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Beautynet koreaBack in December, I was casually strolling on Instagram when I stumbled upon a posting on Beautynetkorea’s instagram for a giveaway.  Of course I was interested and I just mindlessly joined in on the fun, not expecting anything out of it.  The post said the giveaway was for a box full of secret goodies.  Couple weeks after, not remember I even entered into the contest, I got a tag on Instagram and I saw this….Beautynetkorea instaI could not believe my eyes.  I thought this was a joke but clearly it wasn’t.  I got this notification one week before New Years and the parcel came to me two days before New Years.  I don’t know how I was so blessed this year, God seriously is doing some crazy magic.   Out of almost 200 people that entered the contest, I got picked. (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥).  When my doorbell rang and I saw the size of the parcel, I was shocked!!  I was only expecting one or two items but the box was HEAVY too.  Damnnnnnn……

Anyways, this is what was inside the mystery box.  I thought I would share this with you guys so you can pick and choose which products I should review first because I don’t even know where to start!!  So let’s get into the haul~~ WEEEEEEEEEE (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

IMG_0121 (2)Everything in all it’s glory!  I was surprised there was even the Tony Moly Might atom tint in the box since it is one of the newer products that came out recently in the K-Beauty scene.  Inside was even the Tony Moly Panda’s dream eye base.  Secretly I was hoping it was the cooling eye base but I think that product was discontinued or something sadly.

I actually haven’t shopped on the site, but checking out their site now, I think they have and awesome perk which is FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING BABY!  Hell YEA!  Their prices are half bad either!!!  Sorry I’m kind of freaking out too much here. There are some products prices that are slightly jacked up, but I do see products that are pretty much the Korean retail price, so you definitely have to pick and choose and be smart with price matching the products you want to purchase.  They also sell product samples, foiled packagings and deluxe sizes so if you didn’t want to purchase a full sized product and want to test it out, this is an awesome way to go.

IMG_0124Left to right:
Tony Moly Changing U Magic foot peeling shoes
Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour lip 3-step kit
The Yeon Beauty kit 5 day
The Yeon Jeju Hallabong Engergy peeling gel

I think they knew I’ve always wanted a feet peeling product, so I was super excited to see a Tony Moly “changing U magic foot peeling shoes” in the box.  How it works is you wear the mask for 1 hour straight, and throughout the week your feet peels like a snake shedding.  The heels of my feet lately have been super duper dry, and it actually feels like sand paper when I rub it together.  GROSS!  I can definitely use a foot peeling mask, and surprisingly this one from Tony Moly is actually pretty expensive (retailing for $5.88 each).

I’ve tried a couple of lip patch masks from brands like Etude House and Pure smiles, but they never really worked out for me.  Firstly, because my nose is grown a little weird inside my nostrils, I am a mouth breather most of the time.  So stay still with a gel lip mask on my lips for 10-15 minutes is kind of hard for me, and I usually make a cut in the middle of my mask so I could breath.  The end results is always meh, so I never bother even picking anymore up.  This one from Holika Holika comes with three steps:

Step 1: lip peeling patch (this has peeked my interest!!)
Step 2: “volume” lip pack–> Hydrogel mask
Step 3: Honey lip essence

I’m not super crazy about step 2 and 3 but #1 has definitely caught my eye!  I have noticed there is little to no lip peeling products on the market and I’ve been forced to use my Secret Key lemon D-toc on my lips which actually does an amazing job by the way! Of course make sure you don’t lick your lips HAHA. 

They also included couple of The Yeon products which is a brand I haven’t tried a lot of, so I’m super excited to have these in the mystery gift HEHE.  Oh yeaaaa….

There is also Hello Kitty nail stickers, but you know me, I don’t really use nail products so this will have to be passed down to a friend.
IMG_0129Left to right:
Etude house Missing U hand cream
Peripera heart glow CC cream
Tony Moly Panda’s cream Brightening eye base
BBia last auto gel eyeliner (choco edition)

I love a lot of K-beauty hand creams because they have such cute packaging, however because I have super dry hands and eczema on some of my fingers, I avoid them at all cost.  I am glad I got one from Etude House’s “Missing U” hand cream line in the seal, SO CUTE!

