What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 6

Whoo it is been a while since I did a “what’s new in K-beauty” and I can hear you guys screaming through the computer screen, why I’m talking so long haha. Sorry about that!  December was like hibernation mood for my body and for some reason, I just was super tired the whole month.  So I have a lot of catching up to do and I will be doing the round up for pretty much the past two months.  This is going to be a a long post so grab some popcorn and go on your washroom break before we get started.  Let’s go!

A’pieu 3D contour K.I.T 9,000 won
Contouring has been a huge trend in Korea and every company has been coming out with their own version of a contour powder.  Before there was only a couple companies that has a “shading kit” but now, there are so many options to choose from.  Most companies are finally getting it right, releasing shades that don’t have that reddish undertone but more towards a grey undertone which helps make it look more natural.  This new one from A’pieu reminds me/ a lot of too cool for school’s art class by Rodin contour powder which is legendary.  Honestly it looks like an exact dupe but the lightest shade on the left, it is shimmery while the one from too cool for school is completely matte.

A’pieu jelly brow duo 7,500 won
It seems like K-beauty have been stepping up their brow game and coming out with super unique brow products.  First it was Laneige’s cushion brow kit and now A’pieu has a jelly brow product.  I’m kind of intrigued but it looks like a brow version of those bounce blushes.

A’pieu wine syrup tint (3 shades) 4,800 won
A’pieu full of colour eyes (Cocorico edition) 2 versions 15,000 won
A’pieu perfumed hand cream (3 versions) 3,000 won
A’pieu moist milk body wash (Cocorico edition) 9,000 won
A’pieu moist milk body lotion (Cocorico edition) 9,000 won
A’pieu egg pack soap (Cocorico edition) 4,000 won
A’pieu silk blanket mask (cocorico edition) 20,000 won

Rooster is the chinese zodiac of the year and yes, I’M A CHICKEN WHOO WHOO!  Nothing in the collection really interest me to be honest.  The only product I’d be slightly interested in is the eyeshadow palette since after trying out the mini make up kit from the Rilakkuma collection, I was super impressed.  Unfortunately the two palettes look like the same boring neutrals so I will pass.

A’pieu silver foil pack 7,000 won
Foil sheet masks were a thing back in 2016 and if you haven’t seem then before, the brand Pre:m produce a sheet mask that had a built in aluminum foil.  The theory behind it was that the foil would  help the essence last longer, retain heat which in turn would help the essence penetrate the skin faster.  I don’t know how true that is but that’s a thing.  Estée Lauder also has their own version of a foil sheet mask but it retails for $22 a sheet mask or 4 masks for $79.  So if you want to be tin man, there ya go.  A’pieu recently came out with this silver foil pack which isn’t a sheet mask but a peel off mask. Honestly I don’t think it is the same thing as a sheet mask and seems more like a gimmick but you never know unless you try.

A’pieu I love teeth toothpaste (3 versions) 4,500 won each
Uhh I don’t know what to comment on this.  It’s toothpaste LOL.  Iunno why they came out with toothpaste but viola.

A’pieu triple correcting powder 9,000 won
They actually came out with these powders in the Rilakkuma collection but it seems like they have made it into a permeant product.  There are three finely milled setting powders that have different colors to them.  The pink one has a pink and yellow which is suppose to help with brightening up the complexion while the green version has a green and lavender to colour correct.  Honestly they are so sheer, the difference to the skin would be very minimal so if your looking for something with strong pigmentation, this isn’t the product for you.

A’pieu vitamin tok powder 5,800 won
I don’t think there are any K-beauty companies that have a straight up vitamin powder, or there might be but I haven’t been paying attention.  A’pieu’s new vitamin powder reminds me a lot of Philsophy’s vitamin C powder which is hellllaaaa expensive. What vitamin C does for the skin is that it helps brighten the complexion by evening out the skin tone, revitalizing the surface of your skin along with injecting the skin with hydration.  With this vitamin C powder from A’pieu, you can either use it directly onto the skin or you can mix it into your make up or even skincare!  This is pretty cool and I’d even pick one up to try for myself, maybe in the future ;P.

