What’s new in K-beauty Volume 16

Oh my goodness, I honestly never thought I’d come around to doing this series but so many of you guys miss it.  Who am I to not deliver!!  I’ve not been delivering enough content for you guys, but now that I’ve changed jobs and got a more stable lifestyle, I think I’ll be able to go back to doing more reviews whoo whoo!!  Another thought, I think I’ll be upgrading the “what’s new in K-beauty” to “what’s new in Asian beauty” since my interest in Japanese cosmetics and skincare has been growing over the past couple of months.  Well, let’s get started~

Primera organics collection
-organic eye cream 38,000 won
-organic waters 30,000 won
-organic cure serum 35,000 won
-organic cream 35,000 won
-organic emulsion 30,000 won

“Natural CureFlexTM contains eco-friendly germinated sprout ingredients that maximize nature’s vitality to revitalize weakened skin and provide rich nutrition and vitality”

I was trying so hard to find all the new skincare product releases, but makeup always trumps in the new product categories.  I LOVE Primera’s sleeping lip mask and am almost out after two years.  I definitely need a replacement hehe.  Primera’s skincare is a mid-range brand, so I’d really love to be able to try out a sample before committing but their new organics line sounds promising.Primera firming serum wild seed 19,000 won

The triple elasticity care serum provides the effects of firming-lifting-tightening with the sprouting energy of wild beans, which never wither.

2 times more concentrated Wild-Firming™substance rich in nourishment such as amino acids, a collagen component, improves skin elasticity and wrinkles.

Natto thread formula derived from black beans rich in protein firms up and lifts sagging skin.

Xylitol substance and black bean extract make skin texture dense by strengthening skin barrier and improve skin elasticity around the pores.”

16 brand  Candy rock sugar party glitter eyeshadow (8 shades) 9,800 won
Is it just me or do these cream glitter eyeshadows look just like Peri Pera’s version?  The packaging is the same, and even the lids are the same pink shade!! Either way, these shades from 16brand look GORGEOUS and so so glittery~~  I may pick me up a shade or two :P.

16 brand milk peel cleansing balm 18,000 won
Cleansing balms are one of my favorite products to have in my vanity, and I’m always down to try new ones.  This one from 16brand is quite unique as it has milk extract, powdered bamboo thorns and apple extract to help get rid of dead skin while you are doing your double cleanse.  Now I don’t know how effective this formula actually is but I’m definitely curious to try it out.

16 brand fruit chu tint (8 shades) 8,900 won
Honestly, I don’t know why I’m reporting these since they are tints… yes tints.  So many god damn lip tints man.  I translated the page and I don’t see anything unique about these.  The darker shades are gorgeous for fall tho LOL.  That’s all I got.

A’pieu full shot mood palette (2 versions) 24,000 won
These palettes look GORGEOUS from A’pieu, but I always have to question how is the pigmentation.  I don’t think I’ve tried many eyeshadows from A’pieu, however, the one palette I do have, I don’t remember it being memorable.  PIgmentation was decent but the formula was a bit too hard :/. 

A’pieu mulberry blemish ampoule 18,000 won
mulberry blemish cream 18,000 won

A’pieu’s new addition to their blemish care, their mulberry blemish collection not only moisturizes the skin,  it also provides intensive acne care and brightens the complexion all at the same time.  On top of that, it is EWG green-rated friendly, something that seems to be the latest trend these days.

A’pieu juicy pang mousse tint (4 new shades) 9,000 won
I don’t think these are new new, but they added 4 new shades for the fall and they actually look gorgeous!!  These are supposed to be a cross between a water tint and velvet tins.  Now I already love me some velvet tints, so I’m extra curious to see how this formula ends up feeling on the lips.  If any of you guys have tried it, let me know!

Amuse powder lip bomb pencil (8 shades) 18,000 won
Powder lipsticks have been a thing for a while, and now it is the new trend that companies are picking up.   I’m actually interested to try a few but I think the one I tried before, it just left my lip looking dry within 30 minutes.  Granted, this was about 5 years ago, so the technology could have changed by now.

