What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 9

We are back with a new edition of “what’s new in K-beauty”!  I was diligent this time and am doing it before my list gets ridiculously long haha.  I’m super excited about this edition because my two favourite Korean make up artists has came out with another brand!!  I can’t wait to share that with you guys along with all the other new items such as A’pieu’s dupe looking cushion to Hera’s black cushion, color correcting cushions from Iope (yey color correcting *sarcasm*) as well as new eyeshadow and lip palettes from Etude House.  Let’s jump right into it!

FEEL FREE TO REPOST THIS~~ . With the recent unfortunate events happening with @parktaeyun and @daesikson, I will be boycotting the brand all together and also won’t be featuring any of the products in future blog posts. I have absolutely nothing against the two make up artists (and my icons!!), it’s more against what the company did to them. If you haven’t heard, basically they had to divide up their shares to grow the company but then ended up getting forced out of their own company when they became the smallest shareholders. They stepped down from being CEO of their own companies but the brand still rides on their names to thrive. Honestly this whole mess sounds like it came straight out of a drama, kind of like “Doctors” LOL. But on a serious note, I have my doubts of what the company will become without them. It is like a car running without an engine. You can’t have a brand built by make up artists and not have them creating the products, it makes no sense. Why would anyone want to spend their hard earned coins on just generic products now? On top of that, with ethics like that, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they try to cut down cost and use some cheap and harmful ingredients, pass it on as the original to make a couple more bucks. No thanks… i won’t be duped by you. I hope to see our icons either regain back their positions or have them start another brand but with a smarter mind now that they have learned. I don’t know what will happen to the beauty water sold in Sephora but I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck Park Tae Yun and Son Dae Sik. #sonandpark #sephora #sephoravib #sokoglam #glowrecipe #rasianbeauty #asianblogger #bblogger #abblogger #asianskincare #skincareblogger #asiancosmetics #kskincare #kbeauty #kbeautyblogger #kblogger #koreancosmetics

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If you guys remember, back in November of last year, Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yoon’s popular cosmetic line called Son & Park’s founder and creators were pretty much booted out of their own company.  At that point, I pleaded to never promote the brand again on my blog or my Instagram.  I was sad because I really did like the brand and I was going to try more of the products, but I didn’t see any point in it when the heart is taken out of the minds behind the brand.  Since then, Son & Park cosmetic line didn’t seem to have any movement.  Just a couple of days ago, I saw tons of pictures of this brand called Gesgep.  I thought it was a clothing company at first, but after doing more investigation, it is actually their new make up line!!  They came back with a bigger and better line of products.  Unlike Son & Park, this new brand called Gesgep is more of a higher end brand while the brand before was a more mid-ranged affordable brand.

So one of the products they are heavily promoting is their “G palette” which is a sleek metallic cased magnetic palette which you can customize to any way you like. The palette itself is $12.50 and depending on what you want to fill it up with, the eyeshadow, blush, contour, highlight, are all sold separately and you would fill it in after you have purchased whatever you want.

Lip Fresco (lipstick) $23.33
Eye panorama (matte, shimmer, glitter) $16.66
Touch cheeks (powder blush) $24.16
Cream cheek $24.16
Touch highlighter $24.16

One drop perfection (full coverage foundation) $37.49
One veil 1ster $31..66
All day saver $34.99
Complete concealer $16.66
Touch shade (contour) $24.16
Cream shade $24.16
Finish fixer (finishing powder) $29.16

Preparing cream (make up prep cream) $34.99
Super clean cleanser $18.33
Mistwash $23.33
Preparing mask set $19.99

Touch cheek brush $48.33
G palette $12.49
make tone brush $39.99
Curved face brush $56.66

Overall I think they did a great job at packaging and the products all look sophisticated.  I expected nothing less from them and I’m really happy to see them get back on their feet.  I really hope I can meet them one day T_T.

