Skin 79 Super plus BB triple function BB cream Review + Swatch + Demo

Skin79 BB cream reviewSkin 79 is one of those brands you’ve heard about, whether or not you are into the K-beauty world or the western cosmetics world. I knew about this brand and their classic hot pink BB cream way before I even know brands like Etude House or Tony Moly.  When I went to visit Hong Kong eight years ago, I stumbled upon a store selling Korean cosmetics and I ended up picking the famous hot pink BB cream.  That was the start to the BB cream journey, this hot pink baby right here ╰(・∇・╰).  For the longest time, I could never EVER find a foundation that was suited for my skin color or type.  Then again, I didn’t get my skincare game down but still!!  Anyways, let’s get onto the review and we shall see what the difference is with these two versions from skin 79, both suited for dry skin with their moisture formulas.  Let’s gooo~

Full name of product:
Skin 79 super plus BB triple functions (Hot Pink)
Skin 79 Super plus BB (Purple)

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Both are permanent

Description of product:
Triple functional Beblesh Balm finishes your makeup more natural, cares skin greasiness and presents powdery skin with Light & Natural Texture. Brightening and clean skin with tone-up effect! WHITENING+WRINKLE IMPROVEMENT+UV PROTECTING SPF30 PA++”

Purple BB Triple functional BB cream with Rich moisture & Refined color
Maintain oil & moisture balance with moist coating veil for skin. It brightens the complexion, corrects skin tone, and naturally covers blemishes.
Tip. The color is more like No.23 natural color.”

Hot pink SPF 30 PA++
Purple SPF 40 PA+++

Hot pink 27,000 won
Purple 35,000 won

Please do keep in mind you can easily get these BB creams for the price range of $15-$20 on places like ebay or any of the ones I have listed down below.  Do make sure the sellers are located in South Korea since there are many many fakes out there, especially sellers form China.

Amount of product:
40 g

Duration before expiration:
12 months (1 year)

Where to buy:
Hot pink


Shades available:
These BB creams sadly only come in one shade, but there are 6 versions to tackle different 79 bb

Triple functional Beblesh Balm finishes your makeup more natural, cares skin greasiness and presents powdery skin with Light & Natural Texture. Brightening and clean skin with tone-up effect! WHITENING+WRINKLE IMPROVEMENT+UV PROTECTING SPF30 PA++

Gold: Triple functional Beblesh Balm presents natural skin tone with smooth adhesion
and help to form moisture barrier for sensitive skin to be glowing. Upgraded Gold and Caviar ingredients to care damaged skin!

Snail nutrition: BB Cream formulated 45% Snail’s Slime presents transparent skin
Triple functional BB cream cares smooth and glowing skin for all day with good adhesion
to keep transparent and bright skin by Snail Slime which includes the diverse nutrition
ingredients. Skin trouble? Consult with Snail

skin79 bb 2Orange: Multi-Vitamin for vibrant skin 5 vitamins in BB cream for relaxing stressed skin
Triple functions BB cream presents vital and vibrant skin for tired skin
Upgraded SPF which cause of aging and blemish

This BB Cream gives skin a glowing, natural look and evens the skin tone.

Purple: Triple functional BB cream with Rich moisture & Refined color
Maintain oil & moisture balance with moist coating veil for skin. It brightens the complexion, corrects skin tone, and naturally covers blemishes.
Tip. The color is more like No.23 natural color.

*Again please keep in mind the English ingredients list is a direct translation and I can already see really funny translation.  So I will include the Hangul version as well.*
Hot Pink– Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, talc, digital camera reel carbonate frills, ruffles rate Butylene Glycol di / di Freight, the chilhek silme methoxy cinnamate, not three tilpi / p Fiji -10 / 1 Dimethicone, niacinamide, Sweet almond oil, isopropyl Eiko acid, zinc oxide and dimethicone, polyglyceryl isostearate -4, Portulaca Oleracea extract, tocopheryl acetate, damask rose kkotsu, Fireweed / Leaf / Stem Extract, Schisandra extract, Centella asiatica extract, pomegranate wood extract, cornflower kkotsu, acerola extract, elder flower extract, Witch Hazel kkotsu, hydro jeneyi suited lecithin, ceramide 3, magnesium sulfate, cyclo-mail chikon, dimethicone / vinyl dimethicone cross polymer, distearoyl dimonium hectorite, tree hydroxy stearin, methoxy chikon, silica, echil hexyl glycerin, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum stearate, adenosine, aminopropyl dimethicone, Poly Methyl silsesquioxane, Butylene Glycol, magnesium aspartate, Sako sour Sodium Coco one amino acid, potassium aspartate, synthetic fluorinated graphite sample logo

