A’pieu x Rilakkuma mini make up box Review + Swatches

So the A’pieu x Rilakkuma collection is slowly fading away so I’m going to have to post this asap since this mini make up box is already sold out on the A’pieu Korean website. I’m sure they still have these around on the K-beauty stores but you guys will have to hurry since these are not available anymore in Korea.  Anyways, let’s get into the review!

Full name of product:
A’pieu x Rilakkum mini make up kit

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Limited edition

Description of product:
There isn’t really a description, well at least in English.  So I’m going to have to make this up haha.  At first glance, this palette just looks like any old palette with the usual eyeshadows and such.  But when I read more into it, it is actually quite genius. This palette contains two eyeshadows, a concealer, cream highlighter and two lip and cheek creams, all housed in a slim palette for ease of transportation.

14,000 won

Amount of product:
1 g x 6

Duration before expiration:
2 years

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Rinishop on ebay
BB cosmetics

Shades available:#1 Modern and trendy

#2 chic and classic

Product packaging:
This palette comes in a cute Rilakkuma print and depending on which shade you picked, you’ll either get a yellow or pink background.  The compact measures at 11 cm in length, 1 cm in width and 5 cm in height.

Once you have opened the compact, you’ll see 6 pans of product, a plastic cover telling you want is what and also a duo sided brush which is honestly not that great but still useable.  I know some of you guys might be kind of iffy about having powder and cream products in the same pan in fear of it being messy.  The eyeshadow doesn’t have a lot of fall out so you won’t have to worry too much about that.

Color/ Pigmentation:
I personally haven’t tried any of A’pieu’s eyeshadows in fear of them being crappy.  I had really low expectations, even possibly being disappointed.  To my surprise, these eyeshadows were actually quite decent.  

The matte peachy beige shade to the far left is silky, not chalky and blends nicely.  The brown shade is also silky and pigmented.  Both shade I would get a lot of use of since they are very basic shades but great for day time use.

The cream highlighter is creamy and was actually not greasy!  Blended out, it leaves a very nice highlight effect on the face, something that is almost similar to Becca highlighter’s but with a little bit more shimmers.  The colour of the highlighter is a pale beige color in the pan but on the skin, it looks as though it is two shades away from being a white colour.  I definitely would not suggest anyone with a very tan skin type to use this since it would look like a very harsh highlight on the face.

The cream concealer, it’s decent.  It is a light to medium coverage with a moist finish.  You will have to set it if you want it to last longer on your skin but personally for me since I like the dewy effect since I have dry skin, I just leave it and touch up afterwards if I really have to.

Last but not least, the lip and cheek creams.  These are actually super pigmented, so even if you use these on your bare lips, it will show up.  On my pigmented lips, the peachy shade was able to lighten up my lips but unfortunately the color doesn’t flatter my complexion.  The red shade is super apple red, which you can either dab lightly on the lips for a gradation lip or all over.  On the cheeks, you will have to be careful since these are super pigmented and you’ll easily look like a cartoon character if you go in with a heavy hand.  If these shades are too bright for your liking, may I suggest you mixing some of the cream concealer along with the lip and cheek creams on the back of your hand before you dab it on your cheeks.  That way, you won’t likely be screwing up that badly haha.

Texture/ Finish:
Like I mentioned up above, the eyeshadows are silky, blendable and pigmented.  The cream highlighter is also super creamy and seems to set once it has been blended into the skin.  The cream concealer is also very creamy, adheres well onto the skin but I do suggest you set it with some powder if you want it to last more then 4 hours.  The lip and cheek cream are super pigmented and doesn’t have any shimmers to them.

These do not have a fragrance to them.

-super compact
-well rounded combinations


I would if I could but they are limited edition unfortunately.  I will savour this till it is all gone.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Excuse the lack of pictures for this post.  I was going to do an eye look, lip and full face of make up but I didn’t know this was going to run out so soon!!  It is already off of the A’pieu Korea website so it won’t be long till it is all gone on the K-beauty stores.  I was praying to the lords that this product will execute since the concept was awesome, to have your eyeshadow, highlighter, concealer and a lip and cheek product, that is the go to on the go palette right there.  To my surprise, this palette preformed very well and the color combinations was well rounded and great for everyday use.  Overall I really enjoyed this product and would definitely recommend you purchasing it if you were eyeing it.

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