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In other make up artist news, celebrity make up artist Jang Sae Mool has finally opened up her own flagship store in Garosujil, Seoul.  I’ve known of her work for a while and unfortunately for me, I actually missed to chance to meet her when she came to Vancouver!  She was here for four days and there was no news of her coming to promote Clinique so I missed the chance :'(.  Sadness… I’m really happy to see all my favourite make up artists progress in their work and brand!  Maybe one day when I go to Korea, I will check out all these stores.

A’pieu color lip pencils 5,800 won
A’pieu creamy blusher 4,500 won
A’pieu acrylic cream tint 6,000 won

A’pieu filter palette 18,000 wonIn A’pieu news, they came out with a collaboration collection with Bono Bono, which I’m not too familiar with but I’m pretty sure I have seen this cartoon before. The products in this collection honestly isn’t that interesting since it seems like they are just recycling their regular products but putting them in limited edition packaging.  I do see the multi-functional palette that I love so I’m happy to see that in the collection.  There are 6 lip pencils (3 matte, 3 satin), 5 cream blushes,6 cream tints and two palettes.

A’pieu Haute cushion 12,800 won

Is it just me or does this look like a dupe of Hera’s newest black cushion?  A’pieu has been expanding their cushion line lately and you guys know, I love me their air fit cushion which I always preach is a great beginner cushion since it is only $6 and there are a lot of finishes now to suit different skin types.  I’m curious to see how this cushion preforms.  I think this will be on my next item to pick up along with the Hera black cushion and we will see how they compare.

A’pieu multiple correcting stick 7,500 won

If you guys read my last what’s new in K-beauty, you’ll know I’m completely fed up with color correcting products.  So just to show you, A’pieu has new color correcting sticks along with all the K-beauty companies that keep pumping out color correcting products like they are beating a dead horse.

Etude House monster micellar cleansing water 14,000 won

In my memory, I don’t remember there being a lot of roadshop brands that carry micellar water so it is nice to see that Etude House has came out with one.  The monster graphics dosen’t really suit Etude House’s branding though don’t you think?  I personally really like the Bioderma micellar water, so I’m curious to see how this one preforms.

Etude House personal color palette pro eyeshadow 35,000 won
Etude House personal color palette pro lip 22,000 won

Etude House’s first round of their eyeshadow palettes was a smash hit, mostly because Korean brands don’t really have full palettes like this.  On top of that, the price is not shabby at all and the eyeshadow pigmentation is notable as well.  These are an online exclusive on Etude Hosue’s website, so I don’t really see many K-beauty stores online carrying these since they came just get it from the physical store.  This time around, they chose to create a slightly more interesting color combination,, but I really don’t think it is different enough for people to want to buy it since it is mostly neutrals.

Etude House play 101 stick contour duo 12,000 won

Play 101 has been a popular brand for a while and I personally have been wanting to try their contour and highlight stick.  I never picked it up because the two shades they used to offer seemed too orangey, which is not my choice of undertone.  Now they have four more shades, I may just pick one up!

Etude House Silicone “sponge” 3,500 won

Going along with the silicone bra sponge, Etude House also came out with their own but a kitty shape!!  Not sure if this shape would be good for the curves of the face but okay.

Etude House sweet pudding tone up cream 10,000 won

I got nothing to say LOL.  New cream from Etude House :).  I hope it smells like pudding.

Etude House Tint my 4-tip brow 8,5000 won

I’ve been getting into trying new brow products, and this one from Etude House looks quite interesting.  I personally already have really full brows, so I don’t really tamper with them much other then either a brow pencil or a brow powder.  I have played around with one brow tattoo before but nothing like this one where the brush head has four “teeth”.  I may get this in the future.

Etude House tint my brow gel 8,500 won

Not sure if you guys remember these brow tattoo tints that was all the rage last year.  I actually have a tube of this but I’m too scared to use it because I don’t want to mess it up and walk around with cartoon man eyebrows.  They used to only have two or three shades I believe, but they have since added two more shades.\, one with a new red undertone and one that is more of a caramel shade.  I really think they need to work on a better color choice because they all look so cartoony except for #1 and #3.