Amuse cream balm cushion (2 shades) 30,600 won
When I see balm cushions, I stay the hell away after 3 bad experiences with those types of cushions.  For some reason, a balm cushion always looks pretty and glowy at first but then the formula starts separating weirdly on my skin.  Although there’s that new dewy finish on my face, it also looks weird and dry all at the same time.  I still have yet to come across a good one but I’m willing to debunk my own myth.

Amuse beamsticks (3 shades) 18,000 won
These I’d LOVE to get my hands on.  I’m loving cream highlighters and yes, I know it been a thing for years now but I just fell in LOVE.  I don’t go as excessive as some of your favorite Instagram baddies but DAMN, that shine doe.  I’m always a crow, seeing shiny things and wanting all of them!!

Here’s a brand I’ve never heard of, Candy lab.  I don’t remember how I came across them, but I’ve never seen anyone try them or recommend anything from this brand. To be quite frank, none of their products stand out to me and the packaging is somewhat tacky.  It has that trying to be a vintage look, crossing over Too Face childlike packaging.
Clio pro contour palette 32,000 won
Clio never disappoints!!  This whole contour palette looks amazing and that highlighter looks gorgeous, but I’m wondering if the glitter chunks will just flake off.  I love that all the contour shades have a slight grey undertone to them to make your contour look as natural as possible!!  Ohh I got to get my hands on this.

Clio pro blusher palette 32,000 won
If you’re going to get the contour palette, you might as well get the blush palette to go along with it HAHA.  There is every shade you need in a compact form and again, THAT GLITTER SHADE THO!!  I don’t usually like chunky glitter products on my face, so I would end up using that shade as an eyeshadow anyways.

Clio pink glow cream cushion (3 shades) 32,000 won
I remember when Clio used to push out base products and foundations almost every other month.  It has definitely been a while since they came out with new base products and I’m definitely here for it!  This one has a pink highlighter built into it and their air puff has a point to it rather than the usual circular shape.

Clio pro eye palette (5 versions) 32,000 won
I’m not sure if this is fact, but I think Clio has repackaged their eyeshadow palettes.  Now, they have the same packaging as Maybelline HAHA but I’m sure the formula is much better.  Clio honestly never disappoints in all departments, especially their lip products.

Cube me collagen (red) 18,000 won 2 weeks, 29,000 won 4 weeks, 36,000 won 7 weeks
 7 weeks, once daily for adults, 4 tablets

Cube me waterbank (blue) hyaluronic acid 22,000 won 2 weeks, 36,000 won 4 weeks, 45,000 won
7 weeks, once daily for adults, 3 tablets

Cube me shine cube (yellow) multi-vitamin & nutrition with vitamin A1, B2, C, E + Pantothenic acid
  14 days for 13,000 won, 28 days 25,000 won, 30 days for 25,000 won
  30 days, once daily, 4 tablets

Cube me Block cube (purple)  supplement to inhibit carbohydrate fat synthesis and metabolize carbs
  Contains Garcia, vitamin B1, B2, C
  twice daily, 2 pills per day
  23,000 won for 3 weeks, 58,000 won for 8 weeks

Cube me Cut cube (green) 30,000 won for 4 weeks, 58,000 won for 8 weeks
  twice a day, 2 tablets a day
  Green tea catechin, Vitamin B6, D

So Amorepacific now has a brand called Cube me which is their interpretation of all those vitamin pills you are seeing in the market at the moment.  I’ve been quite curious to try these as well as Tati’s halo beauty to see if they actually have any results on the constant irritation in my skin, so let me know if you’d be interested in seeing me try these so-called “miracle pills”.

