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Approval titleSo yesterday I announced I will be having a new rating system for you guys so it is easier to identify the products I am a die hard fan of.  If you don’t already know, there is a section up in the navigation bar called “Buyer’s directory” where I include a whole list of products sorted by the star ratings out of 5 and also a guide on where to buy k-beauty products online.  Definitely check that section out if you haven’t already.  Some of you guys have been wondering which products would get this stamp of approval than?  Here are the products that have made the cut so far out of the 59 product reviews I have posted so far.  Out of the 59 products, these are the only 14 products I’d be proud to recommend and totally stand behind. Only 4.21% (or even lower) will be able to get my badge of approval so you know it is something good!  Let me break down the list for you guys, so let’s gooo! (/^▽^)/

*Please note, these products have all been tested on my own skin and experiences with them.  Do take my opinion with a grain of salt and refer to my sidebar under skin profile to see if these will fit your needs as well.  I’ve also linked all the reviews I have done for each product so make sure to check them out as well if you are interested.  This post is more of a round up and not a full review like my normal programming.  Cheers~*

award 31) A’pieu Air fit BB cushion
Ever since I blindly bought the A’pieu Air fit BB cushion back when they had a Garfield collaboration, BB cushions were never the same for me.  After I experienced the glory of this cushion, I based a lot of my reviews back to this BB cushion.  Why?  Because it doesn’t accentuate my dry patches if I ever had any, which I always have some somewhere hiding, and it gives my skin a nice dewy, youthful glow.  Best part is? It is only 5,000 won ($5 BABYYYY) !!  They also recently came out with a matte finish for my oily skin people. I can’t speak on that formula since I’ve never tried it nor do I think I will since my dry skin would hate me for it, but you can check it out here if you want.  It will be the best $5 you will spend, I promise!

2) Hourglass ambient lighting blushes
Hourglass has been one of those super hyped up brands.  I myself jumped onto the bandwagon when I bought my first ambient powder in ethereal light.  I personally think it is worth the hype since there really isn’t a powder out there that slightly mattifies the face while leaving a very life like finish to the skin.  When they came out with blushes, I jumped on it like there was no tomorrow.  Of course I waited until there was a sale at Sephora.  Yes they are quite pricey and no I don’t think you’d need to buy the whole line of them.  Just pick the one you think suits your skin type the most.  Personally my favourite shade would have to be Incandescent Electra surprisingly.  I usually don’t like shimmer of any sort in my blushes unless it is super fine and gives me just a slight glow.  In the pan, Incandescent electra looks super shimmery, but to my surprise it was already in the blush palette I bought back during the holidays.  It just gives my cheeks a nice peachy coral flush with a hint of glow, GORGEOUS and very skin like still.  Definitely check these blushes out if you are feeling fancy and in the market for a wearable, everyday, no brainer blush.

3) Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum corrector
I’ve have had absolutely no luck when it comes to the concealing department, until Bobbi Brown came out with their serum infused corrector and concealer.  Yes it is definitely SUPER pricey ($40 for 0.24 oz) and I told myself if I don’t like it, it was going to be returned.  Sadly I fell in love with it (Θ︹Θ)ს.  I’ve always struggled to find a concealer that won’t cling onto ever dry patch on my face and work with under the eyes and not dry it up and look cakey.  When I first bought it, I tried it right when I got to work on my bare face on my purple undereyes and it concealed it with no problem and looked super skin like.  I fell in love then and there.  Everytime I used this product, it never failed me and always made me look flawless.  I ventured out and even bought their concealer.  When I was at my local outlet where they finally opened up a Cosmetic Company Outlet (aka. CCO), I stumbled upon the serum foundation IN MY SHADE.  I swooped it up as fast as I could and came home to a happy serum infused family.  I still have yet to try the foundation but most defintely I’m going to have to after this post!

4) Memebox I’m lure set
Back in the holiday season, Memebox came out with a set called “I’m lure” which consisted of one red lipstick, a eyeshadow quad, brown gel liner and three nail polishes.  I’ve been really lucky to be able to work with Memebox these couple of months and they send me their products to review from time to time.  I didn’t know what to expect since this set would have been my second time encountering their line of cosmetics.  The first time was their Pony effect line which was created by Pony herself but manufactured by Memebox.  I can’t really say the first collection was her finest moment and the product definitely need a lot of improving, so I didn’t really know what to expect with Memebox’s I’m lure set.  To my surprise the whole set blew me out of the waters!  The eyeshadows were super buttery and the glitter shade in the palette is to DIE FOR.  GORRRRGEOUSSSSS.  The lipstick was super pigmented, hydrated and gave the lips a slight glossy finish.  The gel liner was creamy as well and stayed put on the skin while the nail polishes were all super solid.  Overall, DAYUMMM DANIEL! YASSSSS

5) Etude house play 101 pencil
Two years ago, Etude House came out with a line called “Play 101” which was a concept where the pencils could be used in any way possible.  I was super intrigued by it and the unique colors it offered and on top of that, I could get them for around $4.50 each.  I admit, I went a little overboard and pretty much bought half of the shades they offer, but why not!!  I’ve had previous experiences with K-beauty eyeliners and so far, none of them have failed me with their long lasting formula and creamy texture.  These were no exception and with the super affordable price of 6,000 won (little less then $6), these are definitely a no brainer.  I use the dark brown shade all the time and sometimes the black one for a more dramatic look.

