Benton Honest TT mist Review

Benton honest TT mist reviewAt the end of November, I saw a posting on Roseroseshop’s Facebook post to find bloggers to review Benton’s newest facial mist and of course I wanted to review it for you guys!  So I applied and luckily I got picked out of the 30 people!  Whoo~

Only couple months ago did I incorporate facial mists into my skincare routine so I could get extra moisture for my dry dry skin.  You can also carry facial mists with you on the go to mist your face throughout the day to get your skin protected and moisturized.  I would do that but I feel like I’d appear too much of a diva if I did that when I’m out, so I never really carry one with me.BentonNot much to it so let’s get started.  Letsss goooo~ 

Benton face mist
Benton TT Mist 1
Full name of product:
Benton Honest TT mist

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
Benton TT Mist 6

Where to buy:

Duration before expiration:
18 months from manufacture date

Amount of product:
40 mL


Benton TT Mist 2

Benton TT Mist 4This product’s pH level is suppose to be at pH6 which is very close to our normal human skin’s pH level.  What this means is that the pH level will not irritate the skin since, theoretically, it is almost “like” skin.  I hope that makes sense.  I can’t test this out for myself since my pH paper is still coming in the mail.  (Θ︹Θ)ს Sorry guys!  I’m slowly building up my scientist kit to provide better skincare reviews for you guys but at this time they are still coming in the mail slowly.  Bare with me!

Also I thought I would include my skin profile so that you guys can be able to base my review on what type of skin I have.  Sadly I am dry skin bias…

My skin concerns/ things I would like to fix:
-hydration for my dry dry skin, especially during winter time
-dark under eye circles from lack of sleep
-slight redness on cheeks, nose and chin

Benton honest tt mist reviewProduct packaging:
The packaging for this mist is quite interested.  Mists usually come in a plastic tube with the spray nozzle, but Benton’s new mist comes in a squeezable tube with the spray nozzle.  I don’t really understand why the mist has to be in a squeeze tube form but it doesn’t interfere with the mist so I don’t really mind it.  It is also more travel friendly with it’s slim design.  The only thing I do have to complain about is the spray itself.  I usually expect my mists to have a fine spray when I use it.  Sadly this one’s spray is not fine enough for my liking and feels more like I’m hosing down my face and not gently misting it.  The cap securely stays on the tube so no problems there.
Benton skincareHow to use:
Benton TT Mist 8
After you have cleansed your face, use some toner and then spray some of the mist onto your face.  I like to use my hand to do the tapping motion on my cheeks and forehead so that it would absorb better with the warmth from my hand and to speed up the absorption process.

Texture/ Finish:
Texture-wise, this mist is kind of just like spraying water on your face. Once spritzed and absorbed, the mist doesn’t leave any residue and leaves my skin a little more moisturized then before.

Moisture level measurements:
With my facial moisture level measuring tool, I measured my moisture and oil levels of before and after for a better understanding of the before and after effects of the mist.
Bare skin:
Cheeks—->  49.6% moisture level    22.3% oil levels
Forehead—->   35% moisture level     15.7% oil levels    

After mist:
Cheeks—>    56% moisture level       25.2% oil levels
Forehead—>   38.3% moisture level    17.1% oil levels  

As you can see from the numbers above, there was quite a difference with the moisture level on my cheeks, a 10% improvement.  However, with all the other parts of my face, there was only slight differences.

 I can’t really smell much but maybe a slight scent of tea tree, but other then that this is pretty much scentless.

-compact packaging
-supposedly for all skin types

-spray needs to be a lot more fine!
-didn’t see much difference with my skin


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I’ve been using this product on and off for about a month now and here are my final thoughts.  I honestly kind of forgot I even had this product because I felt as though it didn’t really do much for my dry skin. All my life, I never really had a problem with pimples even as a teenager.  I do have the occasional red spot, but that is like 4 times a year.  I’m sorry, please don’t hate me.  I do suffer from really dry, dry skin especially during the wintertime.  With the time that I did use this mist, there was not much difference hydration wise or calming the redness with my skin.  I really can’t comment much on this mist but that I’m neutral about it.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it because it didn’t serve me any purpose with my skin. I think I will have to pass this onto my boyfriend who has very irritated skin, especially around the chin area.  Hopefully, I can get him to use this religiously and will possibly do an updated post if there is any changes with his skin with this mist.  Overall this product isn’t bad, but it didn’t do much for my skin.  Please keep in mind that everyone’s skin type is different and my skin might not like this, but your skin might like it.  So if you think this product’s functions could benefit you, go ahead and give it a try!

Have you guys tried this product?  What are your thoughts on it?  What were your results?  Let me know in the comments down below!Blog disclaimer

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