Foreo Black Friday 2021 sale guide

Foreo black friday sale 2021It is that time of the year again!  Black Friday sales have graced our presence and if you have been waiting to grab that Foreo device you’ve been wanting, now is the time to get it.  I’ll run through all the promotions they have for each device and also link you to my in-depth review to help you decide whether it is a device you truly need.  I already see a ton of favourites that are on sale hehehe, this might make it hard for you to decide.

If you are considering getting anything, feel free to use the links I’ve included in this post.  They are affiliate links that will give me a commission and also help make this blog possible!  Thank you in advance and happy shopping :).

Foreo black friday sale 2021Foreo imagination is a completely new product with Foreo and I don’t think they have a discount for it.  It is a wash-off mask that you can customize by mixing fresh ingredients to make it completely your own.  It is an interesting concept but I’m not too sure if it would be something I’m down for since I’m lazy LOL.

Foreo Luna 3 is my go-to product which I would definitely recommend as your first device if you are new to Foreo.  It is their flagship product for a reason and I’ve tried a couple of other silicone cleansing devices,  but it just doesn’t compare in terms of quality and functionality. Foreo Luna mini 3 is a good alternative if you can’t choose between the three different bristles the Luna 3 offers and also need something a bit more travel-friendly.  Make sure to check out my Luna 3 + Luna mini 3 reviews if you’d like to read more into the two devices.  

Foreo Luna 3 plus is a brand new upgrade for the Luna series.  It combines the magic of the regular Foreo Luna 3 with the power of a warming ring to help with the cleansing process.  In the back, there is also the massaging side with the microcurrent function built into it as well.  It isn’t as powerful as the BEAR in my opinion, but it is a nice compact addition.

Do you have a male partner that refuses to take part in any sort of skincare practices, like iunno… simply washing his face?  Foreo Luna 3 men were my saving grace and something that peeked my partner into actually washing his face with a cleanser!!!  Then he continued down the same Foreo rabbit hole and now owns almost all the devices and uses them on a regular.  So if you’re frustrated with your partner, just get them this and it might solve all your skincare frustrations.  Check out my review here!

Foreo BEAR is another essential microcurrent device for those who want a more defined jawline and less swollen cheeks. If you are familiar with the Nuface microcurrent, it has the same functions but performs much better in terms of design and the feel when it is being used.  The shape is much more intuitive and you don’t have to angle your hand as much.  On top of that, the beeping from the Nuface annoyed the heck out of me, so Foreo BEAR team all the way. Foreo BEAR mini targets focused areas such as crow’s feet and laugh lines, but I feel like it is just as good as the large one if you want a palm-sized microcurrent that is more travel-friendly.  With that said though, I still prefer the large BEAR as it covers more surface area.

Foreo black friday sale 2021Foreo UFO 2 is another one of my favorites.  It is a device that offers quick sheet mask treatment, light therapy, thermo, and cryotherapy all in one device.  The UFO 2 has the most functions with 8 different light therapy colors and cryotherapy, whereas the UFO mini has a restricted amount of functions and light therapy colors to use. Check out my full review on the UFO 2 which not only has an in-depth walk-through, but also a guide comparison to all the UFO models as well.

As for the UFO sheet masks offered by Foreo, they have quite a few to choose from but I found most of my favourites in their farm to face line.  If you have dry skin like me, cannabis seed oil and coconut oil would be the most nourishing and hydrating options for you.  Acai berry and manuka honey would work best for normal to combination skin types and green tea would work with all skin types other than dry skin.  I couldn’t test out the bulgarian rose version since I’m highly allergic to rose, but make sure to check out my review for the farm to fresh line here.

Foreo black friday sale 2021As for the regular line of sheet masks for the UFO, there was only one I liked for my dry skin but I can’t remember which version it is for the life of me.  If I’m not mistaken, it is the call it a night mask but doesn’t quote me!  I’m currently stuck up north in BC because of the mudslides and bad flooding, so I can’t check sadly.

Foreo’s serum serum serum is also another product I love and my boyfriend’s go-to skincare product since it is almost like an all in one for him.  It contains squalene and hyaluronic acid, all encapsulated in little beads in their exclusive serum formula. The formula is also built to work alongside the Foreo BEAR and it’s just so hydrating and gives you the best dewy, healthy finish too.

Foreo Iris is a very specialized device that mimics the patting motion using your fourth finger under the eyes to help promote blood circulation.  I find it works best for those who have under eyes that swell up often.  My boyfriend’s parents both have undereye bags that swell easily and using the Foreo Iris reduces the swell down by half, if not more!  For me, I just like to use it almost as a preventative and to help blood circulation, but I don’t have swelling often in that area.  Check out my full review here~

Foreo black friday sale 2021Lastly, Foreo Issa 2 is their only device outside of skincare!  I personally have actively avoided electric toothbrushes even though they are supposed to brush better.  Most electric toothbrushes make my gums bleed and sore, but not the Foreo Issa 2! There is a new Foreo Issa 3, but the updates are quite minimal and with the discount on the Foreo Issa 2, it is a good buy!  I personally stick with the hybrid as I find it to brush about the same as a regular electric toothbrush, while the full silicone didn’t do as good as a job.

If you want to view all the Foreo review’s I’ve posted in the past, make sure to check out the link here.
Hopefully, this guide helped with some of the confusion with all the versions available to buy.  Happy shopping!

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