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Testerkorea haulSurprise surprise! A testerkorea haul :D. Some people have been asking me where I get my K beauty fix, and testerkorea.com is one of those places alongside ebay.  I haven’t ventured out to any other places such as Jolse, yesstyle, beautynetkorea since I have found testerkorea to have the cheapest prices and reasonable shipping all round.  They used to have 30% off everything but I’m guessing it was too popular LOL and they were losing money?  So they put it down to 20% off selected items which is still not too shabby.  All the items here are actually two hauls, 2/3 of it was from last December but I kept forget to take pictures.  Better late then never? 😛

IMG_7100All of testerkorea parcels come in these plastic boxes and items that were fragile were wrapped with bubble wrap.  I never have had a problem with anything breaking and they did not mess up on both orders. I do have a bone to pick with them on the first time I ordered, however I’ll elaborate on that in the post so click read more won’t you!

A'pieu air fit cushion Instagram is the place to be when one is bored, and when one stumbles upon a Kbeauty collaboration with a childhood favourite, it is a must buy!  A’pieu collaborated with Garfield to be feature on their BB cushion which I have never tried so it was killing two birds with one stone.  Guess how much this was!…..did you guess? 5,800 Won ($5.26 USD).  It is so dang cheap!!!!!  It is even cheaper then the Etude House Any cushion moist that I love and use when I do my make up.  The case isn’t made half ass either, the lid is metal with Garfield actually printed onto the lid and not a crappy sticker, the bottom is plastic and the inside can be popped out which is good since I could just buy a refill if I really like it :D.  I don’t want to throw the box away T__T but I know I must or else I’d be the hoarding lady that will have her own reality show on TLC.

A'pieu air fitThis is slightly ridiculous for me to get two of the same thing, but I was heart broken when I couldn’t win the bid on ebay to get the Garfield BB cushion so I just settled and got the regular packaging.  I mean it was only $6 and some change with free shipping on ebay, I had to mend my broken heart.  Five days after I already bought the regular one, Testerkorea added it onto their site and it was even cheaper, so I just ended up getting the same product but in the darker shade.  I hope it isn’t too dark for my ghostly pale skin, although it is summer time and I do get slightly darker so it shouldn’t go to waste :D.  We shall see how this product performs, and of course a review will be curated here so please stay tuned.

A'pieu air fit The inside is just your standard mirror, air puff, the lid to keep the cushion moist and the cushion itself.  I’ve noticed that all BB cushions, either it is high end or “street shop”s as koreans call it, they all have the standard plastic packaging.  Even Lancome has the same packaging so I wouldn’t really understand why anyone would pay and arm and a leg for a BB cushion.  I think the actual formula is the most important part.  I have the IOPE BB cushion which I like, however the formula makes me look super ghostly pale with a slight gray undertone and I don’t like that :S.  Hopefully the A’pieu one doesn’t have the same undertone, Aiya!

Etude House palette

Etude House came out with these empty six pan palettes called “Look at my eyes 8 color palette“.  I really didn’t need anymore palettes, but these were just so pretty to look at and they were affordable, 6,400 won.  One thing I don’t like about testerkorea is that they don’t have many pictures for you to look at on their website.  It is just the one picture you see in the icon and a super short description which most of the time, it ain’t helpful.  So I had to go on a goose chase onto Etude House’s korean website, use google chrome’s translation and find more pictures of these palettes.  Little did I know that these are not magnetic, nor is their single eyeshadows they sell.  So if you wanted to get these in hopes of putting in your MAC shadows, you would want to either stick your own magnetics on the back of the palette and your pan or just buy a Z palette or the MAC artist palettes they have.

You can see my camera 😀 and my PJ top :P, the not so glamorous side of things.

These do come with a really nice sized mirror which sits up nicely and you can actually see half your face if you are holding it upright, or if you hold it sideways, you can actually see your whole face.  The little pan slots come with a small little space where you can poke the pans back out so it wouldn’t be stuck and a small sponge applicator which I most likely would never use but it is nice to have sometimes.

