What’s new in K-beauty vol.5

whats-new-in-k-beauty-vol-5What’s up world!  Been a while since I did “what’s new in K-beauty” but again, there wasn’t much happening in the K-beauty world.  Couple collections here and there but since the holidays is just around the corner, I got more things to show you whoo whoo! From rainbow highlighter to jelly contour it is time to jump right into it. Let’s go~ (*≧▽≦)

apieu-x-rilakkumaA’pieu seems to be continuing their collaboration with Rilakkuma and I’m definitely not mad about that.  All of the products they come out with is pretty good quality, sometimes it is hit or miss but with that affordable price, I don’t mind getting some duds here and there since there are more amazing products then there are duds.  At first, I thought those palettes were just lip colors but looking more into it, it has a little bit of everything and now I want them HAHA. There are also these things called vitabalms which I think is just a multi-use ballm that you can use on your face and body.

-A’pieu mini make up box (2 eyeshadows, 1 cream highlighter, 1 concealer, 2 lip colour) 2 versions   14,000 won
-A’pieu Vitabalm (3 versions)  7,000 won
-A’pieu melting hand balm (set for 13,500 or 1 for 4,500 won)
-A’pieu one touch gel nail deco kit  9,000 won
-A’pieu honey glow serum tint  (5 shades)   2,500 won each

apieu-rilakkumaThe best part of this never-ending Rilakkuma collection must be the lip products!!  I already love their milk honey sleeping mask (the one in the jar), so I’d definitely jump on these products.  I’m eyeing the lip oil right beside it hehehehehe.

Left to right:
-A’pieu honey & milk lip scrub 4,000 won
-A’pieu honey & milk lip balm 5,000 won
-A’pieu honey & milk lip serum 6,000 won
-A’pieu honey & milk lip oil 5,000 won
-A’pieu honey & milk lip sleeping pack 5,000 won

banila-co-pink-panther-2Banila Co honestly to me is one of those brands I kind of forget they are there.  I know they are super famous for their clean it zero cleansing balm but other then that, that’s about it.  Their make up is too pricey for my taste and from the reviews I have seen, it is only mediocre.  They recently came out with a Pink Panther collection to promote their clean it zero foam cleanser and their clean it zero cleansing balms in two sizes (100 mL and 180 mL).

-Banila Co foam cleanser 12,000 won
-Banila Co clean it zero cleansing balm 100 mL 18,000 won
-Banila Co clean it zero cleansing balm 180 mL 25,000 won

banila-co-pink-pantherThere also seems to be some gift with purchase.  I think if you spend $10+, you get the gift bag and stickers.  $20 you get a headband (I think?) and $40+ you get the pouch.  Tempted with the headband hehe but not really into the products.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-9-09-27-pmThey also have a new contour line called “so contouring.  The most interesting product is definitely the tinted jelly which I’m imagining it to be the same texture as those Maybelline bounce blushes, not sure if those are discontinued or not.

-Banila co so contouring cake 22,000 won
-Banila Co so contouring tinted jelly 22,000 won
-Banila Co so contouring twin stick 18,000 won
-Banila Co so contouring hair line duo (can’t find price)

cosrx-moisture-padCosrx one step moisture up pad 17,500 won

Cosrx about two weeks ago came out with a “one step moisture up pad” which is the moisture version of the super famous pimple pad.  Do keep in mind these do not aid in pimples/ blemishes but tackles dry, dull and dehydrated skin which I have whoo whoo!!  I can finally join the pad party.  If you want more info on this, click here!  I did make a quick blog post on it already.

espoir-fake-fur-collectionespoir-fake-fur-collection-2Espoir is a brand I haven’t got too into since the prices are more mid to high range.  Hopefullu I can try them out more in the future but for now, we shall window shop.  They came out with a really gorgeous collection called “fake fur” holiday collection and my eyes is shot right to the cheek palette. So pretty!!

-Espoir fake fur cheek palette 32,000 won
-Espoir fake fur lipstick 19,000 won (2 shades)  19,900 won
-Espoir fake fur pouch 20,000 won

espoir-long-wear-gel-browThey also came out with their own brow gels retailing for 18,000 won which is the same price as the Anastasia brow pomades.  If you have noticed, K-beauty sometimes product products that look very similar or almost dupes to Western make up since the import mark ups are pretty insane other there.  So people would rather buy dupes from K-beauty companies then spend double on products other there.  I kind of am excited to get my hands on theses since I have a feeling the colours would work better with my yellow undertones.

espoir-long-wear-gel-brow-2They do offer six shades which look like a decent selection.

etude-house-duo-creamIf you guys don’t know, Etude House’s moistful collagen line has been super popular for a long time.  Apparently it is super hydrating for a lot of people but I did try it and didn’t enjoy it as much as most of you guys.  They recently came out with a a half and half cream retailing for 20,000 won which contains half of their “moistful collagen cream” which is great for during the day and the other half is “moistful collagen” deep cream for night time.  these look a whole lot better for my skin type and I might give it a try.


