Coastal scents Haul + Some Swatches

Not sure how many of you guys know the website “costal scents”, but if you have been with the whole Youtube beauty guru movement back in the OG days, you’d be familiar with this website.  I think it has died down a bit but I still shop there once in a while, mostly when Black Friday rolls around and they have 50% off everything.  I wasn’t planning on getting anything since I was just picking up couple of brush sets for my friends, but when I was about to close the browser, a 20% off coupon code popped up.  That was 20% off on top of the 50% off sale!!!  I needed to get free shipping so I ended up getting a couple of products myself.  Again, I know this isn’t K-beauty but I really think you guys would enjoy their hot pots, which are single potted eyeshadows which retail only for $2!  Okay, let’s get into the haul~~

I think everyone know the 88 eyeshadow palette by now, right?  This palette has ever colour of the rainbow, from mattes, shimmers to satins.  This palette is decent and does the job but since I don’t use colour that often, only sometimes, $6 for this palette really wasn’t that bad.  Actually it was cheaper then that since I had another 20% off.  The one I have is almost 6 years old, and no… I don’t use it at all so I needed a new one.

The palette is really plain, just black. 

Pigmentation is actually decent and I absolutely love the bottom right of the palette with the purples, plums, red and neutrals.

Now this is the star product.  I have bought their single shadows before and love them.  Most of them are super pigmented but some of the matte ones are a miss.  If you buy them as singles, they are $2 each but these pre-set hot pot palettes retail for $12.95.  On sale, I got this for $5.18 which is a a steal of a deal I must say.  The version I got is the fall festival paletteand there are three other palettes as well.

Chamois Nude, Bright Copper, Dark Golden Olive, Light Apricot
Kiwi Green, Deep cantaloupe, Regalia Purple, American Rose
Cherry Chocolate, Raisin Berry, New Penny, Gun metal

I was debating on even getting the palette since I already have four of the 12 shades but in the end, this was the only palette out of the four that I truly liked.  Although the palette consists of some neutrals, there were some interesting enough colors for me to feel like I can add this to my collection.  I really liked the Cantaloupe shade, Regalia Purple which I think is a really unique periwinkle shade and also American rose which is this bright cranberry shade.

Chamois Nude, Bright Copper, Dark Golden Olive, Light Apricot

All the shades are silky, blendable and super pigmented.  The light apricot shade I think is one of the most gorgeous, almost rose gold with a hint more of a beige tone type of shade and definitely one of my favourites.  All these swatches was only one swipe and seriously, pigmented af!!

Kiwi Green, Deep cantaloupe, Regalia Purple, American Rose
The middle row has  more unique shade and like I said before, cantaloupe and Regalia Purple are truly eye catching.

Cherry Chocolate, Raisin Berry, New Penny, Gun metal
The last row, frinkin BOMB. Look at that cranberry shade and the dusty gold shade.  UGH!

Even after those two products in the cart, I was still missing a couple of bucks to get free shipping so I got me a pot of glitter powder.  I’m honestly kind of scared to open this up since glitter sticks to EVERYTHING till the end of time.  They used to sell pigments but I guess they don’t anymore so I was stuck with glitter.  I picked up the shade “crystal ball” which kind of reminds me of Mac’s 3D glitter but not so slivery.  Can’t wait to try it but not looking forward to washing it off haha.

So that is it for the quick little haul.  Hope you guys enjoyed this and maybe even pick up the festival palette for yourself.  Even for $12, I’d buy it for that price because it is just that good.

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  1. Kathy

    Holy polar bears, this is such a blast from the past! I had that 88 palette like…9 years ago! Good ol’ Youtube days, makes me nostalgic…

    That Fall palette is gorgeous, I’m impressed with the eyeshadow pigmentation – that blue is just mesmerising!

    1. Christina

      Haha definitely a blast from the past XD. The fall palette seriously is gorgeous! I kind of want to buy more of the single shadows even though I don’t need anymore. The matte shades aren’t that great unfortunately, it really is hit or miss.

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