Cosrx one brand review

Cosrx is one of those brands that are near and dear to my heart.  When I first started this blog, they were one of the first that were willing to work with me when I had almost no one reading.  Fast forward to four years to present time, I actually got the chance to go to their office in Seoul (check out my vlog) and it was like Disneyland.  Throughout the years, I had the chance to try a ton of their products and I thought it would be appropriate for me to do a one brand review, almost like a Cosrx road map for those who don’t know where to start.  Cosrx is a well known and well loved skincare company from Korea that is super affordable, no fragrance and also super effective.  Please do note that I do have super dry skin, so majority of these little reviews will be with my dry skin experience.  Let’s get started!

Low pH good morning gel cleanser
Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, BeautynetKorea, Ohlolly
-pH 5 (meaning it won’t irritate the skin and is super gentle)
-contains tea tree oil (controls oily skin, shrink pore size)
-BHA (refines skin texture but lightly buffing it away every time you use it)

Now this is one cleanser I swear by.  Of course I have tried many other cleansers throughout the year, but this is always one I have on standby whether it is as a back up or having one sitting next to my sink.  This is definitely my trusty BFF that never does me wrong.  It is super gentle, doesn’t foam up much but does a great job at cleansing my face.  I think by now, I have gone through 6 tubes?

Low pH PHA barrier mist (discontinued)
Amazon, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Beautynetkorea
-pH 4
-helps maintain skin at a low pH level
-works as a shield for your skincare from evaporating throughout the day; keeps you hydrated

I actually was never really a huge mist person but I had a friend who swears by mists.  I’m personally a super dry skin type and it would make sense for me to get into mists.  I’m just lazy to be honest hehe.  But I do really enjoy this mist because the nozzle has amazing control.  It has this built in tension where it won’t spray the mist into a stream but into a controlled, super fine mist that sometimes I think it isn’t there because it is so fine.  I wouldn’t say this is crazy hydrating, but it is a great pick me up through the day.  I personally use this right when I get out of the shower and before I put my skincare on.  It helps keep the hydration going from the time I get out of that misty shower and into my skincare routine.

Centella water alcohol-free toner
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, BeautynetKorea, Ohlolly
-relief to irritated, sensitive stressed out skin
-replenishes lost moisture
-contains Centella Asiatica leaf water 10%, mineral Jeju water 82% which is rich in vitamins and minerals

Toners is another product I don’t really use because to be honest, I don’t find it to do a great deal for me skin.  Maybe this is ignorance that is talking or I just haven’t found one I really liked.  The centella water toner has been a product I’ve been avoiding out of disinterest and also the fact that I always thought centella was built more for oily and acne prone skin.  But Cosrx schooled me when we were at the Novotel Suites taking promo pictures (that hasn’t seen the day of light hehe) and this was one of the products they wanted me to model for.  You best believe I sprayed my face 30 times HAHA but I was super surprised to see my face super glowy and hydrated.  Since then, I’ve been using this as a mist and it seems to definitely temporarily calm my skin and hydrate it as well.

And yes, this was the photo hehe.  Came out not too shabby.

One step moisture up pad
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-contains propolis extract, hyaluronic acid
-essence soaked pad that is a great pick me up for on the go/ any skincare routine

This product is super simple but it has been drugs for my skin.  When these first launched couple years back, Cosrx actually sent me a HUGE box gifting me 10 of these along with 10 rice masks that were repackaged.  I honestly thought they sent it to me by mistake but they said it was all for me :O.  I was like… what on earth am I going to do with all this skincare.  Most of the rice masks I did give away but I kept most of the moisture up pads, for good REASON!  I have never had such an effective essence in my life. It is so light weight but makes my skin super glowy and hydrated and just boosts up any of my moisturizers, hence the name “moisture up”.  A lot of you guys have come to me in the IG DM’s and asked if these are worth the shot and I always say a million times yes (if you have dry skin).  You can even cut these in half because honestly, one pad is way too much for even my five finger forehead.  Of course, if you have oily/ acne prone skin type, there is their famous pimple pads as well that is better for your skin type.

Propolis light ampule (repackaged)
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-an intensive care for dry skin with 83% Black bee propolis extract

Their ampules were actually one of the products I had my eyes on when I was starting out in skincare.  I don’t remember when this beauty came into my life, but I knew the first day I massaged it into my skin, it was true love at first sight.  My frinkin’ skin was BLOODY GLOWING LIKE A LIGHT BLUB.  I just stood there, jaws dropped and in shock.  I could use JUST this ampoule and be good pretty much.  This is an absolute holy grail of mine and I need this in a giant tube please and thank you.

