Inspired K-beauty by Mumuso?

So I saw this video last week when it was shared on one of the Facebook groups that I followed.  It was quite interesting but I didn’t pay too much mind since the company seems to be opened only in Southeast Asia.  And then I went to Aberdeen mall today here in Vancouver, BC and saw this…

Now it is personal.  I’ll get into why I think you guys should run the other way when you see this store and why you guys definitely should not be getting ANY of the beauty items, under any circumstances.  Hell to the motha fucking no.  Let’s get the roasting started shall we?

As you know, I’ve been on this blog officially for 3 years now but I’ve been blogging for way longer then that actually.  I’ve dove myself into K-beauty for almost 5 years so you can say I know my shit, at least in a consumer stand point.  I’ve never claimed to me a professional dermatologist or anything but I’m happy you guys still trust my opinion.  I want you guys to watch the video I have included in the bottom of this paragraph and then continue reading what I have to say about it.

Who is Mumuso?

So this company claims to be a Korean brand yet their headquarters don’t exist in Korea.  On the product packaging, they used the address where they got Korean translation as their HQ in so called Korea.  Okay now you might say “oh well this is a totally bias video since they are Korean and are trying to keep business to themselves.”  Alright, if you want to think like that, then please explain this to me.Product on the left is produced by Mumuso.  Product on the right is the original which is produced by Etude House, a well known roadshop brand from Korea.  If you weren’t a crazy K-beauty fanatic like me, at first glance, they both look super similar.  Especially for those who just vaguely remember what the packaging looks like but don’t remember the brand, you would have been easily fool.  On top if that, if the Mumuso version was way cheaper then the original, I too would have been fooled.  But look closely and you’ll see “Mumuso” on top of the bubble tea logo.  Still not convinced?  Alright, exhibit B.

Left is Mumuso and right is Innisfree’s apple seed cleansing oil.  It isn’t the exact same but again, if you weren’t a fanatic like me, I would have been fooled too.

And last but not least of the faker vs. real.  This one I had to get some help from youg uys because I just couldn’t put my finger on the brand but luckily Melubbeauty and wendycameraclicks came to save the day.

So now your many thinking, well there are “inspired” products out in the market so what is the problem.  Well the problem is that this company is clearly a Chinese company trying to go on the K-pop/ K-beauty wave to earn some money, using some shady ass tactics and advertising themselves as a Korean brand when they are clearly not.  This brand also kind of remind me of Miniso, which is actually a brand I do like but they advertise themselves as a Japanese brand but they are more like “Japanese inspired” (same as Tatcha cough cough).  But one thing Miniso doesn’t do is leave a bad taste in my mouth and down right be a copycat to trick people into buying products.  Of course, take my thoughts with a grain of salt as always but keep in mind that China also makes a lot of fake shit like fake baby powder, fake rice and even fake eggs… WHO THE FUCK MAKES FAKE EGGS.  On top of that, you don’t know how those products are made, how sanitary the factory is and if there are even any regulations on the product of the products.  Just fuck no.  If you really do feel the need to buy things from that store, then just don’t buy the beauty products because I don’t want to see your guys’ skin suffer :/.  That is all the rage I can deliver for today.  Also sorry for being kind of MIA lately, I’m kind of in a writer’s block.


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  1. Megan

    THANK YOU for this review!! It is important and consumers know this…and also, fake eggs?!?!

    1. Christina

      Oh girl, there are way more fake things then you can even imagine. Yes… I’ve seen on the chinese news about fake eggs.. like WHY DO YOU NEED TO FAKE EGGS. Does it take more energy to make fake eggs then to raise a chicken. Heck they hatch eggs every 25 hrs. My god

  2. Christine

    They opened a location in Kerrisdale too, just about two stores away from the Miniso location there. I remembered your blog post so I went to check it out!

    Verdict: I much prefer Miniso. Mumuso may carry more products but Miniso by far is designed better – both in the actual store itself and the products. Mumuso’s store layout made me feel uncomfortable since it carried so many different things that it felt overwhelming and there was this odd cheap plastic odour around the store.

    Mumuso and Miniso both carry things that are their own brand but mimics the design of a more famous brand (Miniso, I see you with your Sulwhasoo lotion) but Mumuso has a LOT more – to the point of it being just too much. I do like how Miniso will actually carry legit items like Mediheal.

    Oh, and the last but definitely a nail in the coffin – MUMUSO USED THE PAPYRUS FONT ON THEIR WINDOW DISPLAY. I will never forget this. Just by that sheer craziness, Miniso wins in my heart.

    1. Christina

      Wow that is crazy to hear. Thank you for the update, I didn’t know they also opened in Kerrisdale. I personally also like Miniso as well, they just don’t rub me the wrong way :/. I went back to check out the beauty section in Mumuso and was so scared. They even have a bootleg version of the Holika Holika x Gudetama hand cream set. My god

  3. Niy

    I’m late but thank you for this eye opener!

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