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Blogger mail unboxingI don’t usually post every blogger mail time unboxing, but I think this one is a little too hard to not post.  The only reason I look forward to weekdays is mailtime!  On Thursday, I was praying the package would have arrived because it is agony to have to wait for another week to come.  I wasn’t home when the mail was delivered but luckily for me, it was locked up in the mail box kekeke.  When I got home and opened the mail box, there it was in all it’s glory.  The biggest box ever which stood almost up to my knees, with my name on it?!?  Oh my lord…. Let’s open it together! ( ˃̶ω˂̶ ૃ)

PR mail unboxingIt always looks so satisfying looking at everything arranged nicely in a flat lay.  What a sight!

img_6568Memebox recently brought on a completely new brand to me called “Oolu“, a sister brand of Whamisa.  Not only is the packaging gorgeous, the claims they have also sound promising.  Created by a Korean plastic surgeon, Oolu is an organic skincare line brewed with curated floral leaves that went through a 1,656 hours (69 days) fermentation process including steeping the florals to get all that good stuff.  Not only does Oolu have flower products, they also have other products that have orange, bay leaf, ginkgo, bamboo and sunflower as well but those aren’t on Memebox’s site.

These are the products I received (left to right):
-Oolu Jasmine moisture liquid $28
“Infused with natural Jasmine, this moisturizing liquid soothes and conditions skin so it reaches the optimum level of moisture and oil balance. The result is improved skin, from the minimized appearance of pores and fine lines, sebum control, and more elasticized skin, to an overall brighter complexion.”

-Oolu Rose moisture liquid $28
“Infused with natural Rose, this hydrating liquid purifies and replenishes skin with the nutrients it needs. It keeps excess sebum away, which helps minimize the appearance of pores. It also improves the look of fine lines, brightening the overall complexion and leaving skin naturally dewy. As they say, we can rosé all day!”

-Oolu Gingseng cleansing foam $18
“Fancied up with Gold and premium Ginseng extracts, this natural foam cleanser washes away your makeup and removes impurities and excess oil lodged within pores. Its smooth lather moisturizes and leaves the skin refreshed, shiny (the good way), and moist even after cleansing!”

-Oolu Mist lotion Ginseng + Gold $28
“A moisturizing mist infused with luxe natural ingredients, Ginseng and Gold. It’ll keep your skin dewy without any stickiness, while helping brighten, firm, and reduce signs of aging. Plus, other natural extracts nourish the skin, strengthening it and preventing damage.”

-Oolu Orchid emulsion $28
“A natural, handmade emulsion infused with exotic Orchid extract. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by strengthening skin’s elasticity. Other flower extracts also hydrate and moisturize the skin, leaving it pure, clear and bright.”

-Oolu Orchid toner $28
“A refreshing toner handmade with exotic Orchid extract. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by strengthening skin’s elasticity. Other natural flower extracts also help moisturize skin deeply, leaving skin clear, lustrous, and ready to soak in the next steps in your skincare.”

Oolu skincare When I first saw pictures on the website, for some reason I thought the bottles were glass.  I was quite surprised to find out that they were in fact in plastic bottles.  Either way, I don’t mind but if they were in glass bottles, it would have been that much more high end :P.  They do retail for 40,000 won (a little less then $40 USD) but somehow Memebox is able to sell it for $28.  Honestly compared to western skincare, the price is decently affordable.  We won’t speak on the preform of the product since I’m still testing them out but I will sure post reviews on these babies.

I'm meme i'm correctorMemebox also sent me their unreleased (on the US site at least) “I’m Meme I’m corrector”!!  ALL OF THE SHADES TOO AHHHHHH.  I covered these new releases over on my “what’s new in K-beauty vol. 1” and I instantly fell in love.  For some reason, I really like asian contour products, especially since I can’t seem to find the right shade for me in the western realm.  Color corrector also has been a trend/ method I haven’t dabbled much in so I’m excited to test these out for you guys and report back on it.  There are 2 “highlight” or light flesh tone products, 1 contour/ bronzing shade, 1 mint shade, 1 lavender shade and an iridescent shade.

img_6573Each product comes in a clicky pen with a brush tip.  I’m not too fond of brush tips since it harbours bacteria and is hard to clean.  When I was playing around with them and pressing the product one, it took about 5-6 clicks and I thought they were broken.  Then the product started to spew out! Aiya!! I hate it when that happens… ( ◉ 3 ◉ )

img_6574Peel off packs really freak me out.  My skin is slightly sensitive so pulling anything off my skin hurts like hell.  I’ve tried many pore strips and peel off packs throughout my lifetime but none of them seem to work.  Not sure if my sebum is just too deep for me to remove it with a simple surface peeling pack or what.  I usually have to use an extractor to push it out.  They sent me this W.lab sebum out peel off pack (retails for $18) which is suppose to be able to rip out your blackheads while containing “natural herbal extracts to sooth and moisturize the skin and also tightening pores to prevent future buildup.”   I won’t loose hope on my blackheads and will give this one a try.

img_6579There were a couple of Bon Vivant products I really wanted to try for myself since there didn’t seem to be any reviews on it.  Along with the products I requested, they also sent me their latest addition to the Bon Vivant sheet masks, “That day mask pack”.  And yes, we are talking about that female day, actually more like almost-a-week-of-bleeding.  Oh yea, I went there. ヽ(・∀・)ノ

img_6580These were the three products I asked if I could try.  If you don’t know already, I’m obsessed with all of Bon Vivant’s sheet masks, especially their “age cover masks“. I loved the high moisture content it gave to my skin along with the gorgeous pearlescent glow afterwards.  I wanted to see if the Illuminator age cover cream mask was the jarred version of the mask.

