Biggest Korean cosmetic haul

Biggest K beauty haulThis is the most EXCITING POST EVERRR!!!!!!!!!  Back in November or December, I started to follow this lovely lady named AJ (check her out on instagram and follow her for the latest news of K-beauty!) who is from New Zealand but moved to Korea to teach.  We both shared the same love of K-beauty products but I think she is actually more hardcore then me HAHA.  She posts almost everyday, sometimes even multiple times a day showcasing the new k-beauty products she picked up to share to the world.  Around that time, I was creating a list of things I wanted to get through Avecko but there were deals that just wasn’t available online.  The sweet lady that she was, she offered to also help me pick up the Holika Holika x Audrey Jeanne and then this happened ⊙△⊙.  It was all a blur, don’t ask me how it happened okay!  It was the holiday time and deals were just flying at me left and right.

Anyways let’s get started with the haul.  I show hauls so you guys can request what products you’d want me to get on with reviews.  Let’s goooo!

I was lucky this time to have met such a kind soul to help me to this extent to get these products for me.  If you are wondering where or how to get your hands on K-beauty, make sure to check out my “guide to buying K-beauty online” post.

K beauty haulAs you can see, I picked up tons of cushions KEKEKEKE.  I am cushion obesseddddddddd!!! 8 more cushions to add to the collection along with more goodies for me to play around with.  And yes everything I bought here came with some sort of value set, steep discount (20% off, 50-70% off) or a promo gift with purchase.  Yea baby!  I’m an Asian like that, gonna love ’em deals.

Korean buying serviceAll the items together weighed 4 kg. Yes… 4 KG!! WHAT!! I feel bad for AJ but she packed these on two  boxes so her back wouldn’t break.  Don’t worry, I sent her a little care package as well as a thank you :).

Korean cosmetic haulEverything stuffed inside.  It doesn’t even fit and kept spilling out when I was trying to take the picture.

Korean skincare haulLet’s talk about Korean cosmetic companies and the amount of samples they give you.  NOTHING compares to Korean customer care.  This would NEVER fly in North America….. all this freebie, you can pretty much just use these for a month haha.



IMG_1116SAMPLESSSS ฅ=͟͟͞͞((꒪∆꒪;)ฅ

IMG_1125When I was requesting for the items I wanted, this wasn’t on the list until I was scrolling down AJ’s instagram and blog.  I was like OH MY GOODNESS! How much was that??  Guess guys…. guess….  This is Secret key’s Black Friday secret box.  I don’t think they still have the same one but there is one available at the moment for $16.69 USD on the US website.  Not bad considering you are getting five products and you get to pick between give sets (moisturizing skin, skin for regeneration, water skin, make up #01, make up #02).

IMG_1129The reveal!!
This was the box I got that was available in Korea back on Black Friday.  It was already pasted that by the time I was ordering but AJ found it on Gmarket for me :D.  This box I paid 29,900 won ($25 USD) for all these products.  What a steal of a deal right?  I was contemplating if I should even get this box because i know the two big glass bottles would make my box super heavy and make shipping ridiculously more expensive.  At the moment, I just throw logic out the window and went with it HAHA.  What logic?  What responsibility?

IMG_1133 (1)What was included in the box (top left clockwise):
Snail Repairing mask pack 2,000 won each X 3= 6,000 won
Milk whipped hand cream 4,000 won
Mayu (Horse oil) Healing facial cream samples 15,000 won
Multi-cell night repair ampoule 27,000 won
Sweet glam lip glow 9,900 won
Starting treatment eye cream 12,000 won
Twinkle waterproof pencil gel 3,000 won
Let me know CC cream 9,900 won
Angel Angel argan moisturizing steam cream 14,900 won
UV cut high protection sun cream 9,000 won
Secret Perfumed body scrub peeling gel 7,900 won
24 k Gold premium first essence 32,000 won

So the content in the box if I were to have bought everything separately, it would have came to a total of $150 but I only paid $30.  What kind of insanity is this!!  I absolutely love their peeling gel and definitely a holy grail of mine, so I was curious to try more products from Secret key.  It seems they are not a well known company but after they created that peeling gel, I’ve been screaming about it from this end of the world to the next.