스위트아몬드오일, 이소에이코산, 징크옥사이드, 디메치콘, 폴리글리세릴-4이소스테아레이트, 마치현추출물, 토코페릴아세테이트, 다마스크장미꽃수, 분홍바늘꽃/잎/줄기추출물, 오미자추출물, 병풀추출물, 석류나무추출물, 수레국화꽃수, 아세로라추출물, 엘더꽃추출물, 위치하젤꽃수, 하이드로제네이티드레시틴, 세라마이드3, 마그네슘설페이트, 사이클로메치콘, 디메치콘/비닐디메치콘크로스폴리머, 디스테아디모늄헥토라이트, 트리하이드록시스테아린, 메치콘, 실리카, 에칠헥실글리세린, 알루미늄하이드록사이드, 알루미늄스테아레이트, 아데노신, 아미노프로필디메치콘, 폴리메칠실세스퀴옥산, 부틸렌글라이콜, 마그네슘아스파테이트, 사코신, 소듐코코일아미노산, 포타슘아스파테이트, 합성플루오르플로고파이트

Purple: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, glycerol, Butylene Glycol, cyclohexanone siloxane, phenyl trimethoxy chikon hydro jeneyi suited polyisobutene, isopropyl myristate, dimethicone, arbutin, three tilpi not / p Fiji -10/1 Dimethicone, Magnesium sulfate, distearoyl dimonium hectorite, Butylene Glycol di ruffles rate / di Freight, aluminum hydroxide, stearic acid, sorbitan source Te rate, quaternium – 18 bentonite, caprylyl dimethicone ethoxy glucoside, polyglyceryl–4 isostearate, propylene carbonate, tri the Messenger Brassica ruffle reel silane, hexyl laurate, tocopheryl acetate, adenosine, echil hexyl palmitate, sodium hyaluronidase by Nate, program ruktan, drumstick tree seed oil, brazil nut seed oil, argan tree kernel oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, ceramide 3, alumina, disodium this dithiophene this, caprylic rilgeul glycol, echil hexyl glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, spices, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, black iron oxide

전체성분정제수, 사이클로펜타실록산, 티타늄디옥사이드, 징크옥사이드, 글리세린, 부틸렌글라이콜, 사이클로헥사실록산, 페닐트리메치콘, 하이드로제네이티드폴리이소부텐, 이소프로필미리스테이트, 디메치콘, 알부틴, 세틸피이지/피피지-10/1디메치콘, 마그네슘설페이트, 디스테아디모늄헥토라이트, 부틸렌글라이콜디카프릴레이트/디카프레이트, 알루미늄하이드록사이드, 스테아릭애씨드, 소르비탄이소스테아레이트, 쿼터늄-18벤토나이트, 카프릴릴디메치콘에톡시글루코사이드, 폴리글리세릴-4이소스테아레이트, 프로필렌카보네이트, 트리에톡시카프릴릴실란, 헥실라우레이트, 토코페릴아세테이트, 아데노신, 에칠헥실팔미테이트, 소듐하이알루로네이트, 프룩탄, 드럼스틱나무씨오일, 브라질넛씨오일, 아르간트리커넬오일, 올리브오일, 스위트아몬드오일, 세라마이드3, 알루미나, 디소듐이디티에이, 카프릴릴글라이콜, 에칠헥실글리세린, 1,2-헥산디올, 향료, 적색산화철, 황색산화철, 흑색산화철
Skin79 hot pink bb creamProduct packaging:
Something I learned from the book “The new science of perfect skin” I mentioned in the post before, this where I broke down how to read and understand cosmetic and skincare ingredients, I learned that the best and most hygienic packaging for skincare and cosmetics is an air tight container with a pump that pushes product from the bottom up.  All of skin 79’s BB cream has this packaging which is aweeesome!  The only flaw it has is that you can’t see how much product is inside.  I do wish that there was a clear slot on the side so you could see where the pump is at.  The pump itself is decently easy to control.  Sadly there is no lock for the pump so if you were to put this into your purse, it could push out product so do watch out for that.  Then again, we usually put our make up in a make up bag.  I also wish the packaging wasn’t so bulky in size, and they have fixed that with a tube style with a pump now for the hot pin BB cream.

