What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 3

whats-new-in-k-beauty-3Creating this post, I didn’t think there would be that many new products to show you guys but as I was collecting all the pictures, more and more new products were released.  I think it has finally slowed down so here is volume 3 of “what’s new in K-beauty”.  There are a couple of really interesting products I’m excited for you guys to check out so let’s get started with this week’s what’s new in K-beauty! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

3ceStarting off the post with the most uninformative showcasing, 3CE has an upcoming collection which looks frinkin’ gorgeous for the fall!  No news as to what the release date is going to be or prices for the products, so we can just drool looking at the pictures for now.

detail65_topVerite ice emulsion pact 40,000 won (with refill)
I was watching a short clip of the latest get it beauty episode and those of you who are familiar with Korean variety shows, you’d know their laws on advertisement.  If the show isn’t sponsored by the brand, they aren’t allowed to show the logo or anything on the show.  I’m pretty sure Verite sponsored either the make up artist or the episode but didn’t have enough money to pay them out since the logo was still blurred out.  Luckily for me, there’s something called Youtube comments in which I found out what brand it was and the name of the product hehehehe.

Now I am very familiar with the brand Verite.  I’ve even reviewed their Verite UV multi cushion LX a while back but unfortunately didn’t like it by itself with no primer underneath.  Recently, I tried the cushion again to test out the Pony effect’s radiance glow starter and the strobing luminizer and it looked gorgeous!  It seems Verite has been expanding their line of products since the last time I checked, they only had a handful of skincare products and one BB cushion.  Now they have five cushions, make up and skincare products!  The one that caught my eye was their latest addition, “Ice emulsion pact“.

detail65_feature2If you haven’t been following me or noticed, I’m a cushion head.  Every time there are new collections, my eyes search for any cushion compact looking thing in the promo pictures hehe.  Most of the cushions at the moment are all either sponge or mesh.  Never have I ever seen a cushion where the foundation are in little beads!!  This really reminds me of Guerlain’s meteorites but unlike those, these are moist and not powder products.

verite-ice-emulsion-pact-2How does it work?  Well the beads are incased in the mesh compact and when you press the product onto the air puff, you get a little bit of everything, the flesh tone as well as the coloured beads for color correcting.

verite-aurora-cushionVerite Aurora cover cushion 40,000 won (with refill)
Those of you who haven’t seen Verite’s newest collaboration with Wizard of Oz, they came out with a completely new formulation called the “aurora cover” which is suppose to have a dewy finish rather then their original formulation which had more of a satin finish with a medium to high coverage.  Last year they had a killer collaboration with Alice and wonderland, which I got sucked into buying just for the packaging.  I can’t say this year’s collaboration design was as nice as last years but it sure is cute.

verite-aurora-cushion-2There are two colours for the design you can choose from, pink or lavender.  There is also an offer going on which they give you the cushion, a refill and three extra air puffs for the same price of 40,000 won.  I’m pretty sure if you wanted to buy this cushion through a buying service, you’d be able to find a cheaper price on places like Interpark or G-market.

verite-3-colour-marble-triple-effectVerite 3 colour marble triple effect 26,000 won
Not only did Verite add two new cushions to their collection, they also included this product.  I’m not too sure if this is a cream pact or a powder pact but from the looks of it on the Korean blogs, this seems to be one of those cream pacts.  Personally for me and my dry skin, these don’t work that well for me so this is a pass for me.

verite-double-cut-sun-stickVerite double cut sun stick 28,000 won
After trying out A’pieu’s sun stick, I’ve been getting more and more interested in sun sticks since they seem to be less greasy, more light weight and just more fun to use in my opinion.  This one from Verite is suppose to be able to prime the skin for make up, moisturize as well as providing sun protecting to the skin.  I’m quite intrigued I must say.


etude-house-any-cushion-cream-filterEtude House any cushion cream filter 18,000 won
Last week’s what’s new in K-beauty vol. 2, I briefly touched upon Etude House’s new BB cushion called the “any cushion cream filter”.  Since it wasn’t released yet, I couldn’t provide you guys with any information.  Now since it has released and they have been promoting the heck out of it by sending it to a lot of K-vloggers, we got to see how the product preformed and the cushion compact itself.  First things first, this cushion comes in five shades!  That is such a rare happening in the K-beauty world since they usually only offer two shades.  I don’t know how the shades work LOL…. I’m confused myself.  As for the finish, this cushion seems to give the typical dewy finish with a light to medium coverage.