Berrisom’s peel off lip tint have been all the rave lately.  The rave has even seeped into mainstream media and mainstream Youtube.  I mean even Michelle Phan herself featured it alongside with the Etude House peel off brow with her sister-in-law Promise Phan. Although the fad kind of died already last year in Korea, it has only just started hitting the North American beauty scene.  I personally can’t get myself to buy the set or even just one for $9 since I don’t know which shade I’d want to pick.  I usually have to pick at least three colors to get a good feel of the product’s performance and pigmentation.IMG_1138This one from Secret Key thought caught my eye because… again guess how much it was?
It was only 9,900 won ($8.50) for a set of six shades!!  That is a price of one Berrisom tint.  I know, I know.  I really should try the original, the pionneer of the peel off lip tint but it’s too expensive for me to just drop that much money for a fad.  This set is a good way for me to test the waters without breaking the bank!  So far i t works quite well actually but I found you have to squeeze a LOT on your lips for it to peel off evenly.  Bummer…


IMG_1151Continuing on with Secret key products, I wanted to branch out into their make up to see if it is any good.  They had this awesome set for 19,000 won for their Angel cushion (retails for 15,900 won), eyeshadow palette (retails for 15,900 won), red carpet tattoo (retails for 5,900 won) tint and a make up pouch as a bonus.  Such a good deal right?!?!

IMG_1153 (2)Again, I wouldn’t have known about this cushion if it wasn’t for AJ’s instagram.  I have never seen anyone review this so I shall take the task.  The cushion compact is not as sturdy as my A’pieu compacts and the angel design was already popping off.  I’m going to have to super glue the design back on but it isn’t that big of a deal.
IMG_1155The pouch that comes with the set is one of those flat pouches that I don’t really find use for.  Maybe I’ll put my receipts or something in it but not a pouch I could fit much make up products inside.

IMG_1156Silly me, I thought there was two versions of the pouch but it actually has the two designs on each side of the pouch.
IMG_1157This set also came with a eyeshadow quad which you could have picked between two versions, a neutral brown one or a neutral orange one.

secret keyIMG_1158I honestly couldn’t decide between the two but just ended up picking the neutral brown one since it would be the one I’ll use the most.  I haven’t swatched it or anything yet but of course I can do a review on it if you guys want.  Just request it down below.

IMG_1136Yet another raved product I kept hearing about on Korean beauty blogs and on Youtube.  This is Son & Park’s Beauty water (25,000 won for 340 mL) which is kind of a new specie in the beauty world.  Son & Park was a brand created by two of the most famous make up artists, Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun.  I know them through the K-beauty show (also the bible pretty much) but others know them as the make up artist with the Midas touch. They work with all the A list stars and from what I heard, they were the pioneers of the dewy look that have become the staple look all over Asia.  So bottom line, they are quite a big deal.  I might have to fangirl scream if I ever see them in person KEKE.

Anyways this beauty water they created is pretty much a hybrid of the micellar water with the extra sprinkle of mild exfoliation functionality.  So it can be a cleanser like the micellar water, slightly exfoliates with ingredients such as willow bark and papaya extracts, lavender water, rose water and orange fruit extract to give that boost of hydration so your make up can go on more smoothy.  I still have yet to try this since I’m trying some other products at the moment but I can’t wait to try this!
IMG_1139 (1)This one was a totally unnecessary buy but I got sucked in with the cute packaging haha.  Apparently this was a product you can purchase for 12,000 won only if you had something called the Beautypoint rewards. Amy just got it off of Gmarket for couple dollars more (17,000 won) which is not bad still!

IMG_1140Yes  know it isn’t Christmas anymore but the I just had to!

IMG_1141Inside is a small handheld mirror and a brush set that comes in a tin case.  I’ve noticed K-beauty love their tin cases!! I have four now including this and it is kind of taking up space.  It is nice to keep little nit nacks in it.

