B.O.M matt holic tint Review + Swatches

BOM matt holic tint review and swatchesHappy new year everyone!  Hope everyone had lots of delicious food and spent time with family and friends.  I’m still super sluggish from the holidays but I’m trying to snap out of it haha.

At this stage of my blogging phase of becoming bored with the same brands,  I really appreciate Beautytap hooking a sista up with some new K-beauty brand connections and one of them was B.O.M (Beauty of Majesty) which is a brand I have never heard of.  At that time, they didn’t have many products released other than lip products and a couple of skincare items but now they have expanded and I’m actually very intrigued to try as well.  Lately, I’ve been really enjoying testing out more lip products, especially lip tints due to the velvet lip tints when I’m LOVING!  Texture and the overall look is way less neon and blends into the lips so much easier and these ones from B.O.M’s color range is gorgeous!  So let’s get into the swatching and see if this is a brand to look out for~  Let’s goo.

Full name of product:
B.O.M matt holic tint

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
Non-sticky matt formula lightly clings to the lips with delicate density.
Pigmented color payoff on lips.
Long lasting staying power.
Contains oil complex for lip conditioning.”

19,000 won

Amount of product:
8.5 g

Duration before expiration:
1 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:

Ingredients list not available in English at the moment.

How to use:
You can either do a gradation lip by applying it in the center of your lips and then dabbing it outwards or you can just simply apply it all over the lips for a full lip look.

korean lip tints 2018Product packaging:
I love the simplistic and sleek black look to the packaging but if you’re not displaying these on your vanity, it is a little hard to see through the tiny slit in the front. Luckily these have color-coded labels on the bottom and the shade names are clearly in English which is very helpful. 

Korean lip tint reviewEverything else is quite standard from the screw-on lid, the built-in plastic bit that scrapes off all the extra product, and a slanted applicator which actually works very well and gives me good precision.

korean lip tints redditThe doe foot applicator has just enough fluff to it for ease of application and has a hole in the center that catches product so you don’t have to stick it back into the tube all the time to get more product onto it.  Guess companies finally have made this a standard after YSL and their glossy tints made the hole a thing.  I could be totally wrong but doe foots used to be just the regular foot with a slant at the top, not the teardrop shape that we have now.

Beauty of majesty lip tintLet’s try these on for you guys~

Colour/ pigmentation:
Me personally when it comes to lip tints, I like tints that have a good balance between bright but natural and these ones from BOM definitely have that balance.  With one swipe, you get really good pigmentation that can be bright if you want to but for the neutral shade, they look very natural on the lips as well.  I also kind of like the fact that my natural lips peek through a bit, making these a lot more comfortable for me to rock since I’m not a bold lip kinda gal.

For comparison, here are my natural lips with nothing but a bit of balm on to save my lips from bleeding after all the swatches haha.  It could also be spit depending on how lazy I was to get up and get the lip balm when I was taking these pictures.Beauty of majesty tint miss cherry101 Miss Cherry- Cool tone cherry red with slight fuchsia undertones

beauty of majesty tint in miss cherryAlthough I’m not a huge red lip wearer, this red looks super gorgeous and almost makes my lips look poutier then it really is.  I love the slight fuchsia undertone it has which makes it quite unique.  This shade does have a cool undertone but I can see this shade working for both cool and warm skin tones.

BOM lip tint vampire red102 Vampire red- Classic cool undertone dark red

lip tint koreaJust like the name suggests, this red has a slight vampy element to it but it isn’t dark enough for me to really classify it to be vampy red.  This shade is the classic cool undertone red that isn’t too bright but is bold enough for it to be a statement.  Pop some cat eyeliner and have this baby on and you’re pretty much good to go! 

201 sugar coral- Warm light coral shade with pink undertones

Out of all five, sugar coral is definitely my favorite and one I’d wear on a daily. It is a gorgeous cross between a coral with pink undertones which makes it easy to pair with a lot of looks.  301 Lovely rose: Cool coral pink shade

If sugar coral had too pink or you just want a coral shade with a cool undertone, maybe lovely rose would suit your fancy more.  This shade is also one of my favorites and is actually a great shade for the spring and summer when I want to be more “naked” with everything (clothing and make up wise).501 vintage brick: Muted warm orange with slight brick red undertones

Vintage brick is definitely a shade that confuses me.  It’s not really orange and it isn’t really dark shade, it falls somewhere awkwardly in-between and definitely not one of the shades I’d be rocking.

Texture/ Finish:
Although these look glossy on the lips, it actually has the texture of a velvet lip tint more or less, but it just has more of moisturizing power.  All of these do not have any type of shimmer or glitter in them.  They kind of remind me of the YSL glossy lip tints but less glossy and more comfortable and light on the lips. Their name says matte but these aren’t the mattes that dry down so much where it makes your lips look crusty.  Imagine these as almost velvet with a hint of glossiness but light on the lips. I really enjoy the texture of these and hopefully, they will expand their shade range because these lip tints are solid!

Lasting power:
On average if we’re talking about how long the actual product lasts on my lips, they last a good 2-3 hours before it fades but the tint leftover lasts all day.  It definitely stains the lip so make sure to not go crazy with overdrawing your lips because THEY DO STAIN!  Also if you hate the fact that cleansing oil or makeup removers can’t take the lip tints off, make sure to have one of those lip tint stain removers on hand!

There is a light fruit/ vanilla scent to it but it is very faint and the fragrance does not linger after application.  Smell-o-scale: 4/10 in terms of how strong the scent is.

-super pigmented
-comfortable/ moisturizing on the lips
-gorgeous shade range

-need more shades that aren’t just red/ pink based


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I’m super impressed with B.O.M and they are definitely a brand to look out for.  They currently have lipsticks, lip pencils, lip tints, eyeliner and a couple of cleansers if you guys want to check out their website.  I’m totally eyeing their lipsticks but I have their tinted balms I’m going to be reviewing in the near future so stay tuned for that.  One of the tints also reminds me of the Dior glow, so if you’re looking for a good dupe, it is also an option to look out for.
Products gifted by Beautytap.  Not sponsored.

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