If  you are planning to get this cushion through a buying service, there is a promotion where if you were to get this cushion, they will gift you with their new foundation brush until Oct. 31.


etude-house-brushEtude House synthetic foundation brush 10,000 won
The K-beauty world seems to be lacking with good quality but affordable brushes.  From all the brushes I have seen from the road shop brands, they look like miniature brooms.  The bristles look either coarse, not cut well or just poopy all around.  From the picture, this one from Etude House looks quite decent and for $10, that’s not a bad price.

etude-house-lips-talkEtude House Dear my lip enamel lips talk 10,500 won (20 shades)
When I was a Pink Bird for Etude House, I got to try their dear my lip enamel lipsticks and fell in love with the formula.  I’m not sure if they got rid of that formulation or maybe just repackaged the lipsticks since the name is the same.  They released these lipsticks along with the eyeshadows which I will show you down below.  Not only do they offer the generic pinks, reds and oranges, there are two very unique shades which is a sheer gold frosty colour and a super vampy purple shade.

etude-house-eye-talkEtude House eyes talk shadows 6,5000 won (12 shades available)
I personally am not a big fan of Korean eyeshadows since it tends to be on the sheer side which gives me less control on how strong I can build my looks to.  One of the better brands for eyeshadows would have to be Etude House.  I’m talking about their eyeshadow palettes, not their single eyeshadow.  The few single eyeshadows I’ve tried from them, the matte ones were no beuno while the shimmery ones work fine.  For some reason, the eyeshadow palettes they offer have a completely different formulation, some in which are close to western formulation.  I’m not sure about these new ones but from the looks of it, they all seem to have a shimmery or glitter finish so you should be safe.

etude-house-honey-ceraEtude House Honey cera treatment lip oil 9,000 won
Oh la la!  This is the second or third brand I have seen that has came out with a lip treatment.  The other one I’ve seen is from Swisspure which has around the same price range but with two shades to choose from.  Skinfood also has one which came out with the Snoopy collection.  If you know me, then you know I’m a big lip balm, lip treatment, lip mask person since everything about my body is dry!  I’ll maybe get my hands on this one day :), we’ll see.

etude-house-eye-mask-2Etude House Black hydrogel eye patch 2,500 won
Some reason, Etude House decided to release six different masks all at once.  I’m not complaining since they all are super cute.  This black hydrogel eye patch came at the right time since it is Halloween!  At first, I thought it was just another regular cotton sheet mask but when I saw it was a hydrogel mask, I do have to say I’m quite intrigued.
etude-house-eye-maskEtude House heating eye mask 2,000 won
These heated eye masks are not new, I have seen them from other brands before.  I’m not too sure what the function is but my guess is the heated function helps with blood circulation around the eyes to lessen under eye bags?  If you guys know, please do tell me in the comments down below.

etude-house-mask-patchesEtude House Calming cheek patch 2,000 won
I honestly find these kind of useless.  If I wanted to do a sheet mask, I would do my whole face.  Some people do like to do spot treatments but if I want to hydrate my face, I want to do it as a whole.  These are one of those circle sheet masks which you can place wherever you want but most people do put it on their cheeks.etude-house-wrinkle-maskEtude House laughing care patch 2,000 won
I’m freaking out.  I’ve noticed the way I sleep and how I like to burrow my face into my pillow, my smile wrinkles is so much more prominent on my left side because of it.  I do put some of my eye cream on it and use my sonic device thingy to push in the product which does seem to help a bit.  I’ve also seen these smile wrinkle sheet masks/ patches which are cute and all but again, it seems to be more of a gimmicky.

etude-house-lip-maskEtude House Honey (moisturizing)/ Cherry (vitalizing) jelly lip patches 2,500 won
These lip jelly packs are not a new thing, nor is it new to Etude House’s brand.  I was sent these from them a while back and I honestly didn’t like them.  I have messed up nostrils so it is hard for me to breath through my nose.  Let’s just say, I’m more of a mouth breather so not being able to use my mouth for 15 minutes is not ideal for me.  After the 15 minutes, my lips doesn’t feel that much more moisturized so it’s kind of useless if I do say so myself.  If your looking for a lip treatment that will actually do something for you, check out Aritaum’s ginger sugar overnight lip mask which I have reviewed!