6) Hakuhodo Brushes
If you are into make up, you must of heard of the famous Japanese brushes called Hakuhodo.  If you haven’t, you MUST!!! Those of you who are super into keeping up with your skin, you might want to invest a little more money and get these brushes instead of the cheapo ones which can irritate the skin with the scratchy bristles and tugging around your eye area.  These brushes are all handmade and the bristles are not cut like regular make up brushes on the market.  They use a traditional Japanese technique to aline the bristles to create the shapes but keeping the natural tips of the hairs.  Please do keep in mind the Hakuhodo x Sephora brushes are NOT the ones I’m talking about and I’d recommend you stay away from those.  Those are super cheap quality and definitely not handmade, with crappy synthetic bristles and sold at a luxury price.  I believe they didn’t sell that well since after the holidays, they on sale for buy one get one free. Do check out my review to see if these luxurious brushes are right for you.  Surprisingly most of the brushes are quite reasonably priced and I promise you, they are definitely worth ever penny.  If you take care of them, they can last you a lifetime.

7) Memebox I’m lip tint
Again, I wasn’t expecting much from Memebox’s house brand but their lip tints blew me out of the waters.  For those of you who already love the YSL glossy stains or have been wanting to try them, just don’t have the money to fork out, check Memebox’s lip tints.  They are almost identical but of course the price tag is less half of YSL’s luxe price tag.  Memebox offers a range of 15 shades so there is definitely something for everyone.  They are just as glossy as YSL’s, just as pigmented if not even more pigmented and makes your lips look JUICY.  I absolutely love Memebox’s and the scent is more of a fruity jello scent unlike YSL’s intoxicating rose scent which I’m not too fond of.

8) Physicians formula eye booster 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner + serum
Liquid liner has always been the choice for me when I’m on the go and want a precise line.  I do like gel liner but most of the time, I don’t want to whip out a brush, especially when I’m in a hurry.  So when I discovered that Physician’s formula, a drugstore brand, somehow beat out brands like Stila and Kat Von D’s pen liquid liners, I of course had to put it in my holy grail section.  The highly pigmented formula, long lasting and water resistant finish of this liner with the decently affordable price tag, it deserves its place in my holy grail section.

awards 21) Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel
Ever since peeling gels have came into my life, my skin was never the same nor was I.  I do remember using another peeling gel before by Laneige in the berry line, but I didn’t know it was actually a peeling gel.  I sadly forgot to keep using it and it just expired by the time I got back to it.  In my old Memebox days when they were still shipping internationally, I bought a box called the “detox” box and inside came a very strange and uninteresting tube of peeling gel.  One faithful day, I decided to try it and nothing was the same after that.  My skin was never again rough around the edges and had little to now dry patches of dead skin hiding away under all the moisturizer I was slapping on to hide the my stubborn dead skin cells that never seem to want to leave even with a scrub.  They have since changed their packaging and I believe even upgraded the formula.

2) A’pieu Honey & Milk lip sleeping pack
A’pieu has quickly become a brand I have fallen in love with.  Their quality is superb, well most of their product, and they are super affordable with prices starting at only $5 for a BB cushion.  I personally am a big lip balm person, so when A’pieu came out with a sleeping pack, I was already there and ready to let my money fly!  This lip balm sleeping pack leaves my lips super moisturized and my lips soft.  I’m super picky when it comes to lip balms and this one passed the test.

3) Bon Vivant Botanical mask (Memebox)
I’ve never been a real fan of sheet masks, until Memebox sent me THESE.  DAYUM SON!  These are AMAAAZING.  It’s not the easy for me to buy more since I live in Canada, but remind me to cross the border after I order a truck load of these.  Somehow the material, the essence in this, it really hydrates the skin like none other.  I can live on with my life if I knew these were in my bathroom and nothing else.  I even skipped moisturizer when I was testing this and it still left my skin hydrated.  IT MUST BE WITCHCRAFT I TELL YOU!  Definitely check these out at Memebox.

4) The Body shop vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil
I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the body shop products. I don’t think their price tags match up with the quality of their products, but this product in particular caught my eye when it first came out.  I got sucked into purchasing it and fell in love instantly.  I have tried other facial oils such as argan oil, but I don’t find argan oil to have a lasting hydrating effect on the skin since it is more of a dry type oil.  This one from body shop leaves my face super moisturized in the morning and my skin feels noticeably softer.  I’ve already ran out of one bottle and repurchased another, so you know it is good!  I’m definitely not the only one that has been raving about it, a lot of other people have as well so I’m not the only one.  Definitely check this one out at the body shop if you are looking for one to seal in moisture during the winter time.

5) Pure Smile lip treatment
I’m really sad to say that this product has been discontinued and will not be manufactured anymore.  I have no clue why because this product was definitely one of their best sellers.  Again, I was introduced to this brand in an old Memebox and tried it out on a whim and fell in love.  I used to not really care about using lip balms and would just leave my lips alone even though they were dry and chapped.  Using this lip treatment which is like a thick gloss, I’d use it right before I go to bed and wake up with the gloss still there!  After the gloss would wear away, it left my lips like never before! I think it is the snail mucus doing it’s magic.  If you can still find this around, definitely buy ten because they are only $4.50 and are now discontinued.

These are all the products that have gotten my seal of approval.  This will not be a monthly post since I can’t guarantee you guys I will find holy grails all the time.  Holy grails are one of those products that are dime a dozen.  When the time comes, I will definitely post another one when I feel as though I’ve found more products I am a die hard fan of.

Which products do you see that you are already using and loving?  Have you picked any of these up under my recommendation?  Let me know in the comments down below!  Let’s talk :).

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