skin 79 super plus BB triple function BB creamHow to use:
Like any BB creams, you can either use this as a base for your foundation or use it on its own.  People usually do use it on it’s own since Korean BB creams have awesome coverage.  Depending on which BB cream you buy, there are ones with light to medium cover or medium to full coverage.  I usually like to just stick to light to medium coverage for myself since I don’t really have that many issues with my skin but I always look for a moisturizing formula since I have dry skin.

Color/ Pigmentation:
Sadly all of skin 79’s BB creams cone in only one shade.  I did at one point own a lot of skin 79’s BB creams (orange, gold, Bb diamond collection), so if you want to see poorly lit pictures of it from my old blog, here you go.  As you can see, all of Skin 79’s BB creams have different colouring.  The hot pink one has a very obvious grey undertone, while the purple one is a lot less obvious and seems to be a more neutral shade.  When you apply it onto the skin, the hot pink gives a slight grey cast to the skin but it does slightly oxidize within 30 minutes, so you don’t look too ghostly.  However even after the oxidation, there is a slight paleness to the skin which Koreans do really enjoy but not something I adore.  Hey that rhymes HAHA.  The purple one applied to the skin gives a more pinkish orange grey tint but the weird combination of colouring does go away with oxidation and becomes or of a wearable skintone shade for people with MAC NC25.  I’d say Mac NC30 would be pushing it and for those with a warm undertone, the purple one would be your best bet in terms of the one shade they offer.
Skin79 bb cream swatch

Skin79 bb

Skin 79 BB cream swatchTexture/ Finish:
Both of these BB creams have a creamy texture to them but not anything that is greasy.  Not sure if it is because I have dry skin that it isn’t greasy but I can see people with oily skin types using this and loving it as well.  They formulated this BB cream where any skin type could wear it since the finish of it isn’t a, “I hose my face with facial mist every 30 minutes” kind of dewy finish.  It is a very comfortable satin finish that doesn’t make my dry skin look like the moisture has been sucked out.  The best point that made me fall in love with this BB cream was the fact that I could always get away with applying this BB cream with just my fingers!  That is a make up lover, who by the way is a low maintenance type that doesn’t like to fix her make up after she leaves the house because she can’t be bothered to carry another two pounds of make up to fix outside of her house, DREAAAAM.  Both these BB creams apply like a dream with just fingers, God’s creation, human FINGERS BABY!  No $20 beauty blender needed here.

In terms of if these two’s moisture level is different, I honestly can’t say they are any different then the other.  The purple one is suppose to be the upgraded version of the Hot pink with “moist texture just like moisturizer essence.”  Naww, they both have a similar texture and one is not more essencey then the other, if that is even a word.  Essencey… pretty sure it isn’t but let’s just pass it as a word mmkay?  Also the purple one is suppose to have “white sappire ingredients” for a illuminating fresh glow to the skin.  In person I don’t see much difference but in the pictures down below, there is very slight difference.  Is it a difference big enough for me to pay extra?  Probable not since I could achieve a better glow with facial oils, or even liquid or powder highlight.

Once the BB cream has settled into my skin, it does not leave my skin with a sticky finish.  It is more of a comfortable, moisturized feeling which is the same finish as after my face is bare of make up and I finished with my skincare routine and moisturized my face.  I usually don’t set my base make up since it is better for my skin.  Of course it does wear off where I wear my glasses, at the nose bridge which is natural.  I should really set my make up there but honestly I’m too lazy.  Low maintenance remember?  Or lazy, whatever you want to call it.

I don’t know how this BB cream manages to have such a hidden powder since you’d think from the texture being so light and creamy, it won’t have much coverage.  WRONGO!  One layer and it covers all my reddness as you will see in the demo pictures down below.  For some reason, the redness around my nose and cheeks were extra flared up.  I actually haven’t used this BB cream in a long long time since I’m busy trying out new products all the time and I forgot how amazing these are.  The reason why I am finally getting around to doing a review on this Bb cream is because I really have to throw away the hot pink one.  Don’t tell anyone, but it is HELLA expired HAHA.  Like 2008 hella expired.  I was kind of scared to put it on my face but I figured one day won’t kill me.  Don’t worry, it is already in the garage at this point in time.