I’ve recently been getting into Peripera and Club Clio as a whole so I’m happy to add this onto the list to try in terms of CC creams.  I haven’t loved any CC creams I have tried yet and I’d love to see how this one performs.  Supposedly this CC cream is a primer, make up base and sun block all in one with full coverage.  A lot of times, CC creams are usually way way too pale for me, and I’m already pretty pale!  I do think this is because CC creams are meant to be worn underneath BB creams or foundations, so I’d love to see if I can wear this CC cream with or without BB creams.

Of course, there is the classic Tony Moly Panda’s Dream eye base which is suppose to be a base where you apply to your dark circles and is suppose to brighten them up.  I can totally use this since my dark circles have developed into a permeant state and even with layers of correctors and concealers under the eyes, they still peek out!  I think I might have to try this product out first!

Bbia seems to be one of the smaller brands in the K-beauty world.  I have received their pigments in a swap and boy oh boy, are those pigments AMAZING.  I am not a big big fan of glitters on the face because it takes three days to fully get rid of.  Seriously, if you want me to hate you for life, throw a fat bag of glitter at me and you have achieved success.  Usually glittery pigments have a chunky texture and look to them. Bbia’s pigments, in the jar, look like they are chunky and clumped up but that is because they are formulated in a way that once applied to the skin, they seem like butter and the finish. OHHHHH GURLL… let me tell you about the finish.  It makes my eye lids look WET and sparkly.  I haven’t encountered any other pigments out there that does that, and for the price of around $5 each, seriously… GET ON IT!  Okay enough of me making love to the pigments. (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡  Bottom line, I am obsessed with Bbia as a brand, so when I got their eyeliner, I knew I would love it.  I haven’t tried it yet but I know this will be love at first sight.  I have a lot of experience with eyeliners from K-beauty and none, NONE has disappointed me in any way. All of them have crazy lasting power, amazing pigmentation all under $5. I don’t know what it is, but the Koreans got the eyeliners DOWN.  If you need more proof, check out my Etude House Play 101 review.  Not only do they have amazing crazy colors, lasting power, pigmentation, everything.  As Beyonce says…. WE FFFFFFFlawlesssssss~  Now you really can say “I woke up like DIS” with Korean eyeliners KEKE. ヽ(o♡o)/IMG_0130Left to right:
Tony Moly Mighty Atom liptone get it tint
Etude House Sweet recipe candy stick
Etude House color lips fit
Innisfree Eco Flower tint balm
Tony Moly Mini berry lip balm (Blueberry and cherry)

Ever since the Tony Moly mighty atom came out, I have been eyeing the whole collection but only ended up getting the CC pact (which by the way, I really love!!).  I did want to get the other items but I figured the CC pact was the only practical item out of the collection that I would actually use.  When I opened the parcel, the first time that my eye caught was the yellow packaging and I thought to myself….No WAY!  And then proceeded to fangirl scream.  WEEEEEEE  not that I need anymore lip products but a make up addict can never say no! I have a problem and I will admit it, doesn’t stop me from getting more HAHA.  Seriously, K-beauty is like crack.

They also sent me two Etude House lip products which is their Color lips fit, which I think is just a clear lip gloss, and the Sweet recipe candy stick.  Funny story with the candy stick, this is actually the third time I have gotten this, once from a past Memebox and another time from something else which I can’t remember at the moment.  So this is the third time I have gotten it.  The other two times, I traded it off or gave it away to a friend, so I guess I’m haunted with this product in this exact shade.  I think it is a sign I need to just keep it so I don’t get more in the future. (・_・ヾ

Two other products that I am happy to get is Tony Moly’s mini berry lip balms.  I now have a whole fruit basket collection going on in my bathroom and my room.  Currently I have their banana sleeping mask, peach lip balm, apple peeling gel, tomatox mask and now these two.  I bought the peach lip balm in the past but wasn’t impressed at all with them, so let’s hope these would be more moisturizing then the peach one because they smell awesome and of course, packaging is stupid adorable!  Hello~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥

There is also a Innisfree eco flower tint balm in an orange shade.  Lip balms and BB creams are the two things I can never get enough of, so this will go onto the list of lip balms I will have to try out!IMG_0132 (1)The last part of the haul is skincare, another category of products I will never get enough of.