mamondeMamonde High liquid cover cushion (3 shades available #17, #21, #23)  25,000 won
I personally don’t have too much experience with Mamonde products.  The only Mamonde product I have is one of their moisture cushions but that is about it.  I also don’t see many bloggers talk about Mamonde other then many a lip tint or two.  They came out with a new mesh cushion that is suppose to have high coverage it seems?  And oddly enough, this cushion comes with a #17 shade?  It is usually #13, #21 and #23 so where did #17 come from haha.  It also seems like K-beauty companies are moving away from sponge cushions and into the mesh cushions which I’m not mad about.

Mamonde true colour lipstick (20 shades) 15,000 won
Not much to say about this other then the packaging is really pretty LOL.  The shades offered looks generic, at least online.

Wait I take that back. For you is SCREAMING my name!

nnooni-deep-sea-cream-3Hmm, this seems really weird.  This Nooni deep sea water boosting mist was on the Memebox site but it isn’t on there anymore.  Not sure if they are updating it or not but Nooni has been expanding their line of skincare with this whole “deep sea” theme.  There are couple of really interesting products which I will show you.
Wait hang on, it seems this is a free gift if you buy their deep sea water moisturizer! 😀  As for right now, it isn’t being sold separately but maybe they will in the future.

nnooni-deep-sea-cream-2Nooni deep sea water facial cream (2 versions, fresh or balancing) 23,000 won
Nooni as a brand, it is quite hit or miss for me.  One of the products that are a big hit (holy grail actually) is their Nooni advanced repair therapy super vitalizing cream which I actually brought with me on my trip to Hong Kong, the only moisturizer I bought and it did a great job.  Other Nooni products like their toners, newest cleanser, all irritated my skin and made me break out slightly.  I am still open to try the products out but I am weary that it might mess up my skin.  They came out with a whole deep sea line along with two moisturizers to add to the line.  Seems like there is one formula built for oily skin types and another for dry skin types.


nooni-deep-sea-water-powderNooni deep sea water multi-use powder wash 18,000 won
Powder cleansers are not a completely brand new product in the beauty market.  There are even a couple in the Wester beauty realm but there is definitely a lot more in the east.  I personally haven’t tried many powder cleansers, even though there is one waiting for me in my stash haha.  These would be great for travelling since they are so compact and all you need is a drop of water for it to become a cleanser.  I’m curious to see how these preform and I pray they don’t have a high pH level.


im-meme-tinted-foundationI was just frolicking in the land of Youtube and I came across a Korean beauty creator called “Hanbyul” and came across her video “full face makeup using only Memebox“.  Since I was bored and ran out of things to watch anyways, I clicked on the video to just pass time.  In her video, she showed this special kit which had I’m meme I’m tinted foundation which I’ve never seen before.  I went and checked it on the Korean Memebox site but i don’t seen it anywhere.  It’s so weird since she actually bought the products mentioned in the video.  The concept of the foundation reminds me a lot of Dior’s nude air serum foundation, the very liquidy, skin like finish kind of foundation that was super hot two years ago.  The set also came with a I’m fixer which is a setting spray, much like Mac’s fix+.  The set retails for 28,000 won but I’m not sure if it was released, or was it discontinued.

im-meme-im-dual-contour-brushI’m Meme I’m dual contour brush 22,000 won
I have a couple of I’m meme brushes but unfortunately, the quality does not impress me at all. From my experience, the face brushes were not dense enough to do anything pretty much and since they are synthetic, they don’t pick powder products up as well as natural bristles.  For the high price points they are charging, I’d rather get a whole 22 piece brush set from Coastal scents.  I also don’t like double ended brushes since it makes it hard for me to store and also clean.  You’re forced to have the brush laying down rather then saving space and being able to put it in a holder/ cup.