Mela 14 white ampule (discontinued)
-contains Pyrus Malus (Apple) fruit water 80%, Niacinamide 2%
-evens skin tone

When I was talking to the Cosrx fairy (she knows who she is), I was complaining to her about how all of a sudden I was getting all these white heads on my face.  I never really had that problem, but whiteheads kept showing up deep in my nose for some reason. It was so deep that I had to break skin to get it out.  She recommended me to try the Mela 14 white ampule which was designed to help get rid of as well as prevent whiteheads.  To be honest, I don’t know if it did do the job or not, but I mean I don’t have whiteheads anymore haha.

Advanced snail 96 mucin power essence
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-96% snail secretion filtrate (Mucin)
-protects the skin from moisture loss & keeps skin texture smooth and healthy
-helps bring back skin vitality

Snail product have been a staple in the K-beauty realm and those who are shy are definitely missing out.  Snail secretion repairs the skin like no other and hydrates like no other.  Yes, the weird slimy texture does need some getting used to, but the results are amazing.  This particular product from Cosrx is a cult favourite and is an easy layering piece in anyone’s skincare routine.  It is light weight, non greasy and non sticky.

2-in-1 poreless power liquid
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-pore care liquid with BHA to help clean pores, Tannin to tighten them
-cools down skin temperature
-controls excessive sebum production
-0.1% BHA

I actually posted about this product right when I got it about a month ago before it was actually released.  I won’t actually give a solid comment since I haven’t seen crazy changes with my skin because it is so resilient, but I do use this after I have extracted my blackheads in hopes of it maintaining the cleanliness.  But to be honest, it is hard for my nose to not bounce back with blackheads since I work in the kitchen and the air is greasy and smokey.  Some people asked me, “So what is the difference between this and the BHA blackhead power liquid?  Are they going to replace the BHA liquid with this one?”.  Very valid questions and here is the answer from Cosrx themselves.  No they aren’t replacing the BHA power liquid and the major difference is that this powerless power liquid has a lower BHA contain of 0.1% whereas BHA liquid contains 4%.  Those that have sensitive skin would be able to use the new powerless power liquid and you can even use it everyday because it is such a low content of BHA.  On top of that, the powerless power liquid contains tannin which helps tighten the pores and there is also a cooling agent in this new product which the BHA does not have.

Triple lightening liquid
-20.5% pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)
-72% black chokeberry (ensures skin smooths out wrinkles and hydrates)
-brightens overall skintone and prevents pigmentation

Vitamin C is an ingredient that is great  because it helps lift pigmentation as well as deliver your skin a boost of Vitamin C for a brighter complexion.  I personally actually can’t use vitamin C products in general since my skin reacts to it by a burning sting.  Its not just this vitamin C product from Cosrx, its all vitamin C rich products unfortunately.  I don’t know why, but I have quite resilient skin and it just won’t have it.  Cosrx recommended me to try mixing it into my moisturizer to ease it in but it just won’t work :'(.  This product is also only exclusive to Sokoglam, so you can only find it there and not in stores in Korea (a lot of you have been asking).Oil free ultra moisturizing lotion (with birch sap)
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, Jolse, Beautynetkorea
-70% brich sap (helps hydrate and treat sensitive, irritated/ freshly exfoliated skin)
-oil free light weight formula
-suitable for all skin types

Anytime I see “suitable for all skin types”, I scoff.  I’m always super skeptical when any company claims that because it usually means it is an gel type formula that will not be hydrating enough in any way.  But to my surprise, the birch sap lotion made me eat my own words (check out my old review).  Although it is oil free and lightweight, somehow it still hydrates my skin and I’m suspecting it is the birch sap lotion working some voodo magic.  This product truly is “for all skin type”.

Ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-68% rice extract
-provides intensive nourishment and deep moisturizing= skin clearer and softer
-can be used as sleeping mask, cream or wash off mask

This is one of my holy grails and something I have to have on the ready.  Their rice mask is one of the few products I tried when I was diving into Cosrx and I instantly fell in love.  Its super hydrating and I wake up to softer skin that looks brightens!  Those of you who have normal to dry skin would love this and if you have oily skin, you might want to check out their propolis honey mask instead.

Honey ceramide full moisture cream (discontinued but replaced by full fit propolis light cream)
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-honey extract (Manuka honey) 60.96%, ceramide3 1,000 ppm
-lightweight cream enriched with honey extract
-deeply nourishes + moisturizes

Their honey ceramide cream was actually one of the first three products I tried from the brand and I knew I would love it on the first day of trying it.  That was also the day I realized ceramide works great with dry skin.  Ceramide + honey?  Its a winner winner chicken dinner!!  On top of that, it isn’t greasy and absorbs into the skin like no other.  What more can you ask for.