IMG_1143 (1) IMG_1144The brush set itself is not bad either!  I’m surprised it is such decent quality and are brushes I would actually use.  These will be my travel size brushes from now on. The set hits all my needs from a blush brush, foundation paddle brush, eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner brush.


yetkorea_1151A brand I discovered back in the old Memebox days was a really affordable brand called Y.E.T.  I bought a Y.E.T set and there was a lip tint set that I use to this day. I really liked the formula and looked up the brand’s official site.  To my surprise, their products are ridiculously affordable.  When there is a sale, products go down to $1-5!!! WHATTTT~~ Mind blew.  These are the moments I live for, when my dollar bill stretches out that much more.  When I was ordering, I saw this set for 9,900 won where you can pick three products for that price.  Steal of a deal considering the BB cream and the Flash on whitening cream is both 9,900 won each.  Meh.. why not!
Y.E.TI ended up picking up their BB cream (retails for 18,800 won), Fixed oil synergies ampoule 7,800 won and Club patra waterproof gel liner pencil beige shine (6,800 won).

Couple other products I picked up was OF COURSE their version of a peeling gel called “pitapat eraser” retailing for 8,800 won but I got it for 4,400 won!  WHOO another peeling gel I hope for it to be a good one :P.  I also picked up a liquid eyeliner called Art class liquid eyeliner which you remove by just PEELING IT OFF!!  Yes another peel off product! 😛  I am on trend haha. Picked that up for 1,000 won on sale while it retails for 5,300 won regularly.

IMG_1161 (1)These were the items that sparked my haul.  I just lost it when I saw Holika Holika’s new collection with Audrey Jeanne, and there was a cushion in the collection??? Game over!


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.06.19 AMThe Bb cushion compact came in two versions, this mint one that i got and a pink one with a super adorable kitty on the front.  I was stuck on which one I wanted and almost bought both of them, but I slapped myself in the face and said ONLY ONE!  The cushion itself also has a cat paw that contain a pearly highlight which reminds me a lot of Etude House’s Pearl aura cushion.
IMG_1162 (1)The compact is undeniably girly, cute and for every cat lover out there.  I’m more of a dog person, and have three dogs to prove that, but I do like cat merchandise most of the time. (^・ω・^ )  This BB cushion I bought for 21,900 won which is one of the more “expensive” cushions that I usually buy.  I mean the cushions I usually buy are around the $5-$15 mark and I like to stick to that budget unless I know the cushions is worth it.  The most expensive cushion I have bought to date is the Verite one which retails for $45 but i somehow lucked out and found it on ebay for $21 with free shipping.

IMG_1163 (1)Even the air puff has the design on it!  UGH (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.12.04 AMI got this cushion with a buy one get one so I actually got an extra back up of the cushion.  AWESOMEEE~

holika holika dodo cat

IMG_1165 (1)The collection also came with this adorable lip tint called “Holika Holika full dodo cat gel tint bar” which retails for 8,900 won.  It’s kind of expensive for what it is and the amount you get. My thought process was thrown out the door when I was order HAHA.  There was two shades and I just picked the pink shade in hopes it would show up on my lips or at least be decently moisturizing.

IMG_1166The bullet itself is even in a heart shape ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)…HOW CUTEEEEEE!

IMG_1167 (1)Also if you bought the BB cushion and the lip tint together, you get this bonus make up pouch with the same kitty design on it.  Again, meh about the shape of the pouch since it is kind of useless but I’ll keep it around just in case I need it for something in the future.IMG_1168 (1) IMG_1169 (1)This was another haul that I didn’t really need but just wanted the mirror.  A’pieu have been having this collection with Doraemon and they had this handheld mirror that you could buy for 1,600 won if you bought one of the handcreams in the collection (retails for 3,000 won).  I don’t know why I was having a thing for handheld mirrors couples months back, hence the Tiffany cooper set I bought as well haha.  It seems like you can’t purchase the mirror anymore, nor can you buy the shea butter hand cream in the lavender scent since it was their first collection items and they have since come out with a second part to the collection.

I also picked up one of their fresh mate mask in the sleeping milk brightening mask (retailing for 2,500 won) since I’ve been eyeing it for a long time and online stores doesn’t seem to have it.
a'pieu brush 2
a'pieu blackhead brushA’pieu came out with this weird toothbrush looking silicone brush that is suppose to be good for getting into the nitty griddy of your nose to clean out your blackheads.  It was only 2,000 won so I said why not since I’m already picking up some A’pieu stuff. 