Dear Dahlia timeless bloom collection palette 58,000 won
I’ve still have not tried Dear Dahlia products since their price point is so high. I just can’t justify getting something that might suck in the end.  To be honest, this palette looks blah.  Boring shades, everything has been done before.  They did say the following for this palette in their description: 
” The carefully curated palette boasts wet & dry formulas with velvety mattes, silky shimmers and soft metallic glitters in timeless, easy-to-use color combinations to showcase a variety of make up looks”

Dear Dahlia paradise dream velvet lip mousse (12 shades) 26,000 won
Anything with velvet in the name for tints now, I’m so down to try.  I just checked the website and they actually have an affordable set with 6 of the shades for just 18,000 won!!  Unfortunately, it is already sold out -_-.  Poop.

Dear Dahlia Paradise shine eye sequin (6 shades) 26,000 won
Okay, not THESE are gorgeous. But at 26,000 won a pop, not sure yikes!  Am I being too harsh on the brand or are they just trying to put up that Millenial trendy front to try and upsell you?

Eglips blur cushion (2 shades) 18,500 won
Eglips has always been one of my most favorite brands because it is so affordable and it is pretty good quality.  If you are going to Korea though, you won’t be able to find this brand in stores since it is more of an online brand.  Think Cosrx in the beginning stages but they have now expanded with an online store that ships overseas.  Besides the point LOL.  If you are doing your Korean shipping with an online buying service, make sure to check out all the discounts at ticketmonster.  They are usually there with some pretty steep discounts.

If I’m not mistaken, this is Eglip’s second BB cushion and I’m totally here for it!!  Not sure if “blur” would with my skin since that usually means it has a drier formula.  I really should do a post on how to decipher K-beauty products and how to determine if it is the right formula for you.

Eglips cut sebum powder 8,500 won
One of Eglips most popular products is their pressed translucent powders, a product that Pony herself featured numerous times in her videos.  With that much success, they have now branched off to loose versions and even limited-edition versions such as a lavender one and a peach one now (down below).  I have the classic one in the black compact and love it, especially at a price point of about $4-6, you can’t beat it!

Eglips blur powder pack limited edition peach 9,000 won

Espoir F/W lookbook dust brick 32,000 won
When I think of Espoir, I think of them as being an upscale Mac of the K-beauty world.  Actually I’d say Clio is the Mac of roadshop brands, while Espoir is a crossover of that but has a more feminine and softer approach. It seems like most companies now love to come up with a “fall palette”.  I personally would not pay $32 buckaroos for this tiny palette, but that’s just me.

Espoir no wear stay cool (3 shades) 15,000 won
Now, this is something I would actually buy.  I’m a HUGE lip balm or tinted lip balm type of gal and have never been able to get myself into lipsticks or liquid lipsticks since when I wear those types of products, all I see on my face is LIPS!  Not sure if anyone else is like that, but these tints look NICEEE.

Espoir oil cut primer 19,000 won
Espoir oil cut fixer 19,000 won

I’ve never been a huge setting spray fan, even when I just started out doing makeup and I used to set my face with powder. I always found the mist to be too dotty. Now that I use mainly BB cushions that have a dewy finish as well as cream products, I find no use to add more moisture to my already moistured face.

Etude House bake house eyeshadow palette 22,000 won
I used to believe Etude House’s palettes were really nice and pigmented until I got that red wine one and it was complete shit.  I really want to give Etude House another go since this whole palette is SCREAMING my name. Not so much the color combinations, but the fact that it has croissants and things baked goods, me as a chef and baker… I need this in my life T_T.

Etude House maple road palette 18,000 won
I’m not going to comment on this.  Another Fall palette with the same fall shades.  Pretty but I got one million too many.

Etude House moistful collagen collection
-collagen cream 75 mL 20,000 won
-moisturizing collagen set 30,000 won
-sheet mask 5 mL 2,000 won
-eye cream 8 mL 18,000 won
-mist 120 mL 15,000 won
-essence 80 mL 20,000 won
-deep cream 75 mL 20,000 won
-emulsion 180 mL 15,000 won
-toner 200 mL 15,000 won

Moistful collagen has been a long-standing best selling line for Etude House and it seems to me, they have updated their formulation?  I personally have tried a few of the moistful collagen products, but they are a bit too light for my skin.  Then again, I live in a super low humidity area and I already have super dry skin to start with so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Etude House powder loose tint (8 shade) 12,000 won
Ohh now Etude House has its version of a powder lip.  I’m willing to try it but I’m still skeptical to see how they can combat lip dryness.