Etude house precious mineral any cushion The one BB cushion I have been running back to is the Etude House Precious Mineral Any cushion Moist. Ever since I got it in a past pink bird box and I tested it out on my face, this is the “it” product I use, my almost holy grail product, the one no brainer product I trust to do the job when I’m on the go. Thumbs up :), I can’t live without this product. 8,000 won

InnisfreeI’ve been itching to try anything from Innisfree, talking to the girls on the facebook Kbeauty group and asking for their advice on what products are good to try.  A lot of them said the brand isn’t stellar in terms of make up.  I just picked up some stuff from their line which I totally didn’t need but couldn’t pass up since it was really hippie packaging and cheap haha.  To the left I got two hand creams, the Innisfree jeju peach hand cream and hallabong hand cream, each were 2,800 won.  I have pretty dry hands and the only hand cream I can use is the Glysomed hand cream which you can pick up at Costco or the drugstore.  It is thick enough and moisturizing enough for my hands since I do have to wash my hand every couple minutes so I don’t contaminate the food I work with in the kitchen.  I highly doubted that these hand creams would do the job, but peach hand cream? It must smell good :D.  

I also picked up the Innisfree smart foundation-water balancing which only costed $3 and some change when I got it.  I was like “wow, it is so cheap, I wonder if it is any good.”  I was going to buy all the foundations, but my responsible side kicked in and was like “no gurl… you don’t need to get all of them damn it.”  Good thing I listened to myself or else I would have been so annoyed.  The tube is super duper small, it is the size of my small asian palm!  I didn’t expect it to be so small, it is even smaller then the hand cream (almost).  Not sure how it performs yet since I still haven’t tried it but DANG IT’S SMALL!

Tony Moly mango mild sun blockTony Moly came out with a new edition to their fruit/vegetable line, and this time around they came out with a mango sunscreen.  Summer is already here and I wanted to be more diligent with protecting my skin, and the packaging being a mango helps with the “TAKE MY MONEY” mentality :D. I prefer my sunscreen to be gel, or at least not greasy since traditional sunscreen lefts this sticky, greasy residue.

Tony Moly mango sun creamWho else can say they have mango suncreen here in North America HAHA.   Gonna love Tony Moly with coming out with cute fruits and veggie products.  Surprisingly the mango scent is not sickly sweet, just the right amount of fragrance to be like “smells like mango”.

Skinfood maskThese Skinfood products i picked up from the first testerkorea haul I did which the ordered was held for bloody one month before getting back to me after a month to tell me they couldn’t ship out the parcel because one product was not available.  They were all $5 or less so I was like, meh why not!  I got the Skinfood egg white pore mask, steam milk mask cream, wildberry milk cleansing cream (moist) and wash off rice mask.

Skinfood steam milk mask cream

I got this Donkey’s milk steam cream from a past Memebox and it worked really well with my skin, however there is no way I could find the same cream online so I thought I’d give the Skinfood one a try.  I kind of forgot what all these products are suppose to do, so I’m going to have to research about again. LOL FAIL!

Skinfood honey cleanserI don’t believe I have tried any foam cleansers in the past, so I thought I would give the Skinfood Honey black tea bubble foam that has honey and black tea in it.  Hopefully the honey helps a bit with my dry skin!  I’ve seen plenty of positive reviews floating around the interweb so I have high hopes for this product :). 

Skinfood lipstick

Now this is the product that messed up my whole first order, STUPID LIPSTICK >:(.  So back in December, I wanted to venture out and try to order some Korean cosmetics on a website, and I saw a lot of girls on the facebook group ordering from testerkorea and praising their variety and their competitive prices.  So I joined the bandwagon and ordered me some goodies.  I didn’t know what to expect in terms of shipping, so I gave the online store at least a month and a half since it does usually take that long for products to get to me from ebay.  A month had passed, and I was getting worried.  I didn’t get any confirmation saying my parcel had been shipped nor did my account say anything of the sort.  Shortly after, testerkorea emailed me apologizing that there was one product that they could not get a hold of even though it was “in stock” on the website.  They told me to pick something else from the store that was around the same price, so I did.  The weird thing was, they didn’t want to just refund me the money and call it a day, they wanted me to pick something else.  In my mind, I wish they would just give me back my money and ship the damn thing, although I think they just wanted to keep the business which was fine.  I just wished they would handle the situation faster and not postpone in notifying me a month later to tell me something like that.  We went back and forth, mainly because whoever was in the customer service department’s, was not their first language for sure.  That’s okay haha, I JUST WANT MY PRODUCTS.  I choose two products that were the same price, and in the end they “found” the product I originally wanted and sent the parcel.  I believe I got my parcel a week after it was shipped.