pony-effect-brushPony effect magnetic brush #106
Transitioning from what I said about the I’m Meme brushes, I can’t speak upon Pony effect’s line of brushes.  They seem to be a mixture of natural bristles as well as synthetic bristles.  I’ve never got the chance to try them out but from videos I have seen of them, they look promising to say the least.  This new addition to the Pony effect brushes line looks like a dense buffing brush, usually for puffing out powder but honestly, you can use it however the heck you want.

pony-effect-concealerPony effect cover up pro concealer 18,000 won (4 shades)
I’ve been trying out a lot of Pony’s products and I must say, her base make up is gorgeous.  Unfortunately her BB cushions can’t be brought over to the US site due to the sun protection restrictions and the time that it would take for the product to be cleared to pass the US borders would take years.  These new cream concealers came out just recently and guess what!  There is not just two shades but FOUR.  There is even shade #25 which is super rare in the K-beauty world and the only brands I can think of on the top of my head that even offers #25 is Sulwhasoo.  Oh baby it’s a happy day for everyone haha.

pony-effect-cream-eyeshadowPony effect unlimited cream shadow (8 shades) 18,000 won
Off the top of my head, I don’t think there are many K-beauty brands that offer potted cream shadows.  That could be just my memory failing but let me know if there are any good ones out there.  These ones released from Pony effect looks stunning and I’m happy to see there are at least three matte neutral ones!!  I’d be even more happy if she comes out with some bright colours like the Make up Forever flash palette.  That would definitely suit the branding and show off the high artistry that she holds in the beauty world.  I hope that made sense LOL.

pony-effect-cream-shadowMy eyes are looking straight at X factor. Such a gorgeous combination.

pony-effect-lip-mixing-palettePony effect mixing palette + spatula pro 20,000 won
Another very pro product.  This is something I think everyone should have in their collection.  To keep things hygenic, make up artists usually use metal spatulas to scoop some of the product off then placing it onto a metal palette like this one.  For powders, they can just use it directly from the pan but once the job is done, they usually sanitize it with either something like the Beauty so clean or just plain 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).  Kinda getting off topic but I’m just happy to see Pony effect is going down the more unique route now that she has all the basics down for her brand.

pony-effect-lip-palettePony effect customizable lip palette 38,000 won
Okay, this has to be the absolute most AWESOME product I have seen before.  So far, I haven’t seen any lip palette that is this unique.  I mean come on, there is black, white, blue and even YELLOW lip colour.  My mind is absolutely blown right now.  I mean I have seen lip palettes in my life but never ones with crazy colours like this and also a guide on how much you need of each shade to produce the exact colour you want.  I’m praying so hard that I like the formulation of the lipstick because if it is good, this is definitely going to be a holy grail product and I’d gladly pay for $38 price tag.  Think about how much space you can save, how much money you can save from having to buy a dozen lipsticks.  UGH love…


pony-effect-lip-palette-2This is like the make up equivalent of a multiplication table haha.

pony-effect-multi-stick-2Pony effect makeup arti-stick 30,000 won
I’m such a happy fan girl right now haha.  I have tried I’m meme’s multi sticks before and love the formulation, so I’m sure Pony effect one will be just as good if not better.  Packaged in the signature rose gold packaging, this line comes with 3 foundation, 2 shading, 2 highlighters and 3 blushers.  I don’t even know where to begin, everything looks gorgeous!
pony-effect-multi-stickThe promo pictures for the new products look FLAWLESS too!! I love the color scheme, the lighting, everything.

peri-pera-milk-pactPeri Pera milk pact 16,000 won
It seems like Clio and Peri Pera come out with some sort of base make up every other week or something.  The last time I checked, they have a new balm type cushion called milk.  Not too sure what it is all about but there is three shades available, a pink shade for brightening and two flesh tones.

peri-pera-milk-pact-2The inside of the pact seems to have serum coming out of it so I’m guessing it is suppose to be hydrating?

peri-pera-milk-pact-3Peri Pera’s packaging is always super cute but from the one cushion I reviewed from Peri Pera (Peri’s water cushion), I wasn’t too impressed so it does make me slightly hesitant to try their other ones.

skinfood-avocado-lip-balmSkinfood avocado & olive lip balm & sugar lip scrub 5,900 won each
Skinfood recently came out with this adorable avocado which includes a lip balm, lip serum and a sugar scrub.  The packaging reminds me a lot of Tony Moly’s hand cream and lip balms but they don’t have avocados now do they LOL.