 With one layer, it gave me a medium light coverage no problem.  I say medium light coverage and not light medium cover is because the coverage is definitely not light at all since it’s super powers are more then that.  I don’t get it, I just don’t.  You guys need to get on this BB cream.  This is a popular classic for a reason and is a BB cream that will forever be at the top of the list for me in terms of recommendations.

Lasting power:
Lasting power is pretty good I’d say.  Not super long lasting but enough for me to get through the day.  I’d estimate the wear time to be around 6 hours before it starts to slightly fade.  By the end of the day, you can see the redness around my cheeks and nose peeking through but nothing horrible.

These do have a very faint fragrance, smell-o-scale of 4/10 and they have a slight soapy floral scent, a very typical Korean skincare smell.  Once applied to the skin, the scent goes away.

Demo time!  Finally it is time to reveal the magically powers.  Behold!  The magician has appeared before your eyes. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/IMG_0191Here is my bare naked skin.  I have on some eyeliner which I reviewed in my last post (I’m liquid eyeliner from Memebox if you are interested in checking out my review, here is the link), mascara, and some brow powder.  My main concerns when it comes to my base make up is to cover the redness around my house and cheeks, and I have a nice fresh scab from having to protrude with a needle to get to the white head that has been hibernating in my nose for far too long.  

My skin type profile:
-Asian descent (yellow undertone)
-lives in an area with Oceanic climate (West coasts; cool & chilly winters, warm summer)
-very dry during fall and winter; dry during spring, normal in summer

Skin concerns:
-hydration for my dry skin
-flakey dead dry skin
-dark under eye circles from lack of sleep
-slight redness around cheek, nose and chin
IMG_0192The sun damage on my left cheek. (Θ︹Θ)ს  The many many days where I don’t remember to wear sun screen because in my mind, it is still not summer.  We all need to wear sun screen throughout the year.  Sigh….  Also we have some nice blackheads on my house that never seem to go away that we can use to test pore coverage.


IMG_0194Starting off with the purple BB cream.

IMG_0197As you can see, with just one layer of the purple BB cream, it covered 90% of the redness as well the nice red scab on my nose.  This stuff seriously is amazing.

IMG_0198See, scab gone!  I promise I didn’t photoshop it or anything.  I actually can’t figure out photoshop since it is too complicated and I don’t have to patience to learn HAHA.

IMG_0205The biggest problem I have with foundations and BB creams is with my nose.  For whatever reason, the skin around my house is always the first place on my face to get dry and flakey which is super annoying!  I usually just end up using powder on my nose since it doesn’t accentuate the flakey skin around that part.  With this BB cream, it is already pretty decent but there is that look where people can detect there is make up on your face. The BB cream does a very good job at not clinging onto any of my dead and flakey skin as well so two thumbs up for that!

IMG_0199Here is what I mean about the pinkish orange grey colouring before it oxidizes.  There is an obvious difference with the tone of my neck and my face.  I guess this is from the neutral formula that this BB cream comes in, so you don’t really have a choice.


Skin79 hot pink bb creamContinuing on with the Hot pink version on the left side.  Excuse the jacked up packaging, this BB cream was very well loved by me and is at its last leg.

IMG_0206Again, same thing with this BB cream.  The Hot pink ones does the same job in terms of coverage but the shade of the BB cream is slightly less pinkish orange then the purple one.  However this version does leave my skin a slightly ghostly cast and isn’t something you can really fix with bronzer.  Trust me, I’ve tried.

IMG_0207Hot pink^


IMG_0221Can you guys tell a difference between the two because I can’t really.