etude-house-honey-wrapping-maskAnother skincare product recently released is their Honey cera wrapping mask which is a wash off mask.  It kind of reminds me of I’m from I’m real honey mask which I absolutely love but this one only retails for 13,000 won.

etude-house-linerThese liquid liners called “calligraphy brush liner” looks pretty awesome actually.  I do like brush tips and these have an angled tip so I wonder how the formula is with these liners.  Each of them retail for 12,000 won and there are four shades (black, brown, caramel brown, deep navy).

etude-house-perfume-atomizerEtude House also came out with their own perfum atomizer which is always nice to have, especially those who like to carry perfume around with them on the go.  These retail for 4,000 won each.

innisfree-holidayInnisfree always comes out with a tasteful holiday collection!  Everything looks super cute but I’m still not motivated to try their products unfortunately. 😛 Let me know what is your favourite Innisfree products and maybe I’ll be more motivated to try them out.

-Innisfree holiday candle special wish(santa version) & full of joy (reindeer) 18,000 won
-Innisfree holiday soaps (tree + star) 12,000 won

-Innisfree green tea seed cream 28,000 won
-Innisfree second skin mask 13,500 won
-Innisfree christmas miniature body set (two version) 7,000 won
-Innisfree holiday hand cream set 10,000 won
-Innisfree holiday nail sets (2 version) 9,000 won

-Innisfree holiday compact case 8,000 won

Laneige usually doesn’t really catch my attention since I don’t seem to like their famous sleeping mask and the rest of the line is a little to pricey for me, therefore I haven’t tried too much just yet.  I have tried their emulsion and I love it enough to finish the whole bottle hehe.  Their holiday collection is absolutely gorgeous this year and the sparkly design is to die for!!

laneige-holiday-2016Just to note, the lip balms is actually not a set for 18,000 won.  I would know because I wanted to order it thinking it was a set and it wasn’t unfortunately.

Laneige holiday

Peri Pera powerpuff girls collectionPeri Pera came out with a cute collaboration with one of my childhood cartoons, Powerpuff girls!  I used to watch that show whenever it came on cable and loved it!  The packaging is super cute but I didn’t have much luck with their BB cushion. I do know their lip products are really amazing, especially the lip tints.

peri-pera-powerpuff-girls-2-Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls lasting ink pink BB cushion 12,000 won
-Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls trio air puffs   4,000 won
-Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls Peri’s water tint (2 shades)   7,000 won
-Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls Peri’s ink stick (4 shades)   10,000 won
Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls tap tap trio eyes (3 palettes) 12,800 won
-Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls ink blackcara mascara   12,000 won
-Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls hand cream 3,500 won each or 10,500 won for set
-Peri Pera x Powerpuff girls nail stickers 5,600 won each

Peri Pera powerpuff girlsI think if you get the mascara, you get a sleeping mack which is a cute gift with purchase.

pony-effect-brush-setPony effect always seems to have something new coming out.  Every time I finish up reviewing her new products,  more come out HAHA.  It’s never ending but I’m not complaining because I absolutely love testing out her products.  I’ve been having really good luck with her brand, just some duds that I’d love to see being improved on but most of them are pretty interesting and unique.  She recently came out with a mini brush set in the gorgeous rose gold touch.  I can’t seem to find the brushes at the moment on the website but if my memory serves me right, these retailed for 35,000 won five brushes.

Pony effect velvet outfit lipstickReleased just in time for the holidays, she also came out with three new and unique shades of her outfit velvet lipstick.  Retailing for 23,000 won each, she came out with a shade called “fearless” which looks to be a beige nude with a golden frost finish, moonlight sonata which looks like a creamy black and dark fantasy a berry red with a duo chrome finish with fine blue and purple shimmers.  All of the shades are so unique and something I’ve never seen coming from a K-beauty company.


Pony effect eyeshadow palettePony effect master eye palette (matte + shimmer version)  38,000 won

Also Pony effect came out with two eyeshadow palettes in packaging that is similar to her conceptual eye quads which was released a while back.  Instead of just four shades, these come with eight shades and there are two versions, a shimmer and a matte one.  From the swatches I have seen for these (click here for matte palette swatches, here for shimmer palette swatches), they look super pigmented and the shades are super unique. The matte palette contains pretty interesting shades like the forest teal green called “undisclosed” and also a beautiful dark amethyst plum shades called “hypnotized”.  The rest of the palette is quite neutral so you can use this palette everyday looks and then pump it up for the night time with the two signature shades.

The shimmer palette’s color selection is also gorgeous.  I love duo chrome eyeshadows, which this palette has two, “odd” which is one of those dragon scale colors as I like to call it that is a reddish shade with fine green shimmers, and “eccentric” which is a lavender grape colour with a duo chrome finish that has fine light blue shimmers.  There is even a gorgeous olive shade called “stoked” and the rest of the shade are quite neutral and easy to work with.

Bonvivant hydro nude gel maskBonvivant has been killing it in the sheet mask game if I do say so myself.  I get excited everytime they come out with sheet masks and this time they finally came out with hydrogel masks!!  Retailing for 2,000 won each, they have three versions to these hydrogel masks, blue being moisturizing, teal being relax and purple for firming.

