Best dummy proof cream blusher! (Clio pro tinted veil blusher review + swatches)

Clio pro tinted veil blusherreview and swatchesWinter time is horrendous for dry skin people and as much as I want to use my pretty powder blushes, it’s just not happening.  So all things cream and BB cushions have been my best friend and these Clio cream blushes are no exceptions! Anytime Clio produces any new products, I’m always down to try them because, well I think they are the MAC of road shop brands but still at an affordable price. As much as I’d love to own all six shades, I narrowed two of the six shades and tested them out for you guys so let’s get into the review!

Full name of the product:
Clio pro tinted veil blusher

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Tinted blusher that expresses a milky hue as if draped in transparent colouring. Creamy blusher that permeates as if melting onto the skin, providing transparent colouring, while the non-sticky finish and firm color fit helps maintain a long-lasting, clean colouring.

Just like water color, sheer yet pure color payoff
The pure yet subtle color payoff creates a translucent complexion inspired by watercolour.

Non-sticky airy texture
The lightweight and refreshing texture melts into skin and leaves a non-sticky, silky finish.

Smooth, flawless application
The formula incorporates light casting powders that smoothing glides across the skin, as well as cottonseed extract to help maintain seamlessness all day.”

12,000 won

Amount of product:
4.5 g

Duration before expiration:
1.5 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:


How to use:
Apply blusher to the fingertips and lightly tap onto the skin.

Clio blush reviewPackaging:
Clio has been upcoming their color matching game lately, repackaging their matte lipsticks to the exact same shade tube as the actual lipstick and these blusher are also not an exception. Firstly, I love that the jar is clear on the bottom with a clear sticker which indicates the shade name as well as the other information you might be looking for.  On top of that, the lid is legit the exact same color as the actual product which makes storing and grabbing so much easier. Whoever is in the shade matching department definitely needs a raise!!  The packaging is quite straightforward, just twist off lid and apply with either your fingers or a brush.

Color/ Pigmentation:
Although there are only six shades I think they did a really good job at diversifying each shade and giving us a little bit of everything.  Normally when I see blush releases, its just the usual pinks, corals and such but all six of the shades are very unique.  I’m actually regretting not getting 02 watch out but I was also scared that it might be too dark for my skin tone.  But after trying out the formula and seeing how sheer and watercolour-esque these are, I’m definitely itching for more.

Clio blush review05 Keep it real: pale tanned orangey beige shade

Ever since I bought this limited edition Mac mineralized blush that I’ve been using as a supernatural contour powder, I’ve been inspired to find more products that are close to my skin but contours or just works well with moody/ dark looks.  Keep it real looks gorgeous on days I’m feeling like an orange blush but don’t really want that orange popsicle look to clash with the rest of my face, this is a foolproof color that blends effortlessly with my contour as well.  Understated but gorgeous shade this one is.

Clio blusher review06 Sweet as you: Dark lavender shade with cool pink undertones

Okay now, this shade does not look anything like what it does in real life.  If you actually look at the promo picture, it is way more accurate then this picture but anyways.  I got this shade because I have an absolute weakness when it comes to all things purple and lavender for the face.  Those of you who don’t know, lavender works very well with yellow undertone skin as it brightens due to the fact that it is the opposite color of yellow on the color wheel.  When I wear this blush, it is super subtle but it gives a nice flush of cuteness.  My go-to everyday shade when I’m wanting a no brainer day.

Clio blush swatchTexture/ Finish:
I’ve tried a lot of cream blushers and some are either too thick and pigmented to the point of not being blendable or some I’ve tried that are practically greasy.  This one I’d say is almost a gel formula which you really can’t go wrong with.  Dare I say dummy proof?  Heck, I’ll be the first to admit that I have a heavy hand sometimes and I just want something to work, especially if blush and highlight is the last finishing touch of my make up!  I’ve always used this on top of my BB cushion which I never set with powder and it works well, doesn’t move my base make up around and also dries down a bit but still keeps my cheeks hydrated.

I can’t speak for all the shades but the two shades that I have does not contain any types of shimmer/ glitters.

Clio blush reviewOkay, let’s try this on!

best korean blushI usually just use my fingers with this product since I find the warmth of my hand works well at melting it into the skin.

And there you go!  Easy as that 🙂

Left side 05 keep it real and right shade is 06 sweet as you.  Both are supernatural but you can definitely notice the nice flush of color.

Lasting power:
I’d give this product an average wear time of 5 hours until you might want to reapply.  I’ve never reapplied because I’m the type that’s too lazy to bring my make up and do that on the go.  Heck, I’ve walked around with smudge eyeliner before, I got no shame.  If you got oily or combo skin type, this might last a shorter amount of time unless you apply powder on top or something. 

No fragrance detected

-super blendable
-nice wash of color

Nothing other then I’d love to see this line expand!

Yes!  I want all of the shade AHH.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I would have given this product a 5 stars but it did lose 1 star because the lasting power isn’t really there and you’d have to reapply it on the go if you want to keep that look.  Overall I really love this product and am actually going to pick up more shades. Two thumbs up and I give you the green light to spend your coins on these babies because they really are amazing!
Products gifted by Jolse.  Not sponsored.

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