IMG_1174 (1)During the holidays, the club clio website which has the brands like Clio and Peri Pera were having these amazing sets for great prices. I even got a compact blanket HAHA. I don’t know what kinda promotion they had but cool!
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.13.52 AM
The first set I bought was this one that costed 29,900 won and it included a Peri Pera water moist BB cushion (retails for 15,000 won), one Peri’s ink lip tint (retails for 9,000 won), one water or milk balm (retails for 20,000 won and comes with the Peri’s water tint), one Wholly deep velvet pot or jewel pot (24,000 won each) and also comes with a pouch that is actually functional. I’ve never really tried Peri Pera products so this is a great introduction for me.

Peripera ink setThey also had this ink set including one Peri’s ink moist (retails for 9,000 won), Peri Pera ink brow (retails for 9,000 won), Peri Pera Ink BB (retails for 10,000 won) and again, another pouch all for the price of 19,900 won.  Pretty dang good deal :).  Happy camper~

IMG_1175Just right before my parcel was going to get sent out, Missha x Line friends collection dropped and it was MADDNESS!!  AJ somehow managed to get the two cushions and couple other items, but most of it was sold out in a blink of an eye.  I got the chicken one (Sally I believe the name is?) which is the Moist version of Missha M cushion and I already knew I loved.  Surprisingly thing is, this set come with not just one extra cushion, but TWO for the price of 11,600 won.  WOOOOW  I was so impressed.  There is one cushion already inside the compact and two extra.  When you purchase more then 10,000 won, you also get the compact mirror as a little bonus.  I’m not famailar with Line friends since I don’t use Line at all.  I always get confused with Line friends and Kaokao talk.  The colors they use for the characters are way too similar. Weird….

IMG_1178 (1)During the holidays, the face shop had a collaboration collection with Jeremyville, which I have no idea who it is.  This cushion I got was in the ultra moist version and I bought it for 16,900 won.  It was on sale for half off in the beginning of 2016 but sadly I already bought it.
IMG_1179During the time I bought it, they were having a promotion which I thought you’d get another cushion refill.  However it turns out that you just get extra air puffs.  I was kind of upset since the promote picture was super misleading but I bought it anyways since you can’t get it in North America thefaceshop stores.  It is good to have extra air puffs though since I don’t wash them until I run out of all the ones I have.

IMG_1180 The design is really cute and urban.  “Find true love with your eyes closed”.  Interesting… At least the English actually masks sense HAHA.IMG_1181Inside the air puff also has the design printed onto it.  I love it when they do that!  Just that extra touch of fine details that drives me to want to buy it.

IMG_1184 (1)During the time I was ordering, I also stumbled upon Tony Moly having an amazing sale going on, 30-50% off on everything.  There wasn’t much I want since I’m not too fond of the brand’s quality, but I do really like their angel glowring CC cushion which I picked up for only 7,000 won.  I bought the one that was in the Atom Boy collection but I picked the wrong shade and it was WAY too light for me.  This time around, I got #3 in hopes it will work better with my skin.  With this CC cushion, my skin looks super hydrated, supple like baby skin.  I don’t know what it is since there is no shimmers or anything, but this thing is like magic on my dry skin.  I LOVE IT!

I also picked up the Luminous Goddess Aura Goddess maker in moist aura out of the whim. I thought the tube would be a lot bigger then this, but it is only the size of my tiny palm.  It does contain 15 mL and for the price of 3,300 won that I paid, I won’t complain.  6,600 won regular price, that would be a different story HAHA.  Bitch away!
IMG_1187 (1)The biggest part of my haul I was looking forward to was the Shara Shara products.  I would urge you guys to buy Shara Shara products on the offical Korean website through a Korean buying service rather then buying it on any other K-beauty online retails.  They seem to always have 50-70% off selected items and it is hell a lot cheaper then buying it full price in USD anywhere else.  They also have gift with purchase all the time, and depending on how much you spend ($10, $30, $50, $70), you get different FULL sized products as a bonus.  Yes, you read that right.  FULL SIZE BONUSES.  WHATTTT!!