Products from left to right:
-Bonvivant Iiluminator pudding-like water gel mask $16
“Like an oasis in the desert, this cool pudding-like water gel mask powerfully hydrates dry skin while calming irritations. Enriched with patented Daffodil Root Extracts, exfoliating Algowhite Extract, and more nourishing ingredients, this exceptional gel mask revitalizes dull and dead skin. It applies smoothly without stickiness, leaving your skin radiant and even.”

-Bonvivant  Illuminator age cover cream mask $22
“Is your skin thirsty for hydration and looking kind of dull? Bonvivant’s Illuminator Age Cover Cream Mask contains concentrated milk protein to give you an INSTANT tinted natural glow while nourishing dull and damaged skin from within. It has a non-sticky creamy milk texture that goes on smoothly while correcting discoloration and uneven skin tones.”

-Bonvivant Illuminator water gel ampule $13
“Like an oasis in the desert, this cool gel ampoule powerfully hydrates dry skin while calming irritations. Enriched with patented Daffodil Root Extracts, exfoliating Algowhite Extract, and more nourishing ingredients, this exceptional concentrated ampoule revitalizes dull and dead skin. It applies smoothly without stickiness, leaving your skin radiant and clear.’

For some odd reason, I always remembered these products to have a higher price tag.  I’m quite surprised to find out these three products are in the $16-422 range.  I’ve been testing these three products out on my dry skin and surprisingly they are working very well.  The illuminator age cover cream mask as I predicted is pretty much the moisturizer version of their sheet mask.  It gives the most gorgeous natural pearl finish to the skin.  I’d say this is the product you’d want to use if you want to be bare faced but want to trick everyone into thinking your skin is glowing from within.

img_6582More Bonvivant products?!?  Say what….  They recently came out with a line of products with us women in mind.  PMS, pads, tampons, bleeding, anything ring a bell?  Yes, the menstural cycle, aunt flow, whatever you want to call it.  It’s not easy being a women, especially during those 5-7 days when everything hurts, your bleeding out of your Va JJ, breaking out, feeling bloated… UGH it’s the worse. 

Products from left to right:
-Bonvivant “that day” kit with chocolate and the cat ears headband
They did have this set just last night but I guess it is gone now.  You still can buy the sheet masks separately though.

Bonvivant that day micromist $16
“Our hormones can get OOC when it’s that time of the month, which is why it’s crucial to keep this anti-PMS micro mist around. Starring a whopping 70% Witch Hazel Extract, it calms troubled and oily skin while tightening pores. Other ingredients like Mugwort and Swiss Alpine herbal extracts also soothe and treat blemishes, while Aloe Vera hydrates skin and Lime Oil brightens the complexion. Plus, the spray spritzes out an even layer of 0.25mm fine micro mist so you can also spray it on over your makeup without causing a mess.”

img_6583Memebox seems to be including a lot of snack products lately.  Thinking of us suffering women, they also included a bar of chocolate to get us through those treacherous 5-7 days.  There is also the cute cat ear spa headbands which we all need to keep our hair out of the way when we wash our face.

Bonvivant that day mask pack in Brightening care (red)
“Bonvivant THAT Day brightening sheet mask is specially crafted to battle dull or uneven skin tones. Grapefruit and Acerola extracts brighten the complexion while Lemon Peel Oil evens out patchy skin tones. Plus, Pomegranate Seed Oil delivers a healthy glow, leaving your skin luminous and you less moody.”

Bonvivant that day mask pack in Blemish care (green)
“Bonvivant THAT Day blemish sheet mask is specially crafted to battle pimple and blemishes. Swiss Alpine herbs treat blemishes while soothing Mugwort and hydrating Aloe Vera extracts relieve irritations and inflammation. Plus, Lime Oil brightens skin tone and controls excess sebum production, leaving your skin less troubled and you less moody.”

Bonvivant that day mask pack in hydrating care (yellow)
“Bonvivant THAT Day hydrating sheet mask is specially crafted to battle dry or dehydrated skin. Everyone’s fave Snail Secretion Filtrate delivers soothing hydration deep into skin’s layers, while Chamomile Extract calms and protects. Foxglove extract also re-energizes skin and Rosehip Oil brightens the complexion, leaving your skin dewy and you less moody.”

Even if you aren’t on your period, you still can use these since they target pretty regular concerns which we all have.  The concept is really cute but I guess I’m going to have to wait for my period to come again to test these out LOL.

The purpose of me showing you guys the blogger mail is to let you guys know what products I have on hand so you guys can tell me which products you want to see reviews on.  Let me know in the comments down below which products interest you and I will try my best to post my reviews on them in a timely matter.  Cheers~

Don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms to see what I’m doing and what I’m getting in the mail :D.  Mail time is always fun time for me. ⋋(◍’Θ’◍)⋌
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  1. Lj

    Would you please check the ph of the Oolu cleansing foam? It looks so promising and gentle. Thanks you.

    P.S. I love your photos and posts. I always check on your site for kbeauty reviews 🙂

    1. Christina

      If my memory serves me correctly, the pH for the Oolu cleansing foam was about pH 8-9. I was a little scared to try it out after finding out how high the pH level. It also kind of makes my skin squeaky clean which I’m a little scared of since I don’t want my skin to get any drier then it a;ready is.

      Glad you are enjoying my content 🙂

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