IMG_0232Finish the whole look off with blush, bronzer, highlight and a lip color.  I was in the mood for a grape purple that day I guess. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Skin79 bb cream reviewPro:
-decently affordable
-awesome formula for both dry and oily skin types
-doesn’t cling onto any of my dry patches
-comes in the most hygienic packaging

-comes in one shade

Most likely, not a solid yes because I have not ventured out into the BB cushion world where the colours don’t have any grey cast and I don’t have to wait for 30 minutes to step out of my house because the BB cream didn’t finish oxidizing yet.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I did not give this product a 5 stars because of one big flaw it has and BB creams have come a long long way.  First off their biggest flaw is that they only come in one shade.  Humans of the earth aren’t just one shade unless you are a chameleon.  I’m sorry I’m not a damn chameleon for crying out loud.  The shades work decently for me but there is still a slight weird finish when I’m not too fond of.  To date, I have tons of BB creams that come in at least two or three shades, sometimes even more (ex: Etude House) so I don’t have to go through the headache of trying to get a grey undertone BB cream to work for me anymore.  Also, I have become obsessed with BB cushions myself, which again also comes in varieties of different shades.  Even the western market has launched shades for all types of races, so I don’t understand why Skin79 is not getting on with the times.  Your BB cream is really amazing but if you don’t keep up with the “modern” times, you won’t be the champion for long.  I know they have recently “upgrade” their two classics which are the hot pink one and the gold one but they still come in only one shade.  Overall this is a really amazing BB cream and I would recommend it to beginners that don’t really know which shades to pick out when it comes to base makeup, as long as you are in the shade range of Mac NC15-30 you should be fine.  I guess in a way it is good for those who are dipping their toes in the water with BB creams since it cuts out the guessing work with choosing the right shade.  With people like me who have been around the block, that one big flaw will annoy the heck out of you.  I would recommend this product under those couple of circumstances and enjoy the magic that comes out of these colorful little Power Ranger tubes.

Have you guys tried these for yourself?  What are your thoughts on them and which colors out of the range suits you?  Let me know in the comments down below if you have experiences with these or has this post interest you into purchasing one for yourself!  I love hearing from you guys your thoughts and concerns. (′ʘ⌄ʘ‵)

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Joanne Mallon

    I wear that pink BB cream every day, I really like it. I find that it lasts all day and doesn’t give too heavy a finish. I know it doesn’t work for everybody and some people find it makes them break out, but for me it’s the best Korean BB cream I’ve tried.

    1. Christina

      I’m glad I am not the only one :). There is a green version for oily skin people so they have hope!

  2. Midori

    I remember trying out the orange one! I must have liked it since I don’t see any remnants around haha.
    The grurple (yep, I just did that lol) lips look great on you! ♥♥♥

    1. Christina

      The orange one is great for those who have oily skin since the finish is more on the matte side. That one also have super high SPF :).
      HAHA gurple is an awesome name <3

  3. Vic

    i’m also an MAC NC25. I’ve been using Too Faced BB cream in Medium and have been loving that. But it doesn’t stop my face from being too oily after a few hours. I just purchased the Skin79 Pink BB Cream and too it for a test drive today. Really wasn’t into the gray-ashy look it gave my skin for the first hour. But after checking in a the mirror when I came back from walking the dog, my skin actually looked awesome. I’m going to see how this handles a full day in the office tomorrow.

    1. Christina

      Glad to hear it worked out for you! Hello fellow NC25 skintone haha. I tried going back to my Etude House BB cream but because I’ve been so used to BB cushions, even BB creams now seem so thick and heavy XD.

  4. V

    I thought I was the last person on earth using this BB cream still! It’s like magic! Sometimes I rinse my face after a long day and it’s still sort of doing it’s magic! I can’t find a replacement for it yet though I do agree on the limited shade problem.

    1. Christina

      I haven’t used BB creams for a while now since I got into using BB cushions. I’m glad it is working out so well for you 🙂

  5. Kelly

    I like your blog post and I’m glad that you posted this!
    I’m actually looking for a skin79 bb cream and I can’t decide between the pink and purple one. I have dry skin and my skin is a bit tan. And I tend to get dry flakes especially during the winter. So I was wondering but which one is more moisturizing to you? Is it the pink one or the purple one that is more moisturizing? And which consistentcy is More thicker? I prefer a thicker consistency when it comes to bb cream. Thanks for reading this and please respond!

    1. Christina

      Hmm if you are tan, I’d pick the purple one since it is slightly less grey. Moisturizing and texture wise, they are pretty much the same thing.

  6. Jenny Gooi

    Hi .. my face is kind of oily. Between pink and purple , which would you recommend?.

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