BB cushion decoden (feat. Etude House’s kit & Daiso decoden)

IMG_7230Decoden, where do I begin.  I have seen my friend decorate her photo case decoden style, but I never knew what it was called.  Now I do LOL.  Decoden originates from Japan, like all things kaiwaiiiiii, no surprise there.  I personally have never tried it, so let’s give it a shot.  The opportunity presented itself when Etude House sent us their BB cushion decoden kit in their June pink bird box, so I said why not!  I’m personally not a super duper girly girl, but I’ll give it a shot.

IMG_7244The end result^ ୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨.  See how I did it, click read more~

IMG_7231Inside the decoden kit is the “cream” glue. This is silicone caulking which you can find in Home depot or any hardware stores.  They also come with two tips, star tip and a open star tip.  If you don’t know what these shapes they make, here is a photo~  You can definitely use your own tips (These are wilton tips for baking) to create your own shapes and designs.  You’d just have to put it in a piping bag.  I prefer a piping bag since I get more control but whatever, I’ll just squeeze it out of the little tube.  Easier clean up job hehe.
Closed-Star-Tips-LGNot my photo, photo taken here

IMG_7232The kit also comes with these cute… things LOL.  What do you call these.  I didn’t end up using these together since I thought it didn’t really go well with each other, but I did use the macaron naturally.

IMG_7233For those that missed out on getting your hands on the Etude House kit, they also have decoden materials in Daiso for $2 each.  I think I got ripped off since you can get more bang for your buck on ebay but I didn’t feel like waiting a month for it.

IMG_7235Daiso had the “cream” in white and pink, “strawberry” and “chocolate” sauce…

IMG_7236Sprinkles and cream shaped like shells.

IMG_7237If you want your product to look even more realistic, you can always get yourself some polymer clay and create your own charms.  I would do that, but I’m lazy LOL.  These will do fine for this time.

IMG_7240First, arrange how you want your design to look.  I wanted to keep my simple, just like a berry and cream cake with the pretty macaron as the center piece.



IMG_7241I didn’t really plan ahead, I just started squeezing and made a design.  When I did the center, I didn’t like how it turned out so I just scraped it off and put the cream back into the tube and tried again.  I noticed the cream from the Etude House kit was a lot more stiff then the Daiso one.  I liked the Etude House one more since you can see the details a lot more, even after it dried.  The Daiso one was a lot more watery, and it runs a bit.

IMG_7242I used the Etude House cream for the sun like swirls and Daiso’s cream  to fill in the cracks and to border the circumference.

IMG_7244Carefully place your design onto the cream, and your done!  I later added a cookie and chocolate since I thought it was a bit too plain. I like the end result.  Just let the silicone/ cream dry overnight and it is ready to be carried around. So kaiwaiiiiiiiii~ ʕ ˵ ̿ ౪ ̿ ˵ ʔ


IMG_7246This honestly might be the most unhelpful post I have ever made LOL.  I can’t really explain how to do this since I found it pretty simple.  If you need more help, I’d suggest searching up deocoden youtube videos :).  Make sure you don’t take your sweet time when applying the cream since it does dry.  I think about 20 mins or so to fully finish applying the cream and after when I went to place the charms, the cream was already slightly drying.  So make sure you work fast!  The cream does dry down into this rubbery texture which I find amusing to poke at. 😛

Have you guys tried decoden?  Are you going to decoden any of your cases? I’m actually super excited to carry my BB cushion around just to confuse people into thinking this is edible keke.  Comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. HeavenZanny

    I love how that looks – very cute! But not so practical if you need to carry it around in your purse I would think… ? 😉

    1. christina

      Haha it is definitely not for practically. I will just keep it on my vanity for the cuteness factor

  2. Marjolein Kucmer

    I didn’t knew it was called decoden!!… it just thought that was a typo xD I think I have found a new obsession… just went on ebay and looked around, such cute stuff!! 😀 Thank you for showing the tube tips picture!
    I love the end result of your any cushion!

    1. christina

      I didn’t know it was called decoder until I looked it up either so your not alone. I get super into arts and crafts, once I start, there is no end. And I’m glad to hear the post was helpful :).

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