A’pieu wonder tension pact 12,800 won
So like I have been telling you guys, tension cushion is the next big trend in the BB cushion world.  Companies are now revamping their cushions, ditching that sponge and adding in a mesh filter which, in my opinon, is easier to use since you get a more even application as well as the product not drying out as quickly as the sponge.  You guys know I love love loveeee me my A’pieu air fit cushion so I’m always excited to see a new cushion being released from A’pieu.  This new one from A’pieu, the packaging looks like a rip off of Pony effect’s cushion with the rectangle compact and the rose gold detailing on the side.  This cushion has two versions, moist which is the gold one and perfect cover which is the rose gold one.  I’m definitely going to get my hands on this product.

Clio kill cover conceal-dation stick 30,000 won
Clio seems to be running with their whole conceal-dation concept and I’m not mad about that.  I reviewed their condeal-dation foundation last month and boy oh boy, is that foundation awesome!  It has great adherence to the skin, definitely works for all skin types (use a hydrating primer if you have dry skin) and viola, the most flawless complexion yet still looking life like.  They recently came out with a stick version with a built in brush at the other end which is super useful.  But for 30,000 won, this thing better knock people’s socks off.  Clio Kr does seem to have sales on a regular so you’d be able to pick this up for around 24,000 won.

Clio kill cover pro artist fix powder 20,000 won
The not so interesting new release is Clio’s new loose setting powder which comes in a light beige shade and a lavender shade to brighten the complexion.

Clio mad matte lips (8 shades) 16,000 won
This came out literally today.  These new matte lipsticks from clio looks absolutely amazing, and the shades are quite unique.  I really love shade #4 bloody wine which looks like a reddish grape shade.  So pretty!!  I’ll definitely see if I can pick couple of these up to test them out for you guys.

Peri Pera apricot moist tone up cream 16,000 won
This new product from Peri Pera is kind of like those white based creams which is suppose to give you that “flawless” complexion without any make up.  Instead of it being white, this one is an apricot color which advertises to “seamlessly blend” into the skin with “deep moisturizing properties” along with a “light and sheer coverage“.  The cream contains apricot extracts, fruit complex (watermelon, tomato, apricot, orange, grapefruit, papaya extracts) along with natural moisturizers and skin firmer such as jojoba seed oil, sugar cane extract, triple strength hyaluronic acid and macadamia seed oil.
Peri Pera Peri’s ink velvet 9,000 won
I know a lot of you guys out there absolutely love these velvet tints from Peri Pera so you’ll be happy to hear they have expanded the shade range!  They came out with five more shades and they look gorgeous!  I still haven’t tried them yet but I already have high hopes from them haha.

Peri Pera vivid tint water gift set 20,000 won
Speaking of tints, Peri Pera came out with a gift set of their vivid water tints which come in cute little vitamin water bottle type of packaging.  I believe the five shades are mini sizes along with a full size and a new orange shade to the line.  The box itself already makes me want to buy it even though I’m not that big of a water tint fan.

Peri Pera Kitten balm + ointment 16,000 won
I honestly don’t know what the heck these are.  Each of these jars has a different purpose but they only come with 20 g of product.  Let me know in the comments down below if you guys can figure out what these are.

Espoir has always been a brand I wanted to try for a long time.  They are kind of half road shop, half high end.  Think Mac cosmetics but slightly less expensive.  Their products seem to gear more towards the true make up artistry.  I personally haven’t tried anything from the brand but I hope to try them one day.  They recently came out with a brand new collection called “pro atelier” and the collection comes with a ton of products.Espoir face gesso soothing starter 32,000 won
Espoir face varnish glow finisher 32,000 won
Espoir mix & play (lip paints) 15,000 won
Espoir colour master contouring palette 30,000 won
Espoir professional atelier face canvas brush 22,000 won
Espoir Pro face correction brush 20,000 won
Espoir pro brush easel case 25,000 won

Etude House face designing contouring palette 15,000 won
Like I said before, K-beauty is stepping up their contour game.  Etude House came out with their own contour palette and it looks promising!  It comes in two versions and each paeltte comes with a dark contour shade, a transition shade and a highlighter shade.

Etude House look at my eyes eyeshadows 3,500
I’ve never really had great luck with Etude House single eyeshadows but surprisingly, their eyeshadow palettes are pretty awesome.  These seem to be all shimmery shades, so if you really wanted to try this, I think it might not be half bad since shimmer shades almost never seem to be super crappy.

Etude House play 101 stick color contour duo 12,000 won
Etude House’s play 101 is definitely a line that has been very successful and they have came out with color correcting duo sticks.  From couple of reviews I have seen, these have a average review.  It does seem to do the job but since they have a light coverage, don’t expect these to cover heavy discolouration on your skin.

