Best Korean blushes ever! (Faux pas Paris raindrop cheeks review + swatches)

I get so excited about discovering amazing products from new brands and these blushes BLEW my socks away when I tested them out. I just had to bump these up to first priority on the review to do list.  I’ve never been impressed with Korean powder blushes since I’ve always found them to be too chalky and not pigmented, at least for someone who is used to Western standard to blushes.  Swatching these on the back of my hand, I thought these were the same consistency but with a brush, holy cows!!  Unfortunately, these would not work with super dark skin tones but if you have light to medium skin tones, you’ll LOVE these!  Let’s get into the review AHHHH~

Full name of product:
Faux Pas Paris raindrop cheeks

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Blushes that apply onto the cheeks pigmented but natural looking.
Clear, transparent color like raindrops.
Soft texture that applies without drying up the cheeks.
Long lasting pigmentation.”

9,800 won

Amount of product:
4.8 g

Duration before expiration:
2 years

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Faux Pas Paris (Korea only)

At the moment, these are the only two places you can buy these products.  If you are desperate and want to get your hands on these, I would suggest you use a buying service like Avecko or Korea buddy.  Buying service is an online service where you can request the company to get you the exact products you want and get it shipped to your country.

Shades available:

I can’t find the ingredients list in English again but here it is in Korean if that helps.

How to use:
Take a brush and apply these the apples of your cheeks or any way you desire.  You can also use these as eyeshadows!

Packaging for these blushes really isn’t anything special and I kind of wish they had their cute umbrella and raindrop graphics on the lid to match the rest of the brand.  I do like that it is a clear lid for quick shade identification.  The lid in the back has the usual information but it is all in Korean including the shade name, so don’t rely on the label if you want to remember the English name.

To release the lid, all you have to do is pop up the hinge and viola. Nothing that special really haha.  Ain’t rocket science.

Color/ Pigmentation:
At the moment, these blushes have four shades and I was quite confused when I first got them since three of the four shades look quite similar.  The only odd one out would be 02 pink raindrop which is more of a pink shade.

01 coral raindrop: Cool pinky-coral shade with super fine silver and gold shimmers

When I first tried this shade, I thought to myself “Oh what a pretty orange shade”.  It actually kind of reminds me of a limited edition Mac blush from the Archie collection called soda pop, but this one has more of a pinky undertone and the superfine shimmer actually make it look really natural on the cheeks.  The glow is super subtle, just the way I like my shimmers in my blushes!

02 Pink Raindrop: Light warm tone strawberry pink shade, matte finish

Sometimes I find a pink shade to look a little too cutesy on me but 02 pink raindrop has that slight warm undertone which makes it look more natural on my cheeks.  It is also darker than a usual powdery pink shade which makes it look like your cheeks but better (MCBB? Is that an acronym haha).

03 Apricot raindrop: Warm undertone burnt grapefruit shade with super fine gold shimmers

If you want a darker and more orangey version of 01 coral raindrop, this is the shade for you.  I can see people with medium skin tones rocking this shade and I actually can wear it on my light Casper skin as well!  This is also the only other shimmer finish shade in the whole line.

04 Cherry Pink raindrop: Warm orangey cherry shade, matte finish

If you just look at this blush in the pan, you’d think it is quite different from the rest of the line but on the cheeks, it looks almost the same compared to 03.  You’ll see it down below. I surprisingly really like this shade and it gives me a really define cheekbone when blended into my contour.  It also almost gives me a slightly bronzed complexion oddly enough, or at least a more warm and inviting complexion if you know where I’m trying to get at.

Texture/ Finish:
All of the blushes have a silky, slightly buttery texture and applies effortlessly.  They seem like they would be slightly chalky on the back of your hand but when applied with a natural bristle brush, it applies like a dream and blends into the cheeks with ease.  The matte blushes don’t give me a dry and cakey look which is amazing and the shimmer finish blushes look supernatural with a hint of glow on the cheeks.

Okay, let’s test these out for you and convert you guys into a believer!

Here is the rest of my face done but no blush and highlight.

I make two types of faces when I apply blush, this oddball expression and the regular smile and apply onto the apples of your cheeks look.

Before (left) and after (right).  See a huge difference?!?!

I used shade #04 cherry pink on this side.  You might be wondering, gurl… why are you freaking out.  It looks like any other blushes.  It doesn’t in real life, it really looks like I’m naturally blushing and I just have never had such a seamless formula grace my face before.  Just wow…

And here we have 03 apricot raindrop.  Notice that subtle glow?  It is super subtle but you can definitely tell it is there.  Highlighter and blush in one!

Opps!  Went a little hard on the left side hehe but just look!  So pretty!!

Lasting power:
These surprisingly last almost all day for me and it doesn’t make my cheeks look super dry or cakey.  I mean the moisture level does go down after about 4 hours but these sat nicely even after a couple of face mists as well.

-super pigmented
-gorgeous formula
-easy blendable texture

-need more shades!


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
These definitely deserve my holy grail stamp of approval.  So pigmented, so blendable, so effortless and natural looking.  Heck, even Mac blushes don’t compare to these!  I think they might be expanding their shade range so I’m super excited for that as well.  From what they told me, they might have plans to expand overseas by the end of this year so look out for that!  Overall two thumbs up and I’d highly recommend these blushes if you can get your hands on them.  Remember, they are only sold online in Korea at the moment and aren’t in any offline stores.  Hard to get I know but its kind of like catching that rare Pokemon hehe.
Products provided by Faux Pas Paris.  Not sponsored.

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