Etude House June 2015 Pink Bird Box (feat. Open your eyes kit, Decoden kit, cherry lip gel patch)

Etude House pink birdPINK BIRD BOX TIME~ Most exciting time of the month again hehe.  This month features Etude House’s new mascara called Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara in their limited edition kit “Open your eyes” which also includes the play 101 in #1 (matte black shade) and two look at my eyes eyeshadows.  Their new mascara came at a good time because my favourite mascara is on its last leg and it is time to get a new one.  Good timing, good timing.  The pink bird box team also gifted us some cherry lip gel patches,for conditioning your lips, and their limited edition decoden kit which sadly was a limited edition thing I believe.  They were giving it out on the Etude House global website, buy a cushion and get it for free.

Let’s get into the box! I’m super excited :), are you?

Krystal in all her glory :).  I like her as the face of Etude House, it works. 

The open your eyes kit is limited edition I believe, going for $14.95 USD on their website.  This is a great deal, especially if you have never tried the play 101 pencils (My favourite pencils for mutli-purpose use and it stays on the waterline like no other!).  Swatches of all the products will be down below, I’ll save my thoughts about this kit for later :P.

IMG_7174Their claims of this mascara ^.  I have tried Maybelline’s so called gel formula mascara (the Plush lash) and it was no different from any of their other mascaras, but sadly it did not work for me even with the waterproof mascara so I pray that this mascara will do what it says.  I need me a waterproof mascara or else my stick straight lashes will just droop.

IMG_7175I will make another post when I do my decoden cushion case :D, or else this post will be way too long but I will link it here also when it is up!  I’ve never tried doing decoden so it could end up as a train wreck or awesome, we shall see.  Culinary degree, don’t fail me now!

Full name of product:
Open! your eyes make up box
Contains: Play 101 pencil #1, Lash perm curl fix! #1 black, Look at my eyes eyeshadow Jewel OR202, Look at my eyes eyeshadow BR402

$14.95 USD sale (regular price $27USD)

Amount of product:
Play 101 pencil #1 = 0.02 oz. / 0.5 g
Lash perm curl fix! #1 black = 6.5g /0.22 oz.
Look at my eyes eyeshadow Jewel OR202 = 0.07 oz. / 2 g
Look at my eyes eyeshadow BR402 = 0.07 oz. / 2 g

Where to buy:
Etude House Global

Etude House curl fix mascaraI’d really recommend you guys to get the kit if you did not have any of these products since it is only $2.90 more to get the whole kit, while buying just the mascara is already $12.Etude House play 101 pencil

Etude House curl fix mascaraMascaras are the one thing I dread to test out, I don’t know why but I just don’t look forward to it.  I think it is because a lot of the times I get all excited to try something out in hopes that it will keep my curl up, separate my lashes and darken my lashes but I end up with droopy and sad lashes.  So I just give up and stick to my L’oreal million lashes in waterproof since it never fails me and I like the brush.  In my mind, I already told myself that this mascara is going to be poo.  HOWEVER…. to my surprise, it actually is amazing and it blew me out of the waters!

Etude house mascaraThe brush is super weird, it is one of those hybrid brushes with two sides to it.  One side is this fine comb that kind of looks like down south.  Can I say that on my blog? LOL well it does look like it damn it, I don’t know how else I can describe it.  The comb is two U shaped connecting together at the end. 

Etude House mascaraThe other side is your standard plastic, spikey brush.  I prefer plastic spikes for my mascara wands rather then a brush since it fits better with my asian eyes, and I get get to every lash.  One thing I have to nit pick, I wish there were more bristles since when I apply it onto my lashes, my lashes catch too much product on.  So if there were more spikes, I think this mascara can be a holy grail.  YEA I SAID IT, holy grail man. Now I think I’m going to buy all of the colours they have, especially that hot pink.  SO FUN! 😀 I saw some Korean beauty blogger applying the pink one on their lashes and the pink is NO JOKE.  You can see the pink a mile away.

