Aromatica circulating juniper berry & ginger body oil review

Aromatica circulating juniperberry & ginger body oil reviewHello!  Long time no talk.  The last time I was on here was last year, two months ago.  Now I can explain… I don’t usually leave for a long period of time but I got stuck up north with none of my equipment or products because of a bad flood in Vancouver.  I was supposed to only be up north for a week but it turned into a month, waiting for a flight to get back down.  Luckily, I had brought just enough skincare to survive through the harsh winters up there.  What I wish I had with me too was this body oil! 

Aromatica has been around for a while now, but they have recently been popping off on social media with their team ramping up the product seeding.  I picked this up to review through Jolse since I wanted to prep my skin for the winter, which has been abnormally cold here.  We’re having a historic cold snap here in Vancouver with the weather dropping down to -20C!  Will this body oil be perfect for my dry skin?  Let’s find out together.

Body oil for glowing skinFull name of product:
Aromatica circulating juniper berry & ginger body oil

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
Rebalance the mind and body with warm energy. The power of juniper berry opens up a path within the body, and the warmth of ginger allows energy to flow freely, together restoring balance to the core. Jojoba oil, which is extremely similar to human sebum, is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, making the skin soft and moisturized. Six oils derived from plants, such as olives, almonds, sunflowers, and more, instantly deliver nutrients to the skin and create a firm body. Aromatherapy stabilizes the mind and body, and gives the skin a glow. Say goodbye to feeling dry, all year round.

Extraction method
Unrefined expeller process:
A method of extraction by pressing seeds to extract active ingredients from natural materials without external high heat.  It does not experience bleaching and deodorant processes but only applies minimum refinement processes to remove impurities.  It keeps the vivide original fragrance and color of natural materials and contains pure and beneficial ingredients.”

16,000 won

Amount of product:
100 mL

Duration before expiration:
1 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Animal testing?:
Vegan, cruelty free

Where to buy:

Versions available:
Circulating Juniperberry & ginger body oil, Embrace neroli & patchouli body oil, Serene lavender & marjoram body oil, awakening peppermint & eucalyptus body oil

Korean body oil for dry skin Korean body oil for dry skin reviewIngredients:
Helianthus annuus seed oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Olea europaea fruit oil, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Limnanthes alba seed oil, Olea europaea husk oil, Juniperus communis fruit oil(Juniperberry oil), Cupressus sempervirens oil(Cypress oil), Pogostemon cablin oil(Patchouli oil), Olus oil, Foeniculum vulgare oil(Fennel oil), Limonene(Ingredient in juniperberry oil), Tocopherol(Vitamine E), Oenothera biennis oil, Zingiber officinale oil, Citral(Ingredient in ginger oil), Linalool(Ingredient in cypress oil)

How to use:
Apply to dry skin. massaging into the skin with upward circular motions.

Body oils for women Aromatica circulating juniper berry & ginger body oil reviewProduct packaging:
I absolutely love the simple glass bottle this body oil comes in.  The graphics are printed right onto the bottle, so you won’t be able to have a completely blank bottle after you are done with it.  But that doesn’t bother me too much since I find the design very soothing to look at.  I will for sure be upcycling the bottle to either propagate my plants.  Aromatica as a brand is truly eco-conscious and even has a refill station in Korea!

We seriously need more brands to provide this kind of service.  Imagine the amount of plastic we can reduce in the world!  Less carbon from not having to produce more plastic and less plastic in the oceans!

Aromatica circulating juniper berry & ginger body oil reviewThe bottle comes with a stopper, which helps distribute the product slowly.  I really don’t get bottles that don’t have this.  It is just an accident waiting to happen if there isn’t a stopper.  Trust me, my other body oil has a gaping oil and I’m always so scared I’m going to spill it.

Body oil for dry skin Aromatica body oil reviewTexture/ Finish:
Aromatica juniper berry and ginger body oil is a thicker oil that will stay on your skin for about 5 minutes before fully absorbing into the skin. This is the perfect body oil if you are doing small things like massaging your neck or certain parts of your body.  For massaging large parts of the body like your back, I wouldn’t recommend this oil as it isn’t slick enough in my opinion.  Because of the thicker nature of the oil, it tends to tug my back, creating too much friction and almost hurting.

Nourishing body oil reviewI do really like the nourishing effect this oil gives to my skin.  Some oils are a bit too thin with a dry finish, but this one is just perfect!  If you are looking to do gua sha on your neck and upper body, this is perfect.

Juniper berry and ginger give a very unique characteristic to this body oil.  It smells slightly earthy, with light spiciness from the ginger, and a slight berry scent to it from the juniper berry.  All together, it creates a very calming yet awakening effect.  They also have three other versions with different scents like neroli & patchouli, lavender & marjoram, and even peppermint & eucalyptus.

-unique yet calming fragrance
-nourishing oil
-easy to use as massage oil

-wish it was a bigger bottle

Maybe! I do want to try the other versions that they have, specifically neroli and patchouli.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I am quite pleased with this body oil from Aromatica.  It is one of the better body oils I’ve tried for my dry body, and yes… my body has been flaking in places I didn’t even know could flake like my chest and the side of my arms have been a new kind of reptile scale dry.  It’s gross guys and I’m itchy all over.  I’ve been using this body oil in conjunction with a body cream and it has been helping!  I really wish this body oil came in a bigger size.  All in all, this is a good one you guys can check out!  Happy de-drying yourself guys.  I’ve been fighting with this winter dryness for the past two months T_T.  Someone save me.

*PR sample

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