skinfood-lip-serumSkinfood avocado and honey lip serum 4,900 won

son-and-park-shading-pressoSon & Park shading presso 24,000 won
The great minds behind Son & Park, Son Dae Sik (손대식) and Park Tae Yoon (박태윤), are well known Korean make up artists that essentially pioneered the whole dewy, skin like trend that took Asia by storm. Well all that experience under their belt and working countless hours, years with the top Korean entertainers such as Jeon Ji Hyun, it is only natural for them to finally come out with their own make up brand.  First it was the Son & Park beauty water which took the beauty world by storm and becoming an easy holy grail for many.  Those of you who have pale skin, especially those with a yellow undertone, you’ll understand my pain in trying to find the perfect contouring shade from the western beauty market.  It always is either too dark, too reddish, too something!  The Korean market has been stepping up their game with brands like Too cool for school’s and now Son & Park.  From the picture, the colors look perfect, not too reddish, the middle one seems to have a slight grey undertone which is needed for a super natural looking contour.  I may pick this one up down the line, I got my eyes on it keke.

the-face-shop-cushion-2The face shop seems to be coming out with two new BB cushions. Not much news as to what it is exactly or the prices but here’s a promo picture for us to stare at for the meantime.

the-face-shop-halloweenThe most exciting collection for me is definitely the upcoming the Face shop x Kakao Halloween collection.  Again, not much information on the prices of the products but the packaging is super cute!

the-face-shop-halloween-2The collection consists of three eyeshadows, 3 lip tints and 5 sheet masks.  I wonder if the sheet masks is those printed ones again.  Concept is cute but on the face, it looks scary as heck! Then again, that is fitting for those who need a last minute Halloween costume HAHA. 

the-face-shop-halloween-3The face shop also has some cute pumpkin packaged proucts such as hand creams, some type of foam cleanser and lip balms.  Again, no news as to how much these are but I’m sure it will come out soon.

vdl-macaron-bb-cushionVDL gave us a sneak peek of their new macaron BB cushion which I thought would be out by now, but it still isn’t on the online store.  Not much information on this just yet but the packaging looks super standard.  I’d rather have the macarons around it then the cushion haha.

From the last time we checked in from volume 2, we only got to see the outside packaging of Hera’s upcoming holiday collaboration collection with Eric Giriat.  The design and thoughtfulness of the packaging and the products fits perfectly with the upcoming holiday.

hera-cushion-setEach product from the collection seems to have some sort of gift with purchase on Amorepacificmall kr, so if you are planning to pick some of these up, I suggest you use a buying service to get the extra goodies (free pouch, Hera cell essence sample, Hera cleansing foam sample).  I’ll include the links to all the products so you guys can check it out if your interested.

Hera 5 romantic lessons UV mist cushion 50,000 won 
Hera 5 romantic lessons eye palette 75,000 won
Hera 5 romantic lessons face blusher 45,000 won
Hera 5 romantic lessons rich curling mascara 35,000 won
Hera 5 romantic lessons Rouge holic lipsticks 35,000 won

A video posted by Vogue Korea (@voguekorea) on

Dior Dream skin Perfect skin cushion SPF 50 PA +++
The following showing isn’t exactly K-beauty.  Yes I know, don’t shoot the messenger.  But if you don’t know already, some western brands have exclusive products that can be only found in Asian countries.  Take Dior’s BB cushion as an example.  When I was coming back from Hong Kong, I finally decided to drop some pretty cash ($90 to be exact) and picked me one up since I knew it would be hard to get it after I have left.  They have since came out with another version to their BB cushion called “Capsule totale” which is suppose to be color correcting, anti-pores (whatever that means), provide radiance and have SPF 50 PA+++.  I can’t seem to find it on the Korean Dior website but my guess for the price would be in the $90 range with a refill included.

A photo posted by LAPCOS (@lapcos) on

Lapcos, a smaller K-beauty brand, seems to be coming out with a very fall appropriate eyeshadow palette that looks like it includes some gorgeous shades.  Again, no news as to when it is coming out or how much it is.