Etude House Face Blur 3 versions: smoothing (orange), Mattifying (pink),  Moisturizing (purple) 16,000 won
I got kind of excited when I saw the bottles for their face blur since I thought there was a lavender one.  However, the color are just a way to differentiate the different formulas sigh.  Hey, at least I’d still be getting the lavender one if I was to get it haha.  I have tried the original face blur but I found it a bit too thick and it didn’t do much for my skin, so it is a pass.

Etude House Soon Jung hydro barrier cream 20,000 won
Etude House’s Soon Jung line has always been super popular and I have tested their emulsion and cream out and actually did enjoy it!  They have now come out with a hydro barrier cream, which looks like a gel-cream for those who have normal, combo and oily skin types.Hanyul Gentle mint collection
-trouble gel cream 25,000 won
-spot gel 20,000 won
-cleansing foam 15,000 won
-blemish trouble toner 25,000 won

With so many people adjust using essential oils, especially products with mint in it, I’m wondering why Hanyul thought it would be good to come out with a full-blown mint collection.  I’m wondering how this would be received with the public and maybe the Korean market is different from the overseas market?  Who knows…

Hanyul mugwort collection
-three mugwort soothing essence 38,000 won
mugwort moisture soothing cream 32,000 won
mugwort moisture soothing toner 22,000 won
-mugwort hydrating fluid 25,000 won
-mugwort soothing water 15,000 won

Now, this is a line I can get behind. I still have yet to try mugwort skincare, but their claim to fame is their antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties, along with soothing, healing and nourishing the skin all at the same time.  It also claims to help treat redness, psoriasis, and aid in skin sensitivity.  Sign me up!

Hera black concealer spread cover (3 shades) 40,000 won
Hera black foundation (6 shades) 60,000 won

Ugh, I have yet to try Hera’s black BB cushion but I think I have heard that it has more of a satin to matte finish.  Their new liquid foundation seems intriguing but DAMN that price tag though!!  If any of you have tried it and love it, let me know.  I’ll drop dollar bills if I know it is some good stuff.

Hera sensual tint (10 shades) 35,000 won
These lip tints I am down for!!  The packaging is gorgeous and seems to look more like liquid lipsticks rather than a tint.  Kochia (dark purple) would be one shade I’d love to rock but I still have yet to build my bold lip confidence sigh.

I’m meme afternoon tea blusher palette 17,000 won
I think I have tried I’m meme pressed powder face products before but left with a distaste in my mouth.  The formula was chalky and not pigmentated, even if these palettes look gorgeous :/. 

I’m meme genius foundation all cover (3 shades) 25,000 won (but on sale for 5,000 won)
I’m still trying to find my top 5 k-beauty foundations and this one I would give a try at the price point of $5.  It seems it has a satin or matte finish, which I’m not down for but for $5, FOR SCIENCE!

I’m meme mystery blur tint (5 shades) 12,000 won
The packaging for these do not look like it is from I’m meme but it is!  I Love the design for these and all the shades, I’d actually wear!

Innisfree green tea probiotic cream 25,000 won
I never thought I would see a green tea Yalkut skincare product (no it doesn’t actually have Yalkut in it), but I’m actually super intrigued with the combo of green tea and probiotic.  The green tea would give my skin nutrition and calm the skin while the probiotic could help soften and brighten up the complexion.  I’m definitely going to be putting this on my to-buy list.

Iope derma repair mist 28,000 won
Iope derma repair ice cica cream 

I’m so into cica products right now and that Iope derma repair cream is calling ma nameeee!!!

Iope perfect cover foundation (4 shades) 34,000 won
Hmm, another foundation I’d like to add to my buy list.  I was thinking there was a concealer built into the lid, but I think it is just to show you what shade you are… kind of a lost oppurtunity don’t you think?  I would rather have a regular lid than to avoid bulkiness.

