cut I think the darker shade would have better pigmentation.  I’m so eyeing that one to the right.

Too cool for school
-egg collagen melting ampoule 28,00 won
-hyaluronic melting patch 3,000 won

I actually forgot TFCS makes skincare haha.  When I think of their brand, I think mostly of their cosmetics. Is it just me or do you guys feel the same way too?

Beauty of Joseon centella asiatica calming mask $2.50 for one, $23 for 10 sheet masks
I told you centella is not dead!!  Although I haven’t tried Beauty of Joseon yet, I’m totally lusting over these sheet masks.  Their moisturizer set people on a frenzy when the brand disappeared for a while.  Beauty of Joseon team, call me ;).

Tia’m unreleased sunscreen
No news on what this sunscreen is or when it is released, but if I take a wild guess, I’m guessing this is their brand from the vitamin C?  Who knows, only time will tell.

Dr Jart ceramidin cream mist
Hmm I can’t seem to find the price for their cream mist nor is it on Sephora just yet.  I’ve always wanted to own their ceramide cream but its so pricy T_T.

Dr Jart cica cushion (No news again and website doesn’t have a Korean version anymore…)

Moonshot micro glassy fit cushion (3 shades) 28,000 won, refill 18,000 won
Oh, you best believe I ALREADY HAVE THIS IN MY POSSESSION.  Glassyskin cushion and it’s from Moonshot?  Fuck yes.  I reviewed their latest foundation and it is frinkin bomb.  It gives you the most flawless looking skin UGH.  It is a truly real-life filter without being heavy on the skin either.  I Will report when I review this in the following week.

Moonshot pure layered palette (2 versions) 25,000 won
Although this looks very underwhelming, I’m curious to try Moonshot’s powder products.  So far, I’ve only tried their primer, two cushions, and a foundation.  I’ve also tried their jelly eyeshadow but that was kind of meh.

Moonshot tintfit shine (5 shades) 14,000 won
All of these shades look nice and would make my lips look juicy and natural <3. Come to mama.

VDL x Pantone classic blue
-expert color multi-book (2 versions) 48,000 won
-lumilayer primer 21,000 won
-boost primer 32,000 won
-expert perfect fit cushion (4 shades) 32,000 won
-beauty finisher 24,000 won
-multicolor auto pencil liner (5 shades) 25,000 won
-multicolor auto pencil lip liner (3 shades) 25,000 won

VDL has had its collaboration with Pantone for more than 5 years now, and this year’s classic blue theme is quite boring.  Blue.. kind of represents 2020 though.  If they wanted to do blue, they should have been a bit braver and come out with blue shadows in that palette.  Not one blue color anywhere…boringggggg.

VYVYD studio eye flash palette (2 versions) 42,000 won
FINALLY, a brand that is interesting!!!  I came across VYVYD studios on Instagram and they only have about 5 products but they are all so interesting!  Their eyeshadow palettes look stunning and the color story isn’t generic.  I’m so sick of browns, pinks and orange.  Like its time to come up with interesting shit people.  I’ve been bored since the last time I did this what’s new series.

VYVYD studio lip flash mat (16 shades) 24,000 won
Hmm matte lipsticks, I thought that trend died couple years back.  Gimme some velvet formulas and we’ll talk ;).

VYVYD studio cheek flash blusher (8 shades) 34,000 won

VYVYD studio cheek flash highlighter (8 shades) 34,000 won
Look at those purple highlighters!!!  I’m drooling.  #24 looks stunning too!  I’m guessing it might be a duo-chrome shade, what I call dragon scale colors.  Has anyone tried this brand’s face products and how are they??

OH, my hot nuggets… I’m finally done!!!!!!!  This took a solid four days of continuous research, screenshotting, editing, and writing.  My wrist needs a bit of rest but I hope you guys enjoy this roundup.  Cheers~

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