Top left clockwise:
Banana Honey All in one cleanser FREE BONUS x 2 because I ordered twice (retails for 10,900 won)
Banana Honey All-in-one choux cream FREE BONUS (retails for 10,900 won)
Sweet cushion #23 natural beige in Asia design (bought for 7,800 won; retails for 26,000 won)
Glow cushion #23 natural beige (bought for 9,600 won; retails for 32,000 won)
Green tea cooling stick (bought for 2,960 won; retails for 9,900 won)
Berry mix all in one ampoule (bought for 15,000 won; retails for 30,000 won)
Skin light up highlighting stick (bought for 2,700 won; retails for 9,000 won)
Natural shining BB cream (bought for 6,900 won; retails for 23,000 won)
Inner moist fitting foundation (bought for 4,800; retails for 16,600 won)
A-clearing spot serum (bought for 3,000 won; retails for 10,000 won)
Latte O2 Mask (bought for 4,920 won; retails for 16,400 won)
Original BB cream (bought for 2,400 won; retails for 8,000 won)
Magic touch tok tok vibration foundation tool (bought for 4,500 won; retails for 15,000 won)
Royal class choice CC cream (bought for 6,300 won; retails for 21,000 won)
Pure shiny peach base (bought for 4,260 won; retails for 14,200 won)
A clearing spot powder (bought for 2,700 won; retails for 9,000 won)
Vita 8 cream FREE BONUS (retails for 24,000 won)

I don’t know which products I’m most excited to use first.  I’m super happy that I finally get to try their super famous ampoule in the berry version.  I was tempted to get the honey one since everyone raves about that one, but the berry version is better for my skin and I don’t need to extra anti-aging products for now at my age.  Of course all the cushions I’m glad to have and try since I don’t see many people reviewing Shara Shara BB cushions other then the Korean blogs, which I can’t even understand HAHA.  Also the Late O2 mask!!  Everyone has been raving about the Elizabecca bubble mask and I have yet to try it, but I thought I’d give the Shara Shara one a go since it is so cheap.  I’m still in shock they give out full size gift with purchases kekekeke.

IMG_1146 (1)Top left clockwise:
Smooth bebe foot peeling mask (bought it for 1,500 won each; retails for 5,000 won)
Smooth bebe foot hydration mask  (bought for 750 won; retails for 2,500 won)
Snake tox hydrogel eye patch (bought for 750 won; retails for 2,500 won)
Black source eye sunglass mask (bought for 600 won; retails for 2,000 won)
Black charcoal mask (bought for 450 won; retails for 1,500 won)

Along with the already humongous Shara Shara haul, I also picked some of their masks that were on sale the second time around.  They were rotating the sale selection and I saw the Smooth bebe foot peeling mask and had to get four!!  I still have yet to try them for myself so this was a great opportunity for me to pick some up.  I’m honestly not a big sheet mask person since I don’t like to sit around, wasting 15-20 minutes of my life for hydration.  But I ran out of things that were on sale and things I actually wanted to buy, so I ended up adding these into my cart to hit that $50 and get my gift with purchases.

IMG_1189 (1)All the BB cushions I hauled this time.  I think this is love HAHA. ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ).  Which one are you eyeing?

IMG_1190 (1)

All the BB creams, CC creams, foundations.  I like BB creams the most, CC cream not so much since I find them quite useless most of the time.  Foundation I’m not too fond of since I don’t like heavy coverage stuff but I want to know what good foundations are in the Korean market, so I’ll sacrifice and buy a couple LOL.  I’m most excited to try Peri Pera’s Peri Ink BB cream since it reminds me a lot of those liquidy lightweight foundations the high end brands are releasing.

That is it for my haul!  I think I will do a huge haul like this once a year, at the end of the year when there are tons of sales through a buying service.  I usually do a $350 haul at Sephora to keep my VIB status, but I find I don’t ever use the products I buy.  Might as well take that budget and get ridiculous amounts of make up and skincare from Korea am I right? KEKEKKE

What products are you eyeing?  Which ones have you tried already?  What products do you want me to review first?  Let me know in the comments down below and let’s start a conversation!