Etude House my beauty tool silicone jelly fish brush 4,800 won

This weird jellyfish looking thing from Etude house is actually quite useful!  So at the bottom where you see the black hole, you squeeze a bit of cleanser and then squish the brush and it will produce foam which will come out of the face on top.  Then you just use the silicone teeth on the top of the brush to massage and cleanse your face.  With the leftover cleanser, you can use the bottom of the tool to massage out all the make up out of your air puffs!  I really need this… mostly for the air puff feature hehe.

Holika Holika water drop skin tint cushion 15,900 won

You know me at this point, I’m cushion crazy.  Anytime there is a new cushion, I have to make sure to cover it for future reference for myself and also to show you guys what there is new in the market.  From the looks of it, they did use quite a bit of moisturizing ingredients like bamboo sap (I’m guessing this from the picture), aloe vera, some holy water and other ingredients I’m not too sure about.  I have tried the face 2 change cushion from Holika Holika and absolutely loved that cushion, so I’m open to trying more from the brand.

Holika Holika waterdrop sparclick shadow 8,900 won

There are actually 11 shades in this line of stick shadows and they are all glittery.  I really like the darker shades as well as the neutral shades and they would be great accent colors but not really everyday products for me.

Holika Holika tint bomb 16,600 won

It seems like Holika Holika has a whole water drop line eh?  These are their new tinted lip balm type of situation and they come in 8 shades.  I personally gravitate towards lip products like this because I think lip sticks are too heavy, lip tints are usually too bright and matte lips just makes my already dry lips more dry.  Maybe I will give these a try in the future.

Holika Holika Pop collection
Holika Holika Holi Pop BB cream 5,900 won
Holika Holika Holi Pop blur pact 6,900 won
Holika Holka Holi Pop correcting bar 5,900 won
Holika Holka Holi pop water tint 3,900 won
Holika Holka jelly tint 4,900 won
Holika Holka Holi pop lip oil 5,900 won
Holika Holka Holi pop polishing Kara

Holika Holka also has a new line called the Holi Pop and to be honest, I don’t know what the line is about.  But from looking at just the product themselves, there isn’t anything too special about the products.  They are quite standard in my opinion.

Holika Holka Spa essence cover pact 25,000 won

Although I love me a BB cushion, I usually stay away from the cream pact since they never really go on my skin the way I want it to and it just accentuate my dry patches.  Holika Holika came out with a balm type that has essence built into it as well as color correcting properties with the pink and lavender swirled right into the balm.

Iope super vita base cushion 32,000 won

Color correcting cushion… sigh.  Not impressed LOL but the one from Iope does look really nice and I like the fact that it is all built into one sponge and that you don’t have to buy four cushions.

It’s skin life color cheek 19,800 won

I’m glad to see more palettes coming from K-beauty because there truly is a lack of them in their market.  These cheek palettes from It’s skin look amazing, and the two palette options both look stunning.  To be honest, It’s skin isn’t the first choice for make up in my opinion.  I think they are more known for their skincare and less for their make up.  I have tried a couple items from their make up line and was not impressed at all.  From the swatches I have seem on the Korean blogs, these do look promising and pigmented so we will see!

It’s skin life color palette 19,800 won

I’m slightly less excited about the eyeshadow palettes since they are just neutral eyeshadows, and I already got a ton of them.  But if you are just starting out and want lots of colors to play with, this would be a good option.

It’s skin tiger cica tone up cushion (teal one) 22,000 won
It’s skin blemish cover cushion (pink one) 22,000 won

I don’t think I’ve ever tried It’s skin cushions before and these are quite underwhelming.  They look like just your typical, standard BB cushion where one is a white base for brightening up the complexion and the flesh tone to provide you with some coverage.