Iope stem III ampoule 50,000 won
This ampoule is said to contain 78.2% Allanto-liposome that is 1/4000 of a strand of hair for it to be able to permeate into the skin easily and supposedly has intensive anti-aging effects.  It claims to improve skin texture, skin glow and skin elasticity as well.

Laneige lip sleeping mask in mint 18,000 won
Laneige lip sleeping mask has been many people’s favorite for a while now and they even expanded from their original berry flavor to now a new mint version in addition to their other two spin-offs.  I’m okay with this lip mask but I still love Aritaum’s sugar ginger lip mask better and Primera’s berry lip mask as the second runner up.

Laneige cica sleeping mask 32,000 won
Laneige water sleeping mask (lavender) 28,000 won
After posting on Instagram a few Laneige products I got sent and how I said most of Laneige products are too light for my skin, some of you guys have been mentioning that I need to try the new Cica version of their famous sleeping mask.  From the pictures I have seen, it is a thicker cream and cica already got a special place in my heart!!  This is definitely one product I will be testing out in the near future.

Lilybyred romantic liar mousse tint (6 shades) 20,000 won
Hello, I’m yet another tint.  No comments here haha

Mamonde ceramide intense cream (jar and tube form) 29,000 won
I’ve been on the hunt to test out new ceramide cream and I think this might be the next one!  My long-time favorite is Holika Holika’s cera line for those who have super dry skin and are looking for a thick, winter cream that is almost like a balm.


Mamonde creamy tint color balm glide (10 shades) 12,000 won
I feel like I’ve seen this product from Mamonde but maybe this is a new formula?  These also remind me of Clinique’s chubby sticks, don’t they?Mamonde creamy tint color balm intense (31 shades) 9,000 won
If you don’t find the regular formula to be pigmented enough, there is an intense version now.  Sho intense

Mamonde red energy recovery serum 48,000 won
Mamonde’s new red energy serum claims to “boost the skin’s energy and create a smooth radiant skin in only 5 days.”  It contains 8 free hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested formula that strengthens the skin’s barrier, smoothes the skin by removing skin cells and provides deep hydration for a dewy and healthy glow.  It definitely sounds promising!  What are your favorite Mamonde skincare products?  I’m curious to try some of the brand’s products myself.

Missha bee pollen renew ampoule (upsized 100 mL) 50,000 won
I’m surprised I’ve never checked this product from Missha out!!  I’m in LOVE with honey or propolis products and I guess this product is so popular that they had to come out with a 100 mL bottle.  I NEED thisssss…

Missha Italprism absolute palette silk rush edition 78,000 won
I thought the whole “made in Europe” trend was dead but I guess not?  Missha has come out with yet another overpriced product that is “made in Italy”.  I wouldn’t buy into the whole trend since this palette is ridiculously overpriced and I’ve seen some past reviews on the whole Ital line and it was not impressive at all.

Missha time revolution night repair probio ampoule 39,000 won
Missha time revolution night repair probio ampoule cream 42,000 won
So I recently found out Missha’s most famous product, their time revolution ampoule had been discontinued and now have a generation 4 version.  The price is about the same and you can definitely find these on sale for around 30% off.  They also have an ampoule cream to go along with the collection, which I’m actually quite intrigued.  I’m going to have to find the ingredients list and see what the differences between the new and old.  Stay tuned~

Missha tonight light moisturizing collection
-lip and eye patch 9,800 won
-boosting essence 25,000 won
-oil in cream 25,000 won
-lip balm 7,000 won

This whole collection is gorgeous and is giving me a whole lot of Hotel del Luna vibes.  I’d actually get the whole collection since it sounds like it would work great with my dry ass skin.  I want EVERYTHING!

Moonshot rêve de Paris collection
-stick extreme pro (6 shades) 16,000 won

-eyeshadow palette 30,000 won

Moonshot is kind of killing all the new collections and these products actually look gorgeous.  That palette is so my alley and Lisa is definitely SELLING it!!