If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to share it on your favourite social media pages.  Also don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms to see what I’m doing and what I’m getting in the mail :D.  Mail time is always fun time for me. ( •ω• )
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  1. Jamie Boyett

    This is absolutely the best haul ever. I was eyeing the MIssha moisture cushion and I have 7 cushions already and I thought that was a lot…LOL. Oh yeah and the refills also if that counts. I don’t know if I can use them all before they expire but I really want the Missha Xline cushion cause it’s so darn cute

    1. Christina

      Girl just get it!! It won’t come back~ just don’t open them until you are going to use it! They expire in 1 year anyways

  2. Kathrine

    Omg that is a super mega mother of all hauls!!! I can’t even imagine how much this must have cost you with shipping?!?

    Secret Key is pretty affordable! I tried their chubby jelly tint pack and I’m not a fan. I bought mine from their Ebay store. It was pretty cheap and reviewed it as well, if you want to check it out.

    PeriPera is also really good, since it is the “young sister””of clio. You should definitely try their Peri tint. It’s super pretty.

    I love all the samples and freebies you got. Only in South Korea. They sure know how to make us beauty addicts!

    1. Christina

      Shipping costed me $41 each, so total i paid $82 for 4 kg of products haha. Not that I’ll do a haul like this through the whole year. But I’ll most definitely do a haul like this during the holiday time to get my money’s worth! Glad you enjoyed the haul though ????. I tried one shade of the jelly tint and i don’t think it’s have bad, but not something I’d wanna use if I’m in a rush. It’s more like something that is cool and something I’d like to try to say I tried it. And yes clio seems to be w pretty good brand along with the brands under club clio so I’m also excited to try those out :).

      1. Kathrine

        82$ is not bad at all, considering all the stuff you got. But how are customs where you live? Here in Belgium, they are pretty strict once they see a big box, where the value is more than 50$, they block your package and make you pay 20%extra of the declared value+ 15€ for admin fees. I wouldn’d dare try a haul like yours.
        How long will it take for you to try all the products? I’m sure you’re going to enjoy with these for at least a couple of months ☺

        1. Christina

          Yep $82 was definitely not bad. I got it shipped with Korea post, the most badic and cheapest version there was. I surprisnly didn’t get taxed on it since AJ was smart to spilt it into two boxes. But our customs is pretty much the same as you. However if I got it shipped with DHL (like my latest shopandbox order, first and last time i ever order from them ????), my 1.3 kg parcel was $35+$31 customs. Definitely not happy about that at all. I’m going to have to do a blog post on my experience with shopandbox. ????, its gonna be a good one ????

          1. Kathrine

            Oh customs our number 1 enemy!

            Gonna follow you on IG to “stalk” you a bit then ☺

            I hope you won’t get too many duds with you current haul !

          2. Christina

            Haha I see you on instagram :). I hope so too! I hope most of the products are at least decent. Hopefully there will be something that will blow me out of the water ;P.

  3. Midori

    WHAAAAAAT!!! What an amazing haul!
    I can’t wait for a post on ALL THOSE CUSHIONS!!
    The Peri Pera brow product looks so interesting. Peri Pera makes some lovely products. You got almost all the best sellers, I believe!

    1. Christina

      Did I? I have no clue because I’ve never really read up on it haha. But I’m interested in trying the brow ink as well ????

  4. Jasmine

    Holika Holika just released a second version of the Gudetama cushion compacts, and I became really interested in the Shara Shara cushions since it also fits that compact. I was wondering if the Shara Shara cushions came with a second refill? And you recommended ordering directly from the site, but even with google translate I haven’t been able to place an order since I can’t read Korean. Help?

    1. Christina

      Shara shara unfortunately doesn’t sell the refills separately. If you do want to buy Shara shara products, I’d recommend you use a buying service to get it since you can get it for 50-70% off during their sales on the official sites which happens very often. Also if you use google chrome, you can set it so that it translates the whole site to english.

      You can go to places like Boyahshopkr or Avecko if you do need a reliable buying service.

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