Honey ceramide eye cream (discontinued)
-formulated with Manuka honey extract + ceramide

The natural thing to do after falling in love with the honey ceramide cream is to try their eye cream too.  Before I tried (and was spoiled by) Amore pacific’s rejuvenating eye cream, I never really believed in eye creams because I’ve never seen real results. This honey ceramide cream is light weight, moisturizes well but I can’t say I can see any results other then a bit of hydration.

PHA moisture renewal power cream (discontinued)
-formulated with PHA to help skin appear smooth, dewy and moisturized
-coconut extract 61.5%, PHA 3%, Niacin Amide 2%, Niacinamide 2%

This is one cream that I don’t have a solid opinion.  It works better for my skin when it is spring/summer time when I don’t need that much moisture but by itself, it isn’t moisturizing enough.  I do see that my dead skin doesn’t come back as fast but I think I have other favourites from Cosrx that works a bit better.  Check out my full review here!

Advance snail 92 all in one cream
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-92% snail secretion filtrate/ mucin
-nourishing, moisturizing

Another cream that I found wasn’t moisturizing enough for my liking, even after layering.  I wish that this cream worked with my dry skin, but it is definitely better for those who have normal to oily skin types.  Even after layering, this cream was just too lightweight for my sad skin.

Aloe soothing sun cream
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea
-formulated with 5,500 ppm aloe leaf extract
-SPF 50 PA+++
-light weight texture, absorbs quickly

Their aloe sun cream is actually one of the very first products they had on their site when they first started and for some reason, but I finally tried it and I definitely think it is one of the better sun creams from K-beauty.  Lightweight, doesn’t leave a white cast, and slightly moisturizing.  I kind of wish it was a bit more watery , but that is something that I can adjust by adding some essence or something.

Acne pimple master patch
Amazon, Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-protects wounded/ troubled area

This isn’t something I use often since I don’t really get pimples but when I do have an open wound or a pimple, I stick one of these on and it definitely helps me heal my wounds faster.  Normally my skin would scab overnight, but if I stuck one of these on and left it overnight, my skin heals in 3-4 days instead of 2 weeks.  These are definitely cult favourites and is super affordable too!

Clear fit master patch
Yesstyle, Stylevana, StyleKorean, Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ohlolly
-prevents acne from infection and absorbs pus
-ultra thin, invisible under make up
-made with Hydrocolloid (wound healing material)

The clear fit master patch is pretty much the same thing as the acne pimple patches but it is three times thinner then the acne patches but only comes in one size while the original comes in three different sizes.  You can use this under make up since it is so thin but it is still kind of noticeable.
Blemish cover cushion (discontinued)
-Centella Asisatica leaf water 21%, Centella Asiatica leaf extract 50 ppm, Niacinamide 2%

I did actually review this couple months back and I absolutely love the coverage it provides, but I find it slightly too drying for my skin.  I’ve asked them (more like begged) them to make a moisture up version with the moisture up pad essence and they said they will consider it hehe.  There is hope!!  This cushion also contains Centella which is hydrating and helps calm the skin down, so for those who have oily/ acne prone skin, this one is a great choice!  They also added a 3rd shade which is #27 but I think it is an exclusive to StyleKorean.

Clear fit spot concealer (discontinued)
-formulated with Centella Asiatica, Niacinamide

A great addition to the cushion, this concealer has amazing full coverage that is buildable and a little goes a long long way.  Same thing with the cushion though, I find it not hydrating enough for my dry skin, so hopefully they come out with more cosmetics geared towards dry skin types.  This concealer only comes in two shades unfortunately and I wish they would come out with a serum type concealer for the under eyes!!  If you’d like to see my full review and swatches, click here!

One step moisture up kit (discontinued)
Step 1: low pH good morning gel cleanser
Step 2: one step moisture up pad
Step 3: Holy moly snail mask

If you are travelling or go to the gym regularly, these are a life saver!  This three step kit comes with three of my favourite products including the cleanser, moisture up pads and the holy moly snail sheet mask.  A sad note though, they discontinued the holy moly snail mask but will be still in this kit, so if you still want it… it is only here.  I had a couple of these in my travel backpack just in case they lost my bags, I wouldn’t be fuckkkeeed hehe.

And that is it guys! We have survived through the long post.  Take me back to Korea :'(.  Don’t worry Korea, this crazy gal will be back on your soil.

Haha the Corsx team was always kind of giggling at me for being so hyper when I saw their products in the office and at Olive Young’s sushi belt display in Myeong Dong.

Now the real question is, tell me what are your favourite Cosrx products and what skin type you got!  Leave it in the comments down below~~

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