Skinfood vita color fruits roll stickSkinfood vita colour fruit roll stick 15,000 won

Skinfood honestly seems to be coming out with new lip products all the time.  This time they came out with a product called “vita colour fruits roll stick” which I’m not too sure what it is.  I think it is a balm on the outside and a lipstick on the inside.  Or it could be designed like that for an easier gradation lip.  I absolutely have no clue unfortunately.

Skinfood x BBHTo join the holiday fun, Skinfood has also come out with a new line just in time for the holidays.  Although the products don’t have holiday print, this is actually a smart move on their end since even after the holidays, it wouldn’t be weird to carry around a Christmas tree compact.  The collection is in collaboration with BBH aka. Bouffants & Broken hearts (I think it is a designer of some sort?).

-Skinfood vita fit lasting cushion cover 20,000 won
-Skinfood vitaporeless cushion 20,000 won
-Skinfood vita fit glow serum 20,000 won
-Skinfood Yuja water C whitening ampoule in serum 30,000 won
-Skinfood yuja oil C moisture oil 28,000 won
-Skinfood yuja oil C cream 25,000 won
-Skinfood royal honey good moisturizing cream 20,000 won
-Skinfood intensive shea butter body wash 13,000 won
-Skinfood intensive shea butter cream 14,000 won
-Skinfood Delimoment diffuser (cherry dressing) 20,000 won
-Skinfood shea butter perfumed hand cream (3 versions) 3,500 won
-Skinfood honey gel nail (4 colours) 6,000 won
-Skinfood vita colour fruits roll stick (3 shades) 15,500 won
-Skinfood black sugar perfect first serum 2X  24,000 won
-Skinfood easy dry decal nail stickers (2 version) 3,000 won each

suisskinI came across this new company (well at least to me) and saw their latest product called the water100 thin moisture mist which is a pocket sized mist!!  One of the biggest reasons I don’t carry mists around is the bottle being too bulky for my taste.  These ones look like they are a little bit bigger then a regular credit card and maybe about the width of three to four credit cards.  I could be completely wrong but from the picture, that’s what it looks like.  Each mist retails for 6,900 won or all 3 for 20,700 won.

suiskin-mistThese mists also come in three versions, blue being hydrating and soothing mist, yellow being hydrating and shining mist and purple for hydrating and protecting mist.

the-face-shop-dr-belmeur-cushionWhile I was frolicking around the world of the internet, I was on thefaceshop website and saw these cushions from their new line called Dr. Belmer.  Not too sure what the deal is with this line but from the looks of it, they want to create a more professional, clinical line within their brand.  These cushions are a part of their new line and they come in two versions, flesh tone which is the one up aboe and also a peachy pink base ( I think it is a base?).  Each cushion retails for 22,000 won each.

thefaceshop-choco-stick-lip-balmRight before they had Pepero day in Korea (Nov. 11), thefacehshop released these lip choco sticks in four different flavours.  It seems like they are lip treatments more then just regular lip balms since there seems to be these little lip masks that comes with it.  Each lip balm retails for 8,000 won.


The face shop disney princess collectionThe face shop disney princess collectionThe face shop recently came out with a Disney princess collection and it’s meh.  Call me a hater but I think they could have did a way better job in packaging then just sticking on the characters onto the packaging and calling it a day.  At the moment they have all the nail polishes released (4,000 won each) and the three sheet masks (3,000 won each).  The color correcting cushions aren’t released just yet but I’m guessing the prices are around 20,000 won maybe?  We will see.

Tony Moly rainbow higlighterLast but not least, Tony Moly surprisingly came out with their own version of a rainbow highlighter.  I remember couple months ago when the rainbow highlighter was trending on Youtube, that shit was lit.  Although it is a cute concept and does really make a really cute rainbow highlight effect on the cheeks, are we really going to walk out of the door like that?  No….  What I plan to do with this is play around with it by using it as a highlighter for maybe two tries, then try and swirl it to see if it can be a decent regular highlighter.  If that doesn’t work, I ‘ll just use it as an eyeshadow.  Retailing for 19,800 won, a cute way to try it out for yourself.

Whoo that was a whole lot of updating haha.  Hope you guys enjoyed this volume!  If you want to check out the ones I have done in the past, click here!  Let me know what you guys think.  Which products has caught your eyes and which ones are you running out and buying already?  Comment down below and let me pick your brains. 🙂

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  1. Kathy

    I’m so glad to hear there’s someone else in the Kbeauty community who isn’t crazy about Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask! I just don’t get the hype, since it’s barely more moisturising than any other face cream I’ve tried…
    But I can’t resist the packaging, so I think I’ll be going for the cushion..

    I freaked out when I saw the PPG collab with PeriPera…and I hoped for some coordinating colours, but as always the eyeshadows are Boreville…I’ll maybe pick up the Buttercup lippie, because I just loved them growing up!

    1. Christina

      The sleeping mask did nothing for my skin unfortunately :S. Haha I like the cushion but I didn’t have that great of an impression with the original cushion so I guess I will pass on that one too.

      Totally agree with you on the Boreville PPG collection, I think we need to go help them out haha

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