When I first pilled the wand out, I was like “for sure this formula is too wet”.  NOPE. It is wet, but it somehow with magic, keeps my curl up, defines and darkens. This was before I knew this was actually a waterproof formula :P.  I test things blindly hehe.IMG_7199Here’s a better picture of the wand ^ because my description sucks!
Etude House mascaraYou see! You see! Curl Curl!

Etude House mascaraI’m not saying this because they send me this, it really is amazing. Stick straight lashes to curled, separated and fabulous! ⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝

IMG_7214I never remember to put mascara on the top part of my lashes hehe. But thats what they look like.

IMG_7209I highly recommend the mascara! Two thumbs up! (✿´◉◞⊖◟◉`✿)

Etude House eyeshadowThe kit also comes with these two eyeshadows.  From my past experience from Etude House’s eyeshadows, I was not impressed.  They weren’t pigmented enough even as a sheer wash of color but boy was I wrong with these two shades.  My god!  This dark, cool tone brown (Look at my eyes BR402) with golden shimmer (shimmery, sheen finish) was super pigmented, blendable, its love.  Just one swatch and BAM!

IMG_7190The other eyeshadow (Look at my eyes Jewel OR 202) is gorgeous as well.  I think this is the first time I have tried their Jewel line of eyeshadows and WOW.  This shade is a peachy pink shade with heavy golden shimmers mixed with fine blue and sliver shimmers as well.  On the skin, it makes my skin look like it is wet! I love that kind of shimmery shades, GORGEOUS.  I’m not a glitter kind of person, but it looks like there are swarvoski crystals all over my eyes.  UGH.  (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆

Etude House open your eyes make up box

These swatches was one swipe, no primer, nothing.  GORGEOUS RIGHT? Now I’m on the hunt for more of their eyeshadows, wowwwww.  The play 101 pencil in black has just the right amount of creaminess but there is also some give so you know it will stay on your waterline.  I hope they come out with a black that is even more black, that would be perfect!  Now I highly recommend this kit.  \|°▿▿▿▿°|/

IMG_7176Etude House also sent us these Cherry lip gel patches.  I still haven’t tried Etude House’s version, but I have tried Choosy’s lip patches.  I had a hard time using it not because it kept sliding, but I have these messed up nostrils.  The flesh inside my nose is super swollen from severe allergies (which I still don’t know what it is), so I usually breath with my mouth.  When I use these patches, I have a hard time breathing.  So maybe hen I use these, I could try slicing the center to breath? LOL.  Anyone else out there that is a mouth breather or am I the only one?

IMG_7177I’ll do a full review when I do use these lip patches 😛

IMG_7167The last goodie is the decoden kit.  I have never tried doing anything decoden, but I’m excited too.  I will be making a separate blog post on decorating one of my BB cushion cases or else this post will be stupid long.  This kit includes the cream glue, tons of cute little things to stick on it, and two tips that you can twist onto the tube to create the textured “cream”.

IMG_7169They are all so cute! HEHE For sure I will be using the macaroon.

That is it for this month’s Pink Bird Box.  I’m super duper impressed with the Open your eyes kit, and I think I actually might just get the rest of the colors.  I highly recommend you guys giving the kit a go since it is a solid box for a full eye look and the price is super affordable too!  You can’t go wrong with it.  I will be decorating my BB cushion compact after I finish this paragraph :P, and show you guys another alternative if you missed out of the decoden kit.  The lip mask I’m dreading to try, but I will suck it up in the name of science haha.

*Update- check out my decoden creation here*

Did you guys enjoy this unboxing?  Did anything catch your interest? What product are you looking forward to for a full review?  Tell me in the comments below ꇐωꇐ.

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  1. Marjolein Kucmer

    What do you think… full review and how to on the decor kit… I have no idea how to work and choose with cone shape to use with the glue.. I have both sets… dejavu.. fb? well I really don’t want to mess up an any cushion case and by the looks it will sit on the case pretty firm.

    So you know what to do 😉 hehe 😀 <3

    1. christina

      My next post is actually how to decorate the bob cushion case haha. I will be up tonight ☺️. The glue is pretty forgiving, you can just scrap it off if you mess up.

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