Peri Pera ink matte blur tint (5 new shades) 10,000 won
Peri Pera always has the most amazing lip products, so they are always a safe buy.  Their ink matte blur tint line has already been around for a while but they recently added 5 new shades for fall time.

Peri Pera ink V shading 12,000 won 

Pony effect powder touch lip color (8 shades) 18,000 won
Ohh Pony effect also is taking a stab at the whole lip powder!!  I really like the first shade on top as well as the fourth shade.  Gorgeous~ 

Pony effect prime protect sun cover (2 shades) 25,000 won
At first, I thought this was a foundation, but then I realized that this is actually a primer!!  And here I was, being all disappointed that there were only 2 shades since Pony effect is pretty woke when it comes to their products.

Shu Uemura Pokemon collection
The 8 year old in me is SCREAMING and this Pokemon collection just released from Shu Uemura.  I haven’t found any favorite products from the brand other than the eyebrow pencil and maybe their eyelash curler, but DAMN!  I want everythinggg.  And yes I am aware that this is a Japanese brand and not Korean, but I just had to include it!

Shu Uemura x Pokemon pikachu eye palette (thunder shock) $115

Shu Uemura x Pokemon Pikachu eye palette: brick blast and mythical purple $115

Shu Uemura x Pokemon Catch’em all Pikachu lip coffret $60Shu Uemura x Pokemon catch’em all Pikachu cleansing oil coffers $50
Shu Uemura x Pokemon Pikachu premium brush set $89

For some reason, I can’t seem to find the price for these blushes… hmm…

Shu Uemura x Pokemon Ultime8 sublime cleansing oil 150 mL $50, 450 mL $100

Shu Uemura x Pokemon electric gold Pikachu premium eyelash curler $26
Shu Uemura x Pokemon hard formula brow pencil $30
Shu Uemura x Pokemon Catch’em all Pikachu premium makeup box $525

Shu Uemura x Pokemon rouge unlimited amplified matte lipsticks (3 shades) $37

Sulwhasoo perfect cushion intense limited edition: Chilbo collection (2 shades) 85,000 won
It is that time again where Sulwhasoo’s once a year limited edition cushion has come out and honestly, this year’s design ain’t that pretty.  Actually it is quite passable if I do say so myself.

Sulwhasoo Shineclassic powder compact 180,000 won

Sulwhasoo body lotion white silver fragrance 60,000 won
Sulwhasoo body wash white silver fragrance 40,000 won

Too cool for school glamrock ulster sunset cheeks 15,000 won

Too cool for school glam rock buster sunset eyes 25,000 won

Too cool for school glamrock ulster sunset cheeks 15,000 won
Okay now, these look worth my attention.  I’m in love with liquid blush and am always open to getting more!  All the shades look gorgeousssss!!

Too cool for school dinoplatz broadway show duet (3 shads) 16,000 won

These also look so pretty!  I’ve always love TCFS’s packaging and their dinoplatz line is so fun too :D.

Tony Moly #ROTD collection
-Perfect eyes sparkle eye glitter (3 shades) 8,800 won

-Perfect lips monochrome matte lipstick (3 shades) 15,000 won
-Perfect eyes mood eyeshadow palette 22,000 won
-Lip market velvet simmering tint (2 shades) 10,800 won

Is it just me or does this collection scream Hyuna’s Red song?

I’m not too familiar with Wake Make but their new collection in collaboration with Kangol looks like a nice little collection~

Wake make x Kangol
-single shadows (5 shades) 8,400 won
-foil shadow (5 shades) 12,000 won
-color styler single cheek (4 shades) 11,000 won
-air puff 2,500 won
-rouge gun zero air (5 shades) 16,000 won
-mousse tok tint (12 shadeS) 10,800 won

I kind of ran out of things to say at the end but I hope you guys enjoyed this series.  It took me 4 days T___T.  4 DAYSSSSS~~  Okay I’m going to go pass out now while stuffing my face with food.

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