Anyways, I saw this really cute Skinfood my short cake lip case which reminded me a lot of Paul and Joe’s cases which you also have to buy separately, but unlike Paul and Joe’s prices, Skinfood’s is only 2,000 won.  You do have to buy the actual lipstick separately, so I forced myself to choose a shade so I could have the case.  That is such a dumb reason, however I have called myself a “crow”, liking anything shiny and cute HAHA.

All you have to do is pop off the plastic tops and stick it into the case.  SO PRETTY! They did have some other ones that I prefer, but this was the only one that the had left :'(.  Not bad still :D.

Another great thing about testerkorea is their option to buy the samples.  These samples from skinfood were only 70 cents, a great way to test out a product without committing.

They also had these Baviphat mini samples of their Apple AC therapy sleeping pack, Peach all in one peeling gel, and lemon whitening sleeping pack.  Between me and you, I wanted these purely for the packaging LOL.  ITS SO DANG CUTE! And I can refill it later on when I’m finished with the product with other products ;).

Best part of testerkorea and buying from Korean stores wether it is online or in stores?  SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE.  I’ve only heard they give you tons and tons of samples so companies can get you to try their products and hopefully fall in love  enough for you to buy it.  We don’t get that kind of service here in North America.  The only closest company that does that is Sephora, which has an amazing return policy and they give you whatever sample you want! I just wish they would give out more samples like korean companies.  Testerkorea gave me extra since they kept messing up with my order haha.  Sadly my second order, they didn’t give me any samples.  I have heard from other girls that recently ordered from the site didn’t get any samples as well.  I hope that is not true, I just might have to email testerkorea to find out!

Korean cosmetic samplesI have tried the Holika Holika cermide cream and have really liked it.  When winter time rolls around and I still need a heavy duty moisturizer, that will be the one cream I will turn to :).  Everything else here I still haven’t tried.  To be honest, I rarely try foil packaged samples because they are so small and one try really isn’t enough to tell if my skin likes it or not.  Give me at least those little bottles if you really want me to fall in love.

That’s it for my testerkorea haul!  I’m still trying to remember to try all these products out so I could generate reviews, but it is just so hard to fall out of your regular routine with the products you know works.  I think I might write it on my bathroom mirror with a white board marker to remind myself, or you guys can tell me what you want to see review first and I will get on it! 😀 Anyways, thank you for stopping by!  Love you guys~ Talk to you soon.

Tell me what you want to see reviewed first! What caught your eyes?  Did you get anything for yourself?  I want to hear from you in the comments down below!

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  1. Ceci

    wahhh!!! SKinfood tubs! Are you on bloglovin? It’s easiest for me to follow blogs through bloglovin’!

  2. annette

    Hello dear, I’d like to buy an empty eyeshadow palette like yours, but I don’t know the diameter of the pans! 🙁 I’d like to glue on my own eyeshadows, so I can have my personal palette 🙂

  3. Belle

    Just wanted to say thanks for letting us know about TesterKorea! I placed and order with them last month and got my items about a week ago, and everything was in perfect condition. So much cheaper than at the brands’ international stores and websites too! Oh, and I got a bunch of samples with my order too.

    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog, because I think we are the same skintone, and I have similar skin concerns as you. I got the regular (not Garfield) version of the A’pieu cushion based on your review, so I hope I love it as much as you do! Great job on the blog, and looking forward to more foundation/skincare reviews from you 🙂

    1. Christina

      🙂 I’m glad I was of some help. To my honest, your comment made me kick myself in the bum to work harder and stop slacking off. Thank you for finding my blog and hope you stay tune for more posts. I think I have to do more Bb cushion reviews since I have so many haha.

      1. Belle

        Stay motivated, but don’t push yourself too hard! Your reviews are great, and I think you do a great job with your photos and lighting as well. I’ll definitely stay tuned for more updates 🙂

        1. Christina

          Thank you for your kind words and support :). I’ll keep it in mind <3

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