Christina Hello’s stamp of approval

stamp introI’ll be introducing my new rating system so you guys can easily identify products that I’m a die hard fan of.
This badge will signify the following:
-a product I would repurchase
-of course something I absolutely love to bits
-would recommend to all when trying to give you suggestions depending on your needs
-most likely a product that I have awarded 5 stars

I’d say only about 5 % of products I will/have tried will be able to be awarded this stamp.  This includes products that have been sent to me or products I have bought with my own money.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to products I like, kind of like that teacher that won’t ever give out 100% unless you blew my socks away.

This badge will not and can not be bought with money.  I pledge to you guys, my lovely friends and readers, that this badge will not and can not be swayed by a company’s pressure or money.

-Cheers, Christina 

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  1. Fiona

    <3! Can you list a few products that already have this stamp of approval? 😀

    1. Christina

      I actually have a section on my navigation bar called “buyer’s directory”.

      Underneath, there is a while post where I update frequently products I have reviewed and it is also sorted by the stars I’ve awarded to each product. I will be doing a post soon for the products I have given my “seal of approval” so please stay tuned :).

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