Etude House Lucky new year collection single eyeshadows (10 shades) 4,000 won
Etude House lucky new year collection color in liquid lips juicy (5 shades) 9,500 won

Again, the eyeshadows are meh for me and the liquid lips I really didn’t like the formula.  Not sure if they have reformulated it or what not but it had this weird, greasy and thin consistency that never seemed to dry down. 

Bonvivant water lock sleeping pack 24,000 won
Bonvivant seriously is killing it in the skincare game.  I haven’t found a product from the line that I don’t like, and now they have a sleeping pack too!  From the pictures, this product seems to be a cream consistency and I wonder how well it will hydrate the skin.  Can’t seem to find any pictures to tell us what ingredients it uses so we will just have to wait until it gets released onto the US site.

I’m meme I’m corrector kit 16,000 won
Running with the color correcting trend, Memebox has a cream palette in addition to the brush type which I reviewed last month.  I wasn’t too impressed with the color corrector pens so hopefully the cream version would be better.

I’m meme I’m eye shadow palette water fit (2 versions) 18,000 won
Ever since I got to try I’m meme’s I’m lure red edition set, I fell in LOVEEEE with their quad eyeshadow palettes.  This is the second time they have came out with eyeshadow palettes and I got my eyes on these!  The glitter shadows from I’m meme is absolutely top notch and they provide this gorgeous, liquid metal effect.  This product is definitely something I’d look out for.

I’m meme I’m highlighter pressed 16,000 won

I never really have high hopes for K-beauty highlighters but there is a new one in the market.  Maybe it will be good?  Never know unless someone tries.

I’m meme I’m lipstick water fit 12,000 won
Ohhh these lipsticks look more my speed.  I like lip colours that are kind of translucent, light weight and not super glossy.

Nooni re-pair spa water from neungam 30,000 won

Nooni re-pair spa water from neungam 22,000 won
Cosrx pads have been super popular and I guess Nooni wanted to be a part of the game as well.  They came out with a new line within the Nooni line.  Can’t report much other then that so again, we’ll just have to wait and see when it gets released in US.

Nooni water blending lip oil 12,000 won
I’ve been really into lip oils recently after trying the one from A’pieu.  I was so excited to see this one from Nooni!  This lip oil contains micro apple water as the main ingredient.

Nooni water blending lip mask 12,000 won

Missha rolling heart ball blusher 24,800 won
Oh my goodness, these are sooo cute!!!  These are new blushers from Missha and it contains 4 shades and you just dab your brush into it to apply it to the blush.  These do run a little on the expensive side, so I’d definitely recommend you wait until there is some sort of sale.

Missha contour gradation stick 19,800 won
This is one product I’m actually interested in buying.  I’m currently using the one from Lancome that looks exactly like this but it is double the price.  Shade #2 looks like a perfect shade for me since it is more of a neutral brown.

Missha cream colour corrector palette 17,800 won

The face shop disney collection CC cushion 20,000 won
Cushion primer + concealer palette not released yet
The face shop has been releasing Disney collaboration products for a while but honestly, they don’t look cute at all and the collection is not cohesive at all.  I do really like the Donald duck cushion and the concealer palette but I don’t like the face shop’s CC cushion since it looks like the oil and the base make up separates once it is applied onto the skin.  Not a fan.

Tony Moly serum BCDation foundation 18,800 won
Tony moly has been a brand I’ve been slowly warming up to but I find a lot of their products gimmicky with cute packaging or just meh.  I do like their CC cushion which gives the skin this nice dewy, soft tofu looking skin.  They recently came out with a serum version of their popular BCdation foundation and I think I will try this one out since I have dry skin.  I do have the regular foundation but I still haven’t tried it.  It’s just been chilling in my collection haha.

Tony Moly BCDation moisture cover cushion 5,900 won
Tony Moly BCDation double serum cushion 29,900 won
Tony moly has also expanded their BB cushion line and for some reason, the moisture cover cushion (left) is only 5,900 won.  I’m suspecting the cushion to maybe be the smaller size like the ones from the spoiler line.  I really want to try the one on the right which is their double serum cushion, something that sounds amazing for my dry skin.  It does run on the more expensive size, retailing for 29,900 won but it does come with a refill. 