A photo posted by ELLE KOREA (@ellekorea) on

Khiel’s in Korea seems to have a special packaging for their Ultra facial cream. Not really that interesting to be honest but I thought I’d include it anyways.

I was on the toilet, yes… scrolling when I stopped and couldn’t believe what my eyes had came across.  Originally this was posted on the allurekorea IG but it seems like they took it down.  Makes me think this is some super secret stuff that wasn’t suppose to be released but too late!  WE ALL SAW IT.  Holika Holika will be continuing their collaboration with Gudetama and I ain’t mad at all haha.  In the picture, we see there is a beauty sponge with Gudetama’s face along with new compact cushion designs.  It seems like the BB cushion is the exact same ones that was in the first release (face 2 change photo ready cushion) but this time the whole collection is called Lazy & Joy not Lazy & easy.  I’m in LOVE with the pudding design on the bottom right.  There also seems to be maybe a cleanser or shaving cream in the background?  No news as to when it will be coming out but you bet I’m going to be checking daily HAHA.

A photo posted by 뷰티톡 (@beautytalkapp) on

Earlier this year, Innisfree came out with this new concept of customizing your cushion compact.  It seems like they have some new designs for the upcoming holidays.

So that is it for this week’s what’s new in K-beauty.  This always happens, I have a list of things to post and more and more new products just keep coming out.  I can’t catch up even with just posting about them!  This week’s round ups are pretty interesting if I do say so myself.  I’m most excited for the Pony effect products along with the Verite ice emulsion cushion which yes, I already bought LOL.  Let me know in the comments down below what caught your eyes, what are you guys buying and what products you’d love to see reviews on.

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  1. Midori

    Is that a black lip tint from The Face Shop? Or something that’s near-black?! I’m in!
    I’m soooo tempted to try out Pony Effect and I’ve been reading through your blog posts on her products but I can’t seem to make up my mind! :/ I’ve waited this long, I might as well wait for the cream shadows and the multi sticks lol

    1. Christina

      I don’t think it is black, it looks more like either a really dark red or a dark dark purple. Pony effect has some really awesome products :). I’d wait for the new items to come out before ordering haha

  2. berit

    aaaaaaaargh I just ordered the pony effect cream shadow in #beloved 😀 Thanks again for your wonderful summary.

    1. Christina

      Oh la la! Let us know how it goes when you get it. The packaging of all the product is gorgeousssss! Glad you enjoyed the post <3

      1. berit

        I have received my shipment yesterday and am currently wearing it. It’s a bit more orange than in the photo which is still fine but to be honest I thought that the gold sheen would be something more of a sublte shimmer and not the visible gold flakes that they used. Oh well, I still love myself some sparkle and really like the texture of it. Let’s see how it keeps on my oily lids 😉

        1. Christina

          I hate when the colour is off!! :/ then again, we don’t have much choice shopping online haha. Hope it all works out for you!

  3. Chloe

    Ooh, do you have any idea where to buy The Face Shop Halloween items online?

    1. Christina

      At the moment no since it is not released yet.

  4. Denise Lim

    the A’Pieu creamy shadow are one of my fav korean brand creamy eyeshadow! you should try some out! affordable and pigmented!

    1. Christina

      Ohh! I love me some A’pieu but I haven’t noticed their cream shadows! I might have to pick one or two up the next time I order :). Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Christina

      Ohh! I think I have seen it then XD. Thanks for the link!
      Awww poo.. I’m not looking forward to the smell LOL but I’m still looking forward to having it in my collection

  5. Anna

    These round-ups are so great and so informative! Thanks for putting all the time and knowledge and effort into doing them. 🙂

    1. Christina

      As long as you guys are enjoying it, I will keep making them. Thank you for stopping by 🙂 <3

  6. Genevieve

    Heated eye masks are great when your eyes are tired due to reading/studying, jetlag, allergies, and so on. They help sooth the dryness and itchiness. Personally, I think they’re amazing when you have a cold, since the heat helps with the pressure on your sinuses.

    1. Christina

      Ohh that is true! My optometrist has told me to use a heated towel over my eyes so the fats can be distributed more evenly since I have super dry eyes. Maybe I should get a couple to try :). Thank you for the info

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