Missha magnetic standing brush set of 10 44,900 won
Missha magnetic standing brush set of 5 29,900 won

So I got really excited when I saw these brushes from Missha because they looked just like the Rae Morris magnetic brushes but these are far more affordable.  These also remind me of Pony Effect’s brushes, but I do have to say from the looks of the bristles, Pony effect’s one is far more higher in quality.  These ones from Missha, although it is a great brush for a set of 10 brushes, the brush cut and quality of the bristles is not there.  From me just looking at the pictures of the more realistic representation, the ends of the bristles look like they would be scratchy on the skin and the fluffy brush is just not well built.  The shape is definitely machine cut and not cut well in my opinon.  The only decent brush in the collection would be their #401 which is a synthetic flat rounded foundation brush, #402 synthetic dense (ish) buffing brush, and #201 natural bristle rounded eyeshadow brush.  All the other brushes look a little child’s play.  Sorry, I’ve been spoiled by my Hakuhodo brushes and even Sonia Kashuk brushes look way better then these ones.

Clio mad shine lipsticks 16,000 won

First there was the mad matte lipsticks, then there were the made shine lipsticks.  Clio definitely has some of the best make up in the K-beauty world and I’m always watching their every move when they have new releasees, which seems to be quite often.  I personally got to try three of their matte lipsticks and loveee them.  I’m more of a natural, light shine lip type of girl, so these are definitely screaming my name.  Although they say it is high shine, since my lips are dry, I’m pretty sure that shine can be beneficial.

Peri Pera luggage ink set 25,000 won

Peri Pera also has the cutest sets every single year.  This year, they have a mini luggage set with not just lip stains, but their ink concealer as well as their ink multi!  Included is also their original ink lip tint, their super popular airy ink and their vivid tint.  This set is definitely going to be a hot seller when it hits the online stores, so grab it while you can!

Peri Pera velvet blusher 8,000 won

Since people love the velvet ink, I think they are more in tuned to want to get these velvet blushes.  Personally looking at these, I don’t think it is too special but they do have unique shades which you wouldn’t be able to find in other brands.  The lavender and the bright red is definitely calling my name though.

The face shop gold collagen ampoule glow foundation 24,000 won

Like I said up above, balm type cushion backs doesn’t interest me since it doesn’t work with my skin type.  But it seems like every company is coming out with some type of ampoule/ serum infused product that supposedly will produce rain drops when you apply it.  Let me know if the rain drops are real if you guys do end up getting one, I’d love to know.The face shop miracle anti darkening cushion 20,000 won

To be honest, I’m not too big of a fan of the face shop’s make up products.  I have tried one of the CC cushions and didn’t like it at all.  It was glowy but the glow was more like oil separating from the formula because the formula didn’t seem cohesive.  It just left this weird glow but it looked like there was powder bunching up on my skin.  I’m willing to try another cushion from the brand but I wouldn’t have high hopes.

Kung Fu Panda dim sum set 74,000 won

I love me some Kung Fu panda, and was shocked to see this cute dim sum set.  But this set contains three of the cushions that I don’t like (mentioned up above).  For $74, I’d expect to get at least a real steam thing so I can actually use it after to cook with.  I’m also not too big of a fan of the 3D face thing they’ve been doing for the last couple of months.  Not a good design at all.

Verite Berry good morning and berry good night mask 2,800 won

Now, a lot of us use sheet masks.  I personally use the masks at night since I have more time and I just like to do my full skincare routine at night.  When I saw these morning and night masks from verite, i thought it was quite a unique concept because I have never seen a morning specific mask.  

The morning mask contains AHA essence to gently exfoliate the skin as well as 7 herbal extracts to give the skin a cooling sensation to revitalize your tired skin in the morning.

For the night time mask, it contains yellow flour nutrition complex (chamomile flour, evening Primrose, Karen dulcis extract), hyaluronic acid extract as well as niacinamide for anti aging effects.

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