Tony Moly inked cushion gel liner 9,720 won
As a cushion lover, seeing this made me want to scream.  The packaging is absolutely eye catching and the fact that it maybe the first cushion liner makes me excited.  I actually already have this coming to me so we will see how well these work. 😛

Tony Moly x Pokemon Digglet peel off pack 9,800 won
You know when a collaboration collection is gone for way too long and you kind of get sick of seeing it by now, yea… that is me and Tony moly’s Pokemon collection.  So I’ll show you guys pictures of the products and pricing but I’m not gonna elaborate because I logged out of this collection ever since they “teased” us the first cushion for a month and not releasing it until a month and a half later.  Blah.

Tony Moly x Pokemon pouch 6,000 won
Tony Moly x Pokemon sheet masks 10 pieces for 20,000 won

Tony moly x Pokemon lip balm 7,000 won
Tony moly x Pokemon color mascara 8,500 won

Tony moly x Pokemon BB cushion 23,800 won
Tony moly x Pokemon Kids + Moms toner, emulsion 13,000 won each

VDL + Pantone colour of the year collection- Greenery
VDL expert colour eye book No. 6 48,000 won
VDL expert colour lip cube 22,000 won
VDL satin viel finish powder 28,000 won
VDL expert colour chic book mono (cream blusher) 15,000 won
VDL expert perfume cube 25,000 won
VDL expert perfume cube diffuser 23,000 won

Every year, VDL collaborates with Pantone to bring us a collection based around the colour of the year.  This year, the colour of the year is “greenery”, my favourite colour!! I’ve always wanted to try their eyeshadow palettes since it looks promising but with the 48,000 won price tag, not sure if I want to pull the trigger.  Their lip cube also is a really interesting product but on the lips, it looks just like a lip balm.  Maybe one day, I will try something from VDL.

Ahh finally, we are at the end.  That was a lot of pictures to go through and I hope you guys are still enjoying these “what’s new in K-beauty” round up.  Let me know what products you are interested in in the comments down below!

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  1. berit

    Peri Pera apricot moist tone up cream intrigues me. From your description, would you say it works like a primer?

    1. Christina

      Hmm it could be a good primer. I haven’t tried it myself but from what they used for the ingredients, it sound promising. I’d say it would be more of a hydrating primer.

  2. Sophie

    The vitamin C powder sounds really interesting! And I love the little heart blushers I need that in my life.

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

    1. Christina

      Yes those blushers are so damn cute!!

  3. Yolli

    The Tony Moly BCDation Cushion is one of my favourites because of the high high coverage. I would love to see what these new ones are like since I don’t need high coverage anymore due to less acne issues!

    Thanks for always doing these posts!

    1. Christina

      Ohhh! I still haven’t tried the BCDation cushion since I have the foundation already but I may get it in the future :D.

      1. Lydia

        I bought one of the Pokemon mini cushions a few months ago and it seems to be the BCDation repackaged for the collection. I find it has nice coverage, feels light and isn’t too dewy.

        I would love to see what people think of the vitamin powder, and swatches of the Peri Pera Velvet tints.

        1. Christina

          Nice! I still haven’t used mine -_-. Seriously I should just review cushions for two months straight HAHA. Maybe then I can finally get through my 50+ cushions. I really want to try the Peri Pera velvet tints as well. Maybe in the near future 🙂

  4. Jamie Boyett

    I love these Bon Vivant Botanical masks. Now I know what that “tingling” sensation was. Thank you for reviewing and educating us. Now I will be buying more, when they go on sale of course ????????

    1. Christina

      I love the Bonvivant sheet masks as well. I honestly don’t know the cause of the tingling sensation.. some people say it burns their face :S

  5. Lina

    The Kitten Balms are designed for easy beauty/skincare portability. They have a hand and cuticle balm, lip balm, acne spot balm, and an aromatherapy ointment that’s supposed to help energise your mind when your stressed. I think PeriPera is borrowing from Rosebud Perfume Co. for this line, so it’ll be interesting to see the outcome.

    1. Christina

      Ahhh I see. So that is what it is. Thank you for letting us know 🙂

  6. Mei B.

    I wanna purchase half of these products if not more TT
    I’m especially excited to try the cushion liner, the apieu contour and tesion pack, missha blusher, the VDL eye palette and everything clio/peripera. Oh dear wallet, I’m really sorry…

    1. Christina

      HAHA so pretty much all of the products XDD. Control yourself girl! There are so much more new releases~~

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