Let to right:
The Yeon Jeju hallabong energy spot powder ampoule
Holika Holika wine therapy sleeping mask pack
Etude House baking powder moisture cleansing foam
Etude House pure water baobab mild lotion

Back in the day when Memebox was still operating as a international company, they had us customers brainstorm what curated box themes we wanted and one box was the “wine and cheese” box.  We got a spoiler that there was a wine and cheese box coming out and all of use got hyped!  We wanted to take a guess as to what could be in the box, and one of the guesses was the Holika Holika wine therapy sleeping mask pack.  When the box did come out and we saw the spoilers on blogger’s instagram and blogs, sadly this product was not included.  The box itself did not disappoint but from that point, I had my eyes peeled on this sleeping packs.  I personally love me some sleeping packs/ masks because sheet masks or clay masks take time out of the day (15-20 minutes) of usually not being able to move or eat, and I honestly don’t have the patience for that.  What is great about sleeping masks is that you can use it in your night routine in replacement of your normal night cream, wear it to sleep and then wash it off the next day.  How convenient is that!  No waiting around and you can just head straight to bed.  I can’t wait to try this product out!!

Another The Yeon product they sent me was their Jeju hallabong energy spot powder ampoule which I’m not sure if I can use this for myself since I’m not one to get pimples, but my boyfriend can sure use this!  Test subject kekeke. This product is suppose to be used as a spot treatment for red spots to relieve them.  I’m guessing this is kind of like the toothpaste method where you dry out your pimple and wash it off. I’ve seen products like this in the market but never had to pick it up *knock on wood*.

Cleansers, cleansers, the most boring but most essential part of skincare.  I actually noticed I have a very small selection of cleansers in my stash, so this would be a nice addition to my collection.  I am also glad it came in the moisture version, it is like they knew me!  This product is suppose contain baking powder which gives a mild scrub effect and gives the pores a deep cleanse.  I will definitely try this on my nose to see if my blackhead growth improves or not.  Random thought, when baking, do not mix up baking powder and baking soda.  One will product a nice fluffy and airy texture to your pastries and cakes, and one will give you a disgusting, hulk like green (not that pigmented in the green department) color and gritty texture.  Still to this day, I can’t remember which is which HAHA.  Oh dear….

Last but not least, the final product is Etude House pure water baobab mild lotion which is a product that contains baobab water (8.9%) and also has UV protection and brightening effects.  This is definitely a product you would want to use for the day time because of the SPF.  You wouldn’t want to wear SPF to sleep because it has reverse effects.  When you are sleeping your skin is in “repair” mode, meaning the skin is trying to rebuild itself and detoxing as well.  If you were to wear sunscreen to sleep, your pores would get clogged from certain ingredients in the sunscreen and cause your skin to congest.  I think from the consistency of this lotion, this would only be a cream I will be using in spring and summer.

That is it for my beautynetkorea giveaway winnings.  Please note I was sent these from being a winner of their giveaway, which is still surreal to me for even being able to win these awesome goodies!  I was not paid money or approached by them (other then them asking me for my address to send me these) to promote their website in any way, shape, or form.  I included links to their website because I figured you’d like to see more details about them since this isn’t a review.

Anyways, what did you guys think about this haul?  What caught your eye and what products do you want me to review first?  I honestly don’t know where to start, so some guidance would be greatly appreciated!  Let a sista know in the comments down below~~~ See ya there! [^._.^]ノ彡

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  1. Midori

    Wow! Congratulations!!
    Such a glorious treat! *o*

    The Tony Moly Lip Tint is something I definitely want to see~ Even the peeling foot mask. If that stuff works, I might get some for myself and pass them along to friends and family!

    1. Christina

      Thank you :). I will try out the lip balms first then, roger that! I think I will use the foot mask soon haha, my feet are sooo sandpaper like.

  2. Joanne Mallon

    Wow! What a wonderful prize. I have ordered from BeautynetKorea about 5 times and always recommend them to people, it’s a great site. Enjoy playing with your haul!

    1. Christina

      I haven’t personally ordered from them, but after checking out their site, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled on that site. I do like the fact that they carry the latest collections as well 🙂

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